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Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo (Kris Craig/Providence Journal via AP, Pool)
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Rhode Islanders are among the Americans who can’t simply walk into a gun store and walk out with their purchase. The state had a seven-day waiting period to allow for background checks when buying a gun. Had. The governor has more than quadrupled that with an executive order.

NBC10 News reports:

Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo has signed an executive order that extends background checks for firearm purchases from seven days to 30.

They went on to say the jump from a one week to a one month wait, the report said, is due to the high volume of gun purchases in the tiny state:

The executive order was signed on Friday and it was sent to media with an attached letter from the Rhode Island Police Chiefs’ Association that referenced the significant amount of gun applications.

According to a letter from the Executive Director of the Rhode Island Police Chiefs’ Association Sidney Wordell, the number of applications is having a strain on local police department as the backgrounds need to be made within the seven days or the purchaser would be able to get the weapon without a background check.

How many gun purchases? Well…

As an example, Wordell said Warwick PD got an average of 28 applications a day before the run, and now they got 404 in just three days.

The executive order will remain in effect until April 19, 2020 – for now. It can always be extended. Or become permanent (if the governor is willing to risk a lawsuit).



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  1. When the dust settles, all of these Orders happening everywhere will be challenged in courts, and I can easily see one of them reaching SCOTUS. This – like Red Flag laws – is so unconstitutional on its face.

    • Too bad it’s going to cost millions of dollars of tax payer and Pro-2A organizations money before these orders even make it to the SCOTUS.

      • And it will cost some citizen(s) all their rights until it washes through the courts. But that’s only IF some high-power entity with financial resources decides to take up the fight. Otherwise, the individual is completely screwed.

        And all your guns they took? Common stuff and the super valuable antique heirloom you had? Gone. Destroyed, sold, or just can’t find it. Well golly, imagine that.

        • Another reason to always split your inventory up among at least two separate addresses.

    • “…all of these Orders happening everywhere will be challenged in courts, and I can easily see one of them reaching SCOTUS.”

      We can only hope.

      I can also hope a very elderly RBG catches a nasty flu… 🙂

      Anyways, the scope on my grad-dad’s .300 Savage is stamped :

      Bausch & Lomb 2 1/2 CT5651

      It has a ‘T’ crosshair, and my Google-Fu is coming up completely dry, I have found *zero* reference to it, *anywhere*.

      Zilch, nada, natch. Anyone know anything?

    • Already happening in PA. Closure of gun shops as non essential was challenged. PA supreme court declined to hear. We will see what happens next.

    • Red flag laws have been around for many years. Zero challenge even after deaths.

      The supreme court is not no your side. They are the government. They are biased.

      Stop living in a fantasy world where some small group of heroes is coming to save you from your government.

      • You’re beginning to lose your audience, Chief/Vlad/Miner/Campbell/ApesFromOtherPlanets. We’re all more concerned about beating this virus nowadays than debating your “America sucks” drivel. It’s getting old.

        Noticed yet how few replies you’re getting nowadays?

        • I didn’t reply to your comment for others to reply to mine.

          The virus is a big nothing burger, it’s not going away. Some unhealthy boomers will die. However, the power grab and intentional economic destruction will be far worse.

          You should be standing up to your corrupt ass unlawful government. At least you have power to fight them off. Instead you are conceding to their unlawful orders and allowing them to do as they please, as if a court case years from now matters.

          The virus is being used as if it is an enemy during wartime. It’s nonsense, fear mongering. You can’t even protest the unlawful acts of your local government because the cops will arrest you for gathering [a constitutionally protected right].

          By the way, a few days/weeks ago I was talking about the virus. No one cared then. They said this is a gun blog, it’s off topic. Pfftt…

        • I’m not ‘conceding’ shit. You replied to my comment running off at the mouth about shit I didn’t mention.
          The virus isn’t a ‘nothingburger’. A young woman recently died from it after mild symptoms, and she was a healthy person.
          For many, it might be a bad cold, or flu like. For others, it can be fatal. Hopefully, it won’t be as bad as they are expecting.
          Make sure you decline any money from the feds, if they send out checks. Oh, you won’t. Because you are all talk.
          You talk shit about older people. Must be fun to be a tough guy online.
          Hope you get it and have permanent health issues from it.

  2. Has she presented any evidence that this action could possibly reduce crime of any kind? My guess is “no”, because it cannot possibly do so.

  3. Fortunately, if you *blink* real hard while driving through Rhode Island, you’ll miss the whole thing. And really, there’s no reason to stop in that “state”.

  4. I could not wait to leave Rhode Island and did after retirement as a first responder. This governor is a petty tyrant on Bloomberg’s payroll and openly supported him. There are three more of them from R.I. in Washington .
    Going on twenty years gone and don’t miss that state at all.

  5. Nothing like going in the Opposite direction than the situation warrants. Our rights dictate that we shouldn’t be penalized for the shortcomings of the state. I bet that filthy marmot looking POS has armed guards.

    • Yeah, because the Republicans only want a little socialism. Those Democrats want all of it, aka communism.

      Those silly Democrats believe America will trade their socialism for communism. What fools!

  6. If Raimondo issued the order, then it must be okay with the mafia and labor unions that own the state. Wait — did I write “mafia and labor unions?” Please excuse me for being repetitive.

  7. What this pandemic has proven is that the entire FFL based transaction system including waiting periods, NICs checks, DOJ background checks etc, needs to be ruled unconstitutional in its entirety.

    The supremes, hopefully, will rule in that direction.

    Government has proven themselves untrustworthy to follow their oaths of office, when ideological gains can be made through use of any crisis that might rear its ugly head.

    • The supremes, hopefully, will rule in that direction.

      Government has proven themselves untrustworthy to follow their oaths of office, when ideological gains can be made through use of any crisis that might rear its ugly head.

      Why would they act any different than America’s dear leader? Why would the judges side against themselves?

      Like you said, it’s all about government amassing power… The only angels in government are the angels of death (and high taxes).

  8. I can see this being an uptick in crime. People would not be able to protect their property whether it’s business or home would be an open invitation to come take what they want.

  9. I left R.I. for Texas 4 years ago, zero regrets. Got my LTC a few months after arriving. Texas license came in mail 9 days after submitting application online. Was never able to get R.I. CCW in years there. R.I. will not comply with requests, even though R.I. Constitution also guarantees right to bear arms. I think they are getting ready to consider Virginia type legislation in R.I.

  10. (……….got an average of 28 applications before the run, and now they got 404 in just three days……)

    404 ERROR!
    404 Error: Constitutional 2nd amendment not found, or has been restricted.

    Possible cause:
    Supply chain interrupted or suspended.
    Bolshevik Democrat tyrant
    You entered a liberty free zone.

  11. Rhode Island is the smallest state in the country, but what it lacks in size, it makes up the stupidity and corruption. Written by me as a RI escapee

  12. This TTAG article is clearly false. The Rhode Island Constitution is clear and unambiguous on the matter of the People’s Right to Keep and Bear Arms. It is absolute, it is unequivocal.

    See what I’m say’n???


    of the
    State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations

    We, the people of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, grateful to Almighty God for the civil and religious liberty which He hath so long permitted us to enjoy, and looking to Him for a blessing upon our endeavors to secure and to transmit the same, unimpaired, to succeeding generations, do ordain and establish this Constitution of government.



    Section 22. Right to bear arms.
    The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

  13. “Rhode Islanders are among the Americans who can’t simply walk into a gun store and walk out with their purchase” not exactly true guys. There are RI state issued CCW permits and city issued permits and they have vastly different wait periods. by different, I mean 7 days and 0 days respectively.

    RI has a caveat to wait periods. only if you have a state issued CC permit you do need to wait the 7 days+. If you have a city/town issued permit, by some bizarre vagary in how the law is written, you do not have to wait any waiting period. Ive been buying pistols and rifles and walking out same day for many years now. City permits are also “shall” not “may” issue generally-some random towns and lawsuits aside. In MA you can have suppressors. In RI we can’t, but can have normal looking scary black rifles and normal capacity mags. RI is pretty bad with the bloomberg payroll folks in office and the outsized (for RI) bureaucracy and State police brass licking democrat boots on gun control, but I would argue its better than MA. No “approved” pistol list which is insane. kinda like being the tallest midget i guess. But your first line is wrong, not all RI CCW holders are waiting for any guns with city permits.

    • And in case anyone asks, city issued permit means you can carry concealed throughout state-not just in the “city” it was issued.

    • WWSS,

      That’s a negatory on silencers in the People’s Republic of MA. Only military and LE.

      But in the Granite State, I’ve got 2!

  14. Typical of Democrat policies, the actual effect is the opposite of what they intended.

    This will simply increase demand, initiating a feedback loop of even more background checks.

    And it also makes “preppers” look less crazy, and a lot more smart.

  15. Instead of an incapable Gov. wiping her behind with the United States Constitution simply hire some people to keep up with the demand. There is no damned shortage of out of work clerical workers.
    When gun owning slackers don’t vote and politically inept history illiterates vote this is the crap you get.

  16. Court actions move with glacial speed, and are always problematic. More interesting might be the following. When does the governor come up for re-election?

  17. Don’t care, because people will put up with it, because if any one did what SHOULD be done, everyone here would call them crazy, say they don’t represent all gun owners, ect..

    • Isn’t it a misdemeanor to carry a gun without a permit? Can’t police use discretion or not even go looking for trouble in the first place? Can’t the DA refuse to charge people for carrying without a license during a pandemic and national emergency?

      Why do we have to follow unlawful orders restricting our liberties while the government doesn’t follow the laws that restricts their powers to infringe on our liberties? Sounds like a coup.

      Wouldn’t it be the duty of the people to secure a free state right about now? Or should every able body stay at home because the invisible enemy is outside taking over the country?

        • I was attempting to point out the government doesn’t have to arrest people for carrying a gun without a license and background check. They can choose not to enforce the law now that they can’t guarantee a background check and license.

          We should be able to give a family member a gun and they should be able to carry it outside. It’s not their fault the government can’t do their job. It’s the right of the people to keep and bear arms. Even the Democrats want themselves a gun right about now regardless of what the law they voted for says.

        • Your second reply is closer to the issue.,
          Yes, we shouldn’t be begging for our rights.
          But that is a different subject from the crap you spewed in your first reply to me.

        • I think you’re a fkn dumb a$$…… what you think about THAT…..jack off mfer

        • Awe.. retard is all mad because he is a low IQ retard. Poor thing..
          your mommy making you stay home and miss the boogaloo?
          Go back to jerking off over your comic books, loser.

  18. Because THAT’s what the people of Rhode Island need at the moment. Now, doesn’t everyone feel safer? Didn’t think so.

  19. I guess that little Rhody never heard of computers or the internet. Life’s easier in the twentieth century, wait til the twenty first !!!!

  20. I think it’s a good idea right now to have this waiting period for purchasing a gun, and I’m a 2A guy. What I see happening is this… Those of us that have been gun guys for years have pretty much everything we NEED in the way of guns, at this point in time. Those people rushing out to buy guns are those who either have none, have no training, possibly have been gun-grabbers up until now. Those are the people that you don’t want making statistics for the rest of us. Neighbor kid goes into a newbie Lefty’s backyard…gets shot. In the end, statistics come out about people on the right shooting some kid. Those on the right who have had their guns for years, know the laws, and can control themselves. These brand new, last minute, first time buyers, don’t have that, and they are the ones who are going to be making the bad choices that will affect everyone else. There’s not going to be someone later who’s going to look at statistics and break them down to 2A people, and panicked newbies.

    • Neither you nor some “official” has any say in someone buying a firearm. Your opinions are your own and thanks for sharing. But supporting these bullshit restrictions now is making victims.

      • It wasn’t about that you dick…..I understand what he’s saying….. the people buying guns in a panic ARE THE LAST MFERS THAT NEED GUNS…..

  21. Demonrat/Progressive/Socialist/Fascist/Communist, same thing, and they can’t wait for ANY reason to grab more power, and deny civil rights!

  22. Sue her, personally.

    She’s the dumb twat that made the Exec. Order so she can stand before a jury of her peers and hear her sentence for restricting Citizen’s individual Civil Rights.

  23. Support the convention of states, we can upend congress and repeal all the infringements that are unconstitutional, and make us what we should be constitutional carry nationwide! Meanwhile 2Nd Amendment foundation and others should file suit and get an injunction on these unconstitutional actions that endanger the law abiding!
    Carry, carry, carry!🇺🇸 🦅 ❤️

  24. RI is a small state. Shouldn’t be hard for the vermin to take over. Maybe Mass can rescue them. Or maybe not.

  25. Chief Censor said, “We should be able to give a family member a gun and they should be able to carry it outside. It’s not their fault the government can’t do their job.”
    No, it’s their own fault that they were against guns and now want one because…
    I live in a very Libby area and we are now inundated with libs rolling in in their shiny Subarus & Suburbans with roof top cargo boxes. They walk around in groups with their dogs shitting everywhere, buying up all of our limited supplies from the grocery stores all the while acting like they’re just “locals doing our thing”. They are looking for protection and tying to hide in amongst us. You’re an adult without a gun…there’s a reason.

  26. First we had our human right to keep and bear arms uninfringed and anyone bought what he could afford and carry it right away. Then we had federal waiting periods for gun buyers, then NRA pushed the NICS.

    Well, now we have both here in Illinois. First it was 24 hours for rifles and shotguns, now it is 72 hours. Next it might be 10 days, like in CA or 30 days like in RI. Or a year, or 10 years – what’s the difference?
    Once the .gov gets power to infringe on 2A right, there is no saying where it will end.

  27. REFUSE to Comply and engage in PRIVATE sales, even over State Lines! Fuck all these UnConstitutional edicts from these Criminal politicians!


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