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Buy a watch, a wallet or purse for your significant other, and you’ll likely find that you’ve spent money on something that they’ll never use. Why? Those kinds of things are very personal. You really have to be comfortable with something that personal to want to use it. Holsters are the same way. One man’s perfect holster is one that would be found at the bottom of a drawer in another man’s gun closet. Most guys I know that have shot for a while tell me that they have a drawer full of new or like-new holsters that they will never use again. Some holsters are beautiful to look at, but impractical. Some are functional and ugly, and yet others are both – or neither. Then there’s the question of where you carry on your body. Inside the waistband? Outside? Under your armpit? Small of your back? It all depends on personal preference and comfort. All that said, some holsters are better than others.

I’ve learned that if you’re going to conceal carry, you must either carry inside your waistband, or change your wardrobe. For a good bit of the time, I can get away with walking around with my shirttail out, which takes care of concealment. But in situations where I can’t do that, I needed a solution for carrying securely – and discreetly.

Enter the SuperTuck by CrossBreed.

The SuperTuck is to holsters what the Jeep was to automobiles: it puts function over form. Waaaaay ahead of form. The SuperTuck’s never gonna win any awards for “best looking holster.” It’s basically a slab of leather with two belt hooks and a piece of formed Kydex riveted together.

Ugly? It’s so ugly Ted Dansen won’t date it. It’s so ugly it turned Medusa to stone. But when it comes to securing your handgun in a way that is both concealed and yet easily accessible, The SuperTuck is the Marisa Miller of holsters.

From the picture above, imagine that the holster fits inside your pants, jeans, slacks, trousers – whatever you’re wearing. The belt loops on either side hang over the waistband of your pants. The belt gets threaded through the belt loops. Your shirt gets tucked in behind the holster, and is allowed to blouse over the pistol grip, and can be tucked in to the waistband, forming a loop over the pistol.

The gun remains hidden until you need it. Pull up the bloused portion of the shirt, and you have instant access to the weapon. Even better, because the holster is formed from Kydex, it won’t collapse on you. You can easily holster it with one hand. Nice.

The SuperTuck runs around $70, putting it in the midrange of holsters. It’s not some cheap nylon thing, and not as expensive as some of the hand-tooled leather jobs that look as if they were made to hold trophy queens.

As far as comfort goes, I’d give the SuperTuck high marks. You won’t forget you’re carrying, but you won’t need a trip to your friendly, neighborhood chiropractor, either.

Regarding concealment, the SuperTuck has no equal. I’ve not found anything better. It’s available for virtually any gun you might carry, with some adapted for add-on laser sights or flashlights.

A word about inside-the-waistband carry. If you’ve got love handles, a beer gut or muffin top, let me save you some time, pain, and anguish. Start living off of salads or don’t bother. There’s nothing like having the butt of your pistol poking you in the side all day long to put you off concealed carry. If you’re not willing to lose the extra pounds, resign yourself to carrying outside the waistband.

If you’re fit enough to carry inside the waistband,the SuperTuck is an ideal conceal carry solution at the right price.

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  1. I'm wearing one right now, carrying a Walther PPS. It's a great holster. I could stand to lose 15lbs, but it is still very comfortable and effective at concealment. I'm wearing (what is now, after my weight gain of the last 3-4 years) a fairly fitted short sleeve buttoned shirt, and it is completely unnoticeable that I'm packing.

  2. Great article – it’s so difficult to find a good holster that is comfortable and safe. I think I will have to try out cross breed to replace the serpa holster I currently use.

  3. A word about inside-the-waistband carry. If you’ve got love handles, a beer gut or muffin top, let me save you some time, pain, and anguish. Start living off of salads or don’t bother.

    +1. I think the same advice applies to any waistband concealed carry for medium to full size pistols. Unfortunately, such hard advice is almost never given by holster sellers.

  4. Great review! I've read nothing but good things about this holster. With the 2 week trial period and lifetime warranty, there's not much to lose!

  5. I received my ccw about a month ago, and my Crossbreed supertuck 3 days ago. I’ve worn it 8 hours a day since then and have been very happy with the purchase. At 5’10” and 260 I’m not exactly thin, but I have no issues sticking this holster in my waistband and taking off for the day. Very pleased with this purchase.

  6. It’s been a few years since this review and CBH has grown a lot over that time. With increased volume, is their quality still the same?

  7. I bought my first Supertuck and think it is remarkable for concealment and comfort. It was bought for my full size 1911 but also works for both my compact and full size 9mm Browning clones. Is it the only holster I need? No. I live in an “open carry” state in the southwest and IWB is just used to keep the liberals from getting scared. The Supertuck makes them feel safe cuz what they can’t see can’t hurt ’em. And Crossbreed makes this the Superman of conceal and comfort. Yeah, it’s ugly as a mud fence!

  8. Good review. Thank you for your time and effort. I’ve been carrying the Shield for a few years now (since it came out). I have friends with crossbreeds and I thought that’s what I wanted, but I recently got an Exarchy Holster Patriarch IWB hybrid holster with a horsehide backer. I’m not sure why I waited so long. SO Comfortable. Best Holster I’ve ever owned. Easy to conceal and tuckable. The standard clips are similar to crossbreed but without the cross on them. Some people don’t like the advertisement. I actually use the ulticlip on my holster. Another awesome product for concealed carry. Lifetime warranty too. Check em out.


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