Remington V3 TAC-13
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Remington's New V3 TAC-13, Semi-Auto Non-NFA Shotgun

OK, so technically we’re not supposed to call these shotguns. They’re non-NFA “pistol grip firearms.” Fine. None of that changes the fact that firearms like Remington’s short barrel 870 TAC-14 and Mossberg’s Shockwave have become plenty popular as compact, powerful home defense and truck gun options.

But those smoothbores are pumps. Remington’s latest is the V3 TAC-13 semi-auto featuring their ultra-reliable, recoil-absorbing Versaport gas system. That should make shooting the 12 gauge TAC-13 — whether it’s birdshot or buckshot — a lot more pleasant.

Here are the details:

The Remington V3 Tac-13 represents the ultimate in compact personal defense regardless of where your journey takes you. From the comfort of your own home, to the remote wilderness the V3 Tac-13 offers the assurance that no matter what you encounter in the world you will have adequate means to defend yourself or those you love from any threat.

Remington's New V3 TAC-13, Semi-Auto Non-NFA Shotgun

    Allows for more ergonomic hold to help control the firearm and reduce recoil for the shooter.
    User adjustable to help control muzzle flip and improve handling characteristics.
    For easy, comfortable transport anywhere.
    Compact and easy to carry anytime its needed
    Gas system optimized to run common light field loads or full power buck and slug and anything in between
    Patented Versaport gas system is self regulating and offers very manageable recoil in a compact package
Remington's New V3 TAC-13, Semi-Auto Non-NFA Shotgun
The V3 TAC-13 has an MSRP of $915.
Remington's New V3 TAC-13, Semi-Auto Non-NFA Shotgun

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    • Ditto. Big Green is dead to me.

      Note that Aimpoint pylon. Any taller and you could hip shoot with that red dot. Also about as useful as that “any other weapon.”

      • The “sight” for any rig of that type would be one of the circle-dot lasers (which spread out at the same rate as a non-choked shotty’s pattern) mounted on that front pic rail.

        • These AOW’s are fantastic and are always soldout when I shop around for one online. We are incredibly fortunate to be living in the golden age of guns. It’s really boring and disappointing to read all of these negative comments from those who don’t even own one of these firearms. So many arrogant people who don’t appreciate the 2A freedoms we have. Stop moaning that it’s not the perfect weapon and go buy one before someone like kamala harris is elected to the Whitehouse. We’ve 2 years left to arm up.

  1. I’ve only been a gun owner for some 7 years. I don’t get it…unless you’re robbing banks or liquor stores?!?😄😏😎

    • It’s for maneuvering about in tight quarters, like narrow hallways.

      Kinda like how tank crews in WW2 had ‘shortie’ carbines with folding stocks.

      (Or for knocking off banks, liquor stores and pawnshops…)

    • FWW, I don’t get it either . . . but I still want one. 🙂

      Alas, it’s illegal in the Commonwealth of Massivetwoshits.

      • It doesn’t have to be particularly useful to be fun. I want one, and can legally own one in my area. The price will keep me away. Maybe it’s worth it and maybe it isn’t. All I know is $700+ for a shotgun is hard to justify with the type of shooting and use I have for one.

      • Why? are “Any Other Weapons” or “Others” banned there… I believe this one is Legal in your next door and just as Communist State, Connecticut. Its NOT a Pistol Nor is it a Rifle so its considered an Other.

    • Even an 18 inch barreled shotgun with a stock can be too long and difficult to handle inside a house or vehicle. A number of companies make 2 3/4 inch reduced recoil loads that will be reliable. This shockwave stock is a version of the pistol grip developed by the original Scattergun Technologies for the U.S. Marshals’ 12 inch barreled Witness Protection Gun back in the late 70s. It was developed from the full 870 stock where the butt was rounded down like a dueling pistol grip preserving the angle of the original grip which better manages recoil than a lot of after market pistol grips that tend to drive the recoil straight back into the wrist of the gripping hand. I have had some experience with both style guns and find the tac13 and tac14 do have a place in everyones’ personal defense battery. You just need to practice a little more than with other guns and fine a load and gripping style that work for you and who doesn’t enjoy a little more range time.

  2. I’m not going to say it isn’t cool, but three things:

    1: A Semi-auto isn’t as easy to handle off-the-hip compared to a pump, and is more likely to have FTE issues if you can’t brace it tightly enough.

    2: The MSRP is almost double that of its pump-action equivalents.

    3: It’s a modern-era Remington, which disqualifies it for me straight away.

    • Re. #1: That’s more of an issue with inertial systems. This one is gas cycled so that should not be a problem.

      Re. #3: Why is “Remington” automatically a problem? I know they’ve had problems lately, but their shotgun division has been one of the real bright spots in that troubled company. And it’s not like they’ve pulled some anti-2A garbage (that I know of).

      • I dunno, something about seeing brand new factory 870s with canted barrels, and shotgun shells that only ejected the brass and left the plastic hull stuck in the chamber. You’ll never find a better quality scattergun than a pre-Freedom Group Remington, but they’re cutting costs in all the wrong places nowadays, and there are too many comparably-priced options to risk buying any more new Remington products and hoping I ended up with one of the “good” ones this time.

        Now, if Mossberg puts out one like this, that’s another story.

      • “[Remington’s] shotgun division has been one of the real bright spots in that troubled company”

        My store sells plenty of Remington shotguns, so I get to handle a lot of them. In all honesty, the pump 870 went downhill fast in recent years and I’m not sure it’s back yet. OTOH, the semi-auto Versa Max is a total gem.

        • Ralph, from what I have read these V3 Tac13’s were just introduced by Remington this past Tuesday, 10/09/18. Has your business been advised when these might be available for customer purchase?

  3. I’d be into it at $500 or so. I love my Mossberg Shockwave and use it all the time. $900 for a novelty I cannot justify.

    • Note that MSRP isn’t the price you’ll see on it in your local gun store. I’d guess the actual street price will be somewhere between $550 and $700. Just FYI.

      • Hi Dan, even still, at $700 it would be a commercial failure at best. Priced at $550 I think it has a chance. When a Shockwave can be had at under $400, it’s tough competition to beat. Paying an extra $150-$200 for a semi-auto versus a pump is something some people would do, although this is discounting many other factors against the TAC such as Remington’s more recent reputation.

      • From what I’ve seen in Virginia with the Tac 14 wooden model the local price is around $50-60 less MSRP. I’d be shocked to see the semi auto for anything less than $750.

      • In my area the Tac-14 wood version is going around $420-$450, after taxes and all that I think I paid around $435 for mine. I love wood stock and grip and it is a blast to shoot. These mini shotguns are made for pump action, I honestly don’t see how well the semi-auto version will work. I see the attraction but for me pump action is ideal. The only think I don’t like about the tac-14 wood version is the polymer trigger group/housing and the handguard/sling point at the front wobbles in every one I have seen, causing some barrel wear. Handles 3″ shells like a champ and is much easier to point and use than expected.

  4. Only five in the tube? How quaint!

    Consider the Standard Mfg SKO Mini and Shorty, with detachable box magazines up to ten. And a more attractive MSRP.

    Presumably we’ll soon see pistol brace adapters for this entire category.

    • “Only five in the tube?”

      Yeah, it’s not a drum. But ‘just’ a quick three of those, in 00, (about 1 second) , would be like Twenty-Seven 9mm rounds.

      (and no one really goes around saying “Oh, your 9mm pistol only holds 26+1? Pffft!”)

  5. Mossberg hurry up and come out with the 930 based option with those 20 round box mags! And his grip needs more c-clamp!

  6. I’m confused, I think.

    So it’s an AOW cause it’s a handheld non-stocked smoothbore, but non-NFA cause it’s so long? But they can make is shorter than I can in my garage since it never was a long-gun? I feel like I’m missing something.

    Can someone explain why it’s special.

    • There was a lot of discussion on the net when Mossberg introduced the Shockwave. The Feds seem to be on board with the concept based on the premise that the guns started out as a receiver rather than a full size shotgun that was “sawn off”, they aren’t designed to be fired from the shoulder, and they exceed a minimum length of 26″. There’s some other legal stuff which I would probably get wrong if I tried to recite it from memory, but as the article says these boom sticks are legal on the federal level with no additional fees or paperwork beyond what’s required for any firearms purchase. I’m pretty certain that they’re not legal in some blue states just because.

      I’ll admit that I bought my Shockwave to outrage the snowflakes. Surprisingly it shoots pretty well with (to me at least) less perceived recoil than the old Mossberg “Cruiser” style pistol grip guns. I think it has a lot to do with the shape of the grip. I have a laser mounted on mine which helps my aim even when shooting from the hip and I keep it loaded with #4 buckshot if I would want to greet uninvited visitors.

  7. I don’t like shotguns without stocks. If short is what you need, then use a standard handgun or even an AR or AK style pistol. Shotguns DO need to be aimed (despite Hollywood misrepresentations), and relying on forearms alone to handle the recoil on a 12 gauge (auto-loader or not) doesn’t seem wise.

    Honestly, the design looks more like something for a video game than real world.

    • IMHO this type of shotgun fills a couple of roles. Fun gun. It looks like a case of 7-8 shot and improvised targets and a couple of friends and this would be a hoot.

      A dedicated house, apartment, camper gun. Gives you the punch of a 12 in a compact package. Unless you live in the playboy mansion chances are the compactness would be a real bonus.

      • Agreed. I’m really tempted to get one for my ’50 Chevy if wood furniture can be found, just because

    • Shooting from the hip really is the least punishing way to fire a shotgun. Let your arms absorb the recoil and you can blast full power 00 Buck or slugs all day long.

      And, you’d be surprised how accurately you can intuitively point a shotgun from the hip. Take your favorite scattergun out to the range someday and try ringing some steel at 10 yards. It’s a hoot! Alternatively, throw a laser on that puppy and you’re ready to perforate thugs at will.

      That said, I really do think my regular-sized Mossberg 930 Tactical is plenty short enough for home defense. To each his own.

  8. “OK, so technically we’re not supposed to call these shotguns. They’re non-NFA “any other weapons.” ”

    They aren’t AOW’s……..they are just a “firearm”. An “Any Other Weapon” or AOW is by definition an NFA firearm.

    Words have meaning, learn them.

    TTAG never fails to fail.

  9. I’m still confused about these sawed off shotguns. Is that 18 1/2 inch barrel thing still in effect? Can it be chopped off only if it has a pistol grip?? Could I chop the barrel off my .410 and be legal if it had a pistol grip? That’d be a cool camping gun

    • If it was legal to cut down a shotgun to make something like this, then there would be no market for something like this.

  10. I would rather pay the SBR or AOW tax and get a real one. Heck, I bought a bottle of Don Julio Tequila a few weeks ago for $65. And the wait isn’t that bad nowadays… it is what it is… like it or not but I have managed to suffer through the decades and have a nice NFA collection and have not once in 40 years has the government kicked my door in.

    • I bought Beneli M1 S90 factory 14″ SBS (NFA)about 20 years and love it! I have a Trick Saiga and at least a dozen other shotguns. The recoil operation of the S90 requires stout field loads or Buck and slugs, I have a reduce power recoil spring which runs everything but I like keeping it set up for full power ammo. I reload so that’s not an issue..:: It’s fun for clays too. Oh since it’s not a gas gun you can shorten it to 10 1/2″ but didn’t want to chop up a $425 barrel….
      FWIW, Plenty of people miss the point that exercising their 2A rights with products like this is pushing many guns that used to be exotic and LEO mainstream. Kavanaugh has stated that it’s unconstitutional to ban guns in common use….

  11. If Mossberg doesn’t make a 9:30 Virgin of this,lol, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle… and the safety will be in the right place… #newschool blunderbuss. Mossberg will charge at least $150 over what the 930 costs. And it’ll be worth it. Close quarter battles are very unpredictable. it’s hard to pump a shotgun when the second attacker is trying to take it out of your hands…

  12. Probably due to @ 57 years of age, as recall the times that there was much less availability ( or in some cases, existence); of the plethora of specialized and specific firearms and accessories of varied real world purpose and value, available today. In as much as the use for a pistol grip 12 gauge, short bbl’ed smooth bore of any kind, be it pump action, lever action or as with here; a semi automatic, exists, … such as an entry weapon, rapidly deployed and easily stowed home defender etc., the lightning quick, proven over time and service Remington s/a mechanisms … the 1100 was and with some likely remains the gold standard for semi automatic shotguns. Anything you could utilize a pump shorty shotgun to do, this, it would logically follow, could facilitate with significantly quicker speed; in addition to similar or for all we know, more accurate shot placement and stopping power.
    More niche weapon than the non indexed, death ray blaster as in so many movies, that Hollywood special f/x specialists show, it is none the less, the one best tool probably in those limited efforts and elements, in addition to being a long way to where you would feel undergunned with it, in most home invasions etc. Not having to pay transfer tax, wait …. for being able to posses a handy, legal, lightning fast, off the entire grid level of stopping power and ammo flexibility, from despite the ups and downs potentially of one of the oldest American firearms makers, with the reliability that entails, is pretty much all a good thing in a good time for second amend., in the USA, which is worth defending and promoting now.

  13. Sounds like a lot of folks need to develop their own firearms manufacturing companies and quit complaining 😩! Don’t like it for whatever reason, don’t buy it! No one’s holding a shotgun to your head 😌! Comparing it against other manufacturers, blah, blah, blah, etc, is really childlike and foolish! Grow up soon! 🧐

  14. Love my shockwave 12 ga. Hope Mossberg does their version of the V3 TAC 13. I’m in for it, but not at the cost of the Rem.

  15. Its a great self defense option but at that price, you’d need one to defend yourself from being forced into paying so much for one of these…lol its a real catch 22 or in this case, a catch 12!!!

  16. To start with a Mossberg 930 in a version as short as this would have to have its gas system modified to be reliable. The V-3 system will reliably shoot light field loads like #71/2 bird shot the Mossberg won’t. Another thing when was the last time you ever paid full msrp for anything from a gun to a car. Street price will be much lower! So in closing all you nay sayers that have never even held or shot one need to shut the hell up and check the facts! I don’t think $100,000 dollar Tesla cars are practical but I’m not going to bash someone who bought one for the fun factor. Just my two cents.

  17. I just bought a V 3 Tac 13 shotgun and I love it. It is so new, I am having a problem finding a scabbard to fit it. I served as a deputy sheriff for 30 years, I wish we had these then. I collect quality firearms, I do not buy junk, and this is a quality shotgun. I have owned Remington long guns since I was 12 years old.

  18. If you can’t find a use for this thing then you don’t get out of the rocking chair much. And if you judge this thing before you use it then your plain ignorant. I can aim mine real good with that vented rib sight just as good, if not better than a handgun, because it is longer. If you say that it can’t be fired accurately, then I’m just plain good and you just suck at it. I love tube feed shotguns because they don’t have that magazine hanging down and can be topped off on the run. Once your magazines are exhausted then your toast. This thing is a gem and it has created a definite slot in my lineup for practical use. If you say it is not practical then you have a big surprise ahead of you if your lucky enough to be at the receiving end of this thing. It is pricy but life sucks sometimes and money talks if you want one.

  19. Geesh ~ I bought one cause I can. Total double handful of 12 guage menace. Is it stupid? Yes. Is it short? Yes. Is a mossberg better? No. I sold my shockwave after buying it. Don’t like it? Don’t buy it!

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