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Reaction to the jury’s verdict in the George Zimmerman is, as expected, vehement. Not violent. So far. At the court house. On Twitter, oy. Click here for live coverage from whose commentators are attempting to throw oil on troubled waters. At the post verdict press conference State Attorney Angela Corey and her prosecutorial team sounded just the wrong tone, accepting the verdict with the kind of humility you’d expect from lawyers who overcharged, as Ralph put it, like a Las Vegas hooker on New Year’s eve. Bernie de la Ronda, in particular, attempted to re-try the case that he just lost. Justice was served and go would have been the correct approach. When rioting breaks out these people should shoulder some of the blame. But won’t.

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    • That’s more like it! Rouse the rabble properly!

      Speaking of rabble-rousing, how the hell is Angela Corey standing in front of a camera right now effectively re-litigating this case in the media? She’s called Zimmerman every name in the book, legally speaking, in the last five minutes. She’s still saying that he’s guilty of Second-degree murder and other things. It seems to me that there should be something to stop her from doing this, either legally or just plain old decorum.

      • Keep digging your professional grave, bitch… I hope her pension is seized and wages garnished to pay the eventual lawsuit by Zimmerman..

        Also, picked up a used Mossberg 500A w/collapsible stock, pistol grip and long mag tube for $299, since I needed a shotty and I can find food for it..

      • Angela Corey should be fired or put on trial herself.
        A useless piece of work.
        As a politician giving in to politics she should have never charged Zimmerman to begin with.
        Lets put all the blame on her as it should be.

  1. I’m watching the prosecution team, live, right now, slandering George Zimmerman, trying still to convict him after the fact, and trying to incite riot.

    • I was about to post the same thing…absolutely pathetic for these ‘civil servants’ paid by the FL tax payers and sworn to uphold the law to now be questioning the jury decision and attempting to muddle the facts of the case. You lost your slam dunk.

      • And on Monday they will be back to their normal work-load putting P.O.S.s just like Trayvon behind bars, every. single. day.

        • I would buy Don West a case of whatever he drinks for a candid, off-the-record conversation about this case.

          Did you see his answer to the question about the friction between him and Judge Nelson? It was maybe the greatest eyebrow raise/eye roll in history, followed by “I’d like to keep my bar license for a couple more years. Next question.” My recounting does not do it justice. Find the tape of the post-verdict presser if you haven’t seen it.

    • The comments by the prosecution after the verdict were a shameful spectacle. A quick glance at the NYT comments section reveals that most people angered by the verdict had only NBC or MSNBC facts, not the ones presented in the courtroom. What appalls me is that the prosecution seemed willing to ride with the same distortions, and seemed to regret the fact that the evidence distinctly favored the defense. A trial is supposed to be about the evidence and the law, not downstate votes. A nervous politicized jury could have sent GZ to prison for 30 years. They didn’t. They were honorable.

  2. I’m gonna call it now: Look for the Do”J” to file federal charges for violating Martin’s civil rights. You heard it here first

  3. Mike is right, and it is already happening….the news ticker is saying that civil rights charges will be filed against zimmerman. His life will be tied up in court for years to come.

  4. And yet the state still “wins”, because they had “good intentions” & tried to “do the right thing”.

  5. I am on Riot watch right now, ready to vote from the rooftops as needed. The verdict came in so late I think if we see anything it will be tomorrow.

  6. Wonder when Obango is going to order a federal Justice Department Investigation of some sort to try and crucify GZ. After the self-defense shooting, I recall Obango sending the FBI to Florida to find someone anyone who would claim Zimmerman had once said or done something “racist”. The FBI found nothing dirty on Zimmerman.

    • You are correct and that makes it nearly impossible for the Feds to successfully prosecute him. You need a finding of racial animus to invoke the relevant civil rights laws.

        • Yes, sometimes we the people win a few. Either way, ZM will end up spending perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars defending himself from these new accusations while the people pushing this in the government get to live on without being held responsible for their actions.

  7. Couldn’t be happier. A well-needed victory against Obama and Holder’s corrupt political machine. Zimmerman should have been cleared for he justifiably acted in self-defence.

  8. Damn right. Corey going on about Zimmerman not having life threatening injuries, it’s reasonable fear, you dumb bitch. (That should pass the flame filter, seeing as how I’m not flaming posters or commentators on this site.)

    • It’s verboten. What a racist nation we have found ourselves in. And none so blind as they who will not see.

        • Don’t waste your time. That’s all “William” has when he doesn’t get his way, cry “that’s rayciss!” Cut ot food stamps – “that’s rayciss!” College admissions based on aptitude – “that’s rayciss!” The racism cry is an absolute laughable joke now.

  9. Should I ever be charged with Second Degree Murder, I don’t know if I want Zimmerman’s defense team, but I definitely want to be prosecuted by the ass clowns that prosecuted this case.

    • The defense made a very difficult choice. They avoided asserting a statutory defense available to them, probably for fear it would cause the jury to become confused about the facts. I disagreed with that strategy but they were probably right. I admire the defense team. The prosecution had nothing to work with, in a case which should not have gone to trial.

  10. The prosecution is acting like poor losers.
    Not surprising as they made a case out of nothing against Zimmerman.
    +1 for self-defense.

    • The prosecution is an utter, unredeemable DISGRACE. I wouldn’t piss on ’em if their heart were on fire.


    And I am going to purchase you some liturature regarding the english languange.

        • The track record is the past. I don’t understand several things the judge decided during this trial. I’m not sure that testimony about Martin’s past would have made a difference because Zimmerman did not know those things that night. The withheld evidence claims seem like error on the prosecutor’s and judge’s part, because there was no way to know in advance that the evidence would not have become admissible at some point during the trial. These issues are still open. Thanks for the Lott citation: I read it.

  12. Flood the FBI DHS NSA email with screen shots of every hate filled racist tweets that state they are going to kill.

    • It just might be OK for a black to make death threats to a white, but it is probably not OK for a white to make the same threat to a black.

  13. MSNBC pundits are all apoplectic about the verdict. Rev Al looks like he may have a stroke. Makes me giggle.

  14. Ummm, isn’t that a Crime what Aris posted?
    That is making a public that & should be prosecuted….

    Oh wait it is, or isn’t, politically correct?

    Remember a week or so ago a kid being arrested for a similar statement made jokingly on FB?

  15. Reading these responses is beginning to worry me about who carries guns. Come on people, use your alleged brains.

  16. OK, I’m going to bring this discussion down to more pressing details.

    Let’s start with the obvious: With the death threats starting, when will Zimmerman get his CCW re-instated? He has actual cause to have a CCW, as well as the legal basis with this acquittal, to have it back.

    Second issue: I think people should use the process of complaint provided by the Florida Bar Association against Ms. Corey. I found this under the FL Bar Ass’ns web entries on professional conduct:

    “5.21 Disbarment is appropriate when a lawyer in an official or governmental position knowingly misuses the position with the intent to obtain a significant benefit or advantage for himself or another, or with the intent to cause serious or potentially serious injury to a party or to the integrity of the legal process.”

    Her behavior post-trial this evening seems to rise to the level of “…knowingly misuses the position …with the intent to cause serious or potentially serious injury to a party…”

    That’s the only way I can view her behavior. They brought the charges, they over-charged the case, the jury acquitted, the process worked. That’s the only objective conclusion a person who has watched this case can conclude.

    • Her conduct in the presser tonight was despicable. Even BDLR equivocated somewhat, despite his disappointment. But that nasty woman stood there with a rictus smile on her face and slandered George Zimmerman again and again. She didn’t say, as BDLR did, that “we thought, based on the evidence, that he was guilty.” She said, multiple times, that he is guilty, that he did do wrong, that he should be punished. Somehow I feel her comments went not just beyond the bounds of what was appropriate, but beyond the bounds of what is legal. BDLR, even if I disagree with him, acted appropriately in the post-verdict presser. His boss very clearly did not.

      And she smiled the whole goddamn time. Evil.

      • AC’s disrespect for the verdict of a jury is reason for Bar sanction. Calling an acquitted defendant guilty after the fact shows utter disregard for the reputation of the judicial system, which is a violation of the Code of Ethics.

      • Actually this is pretty much par for the course for her–she has a reputation for similar uncouth behavior, of questionable ethical propriety. It was she that made sure that charges were filed, when others thought it wasn’t a good case. She is a very political creature–and this case was about her political ambition more than it was about Trayvon Martin.

  17. Considering Corey’s actions over the course of this case and those of
    de la Rhonda, I think a serious effort could be made to have them
    both disbarred. Wishful thinking, but I think there’d be a better
    shot at arguing malfeasance on part of the prosecution than seeing
    MSNBC et al sued into oblivion or held in any way responsible.

  18. Did anyone notice after the verdict and the judge dismissed Mr. Z, ALL THE COURT DEPUTIES CAME OVER TO HIM WITH SMILES ON THEIR FACES AND SHOOK HIS HAND? They were black and white. Everyone who heard this case realized the injustice against him.

    • I did notice exactly that. Smiles and handshakes from every deputy in the court, except for the lady deputy, and I think that’s because she had to watch the big double doors.

      • I noticed it too. Tho one guys lips barely moved. It was obvious he knew he was on camera.
        BTW, Matt, hope you’re in a relatively safe area in Florida.

        • I’m in east Orlando, in a nice apartment complex. I moved out of the ghetto in SW Orlando back in March. (It wasn’t like that when I moved in, I’d been there for six years.) I got three different texts tonight that said some variation of, “I’m so glad you’re out of your old apartment.”

        • Good for you. I’m sitting on my deck, town of 2200 people, surrounded by forests. Glad as hell I don’t live in a big eastern city.

  19. It’s time for Obama to invite GZ and his family and the family of TM to the White House for an elegant meal and to make peace. If Obama truly believes in the American Justice System and being a uniter of the American people he will do so.

  20. Yep, pretty messed up stuff in comments sections and on twitter. For example:

    Pooch Flair ‏@Poochda63 1h

    Pooch Flair ‏@Poochda63 1h
    I JUST PUNCHED A CRACKER BITCH RT @iDntWearCondoms: Black people gonna be tight for like 3 or 4 days. White people better watch out lol

    Pooch Flair ‏@Poochda63 16m
    Im waiting for niggas to start a riot so I can hopefully steal my tv back from the nigga that stole it from me last week

    This gentleman also describes himself as “Osama’s bomb dealer, i pushed buzz lightyear out that window, and i heated up those ovens in the holocaust” in his profile.

    • I’ve read a bit of this nonsense too. Two thoughts come to mind:

      1. Chairbound rangers lead the way… to their mommy’s basement.

      2. All these death threats are evidence if GZ is attacked and one of these morons was in on the deal. One of the central issues to prove in any charge of murder is prior intent. First degree murder requires the state prove prior intent to kill a specific individual. Well, these twitter postings provide that for all these dim bulbs, should they carry through on their threats.

    • Sounds like a twelve year old. I could be wrong, but I think even among the most impoverished black folks in the country, a lot of them know Zimmerman was just an average dude who got caught up in a bad situation and did what he had to. The government failed to prove anything beyond a reasonable doubt, it was pathetic and they had no basis for claiming Zimmerman had ill intent.

      I really don’t see how people could riot over this, unless the composition of the jury somehow displeases them. Since the DOJ funded demonstrations to get Zimmerman prosecuted, I would not be surprised if we saw some flash mob type stuff that was organized by professional activists.

      We must not forget that Obama is very close with the former leaders of the Weather Underground domestic terrorist cell, who received pardons for their acts and live in Chicago. My mother was involved with the Weathermen in the 60s and a lot of her old hippy friends were involved with Occupy and big Obama supporters. They could very well use this situation to their advantage.

  21. Last comment for the night.

    I don’t expect to see anything more than isolated violence. Riots are bad for gang business with all the cops hanging about with their modern sporting rifles at the ready. There is no profit in rioting. I don’t even think the real gangbangers care much about Martin. He is just another statistic to them.

    If riots do ensue they aren’t coming to your neighborhood. As much as I would like to see them burn NW Washington as defenseless Progressives run for their lives any riots would follow the same old pattern of burning down their own neighborhoods.

    So I will go to bed with the usual pistols in easy reach. I haven’t even swapped out the rifled barrel for my smooth bore on my shotgun.

  22. Oh the irony.

    Death threats. More examples of “enlightened” anti-gunners and Trayvon-catamites showing everybody how “civilized” they are.

  23. Here’s another amazing comment, God forbid this idiot ever gets called up for jury duty:

    T. Dillon

    Zimmerman may have been acquitted by the jury, but in the minds of many people, myself included, he is guilty of murder. It would have been better for him to have served some time in jail simply to make people feel that some kind of justice had been served and he could have moved on with his life without so much stigma. Now he is considered a bully and a murderer who was set free by a white jury because of racism. He doesn’t face much of a future in this country.

    July 13, 2013 at 11:00 p.m. Recommended 53

  24. I am amazed by the racism displayed in the comments on this trial. I truly believed the community here was better.

    • Really? This community is racist? Did you even bother reading the comments I re-posted above or have you even read what is being posted on social media sites? The links in my comments above can show you what racist slander really is.

  25. She is just “wolfin'”,I guess ya’ll know what it means?Another word for talking crap.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.


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