St. Louis Police David Dorn
(Scott Bandle, Suburban Journals/St. Louis Post-Dispatch via AP)
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St. Louis Police Capt. David Dorn
David Dorn, a 77-year-old retired St. Louis police officer who served 38 years on the force was shot and killed by looters at a pawn shop early Tuesday,June 2, 2020, police said. David Dorn was found dead on the sidewalk in front of Lee’s Pawn & Jewelry. (Scott Bandle, Suburban Journals/St. Louis Post-Dispatch via AP)

By Jim Salter, AP

A retired police captain who died during a night of violent protests was trying to protect his friend’s pawn shop, his widow said.

David Dorn’s last moments were caught on video and apparently posted on Facebook Live, though the video has since been taken down. He was killed by people who had broken into Lee’s Pawn & Jewelry, and his body found on the sidewalk at about 2:30 a.m. Tuesday. No arrests have been made.

His death came on a violent night in St. Louis, where four officers were shot, officers were pelted with rocks and fireworks, and 55 businesses were burglarized or damaged, including a convenience store that burned. Police also shot and gravely injured a burglary suspect who they say shot at officers.

Cities across the U.S. have seen protests and violence since George Floyd died May 25 after a white Minneapolis officer pressed his knee into Floyd’s neck for several minutes even after the handcuffed black man stopped moving and pleading for air.

[CAUTION: Video may be disturbing to some.]

Dorn was a friend of the pawn shop’s owner and frequently checked on the business when alarms went off, his wife, St. Louis police Sgt. Ann Marie Dorn, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

David Dorn served 38 years on the St. Louis police force before retiring in October 2007. He then became chief of Moline Acres, a small town in St. Louis County.

Former St. Louis County police Chief Tim Fitch knew Dorn for 30 years and said they became close friends when Dorn and his wife were leading the St. Louis police department’s Explorers program for young people interested in law enforcement careers, while Fitch was leading the county’s program.

“He was very dedicated to youth, especially disadvantaged youth,” said Fitch, who led the St. Louis County Police Department from 2009 to 2014. “He wanted to see them succeed. He wanted to be a role model for those young men and women to go into law enforcement.”

Dorn’ s personality was “bigger than life,” Fitch said. “He was a fun guy, a happy guy. You never had to wonder what he was thinking when somebody did something incredibly stupid like a crime because he would just say it as he saw it.”

When he took over as chief in Moline Acres, Dorn made it clear that his officers would be held to the strictest of standards, Fitch said.

“He wanted them to do the right thing all the time,” Fitch said.

The Ethical Society of Police, which represents black officers in St. Louis, said in a news release that Dorn was “the type of brother that would’ve given his life to save them if he had to.”

St. Louis police Chief John Hayden called Dorn a “fine captain.”

“Many of us, the other officers, looked up to him,” Hayden said. “Was very well-liked, very pleasant. And his wife still works here. So a very sad time for our agency. We will honor him.”

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    • 99% Don’t or won’t even know it happened, just doesn’t fit the narrative.There will be no rage.

      • There is only over 8 million views across the internet…

        The media doesn’t show these videos on air, they only mention the videos, thus the normal TV watcher will not experience reality. The media gives a watered down version of the facts.

        • This has been a very vivid example of that. Watching the local news only…no cable here. I keep telling myself and others that this doesn’t seem right, we’re missing things, lots of things.

        • Why is it a false dichotomy? Two men died that shouldn’t have died, period!

      • I have yet to meet anyone or see a comment online that thinks it was okay and the force used was justified. That’s not the point though. Floyd was not someone who should be a martyr, they never are for these racist causes… but this retired police captain was. Why it’ll never fit their BLM narrative: Because he’s black. Funny how that works, huh. It’s a one sided cause, and 99.9% of people agree that excessive use of force was used, and usually is in these cases. As soon as you involve race, it’s a stupid fucking cause. The media and these racist movements will never look at a black retired cop as a hero for defending civilians… but they will look at someone trying to pass a counterfeit bill as one.

        • Well, as he never got his day in court, as is guaranteed due process under our Constitution, we’ll never know that either, will we? His intent or awareness of any counterfeiting will never be known.

          Trying to compare one to the other when we should see they were both pointless losses of life and both should be examples of situations that should never have happened.

        • Firstly, nobody utilizes the Lima call sign. You might as well just say “get the fuck up here”.

          Secondly, I know all this already, and you seem to have mistaken my lack of sympathy for the race baiting as a onse sided stance.

          How fucken copy.

    • Floyd was a victim and I don’t care what substances he was using in private, it doesn’t give police the right to put him on the ground and choke him to death for a call about a fake $20 bill.

      Cpt. Dorn is a hero and it’s a shame the media will ignore his murder to fan the flames for more riots and ratings.

    • if the property owner was serious about protecting his property he should have backed him up…or at least covered him from across the street…nothing says “go away” more forcefully than a red dot on your chest…..

  1. It was probably white anarchists (Antifa) that killed him. Same group of white people who killed a black Federal police officer here in Oakland.

    Nobody seems to be rioting about that white on black violence…. I guess some black lives matter more than others…. their signs should read: “BLACK LIVES MATTER * !!!”

    “*if it suits our narrative”

    • Anarchists are not agents of the state, and do not act in the name of the public.

        • Well are our current ‘anarchists’ actually anarchists or are they state funded rather than private/corporate this go around?

        • Very well/likely are funded by the chicoms. Protecting the CCP is the goal of the lefttard’s “the Russians” fable.

        • Police are authorized to act in the name of the public, so the public has a responsibility of oversight. Anarchists do not represent the public, so there’s no duty for the public to condemn their actions when they act like thugs; it falls under the general condemnation of violent criminals that is the default position of the puiblic (as reflected at least in the law).

      • Anarchists aspire for a utopian dream of absolute equality with no rules and no rulers. But the system, if there is one, falls apart when people have to organize to get things done. Everyone wants to be boss and no one wants to work. Their lack of organization means they are easily conquered by those who do organize.

        Such a system could work in a small subsistence group. Not in a environment that needs structure and organization.

        Even if an anarchist zone was created, with no law, no police, no electricity, no running water, no sewage, no communications, and no welfare, it would quickly become a safe haven for criminals who will take over the location for their own ends.

        • I’d like to point out that “utopian dream of absolute equality with no rules and no rulers” if there are no rules and no rulers, there IS no equality. The human race has a LONG way to go to be left to it’s own devices.

    • doubtful it was antifa…they’re usually too gutless…more likely local black looters…among that group guns are more common…

  2. RIP Captain Dorn you deserve better than that after serving your community for so many years God rest your soul.

  3. I expect to see more of this garbage. A group of 3 thugs broke into a gun store in dallas and stole 40-something guns. I saw some clips and it looks like they got several long guns

  4. This is just horrible that this very good black man was killed in the name of so called black lives matter?? Did his life not matter!!!

    Oh the hypocrisy of it all

    • You’re a disgusting human. You know this has nothing to do with Black Lives Matter. The people that shot him were gangsters stealing from the store.

      The guy recording the video was watching what was happening from across the street. It appears he too had a gun and rushed over to help the old man. They threatened the guy who was filming as they left. He was ready to pop the killers after they threatened him.

      The crowd thought it was the police that shot him for looting. The people not involved in the looting didn’t support the old man being shot for defending the business.

      Looters are not rioter or protesters. They are criminals taking advantage of the lack of armed people defendng businesses. Some other pawn shops have shot and killed looters regardless of color. Black Lives Matter doesn’t support gangster murderers, that would be black supremacy.

      BLM is a white controlled group. It was designed to use blacks for political PR for the left.

      • Took me a few articles and comment streams to realize that the Bureau of Land Management wasn’t “protesting” anything – thanks for the clarification since, though I’m not very enthusiastic about the size and reach of the federal government, it is good to know which BLM is which.

  5. Thugs are in control of the streets of blue cities, no surprise there. Even when they aren’t, thugs in costume control the politics, when we are being nice we call them Democrats, but they are thugs none the less.

  6. CNN will never mention this. Hell, there hasn’t been a single word said about what happened in St. Luis.

    R.I.P Captain Dorn.

  7. And why is it that people don’t need an AR-15 style rifle and 30 rnd mags to go with them? The cowardly looters/thugs need to be shot on site. They left this good man in the street. The thugs should be shot in the street and then rounded up with a bulldozer and put in one big pile.

  8. “Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) on Sunday tweeted an Associated Press photo showing two white men atop an overturned police car in Salt Lake City, both holding what appear to be assault rifles. Spray painted on the side of the car is “4 George,” an apparent reference to George Floyd, the unarmed African American whose killing at the hands of Minneapolis police last month sparked the recent unrest. One of the men standing on the vehicle in the photograph was wearing what appeared to be hunting garb. The other was wearing a Hawaiian shirt, as was a third man filming the activity.
    “Look at this photo, and using simple common sense ask yourself are these “protestors” in Salt Lake City: A. Outraged by racial injustice in America; or B. Domestic extremists taking advantage of protest to further their own unrelated agenda,” Rubio tweeted.”

    • I wonder if the Las Vegas shooter, dressed in body armor with a bunch of guns, was a Republican boogaloo soldier?

      • Where’s your evidence for that Chief? Maybe you should go tell the FBI, since they seemed to have missed it.

        • I don’t think he is a Trump fan, but seems to support the 2A. From what I read recently, the cops shot him with less lethal to force him to leave, they claim he raised a gun at them after being hit with a rubber bullet, then police shot him dead as he ran away.

          I am not believing the police department’s story at this time because video appears to say a different story. The police have an incentive to lie about the killing of a 2A activist right about now.

    • Hey Miner, I know you’re an avid follower of Marco Rubio and all, but how can anyone tell someone is a domestic terrorist just because they’re open carrying or wearing a Hawaiian shirt? Are you trying to say these are the same “violent terrorists” (sarcasm) that have recently been spotted at other protests, because that’s exactly how they’re being portrayed by the Washington Post. Those guys were posing for a picture. You can even see another cameraman in the photo taking a picture.

      Check out the Post’s headline: Men wearing Hawaiian shirts and carrying guns add a volatile new element to protests

      I read the article, and they never explain how these men added anything volatile at all. Since you’re busy spreading the Post’s propaganda today, maybe you can explain that for us.

      • Majority of protesters are not open carrying guns. The right wingers whom are carrying guns are there to stop looting. The one protester I saw carrying a gun was shot dead.

        Open carrying guns to protest the military and police is going to get a lot of people shot. In one shooting, the police took fire and couldn’t return fire because there was so many protester in the way.

        • I’m not saying I’m with these guys. I have no idea who they are. All we have to go on is one picture. I’m just calling Miner (and Marco and the Post) out on assuming so much just from some photo op. No matter what the intentions, I think some of these guys are attention seekers, just like people addicted to facebook and instagram. BTW, I don’t trust Marco. He’s an opportunist just like most pols.

  9. “Facebook said Tuesday that it had shut down pages and accounts associated with what it said was a hate group, whose members were discussing bringing weapons to the protests that are happening across the country.

    The company said it had observed people associated with the group American Guard discussing such action.
    The group says it is about American constitutional nationalism, but the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) says American Guard “has a background with connections to anti-immigrant extremism, hatred, and violence. Indeed, before the American Guard was the American Guard, it was actually the Indiana chapter of a group called the Soldiers of Odin USA, a branch of an extreme anti-immigrant and anti-refugee group that originated in Finland in 2015 and has spread to many other countries.”

      • The only point he ever has: Everything bad is because of republicans. He’s great at copying and pasting other people’s ideas.

        • “The only point he ever has: Everything bad is because of republicans. ”

          Wait. What? You think that is wrong? It’s been in all the papers, on all the TV news, on every social media site. Don’t you pay attention? Everything is bad because of Republicans. They were the source of all evil, even before there was a USA. That’s how insidious they are.

        • Neither one of these factual news stories contain the word Republican, why would you think I was bashing Republicans in these posts?

          In fact, I quoted Republican Senator Rubio and he’s concerned about what is happening.

        • Is that supposed to be your innocent act Miner? You need to work on it. I’m sure you eagerly digest every word out of Marco’s mouth. You’re using his quote in a similar way you use quotes from the Bible, and you know how I mean Mr. Innocent.

          Honestly, I didn’t even read your comment since you’re a broken record. Okay, now I’m reading it, and you’re talking about some right wing hate group. Okay so not explicitly republican, but that’s your implication. And look, you are just copying and pasting. You’re so predictable.

    • Soldiers of Odin were at the Virginia gun rally at the capital. They wanted a boogaloo.

  10. Saw this video before. Rough shit.

    Dude making it is totally tore up. Probably made moreso by knowing that making the video, and hoping some people notice it, is basically all he can do.

  11. It seems not all attempts to protect property result in victory for the righteous. The family is left behind to make what they can of their lives going forward, hopes and dreams forever altered, forever shattered. Inanimate objects claiming the life of a sentinent being. Good trade, what?

    The life of the man was more valuable than all of Solomon’s riches, yet it was taken cheaply, impersonally, and avoidably. Valuing things above life is not life-affirming. Where is the glory? Where is the tribute? Where is the public acclimation? Where is the assurance that the sacrifice will comfort the grieving? Where is the family proclaiming that their future is all the better for the sacrifice of a life for things? The lives of the thugs (term used intentionally, and correctly) carry on, unimpeded.

    Have you asked your family to be glad you would toss your life away to protect things? Have you told them they will be just fine should you lose the fight? Have you told them that your mind is made up, that you cannot be persuaded otherwise? Did they raise their wine glasses in glorious tribute to the hero? Did they tell all their friends and acquaintenances that their priority in your life is secondary to things?

    Maybe I don’t have enough things to understand that stuff is more important than life and family. Maybe I don’t have sufficient physical treasure to know how my life will become worthless if I don’t try to protect the treasure. Maybe I don’t have enough skin in the game to understand that skin is expendable, but items must be preserved. Maybe I just don’t know how we are supposed to order our lives, in this world.


    • The problem is that there’s a point, where exactly it is is open to debate, where a total unwillingness to defend business means that enough people lose their livelihoods that the economy collapses and far, far more lives are lost.

      The reasons vary, but the Coronapocalyse lockdowns had mental health hotlines running at 1000% or normal. Hospitals have reported an entire year’s worth of suicides and suicide attempts in four weeks.

      Then there’s the loss within the medical system, supply chains for food and medicine etc etc.

      As I said a few weeks back, this is a dance on the edge of a knife blade. The sad part is that it’s 95% unnecessary.

      So yeah, at some point you do have to take a stand and it’s not really about property, it’s about defending life when *they* come. But that’s the micro. The macro is about defending an overall society and not allowing the US to slip into a 3rd world shithole where 25% of people die in a year or so.

      • “The problem is that there’s a point, where exactly it is is open to debate, where a total unwillingness to defend business means that enough people lose their livelihoods that the economy collapses…”

        Dead people cannot protect, prosper, or resurrect an economy; the dead know and do nothing. The living have an entire, almost limitless number of options; the dead know and do nothing. The living can create and re-create; the dead can only fertilize the lawn.

        This nation, through the efforts of the living, restored an economy after a devastating civil war. This nation has a long history of re-birth after disaster, due to the efforts of the survivors, the living. The tragedy of losing a life-time of effort cannot be be balanced by the loss of a life trying to sustain the life’s work. “Live to fight another day” is not a mind-numbed cliche’. Life is struggle; death is the end of things.

        The rebuilding of the World Trade Center tower was the victory, not leaving a pile of rubble on the ground to mark ignominious defeat. The Arizona monument dips, but does not break, both ends projecting above, representing the nation before and after WW2. Rebuilding the stores, the businesses, is the victory over anarchy; not leaving a trail of the bodies of those who gave up life for stuff.

        I do recognize your reasoning. I just cannot find enduring value in “honorable death” over honorable life.

        • The problem is that there won’t be a life for many. There will just be a slow death.

          How you end up dead from this is immaterial. Shot by a looter or another cause due to a collapse a few weeks or months later doesn’t matter at all. It doesn’t matter to your kids or the rest of your family. And, in reality, if your “honorable death” prevents a societal collapse your death might be part of saving your kids from starving or dying from some horrific disease.

          At some point you either decide that the US and the Western world are worth defending or you side with the nihilists, at which point you’re basically as bad as the rioters anyway.

          I hope it doesn’t come to that. But if it does then there is no ethical reason behind shoving the burden off on others and, really, even from a purely utilitarian point of view, there’s no reason to do it. Yeah, you could get hurt or killed but you’ll probably end up that way if you don’t do anything, so from any point of view you need to do something.

          There are no guarantees in life. You pays your money and takes your chances. Sometimes there is no good option, only shitty and shittier. We’re not used to that in this country but if this goes further sideways we better get used to it damned fast or “sideways” will be in the rearview as we go off a cliff and into oblivion.

          • Where we may differ is I don’t see a situation in the nation’s history where any crisis led to utter desolation, with wave upon wave of collateral deaths because of it.

            As asked of another, how many dead property defenders does it take to stave off total financial/economic collapse?

            If attackers break into your home, you would be defending life, not stuff. I simply cannot find value in dying for stuff, and not being around to help restore the economy and normalcy after the crisis passes.

          • “Sam. If nobody steps up then normalcy does not return.”

            I’ve lived through every mass riot since 1960. Can’t think of a one that was ended by normal people stepping up. Normal people posing a counter threat to the rioters. It was always the groups we like to call “law enforcement” who eventually put an end to things.

            Even the Korean overwatch during the LA riots didn’t stop the riots, nor deterred, by example, any future riots. Yes, we have isolated instances where the mob by-passed obviously armed store owners, but the mod didn’t disperse with the thought that other stores would be likewise protected. When it comes to the mob, and citizens, the mob knows they hold the greater power.

    • The alternative to fighting back is to acquiesce any time a thug chooses to strip you of anything or everything you have spent a good portion of your life building. The thug doesn’t just steal your property; he steals the time you spent working to get it. (The only difference insurance makes is to spread the loss over many people instead of just one.) It’s bad enough to lose everything when you are young. You can start over again although you will never make up for the setback. It’s an irremediable catastrophe when you are middle aged or elderly.

      • “You can start over again although you will never make up for the setback. It’s an irremediable catastrophe when you are middle aged or elderly.”

        And being dead is somehow remediable?

        Yes, hardship is a part of life; we are none of us guaranteed freedom from difficulty. However, being dead is a guarantee that you will see no more, work no more, accomplish no more. Believing that the odds are on your side, that you have the righteous, moral high ground in defending things is a hope, not a sustainable plan.

        If all your property is taken, your life’s work rendered worthless, and you are alive, you have options, a chance to recover. If you depend on being able to live through a gunfight to protect your property, the risk of having no further options is non-trivial. If you live, you can be right and/or wrong numerous times. If you die, you no longer matter to the stuff you paid for in your own blood. The Siren song of pride too often clouds our thinking.

        • The issue, no matter how you cut it, is if you let society fall you end up with the shanty towns along the rail lines outside Pretoria.

          I’ve been there. It’s not a nice place and the life expectancy isn’t very long. The current crop of looters and rioters are the kind of people that run the place.

          If you don’t defend *society* at some point that’s what you get. And then you get stabbed over a bit of rice or beaten to death over some shoes. Your kids won’t make it long an neither will you, so really, what did living a bit longer do for you other than expose you and your family to a lot more abject horror before you all got your throats cut anyway?

          All the talk of property or civil rights is out the fucking window at that point. It’s a pure scramble for survival that statistically, Americans won’t make.

          As I said above, and I’ve said here for a while, there are a lot of people in the gun community who talk about shit they know exactly fuck all about. This is one of those things. Boogbois are retards, 95% of whom who won’t survive if they get what they claim they want.

        • Most who make that choice believe they will win the fight. Most wouldn’t choose to defend their stuff if they knew the odds were against them.

          • “Most wouldn’t choose to defend their stuff if they knew the odds were against them.”

            I would tend to agree, except….Las Vegas. “The House” is assured we overestimate our luck, and underestimate the table.

    • Sam, this has nothing to do with protecting some electronics. This has to do with law and order. The reason this man is dead is because the cowardly mayor didn’t nip this problem in the bud when the first protests became violent. The various cowardly mayors and governors have this man’s blood on their hands. By stepping back, and not enforcing the law, they gave permission for the immoral, violent animals to run unchecked, not only in the first city, but across the nation.

      • “The reason this man is dead is because the cowardly mayor didn’t nip this problem in the bud when the first protests became violent.”

        If the man had not been there, protecting stuff, would he still be dead of a gunshot? The authorities did not do their jobs. How many dead citizens will restore law and order? How many dead property defenders will restore law and order? What is that mantra we all sing? “Don’t be in stupid places, doing stupid things, winning stupid prizes.”

        It is an unrecoverable tragedy that the man was murdered. It is a second unrecoverable tragedy that he died because he thought it was the right thing to help a friend, in dangerous circumstances, and risk devastating his family. All the future good he could have accomplished is gone, forever. Can’t see that as a positive, for anyone.

    • It’s not just about “things” in the aggregate. Continue not defending mere possessions long enough, and eventually you’ll find that you’ve abandoned civilization itself to barbarians who only want to tear down what others have built. Somewhere, somebody has to draw the line and defend it.

        • “Never give in to the mob. Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile.”

          By the time a mob forms, they have already taken that first mile. Refusing to give in to the mob has not proven particularly effective, either; mobs still form.

        • That’s correct Sam. That’s why the moment a protest turns violent, then it’s over. Mayors and Governors are responsible for their constituents. If they fail to govern, then people die. This entire thing could have been handled much better, in my opinion anyway.

      • “Somewhere, somebody has to draw the line and defend it.”

        Too late. The source of the problem is the solution. Dying trying somehow send a message is not only pointless, it is the last link in a broken chain of events that led to the deadly circumstance. We, the people, choose our representatives. Our representatives do as they please. We, the people, keep electing those representatives who created the current legal and cultural conditions. Dying while defending property is not the solution, it is only a symptom of dysfunction.

        As for sending a message that normal people will not tolerate looting, rioting and property destruction….

        How many rioters and looters are impressed enough by one, or a thousand dead property defenders? What is the proof that resisting the looters leads to less looting (less actual, not potential, looting).? We have an assumed 15 million concealed firearm carriers. How many crimes were directly prevented as a result? If ~250,000-2.5 million DGUs per year do not convince criminals to avoid attacking private citizens, how many defenses of property will reduce what amount of property destruction?

        Some looters were reported deterred by obviously armed property protectors. Why did those obviously armed defenders not dissuade all the looting? How were looters to know that people not outwardly visible were not armed? They didn’t; they took a chance.

        Just like thugs take a chance on people not being armed every day, even though millions are always armed. Why doesn’t the mythical 100 million gun owner statistic stop personal attacks, almost entirely? Based on that statistic, criminals should be convinced that if one third of the people walking about are gun owners, the risk of being shot during an attack makes attacks too dangerous.

        A handful of property defenders, and a handful of property defenders dying will have almost zero effect on decision-making by rioters and looters. There will always be more vulnerable shops and stores, than defended stores. Defending property randomly is no deterrent, no “line in the sand”, no persuader. Dying while defending property does not protect property from destruction elsewhere.

        • Yes, it’s a losing proposition in almost every way for the individual at the tip of the spear. And yet if it’s my property, I MUST defend it.

          Just like we can’t stop criminals from making plans and springing ambushes, nobody can stop the mob from forming. But we *can* stop the mob. If more individuals actually tried, the story would be very different.

          • “If more individuals actually tried, the story would be very different.”


            100 million gun owners, 15 million concealed carriers, 250,000-2.5 million DGUs every year. The mob seems unimpressed. Why is dying for stuff going to convince looters and criminals to stop? The mob looks at the numbers in the first sentence, and decides they are at very little risk of harm.

            If you “must” defend your stuff, just be sure your family is on board with losing both you and your stuff. Everyone has to make their own choices, but choices are not without consequences.

  12. It makes me feel physically sick that someone would senselessly kill a good man like Captain Dorn over something as trivial as some televisions. On top of that, there are multiple people nearby and none are attempting to render first aid. Apparently, live streaming such a thing is more important than applying pressure to wounds and/or calling 911. May you rest in peace, Captain Dorn. I hope that everyone learns from your sacrifice.

  13. A tragic story and a terrible crime.

    What would help is for shopowners to band together to protect their adjacent stores. The more of them working together to make a show of force and resolve, the less likely the looters, arsonists, anarchists and thieves will bother them. One man standing alone is far less convincing to a mob than a few patrolling out front, a few patrolling on the roof and someone on the inside. Turn the lights on brightly, disblay arms and vigilence.

    Remember, that is what Richard Rhee, owner of California Market in Lost Angels in 1992 did. He organized about 20 people to make his store a safe area. Where other Korean-American owned businesses were looted, burned, owners terrorized, beaten or killed, the California Market was an an undamaged island in the middle of the madness. I won’t say it was all that safe, shots were fired, but in the end the place and the people on its grounds survived where others did not.

    Organize, plan, do not go it alone!

  14. nothing says “justice for floyd” like killing an innocent black guy trying to save a shop from looters.

    • I doubt they’ll be marching nationwide for this poor guy, unless maybe he was killed by a white person because that would mean he’s even deader.

  15. This is very sad, that video pissed me off even more after watching it. Nobody came to his aid, the guy filming just running his mouth off as people walk by. Should have at least got down on the ground and tried to comfort the dying man till he passed on.

    At least David Dorn is in much better place now, prayers going out to his family.

    • The criminals were threatening to shoot him. He was watching his back while trying to talk to the dying man. He was emotional and yelling at the looters. He said he can’t do anything for him, the government won’t come to save him.

      The video is much longer.

      • I have to agree. What the man who filmed it did was important, he did provide comfort, he spoke true words, and he had courage.

  16. The media vacuum on most of the protests is very disturbing. Watching live streams of the shootouts in NYC last night and cross checking with what CNN calls “clashes with protesters” in an attempt to downplay to very real violence going on. Of course the blanks being filled in by social media are riddled with fakes, agitprop, and cropped misleading videos to keep on fomenting the outrage. It’s almost like it was planned.

    • The media has been told not to show all the violence. If they show all the violence the police brutalize them and arrest them. So, if they want to broadcast the protesting they have to follow the unwritten rules.

      The internet is where you will find the actual goings on. If you are outside of the U.S. your country might censor the videos to prevent an uprising in their country.

  17. Bring in military combat veterans. Have a 5 p m curfew. notify criminals that you will be gone by 5 pm or dead by 6 pm.

  18. Captain Dorn wasn’t an “OG”, he was a retired peace officer.

    The Lou doesn’t have the reputation for being the most dangerous city with the highest murder rate in America for nothing.

    • Ranger Rick,

      I noted the “OG” thing, too. I’m guessing that that was nickname from his friend.

  19. How many of you have killed another human being? Before you cast stones remember “ he who is without sin cast the first stone “ this officer put his life on the line for a friend and paid the ultimate price! It’s a shame he sacrificed his life for a friend.God bless friends

    • I’m not sure what you are implying. Are you suggesting that unless we have killed someone we cannot judge a murderer? Because if so you are wildly misinterpreting that (often abused) passage and should look up the context.

  20. Well since uppity democRats are always wanting America to be like other countries we should round up all the looters and arsonists and cut their hands off.

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