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A gun grabber in Texas? That’s like a machine gun collector in New York City. Turns out they didn’t invent the word “outlier” just so Malcolm Gladwell could bore us to death. And here she is, redefining the letters GTFO, Texas Representative Sheila Jackson Lee. Lee stood in front of the NRA convention in Houston, ticking items off the civilian disarmament checklist like ab lovers counting midriffs at “Registering your guns, people think that’s something sinister. But it helps you [to protect] your guns when they’re stolen. It helps us find them for you, like registering your car,” Lee told TheBlaze. What was that Reagan said about the nine most terrifying words in the English language? Oh right: “‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” And Lee’s got other firearms-orietned ways to help her constituents . . .

Add to Lee’s shopping list: universal background checks, an “assault weapons” and “high-capacity magazine ban and restricting concealed carry to people whose last names begin with the letters jk. JK.

I don’t believe that we are shredding the Constitution simply because we ask for a regulatory scheme to be able answer the questions of these moms: ‘Is my child going to be protected?’

Is that a trick question?

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  1. “we ask for a regulatory scheme”

    When the only way to phrase your plan is to call it a scheme you really should just give up.

    • No no, she’s just been reading the Economist or listening to the BBC…all their government plans are schemes. Including their gun control “scheme” which is what her wet dreams are probably about.

  2. I am tired of hearing people say ‘I have a right to be safe!’

    It’s called the 2nd Amendment, Google it.

    • The idea of safety is one of perception, something different for each of us. I feel perfectly safe draggin knee on my motorcycle at 100 mph, most others would not. It is possible to use that against her by asking the same question, “Do I not have the right to be safe (with my gun)?”

      • I had a friend tell me she had the right to “feel” safe. I’m not sure where that is in the constitution, but feeling safe is subjective and not quantifiable. Ensuring you take the precautions to make your family and yourself safe is a right (2A). I do agree with my friend that a shotgun is a good home defense weapon. I just bought one for 6 bills (Saiga 12, Flamesuit on), I think I need another one on payday(Mossberg 500). Even with preparation, you and your family may still die, but chance are it will not be a firearm that causes the death.

  3. Do you own one or more firearms, and believe that the only people taking your children out of this world are the two people that brought them into it?

    If you answered yes to both of those questions, then your children are about as well-protected as they’ll ever be. They will NEVER be completely safe. Nobody will be. But just because you have chosen not to take certain steps to protect you and yours, does not mean you have right to deprive me of my ability to take those same steps. I bid you good day, madam.

  4. “People whose last names begin with JK;” melikes.

    Every day, I get more and more glad that I live in Kansas. I’m going to go out and kiss the ground right now.

    There; that’s done.

    • Blow a mountain a kiss. Oh. Wait. There aren’t any. Wave at Mt. Sunflower. Oh, no. Can’t distinguish the highest point in KS from the lowest one…

      Just having fun.

      • I’ll be able to see what you are talking about soon. I hope the weather is nice!

      • There is one mountain here, in the geological sense – a 200′ wart in the middle of Lawrence called Mount Oread.

        Some silos are higher, and geometrically speaking Kansas IS flatter’n a pancake.

        It’s damned pretty, though; I seldom miss Boulder.

  5. I don’t understand. I register my guns in a government-mandated database. A killer steals my guns. Said killer uses my guns to kill a mother’s child. Police capture/kill the killer and return my guns to me promptly, because they’re registered. OK.

    That’s her argument; but where in there is the child protected, though, by my having registered my guns? It’s *almost* as though she’s employing an emotion-laden artifice as a ruse to browbeat gun owners into capitulating to gun registration-cum-confiscation.

    • It doesn’t protect children. It protects your guns. Maybe it even indemnifies you if you report ’em stolen.

      “If it saves even one gun from the scrapper…”


      ‘Course, if they’re taken by the State, who ya’ gonna call?

    • And when the hell have cops EVER returned a firearm used in a crime, irrespective of owner? As the commenters at her local paper said-wingnut.

  6. There’s a reason I tend to be “liberal” when it comes to issues of overpopulation (or conservative when we discuss immigration, welfare or foreign aid). Urban areas are cesspools of statism. People in cities tend to become statists. As we grow our population more people will live in tighter quarters. Laws are about rights in conflict. The more people you press into closer quarters the more rights come into conflict. We need to reduce our population. Those that have options already breed below replacement rate. The greater our population grows the less freedoms anyone will have.

    • That’s what the Goreite (Luddites) envirowackos believe. They come from it 180degrees out of syc with you. They are out to save motherearth from the evils of the human animal. Should only be a few thousans living caves (and the truely select living in pampered comfort with windmills powering Ipads and electric cars). Big dieoff of everyone else.

      • Please write that in a coherent format using proper English and I would be happy to reply to you. As it is I have no idea what you’re talking about.

      • I think he just means that we should reproduce like people rather than insects.

        You must belong to some “the more,the merrier” cult.

        Oh – Luddites do not approve of iPads or [electric] cars.

  7. Hey, you needed a comedian at that party, I’m betting she forgot her Harpo horn, Randy

  8. Why do politicians seem to get dumber every day? Hey congress/ senate/ house/ legislative branch wake the FUCK up we have other issues besides your failed methods of gun control… Just because the DOW is at a high doesn’t mean our economy is any better or our health care is any more affordable!

    • Oh
      Arizona sweet tea all over my key board
      Thanks for that! what a great laugh!!!!!
      I think that kid is serious. 2 bi-pods!!!

  9. Where do these people come from???
    Biden we at least know is from Mars……

  10. Q: How many grabbers does it take to change a lightbulb?

    A: Well, since their eyes are closed and they’re in the dark…

  11. The 2A was not given because we did not have an army. Provision for an army (and a navy) is made elsewhere in the Constitution not in the Bill of Rights . . . And that was made several years before the Bill of Rights was adopted. The 2A was given because free men own weapons – slaves don’t. The 2A is there as a check and balance to the other powers in our government; the 2A exists to take out the army should the need arise.

  12. “Registering your guns, people think that’s something sinister. But it helps you [to protect] your guns when they’re stolen. It helps us find them for you, like registering your car,”

    Now THAT’S some of the funniest shit I’ve read in a while. I actually laughed out loud. Does SHE actually believe what she’s saying??

  13. This woman looks for attention when it would benefit her most to run from cameras and microphones. She is a landmark embarrasment to the good residents of Houston, Texas. I’ve lived in the area for over 25 years and she is famous for her foot-in-mouth moments. God knows why her constituents continue to keep her in office as her district is one of the most crime-ridden, down-trodden, perpetually poor in the city of Houston. But they love her! I personally have no use for her, but the political comedy is genuinely fitting of liberal progressives like her.

    • Isn’t there some sort of law that any critter with hoof-in-mouth disease must be put down and destroyed?

    • The reason given by commenters for her not losing her seat are two. First the district was gerrymandered for her and second no one else wants to run for that district. Per comments at the Blaze.

      • Yes, as required by the federal Voting Rights Act. The only good thing about that is that we can quarantine idiots like her into packed districts where she can do minimal harm. She’s a congresswoman-for-life, but she’ll never rise to higher office.

        • My favorite SJL story is of her bullyragging Delta flight attendants for not moving her from business to first class and culminating her rant with “I am a queen and I expect to be treated like a queen!!!”

          The president of Delta Air Lines replied to her written complaint (on Congressional stationery) with an invitation to GFY & to take her business elsewhere.

          But then, Houston airport is named for her late predecessor Mickey Leland, also famous for his racial antics.

  14. She wants to stop gun trafficking? Put Obama and Holder in jail and disband the ATF.

    • The only two greater living tributes being:

      1. Obama

      2. Carol Moseley Braun (also from Chicago).

      From the former U.S. senator’s Wiki entry:

      Moseley Braun was the subject of a 1993 Federal Election Commission investigation over $249,000 in unaccounted-for campaign funds. The agency found some small violations, but took no action against Moseley Braun, citing a lack of resources. Moseley Braun only admitted to bookkeeping errors. The Justice Department turned down two requests for investigations from the IRS.

      In 1996, Moseley Braun made a private trip to Nigeria, where she met with dictator Sani Abacha. Despite U.S. sanctions against that country due to Abacha’s actions, the Senator did not notify, nor register her trip with, the State Department. She subsequently defended Abacha’s human rights records in Congress. Her former fiancé Kgosie Matthews, who also served on her campaign staff (in violation of U.S. immigration regulations[14]), had been a lobbyist for the Nigerian government; Matthews would later leave the country. She had paid Matthews, a native of South Africa, a salary of $15,000 a month during the campaign. Braun is on the advisory board of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

      In 1998, after George Will wrote a column reviewing the allegations of corruption against her, Moseley Braun responded to Will’s comments, saying that “I think because he couldn’t say nigger, he said corrupt.” She also compared Will to a Ku Klux Klansman, saying “I mean this very sincerely from the bottom of my heart: He can take his hood and put it back on again, as far as I’m concerned.” Later, Moseley Braun apologized for her remarks.

      • I respectfully disagree.

        Obama earned it, by paying the electoral system like a Moog, building a huge organization and being a fine (if prompted) orator.

        Palin the Phool didn’t hurt him, either.

        He’s doing mostly the wrong things now tat he’s in there, but he got in fair and square – well, at least as much so as any politician can.

        The next black candidate will have some proving to do, and that is unfortunate. The ‘bar’ to a white similar-moron was reduced almost to inlay in 2000, but the next black candidate will have to vault 21 feet without a pole.

  15. The Hill reported in 1997 that Jackson Lee had asked NASA officials whether the Mars Pathfinder photographed the U.S. flag that Neil Armstrong had planted on Mars. When this incident was reported, her chief of staff wrote a letter to the editor suggesting that she was targeted because she was black. (from Wikipedia)

    ’nuff said…

  16. The only way to steal mine is to rip them out of my cold dead hand. If she wants to protect children she could get their daddies to hang around and take care of them and get them out of the ghetto. NRA members aren’t shooting children!

  17. The stolen gun argument for regstration always makes me shake my head. If you want to find stolen guns by serial number no one needs the serial number except you until your gun is stolen. I’ll bet very few of the readers here don’t have your gun info including serial number recorded somewhere safe.

    • Not only that… the criminal need only remove typically the “one” serial number on the receiver or frame and the gun disappears into oblivion. Traceability evaporates and that gun is forever unlinked with the one who registered it.

      Law makers see a law that isn’t being enforced and want to continue to further restrict that area and somehow think that this new law is going to prevent the actions of the last that aren’t enforced. Passing laws is not going to enforce anything. Stiffer penalties will. Prisons these days are like a vacation compared to residential gangbanger zones. They practically want to be in there and when they get out they can brag about it.

      • “Not only that… the criminal need only remove typically the “one” serial number on the receiver or frame and the gun disappears into oblivion.”

        But… but… but… you can’t do that! It’s illegal!

    • A copy of my firearms S.N. is in my fireproof document safe with a second copy in my in laws safe… I do have my handguns (registered with county sheriff in mi) on an insurance policy as well.

  18. Alright, after researching this [expletive ommited] moron, I’ve come to the conclusion that Ghandi and Mother Theresa would have a go at her with Tasers, shuriken and the Flying Guillotine.


  19. I’m embarrassed to share a state with this woman….isnt this worthy of tar and feathers????

  20. “It helps us find them”

    Well, she’s pinpointed the problem. As mentioned many times here already, if my gun is stolen I will provide the serial number to the authorities. There is no reason for them to have that information when the gun is in my possession.

  21. OK, I have to go here…. She kept saying homicide. I kept hearing “homocide”.
    Then I got this mental image of people dying by impaled objects….
    Absolutely nothing to do with guns.
    Mans-laughter is what I’m doing now. I really enjoy watching when she’s in front of the camera.

  22. Please Sheila, by all means, show me the logic path from “background checks” to “safer children” …

  23. “Registering your guns, people think that’s something sinister. But it helps you [to protect] your guns when they’re stolen.”

    Unless they’re stolen by people in uniforms.

  24. If you could put SJL’s stupidity, bigotry, corruption, hat collection, and fat ass in one box, it actually might upend Guam.

  25. We just want common sense. That’s all I want is common sense.
    I believe in compromise. I want my friends to believe in compromise.

    — And just one more law ought to do it —

    Therefore, be it hereby enacted a federal law entitled:

    The Federal Common Sense and Victimization Relief Act of 2013.

    “A bill requiring sense to become common, compromise mandatory; And
    as a necessary measure to further promote progress towards alleviating all persons of the dehabilitating effects of victimization having occurred as a result of being rudely expelled from the comfort, security and relative safety of the womb into the otherwise harsh and unforgiving environment of the physical realm.”

  26. Crazy ugly bitch.
    In the name of the children…..a boot kicking a human face….forever.

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