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MSNBC commentator Reverend Al Sharpton has summarily dismissed the not guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman trial, calling it “an atrocity.” Reverend Al took to the airwaves—cheerfully provided by the bastard child of a once-respected news organization—to reject the decision and assert that the verdict marks the beginning (continuation?) of open season on law-abiding African Americans. The professional race baiter also called for the feds to hound Zimmerman take up the Martin homicide case under the mantle of a civil rights violation. Fanning the flames of racial hatred has never been so predictable.

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    • He was an idiot before he was senile. It wasn’t his brother, it was his dad’s girl friends son. He didn’t even know about the skittles based on his testimony.

  1. …Have you seen the social media response? For every Zim, there’s 100 or more Trays… People are outraged at the ability to defend one’s own self.

  2. A couple commenters on Legal Insurrection referred to this interview as “throwing gasoline.” I’m inclined to agree. This guy is a jackass, and I lay this entire debacle at his feet, more than anyone else. I realize there are a lot of people to blame, but that just makes my opinion of his guilt that much stronger, to put him at the top of it.

    • Freddy’s Fashion Mart.

      Never forget, never forgive. Sharpton should burn in hell for eternity, the sooner the better.


      White Jew Interloper.

  3. I’m watching MSNBC right now. These guys are trying to crucify gz. But god are the looks on the commentators faces and their stuttering bs is hilarious.

  4. I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV. This, however, seems silly to me:

    “take up the case as a matter of civil rights.”

    Civil Rights violations can’t be filed against an individual unless that individual denied doing business with a protected class of individual. A black store owner can’t deny a sale to a shopper simply because they are white.

    Mr Zimmerman and Mr Martin were not entering into a business arrangement so how would anyone’s Civil Rights be violated? And even if there is an angle I am not understanding wouldn’t the issue fall into the Double-Jeopardy arrangement of not being able to try Zimmerman a second time for the same crime?

    I know the primary answer “Racist!” when it comes to people like Mr Sharpton, but I seriously want to know what the angle would be regarding a violation of anyone’s Civil Rights?

    • The civil rights prosecutions Al is thinking of, “denial of civil rights” a la Rodney King, apply to government officials, not those otherwise employed.

  5. Al Sharpton and the rest of the race baiting poverty pimps need to open up a big ol’ can of STFU.

  6. I cringe whenever Sharpton or Jackson are titled “Reverend.”

    Those men are no more Christian ministers of the Gospel than Osama bin Laden, witness their promotion of hate and distrust – decidedly anti-Gospel behavior.

    I know it’s ‘customary’ but still. Just sayin’.

  7. The thing that I am wondering now: will the state of FL return Zimmerman’s CCW and his weapon? Interesting to follow that. He’s gonna need it now. I don’t know if ya’ll are aware of this but there’s a page up on FB calling for Zimmerman to be murdered.

    • One of the last things the judge did was order the release of the evidence. That would include returning GZ’s firearm to him, I presume. How that transfer is actually effected, in or near the courthouse, is beyond my ken.

      • Is FL open carry? I think that I remember that his CCW was revoked. Don’t know the FL laws on this. If he gets his gun back, can he carry it?

        • Florida is not open carry.

          I did a quick Google Search and could only find stories from prior to his arrest about several groups trying to get his license pulled, without success, as he had not yet been arrested or charged. That article indicated that if you were charged with a felony, your license would be suspended, not revoked. I found another page here that indicates that a suspended license will remain suspended “until you provide the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Licensing (“the Division”) with proof in writing that you were acquitted of the criminal charges.”

          In the short term, I assume he’ll be retaining the services of the personal protection service that’s been watching his ass for the last 16 months.

  8. Al could be running down the street in the middle of red dawn yelling the russians are comming and i still wouldnt pay attention to anything he’s saying

  9. Keep cranking up that blood pressure Rev. and the Good Lord will be calling you sooner than you expect.

    • I think it’s the being with the pitchfork, dark red skin, fangs, and a tail that is waiting for Mr. AS.

  10. When is the USG and NY going to press charges against AS(S) for whipping up his street thugs who destroyed property, beat and murdered innocent people during the Crown Heights Riots?

  11. Was wondering why we hadn’t already heard from Al and Jesse. Really now, are they more concerned with justice or just keeping themselves in the news. Maybe I can add Rev to my name and offer a counterpoint to them! Reverend Zippity Doo Dah went on record as praising the American judicial system for protecting the rights of white citizens to be from attack, as evidenced by the jury’s decision.

  12. Zimmerman should sue the Justice Brothers for their hand in genning up the judicial ordeal he has been forced (and will continue, by all indications) to endure, not to mention the animosity directed at him by the easily-agitated.

  13. If Sharpton did not lie, he would be out of a job. If Sharpton did not race bate, he would loose his power. His whole act is to ramp up the riots and this is where the Black Community looses because they listen to jerks like this.

    Either we are a nation of laws and follow the laws, o we have mob rule and the only verdict is what the mob wants. You can’t have it both ways.

    Sharpton is just earning his keep by turning up the noise, I wish the Black Community would call this guy out.

  14. This really bothers me. Al is no idiot, nor going senile, nor deluded. He MUST be well aware of the facts of the case. How could he not? His group was actively involved from day 1. I’m sure they were watching the trial. When one looks at the facts they come to the same ineluctable conclusion of self-defense. How could one not?

    The only logical conclusion is that Al and his ilk are purposely trying to deceive people and incite race riots. Notice how the same bs narrative is presented or Trayvon is spoken of as an “unarmed teen”. This just turns my stomach to watch.

  15. I was not at the trial. But I do know that what is going on now on both sides and I dare say right here in this blog is folks trying to stir things up.
    Why are the words of Al Sharpton needed on this blog. Because agitation sells.News links like his rants or the rant of the NAACP just stir things up.
    My question is why do we pass this stuff along knowing it may cause trouble.
    I say take the high ground. Let this tragedy die and go away. I am very sad for the Martin family. They did not deserve this. But it is what it is. Please stop covering this event that happened in a small Florida town. No national organization need be involved. Stop the race baiting. Please!

  16. Al is just trying to make money off of this.He is an idiot,needs to retire.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  17. Ignore those who will want to gain from this verdict and idiots……oh they are the same!

  18. On the bright side, only about 10 people actually watch MSDNC, s0 not many people saw his reaction.

  19. why are we helping Sharpton and NAACP try to stay relevant? Sharpton wants to make this case about him and his agenda. He craves attention, apathy is his enemy. Let’s just give him apathy.

  20. That Mackdaddy Devil Monkey is an embarrassment for all Black People and a human atrocity.

  21. sharpton and jackson are atrocity against the human race. They dont care about martin or his family. he just wants new time.

  22. Here comes the opportunistic race-baiter with his fake ghetto mannerisms and speech ready to exploit a tragedy.

  23. The real atrocity is that this jack ass is on the TV to spew his hate toward people of any race save his own. MSNBC is no better for having this Jew hating, white hating, Korean hating piece of crap on their network. Here is proof of truth in the old saying, “Birds of a feather flock together.” Coming from an old cracker, do you hear me Rev Al and your stupid propaganda network?

  24. This old fool still fails to see that he and his ilk are just making matters worse for their race.

  25. Al thinks his opinion is better than a unanimous verdict concluded by jurors in a long debated discussion over a drawn out trial where all the evidence was presented to them.

  26. “Fanning the flames of racial hatred has never been so predictable.” And profitable for Al.

    But seriously, didn’t he just commit sedition and incite a riot on national TV? In front of 28 viewers?

  27. Rev Al Sharpton is a anti-Semitic, anti-white, racist pig bastard and a race baiter. He never apologized for the Twana Brawley fiasco. Zimmerman was tried in court and acquitted. People don’t want to visit Florida until stand your ground is eliminated, good, go somewhere else, we don’t want or need you.

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