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“Remington Arms will be staying in the Mohawk Valley for the foreseeable future,” reports. “Two days after sources say Remington Officials met with three State Senators and three Assembly, U.S. Congressman Richard Hanna announced that the Pentagon would be awarding Remington an $80 million contract. In the meeting, sources say, Remington told the State lawmakers that they were moving forward with a $20 million upgrade to their plant that employs 1,200 people. Hanna said that the contract calls for Remington to make more than 5,000 sniper rifles and millions of rounds over the next 10 years for the U.S. Special Operations Command.” Spock! Analysis! Well Captain . . .

During the Sandy Hook spree killing, Adam Lanza used a Bushmaster AR-15. Bushmaster is part of the Freedom Group, a farrago of gun and ammo-related companies assembled by Cerberus Capital Management. Which also includes Remington.

After Newtown, the California State Teachers’ Retirement System informed Cerberus that it was “reviewing” its $751.4m portfolio with the private investment firm— unless the fund dumped the Freedom Group. So Cerberus put the Freedom Group, including Remington, up for sale. No word yet on who or when but . . .

Cerberus is thinking short-term; it’s pump and dump time. (The original strategy that didn’t pan out.) Spending millions moving Remington out of New York is so not part of the plan. Sucking on the taxpayer tit is. In fact, one wonders what New York offered Remington in terms of incentives and tax abatements to keep the manufacturer in-state — despite the fact that the parent company makes evil assault rifles that can no longer be sold in New York.

Yes, there is that. Chances are firearms consumers, fed-up with the Empire State’s hugely unconstitutional SAFE Act, will now boycot Remington products, if they haven’t done so already. Not that it matters to Remington much. The clock is ticking for the great off-loading, they’ve got an $80m contract in the bank, their existing inventory has been completely depleted and Cerberus’s other investments are doing well. Life is good. But this will catch up with them eventually.

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  1. I kinda think remmy quality has slipped anyway….this will help me even more to not buy their crappy products. FOAD remmy…..winchester here i come!

        • But remember, this WHOLE gun-grabbing thing is a libtard (democrat) issue….PERIOD. Its THEIR baby, not some weak rino who is only after re-election, and goes wobbly on a vote.

        • Really Pete? I also have 597 and it has NEVER jammed, not even once after at least 1000+ rounds. I love this .22 rifle. I used Federal and, unfortunately now, Remington LR bulk ammo. I bought mine 4 years ago, so maybe that is the issue. I have heard the quality has gone WAY done in the last couple of years.

      • Remington is in the same category as Wal-Mart, GM and Brett Favre…formerly All-American icons that all wound up disgraced.

        • Agreed.
          I haven’t bought one single Remington related thing since they were bought by the freedom group. Not one ioda. Don’t plan to ever again, either.

      • No, Remington IS the problem and I will remember not to buy anything with the Remington name on it.

        But then they don’t need my money do they? They just got bribed by the federal government with tax dollars!

        KMA Remington.

      • You got that right. They all want the free stuff Daddy Barack keeps promosing them. True Democacies last historically about 200 years. That’s how long it takes the voters to realize they can vote for free stuff for themselves. Since we are actually a Republic, it may take a little longer before the Gov’t comes apart at the seams, but it’s coming. Please God, No hillary in 2016!

    • Beware, Winchester ain’t all that. I wouldn’t waste my money on one made since 1964! Moss or even one of those Turkish made ones would be better.

  2. I’ll bite, Remington doesn’t screw over it’s employees to make a point, that’ll just be ignored by the State.

    • Yeah, my first thought is that there’s 1200 people (and their families) breathing a little easier tonight.

    • Screw over one sap who won’t vote with his feet or screw one that already has and lives in a free state and continue to mis-spend resources on NY taxes…

      More than one way to look at it…

    • Hey, the employees can move. Probably someplace with lower taxes, a lower cost of living, and politics that aren’t a long term threat to their livelihood.

  3. It’s been years since I bought anything from Remington except ammo. I’m already boycotting their ammo by virtue of the fact that it, like other brands, is largely unobtanium right now.

  4. Shame Remington has to be under Cerebus. Love the 870 more than any other gun. I hope they get sold and move to a better place.

  5. Can gun owners please get off their high horses and stop acting like companies have to screw over employees AND their finances just to move because they say so?

    Get over yourselves, seriously.

      • How is what I said anywhere close to something Cuomo would say? I’m tired of hearing people demanding giant companies uproot their entire business and leave a state because the anti-gun winds blew in bad legislation.

        Get over yourselves, it’s idiotic to expect them to do that.

        • I agree, but what would be nice to see is if every company that is “threatening to move” or “should move” just stayed put and took 1/2 the money that it takes to move and put it into NRA, SAF, etc. enough progress could be made to make it a moot point.

        • It is idiotic only if one has no principles. Remington made their choice as other companies have made theirs. That is what a free society is all about. Freedom to choose.

          I happen to think a company that remains in a State that limits citizen’s choices based on arbitrary reasons is not a company I wish to do business with. I would rather support a company that supports all law abiding citizens across the country than a few hundred employees and a State that infringes on individual Rights.


        • yet some are still doing it…

          by all means, stay in new york…

          …then ask me a year from now how many Remington guns ive bought and how many i recommended to people. A big fat ZERO will be my reply.

        • What’s idiotic is for a company or individual to willingly support a corrupt system or state that actively seeks the destruction of the very thing that company is built on. To say otherwise is beyond lunacy.

          So, I don’t get much choice in where my tax dollars go, but I do get a say in whether or not my money goes to support a business paying taxes in a fascist state. Personally, I choose not to support such forms of government in as much as is possible for me to determine.

          BTW, your line of thinking isn’t much different than a generational welfare voter. They want what they want and to hell with taking a principled stand to support that which more greatly serves the common good.

        • Why is that an issue for you Nate? Isn’t it a part of a free, capitalist system? Companies should make choices that serve their business model, which includes factoring in the needs of their customers. Why wouldn’t a company consider relocating out of a state where their products are illegal to sell? In fact, the NY SAFE act doesn’t even make provisions for production. I wonder if Remmington employees can even legally be in possession and test a completed Bushmaster rifle or standard capacity 30-round magazine within the factory after assembly is complete….they’re illegal to possess – the SAFE Act makes no provision for possession in a manufacturing setting…the hasily passed law is in conflict with their manufacturing license…just like Police weren’t originally exempted.

        • They will do what they need to do. As I will.

          As others have pointed here Nate, you stand with us or you don’t. No more time for “middle ground”.

          Their ammo is now off my shopping list.

      • Like you said? You’re making no sense, what I said has nothing to do with Cuomo whatsoever.

        Stop expecting companies to uproot because you think they should. It costs money and it’ll put people out of work, you want to foot the bill?

        • Nate,

          The irony here is that, as a person who comes across like you’re all about the workers and families, you are blatantly ignoring the irrefutable fact that no gun maker in America should have to move because of…wait for it…anti-gun legislation.

          So what will it be, Nate? Food on the table for the few or defending our Constitutional right to bear arms?

        • I don’t understand what you’re getting at. Yes, companies shouldn’t have to move because of stupid laws, but that’s not reality. The laws have been passed, and we have to work at getting rid of them, but they’re there right now.

          So…what’s your point?

        • The point is: If people are not willing to make hard choices and sacrifice their stability to relocate, all in the name of individual rights, how many generations until those rights are gone?

        • That’s absurd, a company having to move an entire manufacturing operation just ain’t happening.

          Furthermore, if you want people to just keep leaving anti-gun states, the anti-gun sentiment will be at your door next. Good luck with that.

        • Exactly let’s get Cuomo to move, next election he’ll be moving out of the governors mansion!

      • No Nate, it means the slave states lose population and thus congressional seats AND electoral college votes . It means the patriots(whom Remington and its employees are free to join) will forever hold the House AND the Presidency!

        • It means that slowly, the anti-gun beliefs spread to where you are, and eventually there will be nowhere to run. Colorado has already fallen, Texas may turn Democrat by 2020 (and how long will guns last after that?) and so on.

          Stand and fight, or keep running. I live in a state where I’m part of 12.6% of people with guns, and we’re all that’s standing in the way of a total ban on firearms here.

        • Nate,

          have fun whining until they are all gone. Submit when they ask for yours. Have fun with that. Others feel that individual liberty is more important and believe in living with like minded people that express themselves with their ballots. Join the patriots in the liberty movement when you are ready. You’ll come around, or become part of the problem. It just takes time and mental exercise to realize this. It took me about 8 years of political and philosophical thought and growth to get that far…Enjoy the journey

        • What you’ve said is the exact opposite of “being part of a movement”. You’ve advocated RETREAT in the face of adversity, and that’s cowardly.

    • Gee Nate! As gun owners we can’t do any of that. All we can do is show our displeasure by not buying their products. It just seems strange to me to want to stay in a place that has outlawed a lot of your product and is trying for more. Take that 80 mil contract and move to a more open minded state, and take the employees with you. Other companies are leaving Conneticut and some have already left Colorado. Pretty soon, the “Blue States” won’t have firearm manufacturers to kick around anymore.

  6. NY resident here. I feel for the employees. Choose between a principled stand or the $ you need to care for your family. The gov’t knows this all too well…your rights or your wallet.

    • Well if you’re a working in NY you can see that eventually, the government wants to put you out of a job. The question is going to be; will it be now because of your company moving, or later when the feds shut the plant down.

  7. I’ve already boycotted Remington, but that’s only because they no longer make anything that a competitor doesn’t make better.

  8. Remington understands — they can’t fight the feds and at the same time get government contracts. Remmy is now owned lock, stock and barrel by the G. Do you really want to contribute to that?

    If you want a 700 or an 870, buy it used. There are plenty around. Your money then goes to the seller, not to Sellout Cerberus Capital.

    • Ralph, I’m just a young’un and all I know about the fight in the 1990s is stories I’ve heard. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t a similar thing happen to Colt after they signed up with Clinton? Gun owners flooded the market with used guns and obliterated their profits, forcing Colt to become an exclusive mil/gov/LE manufacturer?

  9. Remington’s bin a shit company since they went to corperate from family owned! The Walker trigger in the older 700 bolt rifles did it for me. They discovered they had a trigger issue with the 700 bolt rifles. They did the numbers, and found out it would be cheaper to pay a few wrongful death suits then issue a recall! SCREW REMINGTON!!!! They made this statement after a women shot her son accidently while unloading her rifle with the safty on. The young boy was on the other side of her travel trailer when the rifle went off! Remington said this”this could have bin prevented if she would have had the rifle pointed in a safe direction” Yeah right, which direction is SAFE REMINGTON when you don’t know when your freaking rifle is going to go off?????? In the military we called it a REMINGTON MOMENT because it happened so much, id just touch the bolt handle, safty on mind you and kaboom, weapon would fire. Finger not even in the trigger guard. In fact many police forces stopped using the 700’s due to this issue! I will never buy one thing from these non gun owning assclowns!!

    • “…after a women shot her son accidently while unloading her rifle with the safty on. The young boy was on the other side of her travel trailer when the rifle went off!”

      You know the rules. Point, destroy, etc.

      • I watched the documentary show. The kid was supposed to be behind her but he slipped around the back of the horse trailer. A big one too. She was pointing the gun in the safest direction…. My 700 went off by itself once, same thing – I was unloading it before getting down from my tree stand, started moving the safety and off it went. I had the muzzle pointing up thank God. Scared the crap out of me! I got rid of it.

    • remington is right in that regard.

      I dont give a F^CK if its the finest mechanical contraption known to man; one should never rely on a safety 100%. She did. Something about not pointing the gun at something you dont intend to destroy…

    • I think the trigger was fixxed in 08′. In any case, I got a 700 varmint with the 26″ bull barrel for $349 on the last Black Friday, just before the poop hit the fan in Newtown. It was a screaming deal, but would I do it again knowing what I know now? I would like them to move as well, but they did not sin like Cheaper Than Dirt or Dicks did, so I would still buy the gun.

  10. As usual TTAG ignores the fact the Reminton has two huge factories outside of NY. One makes guns (Kentucky) and the other makes ammo (Arkansas, IIRC). Sorry, no boycott from me. Mybe we should boycott Ruger and Savage too. But wait–then they wouldn’t send you test guns.

    • Or you could just come out of the closet and proclaim the fact that you support giving anti-gunners (like Cuomo and Bloomberg) millions of dollars every year. Because if you haven’t realized it, that is exactly what you are defending. You might as well cancel your NRA membership and start sending a check to “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” and the Brady Campaign, because your continued support of Remington is actually supporting anti-gun legislation and allowing those states the wherewithal to spread their evil desire for control.

      • Aaaaand, in classic form, we eat our young. Nobody is ever allowed to express a different viewpoint or opinion, no matter how narrowly it may actually differ from the “accepted line.” If they do, instead of trying to convince them or educate them, you immediately declare them to be left of Mao. I’m sure by saying this you’ll say I’m an appeaser, and try to shave my head like the Dutch did to the women who slept with the Nazis during WWII.

        • I’ve been called “Cuomo’s buttboy” and “Bloomberg” for daring to say that companies don’t have to move because gun owners think so.

          Way to make us all look like the stereotype they already believe is true folks! It made me cringe when I went to a gun show and began hearing this conversation soon after I got there :”Obummer is bringing in them UN black helicopters soon, he’s gonna take our guns!”

        • “I went to a gun show and began hearing… ‘Obummer is bringing in them UN black helicopters soon, he’s gonna take our guns!'”

          I said elsewhere today that anytime I see someone use a bastardized form of Obama’s name, their credibility with me immediately drops by about 50%. Since I already assume anyone I hear talking at a gun show is about 90% full of shit, you do the math.

        • You assume that anyone you hear talking at a gunshow is 90% full of shit? Let me do that math…yup, your a libtard.

        • Okay, I’m an anti because I don’t agree with insane people?

          When did I say anything about 90% of a gun show? Don’t make shit up. Scumbags.

        • Conversation threading is important. Read from the top down. I don’t know if Bill was serious at you or trolling, but either way, he got you. The 90% thing was directed at me, and Pat thinks everyone is a libtard, it’s his favorite word in the whole world. That may have been the joke, I don’t know. My meter isn’t calibrated that well.

    • If true, then Remmy should focus on moving/expanding operations to those two factories. Sure NY bought them off with tax incentives and other breaks (probable) for the time being, but it will only get you so far.

    • Bushmaster and the R1 line is moving to Huntsville, Al, they are advertising for workers now. (2,000 workers).

  11. Try and imagine the expense and logistics of moving a factory that employs 1200 people to another state. For starters, where are you going to find a suitable building? Where are you going to find 1200 trained workers ready to hit the ground running? What are you going to do for money while the old factory is dismantled and the new one is set up? If you think about it for 30 seconds you’ll realize that in the real world, few could afford it. Many companies couldn’t survive it.

    • Save, you know, companies that have just had the most profitable past 4 years they are capable of having…

    • All the former NASA certified workers and empty Air/space industry sites between Houston and Cape Kennedy would be the first place I would look.
      1200 employees? Over 50,000 would apply

      • Not to stray too far from the topic but former NASA employees are the last people you would want to work at Remington. Each rifle would cost more than if it was made of solid gold and they’d only produce about 100 per year. Also, the warranty would be void if you didn’t send the rifle in to be rebuilt after each shot.

        This is only a slight exaggeration. The current culture at NASA wrecks engineers for the private sector. They do great work but are overly cautious about everything but the project’s budget. They don’t tend to do well at companies small enough not to be frozen by entrenched bureaucracy.

    • So, in your world, profit is KING. No standing on principles, no regard for the natural right of self defense. It is perfectly fine to predicate everything on profit motive. Good for you! Excuse me while I go outside and throw up.

  12. While no inherent lover of Remmy post Cerberus, as an upstater in a region that is pushing over 8% unemployment, I cannot help but appreciate a company that is able to extort a substantial sum of money from the very people bent on their destruction, ultimately allowing for the company to stay in place where they exist as the very lifeblood of the town.

    There is no Ilion, NY without Remington.

  13. Remmy outsources a lot of their manufacturing. Would anyone care to guess who makes the R-15 and R-25 for them?


    There would not be Ilion NY without Remington. A firearms manufacturer is more than it’s products, it is it’s employees and the communities they’re a part of.

    • And the non-existant Ilion, KY, might exist if they moved there. Big picture: Moving doesn’t cost jobs; it moves them. The loss for folks in Ilion, NY, is a gain for folks somewhere else. I’m not saying that it wouldn’t be hard for the folks in Ilion; I’m just saying that it’s fair. Someone prospers at the expense of someone else. We cannot choose what employees get it good and which get it rough; and who are we to say who deserves the job more? What we can choose is what companies get it good, and which get it rough; and we can say which company deserves our business more.

  15. Not saying I will never buy from Remington but they are further from the top of the list than they where before I read this…

  16. It sucks, but employees also have a choice – move or find another job. Been down this road before, and a company must do what it needs to survive. If moving is the choice a company feels it needs, it’s tough luck. I feel if these companies and people don’t start standing up to these Governors, it’s just going to bring on the inevitable demise of the company, then “everyone” looses. These states do not want you there polluting their little utopia.

    • Heck, if Remington moves South they’re doing their employees a huge favor–better weather, lower taxes, cheaper gas!

  17. As far as expenses, companies move all the time for varying reasons. One of the favored places to move is either overseas, or to Texas. If some of these states would pull the heads out of wherever and stop treating businesses like dirt, they would probabaly stop leaving. Also, people need to pull their heads out and pay damn attention to who you’re voting for, so you don’t put morons into the offices of your state. In some ways, you’ve made your bed.

  18. My initial reaction to this was to avoid Remington products, but then I got to thinking, “why do states like New York abuse their citizens’ second amendment rights when other states don’t?” I live in a state where the Democrats actually passed the right to carry law a few years ago (didn’t help them in the elections). The answer, I think, is that too few people in New York own firearms and it’s easy to look the other way when other people are getting their civil rights trampled. I don’t think shutting down the Remington factory would help increase the firearms ownership rate in NY.

    Then I looked up Remington Arms on Wikipedia and found out that their corporate headquarters is actually in North Carolina and they have another newer state of the art firearms factory in Kentucky and their ammunition facility was moved from Connecticut to Arkansas back in the 80s. So if you want to boycott New York you don’t need to boycott Remington ammunition.

      • What part of “their corporate headquarters is actually in North Carolina” did you not understand?

      • No, its really not…..
        Last I checked, Rmington was in charge of Remington. If they don’t wanna move, thats all on them. let them deal with their decision. It doesn’t phase me in the least.
        Not that I was gonna chose a 1911r1 over an sti spartan, but I’m more than likely still gonna buyammo.

  19. If Remington stays and quietly fights, I’m okay with that. As Ralph
    pointed out that could hardly keep their government contract
    while speaking loudly. On the other hand, if they go into compliance
    mode like S&W did in the 90s (and arguably now), then by all
    means boycott. But something tells me the CEOs are still thinking
    they can shut up and skate through and that this will eventually blow

  20. You can’t expect politics to come first for everyone. Short term losses for Remington on this issue if they moved would decimate 1200 people and their families. That’s not short term. Same way expecting people to pack up and move out of California due to oppression is impractical at best. Cost and the webs of social connection that you can’t simply itemize as losses comes into play.

    I applaud the companies that moved and won’t suffer quality losses. The statement is both bold and heartening. I readily admit that Remington appears to have destroyed the quality associated with Marlin and I have to find a lever gun worth keeping in a time when QC is secondary but neither of these justifies demanding bad business in ways that are downright petulant. If a company can afford to move and wants to it is different than the consumer base clamoring for it. At this point us demanding big physical movesas consumers aren’t better than the anti-gun crowd making irrational demands.

    Anti gun people have the right to not own guns, them clamoring for us to ditch ours is the problem. Companies have the right to move, us demanding it is not a good premise. Remington will pay for it, as I’ve never liked the products and this doesn’t add any love to the matter. I’m sure others feel similarly but I don’t think hating them for staying accomplishes much. Vote with your wallet. If that doesn’t do it then little else will.

    • The jobs that people will lose because they don’t make the move are the jobs that others will gain. When you look at the big picture, you cannot worry about individual employee’s job. Do the folks in gun-friendly states deserve the jobs less?

      The companines that are moving are doing so because they believe it will increase business over the long term. And, by increasing businesses, the move could actually create jobs within the company, not to mention those that would be further employed to support the move.

      I never expected that Remington would move. (I thought MAYBE Mossberg, but it doesn’t seem like anybody is knocking on their door asking them to commit to one position or another.) I also did not expect that Colt or Baretta would move … And they haven’t. Despite their threats to do so, they’ve not announce plans to move any of their production out of “occupied” states. Oh, Colt. Yeah, they have one factory moving to Texas, but from Oregon.

      But, I digress … Other than the efficacy of moving to a more gun-friendly state, I agree with that you’re saying. It isn’t practical to cut and run in every case. And the best practice is to “vote with your wallet” if a company offends you.

      • Orygun is run by progressives, last week the Gov. declared that illeagles now get in state tuition, he called it a Dream Come True as in the Dream Act

      • People are equal in most lights but do you pull up stakes on people who’ve been there over a decade who trust you to provide for them abd risk the Quality Control decline that the loss of your veteran skilled workers entails? Everyone is equal but your duty to friends, family and employees outstrips common courtesy in my book.

        As I recall, Beretta moved a lot of manufacturing before and is moving out of Maryland for good. Regardless, I appreciate the sentiment but making defense statements based on political choices is not the best idea. I carry and use what I think is best tor the job. If Hi Point got its CEO to make primary funding obligations to the SAF I still wouldn’t carry one.

        Boycotts are nice, when you don’t have a real need of what you’re boycotting. I love manufacturers on our side but I can’t see deep sixing or boycotting what I’ve been carrying for years either.

        Plus, Remington has enough issues. This last contract is likely the last we will see out of them for a while.

  21. I was going to start looking for an 870 home defense shotgun.

    Guess I’ll see what the Winchester SXP Defender is all about now.

  22. EMBARGO ON!!!

    Not another penny will I spend with Remington.
    No firearms, no ammo, no nothing.

  23. Okay, look. I’ve been eyeing a puchase of either a Remington 870 or Mossberg 590 … One of them maintains a manufacturing presence in New York, and the other, its headquarters in Connecticut. So, now which one do I get? I cannot boycott everything. Are people going to boycott all the Remington 700-based rifles out there too?

  24. Well… Aslong as its a deal with Special Operations Command.. Operators are too smart to do President Berry’s bidding!.. But as long as its not a deal for Berry’s goons, the DHS.

    • Wait, what? You do realize that Obama ordered the operation that finalized bin Laden, right? And that it was the SpecOps community that carried out his orders?

      Never mind. Don’t let me intrude on your feverish fantasy of the SpecOps shooters rising up against a legitimately elected US President.

  25. Beretta is moving from Maryland and taking nearly all its employees. Far as I’m concerned, we’ve reached the point where you stand on principle or you crawfish and get nibbled to death by ducks, and we wake up and it’s all over. We gun owners are the small dog in this fight, so we have to bite harder, which includes a boycott of any company that capitulates to the antis. No more Remmie products for me, including ammo. If Remington had moved, the employment issue and, more importantly, the loss of tax revenue would have been a huge blow to New York. Too late to reverse the SAFE Act, but other states looking at the Remington exodus would have had second thoughts about ramming through anti-gun legislation.

    With this development, when the prospect of losing a major manufacturer is brought up in opposition you YOUR state’s leftist legislators, when the prospect of yet another “toughest anti-gun bill in the nation” is introduced there, the response is going to be, “Well, look at New York. They didn’t lose Remington.” That decision by Remington made it that much easier for these preposterous laws to proliferate across the country like black mold.

    As far as I’m concerned, Remington has done the antis a huge favor, by putting their bottom line ahead of the rest of us. I’m absolutely certain the G worked a deal with them to stay put. If we don’t react with a boycott, we’re the guys who just stood there with disbelief on our faces while the big bus smashed us flat.

    • +1. If you don’t use your dollar power now I don’t need a time machine to show where you are all going. The UK is only a plane ride away. 20, 50 or 200 years from now, your choice.

  26. 3 weeks back I e-mailed Rem asking that they Move, I have received their answer.
    I will buy no Rem Products and I will sell the ones I have to discourage new sales.

  27. A boycott will be necessary. I will never buy Remington products until they move. You don’t turn your back on your customers like this and expect to maintain their loyalty and respect.

  28. Not sure whose heard, but the entire Freedom Group (Remington, Bushmaster, DPMS, etc) just raised their prices on everything. Not point of sale prices or MSRP, but the prices they charge the distributors. Not only that, but any orders made before the price increase WILL NOT be honored.

    So, if you’re a gun store and have already paid for merchandise that hasn’t arrived yet, too bad, pay up. For this reason, I’ll be boycotting the entire Freedom Group.

    • Not to be contrarian, but at least one of FG’s member company’s price increases are in line with those of previous years. Based on your comments, it would appear that the gun-grabbers are not the only ones prone to knee-jerk reactions. Just sayin’.

  29. Before all of this hysteria, I was in the market for a 12 gauge tactical shotgun for home defense. I was torn between the Remington Versamax and the Mossberg 930 SPX. I eventually went with the Mossberg, and boy am I glad I did. Not only is it a great gun, but given Remington’s sellout for short term gain, I’m so glad I didn’t give them my money. Remington just lost all of my business from firearms to ammo. Now, let’s see what the other “big” manufacturers do. I’m looking at you Colt, Ruger etc. Kudos to Beretta, and Magpul et al.

    • Well…Mossberg is happily camped out in CT which is just a smaller version of NY right now. I mean them, Stag Arms and Colt aren’t going anywhere and CT is going to be one of the hardest places to fix, likely only with a Supreme Court ruling (or several) so I wouldn’t give Mossberg any extra props compared to Remington.

      Of the same token, I own a 930 SPX myself AND a rifle built around a Stag Arms lower that I love dearly for home defense and plinking. That doesn’t endear the company’s political choices to me but I choose my firearms by function and not political furor.

      You mention Magpul but originally they were on board with all the supplying to states with crappy laws. They changed their tune and I own 9 mags from them. It would’ve been a shame if I had ditched them to make a political statement when at the time I owned only one non Magpul magazine. So later, Remington may come to their senses. Not that I’m betting on it but I know better than to expect any absolutes out of a battle of principles when money and lives can hang in the balance.

      I buy firearms that I can trust. If things get to a point where I need to make a political statement with them it is something I would use them to punctuate it by usage and not state by brand name presence. All my guns need to do is work so I can speak my mind not speak for me.

  30. Well, crud.

    I was so looking forward to buying a Remington 700. Had my eye on a nice scope to complete the unit.

    In the past five years, I’ve bought a new firearm on April 19, the anniversary of the day in 1775 when the British came to confiscate the colonist’s weapons and powder.

    NOW I have to find a good sniper rifle from someone else. Preferably someone in the US.

    Added: Battle of Lexington, for Liberals who probably never read about it.

    • There are many different bolt guns and depending on your parameters and budget you can make most any into an impressive tool. Question is, if you decide not to go with a 700, what are you going to go with? If you’re going to put heavy use on it and the 700 is the weapon with the most available parts and aftermarket I would still go with it.

      Otherwise, I saw a .308 bolt gun from Ruger, economical that I liked well enough that I may get this summer. At this point you’re going to have to consider how much you want to put into it to get to the standards that the 700 has set, if you’re looking for performance. Ruger or Savage would be good starts.

      You’ve got about a week left and I think bolt guns are still plentiful enough to do a bit of shopping. I still would weigh heavily the options though.

  31. I maintain that the better reason to boycott Remington is that they now produce low quality products, and for doing the same to poor, poor, Marlin.

    • +1

      I am so utterly disgusted since I wanted a Marlin Lever gun for so long…and now…I would have to find one from some old collection overpriced if I wanted one at all…

      • Since the big W moved its production for lever guns to Japan, your best choice now is Henry Repeating Arms.

  32. Just the name Cerberus ought to have been warning enough. A three-headed dog from hell keeping the damned from escape…. Maybe they’ll sell Remington to something better.

  33. I’ll buy Remington ammunition made in Arkansas. I may buy used Remington firearms. I will NOT spend my money on new Remington firearms. Magpul is leaving Colorado, Remington could leave New York if it had a corporate conscience, which it does not.

  34. I won’t buy a Remington, Colt, Glock, etc.

    I will buy exclusively from those whom have stood with us for our rights.

    • The question is less will you buy them but have you bought them and are you going to offload them? I mean it would be a shame to ditch most of your arsenal and the muscle memory associated with it to make a political statement. I mean to each their own and I don’t own any Remington but…it seems a bit blind or foolhardy to jump too hard against good hardware, especially if it’s what you own and are familiar with. No handgun manufacturer jumps to mind as standing with us and that alone is enough for me to think abandoning companies flat out may not be wise.

      I can understand making a point to vote with your wallet but don’t compromise defense for politics if you’re running an ever shorter list of what actually is worth defending your home and life with because many upper class manufacturers have too much government traffic to abandon the sales. If going with smaller, lesser known and less tried and true firearms manufactuers is an acceptable risk that’s one thing but usually I find that not to be the case. Something to think about.

      • My muscle memory is fine on multible platforms and I’ll dispose of my property as I see fit

        • Everyone isn’t as adept. I could carry and learn anything but some folks aren’t as apt or have the budget and time to relearn things in old age versus youth. I never said don’t sell anything, I said it’s something to think about. Whether you reject that idea or not is subjective and up to you on a case by case basis.

  35. Smokin joe & the thing that ate the constitution can have a shotgun contest now. The winner gets a huntin trip with cheny. Randy

  36. Six or seven years ago, I bought a box of Remington 8mm MAuser ammunition for one of my rifles. From the outside, the box looked like it was new. When I took it home and opened it (it was sealed and the cardboard could only be opened by cutting / tearing it) several of the rounds had verdigris on the cases, and almost every single round had deep scratches or dents on the case. To call the quality pathetic would have been an understatement, and I wrote about it on several forums and posted pictures at the time. If that company prefers staying in New Yuck and selling to that state’s Gestapo, let it stay there. And, if there are idiots who want to spend money on Remington’s junk, it is their money. Personally, I think there are several superb Model 700 clones being offered to very, very high specs that Remington themselves can’t be bothered to offer. Just check the gaps between the receiver and the barrel and the stock on any Model 700 – synthetic stocked or wood stocked, if you want to assess their quality for yourself. Let that crap stay where it is, and let enough other gunmakers boycott that state so that its strong-arm forces buy only Remington crap. They’ll deserve what they get.

    • Sounds like a Winchester Model 70 would suit you just fine then! Built in S.C. in the same plant that cranks out the FN military stuff. I have one that is w-a-y better than the last crap built in New Haven, CT!

  37. I look at it this way. The gun and ammo makers have their futures and the futures of their companies at stake on the outcome of these gun control laws being pushed by the grabbers. Why should I, the end consumer, have to devote my time and money to defend the gun makers right to sell their products to me? I’m the little guy, not a major company. I do not have their resources.

    I will meet them partway. I have joined and pay to support gun rights groups. I vote pro gun and I yuck it up to who ever will listen to me about gun rights. But these companies need to get into the game too. They need to carry a greater load than I.

    I have purchased all the guns I will ever need. Does that mean I will never buy another gun? That depends a lot on the level of support I see from the individual gun companies. Bear your share of the burden and I will look favorably at your product.

  38. Did Remington go through the bidding process for the DOD contract or was it pay off? Just curious.

    Regardless, I guess I will not be buying any Remington products.

  39. While I have wanted to see Remington leave N.Y. as well, I understand how extremely difficult and expensive it would be for them to do it. It would probably cost them $100 million to make the move and then they would have what, 400 workers who could or would make the move with them. They aren’t Kimber, they occcupy a city block.

  40. The move is made in phases, finished parts are shipped to a new location for assembly then certain mfg operations are moved, it happens over a period of years, I would move from the NE to the SE in a heart beat if there was a good job.
    Lets not forget that the consumer is supporting these anti-gun regimes as Rem pays millions in state taxes

  41. I have more Rem 700s in my safe than any other but there will be no more added.

    Remington will get no more of my money.

    I’m throwing away my Remington camo/hunting cap too.

    Take that!

  42. Way back when, I bought one of the first Remington 870s 12g…the price,then, was $45.00. Didn’t like it,got rid of it,never bought another Remington product. I was interested in the new Remington 783 bur,after this news, dom’t need it. Bye bye ,again, Remington.

  43. This is how it works:

    1. Remington stays put

    2. We boycott til Remmy goes bankrupt

    3. The Gov bails them out and, by default, owns Remmy

    4. The Gov avoids the need for contracts and can then supply itself with all the guns and ammo it needs for fun or for tyranny.

  44. What GEART DAY! they are staying…do you think it might be the government contract?????? $$$$$$80 MILLLLLLION DOLLARS, can you say grease my palms! Piss on Remington I will NEVER Buy one EVER!!!! the same for your ammo! Good luck in Yankme Town.

  45. I’m going to dump my four remington firearms onto the market. Gun owners own enough of them that if we all did this, remington would see it’s sales of new products collapse.

  46. Did Lanza or did he NOT use an AR-15. The reports on this have been spotty at best with original reports saying that the gun was in the trunk of the car when they opened it. WHAT IS THE TRUTH about Newtown??
    Not all of New York is Liberal. Actually most of it is fairly conservative. It is the Capital and NYC that are the problems.

  47. Why limit your boycott to Freedom Group? Don’t forget about Kimber. And, don’t forget about all that awesome stuff made in California. We all know Cali has been trampling on te constitution for some time.

    I propose you completely boycott anything made in New York. Since you want to ride around on your ethics horse and all. Or, do you just bandwagon?

  48. Remington is DEAD TO ME. Their weapons and their crappy UMC ammo can stay in NY as far as I’m concerned.

  49. I can’t say much for Remington staying in New York, but they are building a 2,000 job $110 million plant in Huntsville, AL that is already advertising for workers.

  50. Their is a reason why the Gun companies supported no importation of firearms back in the 90;s and its called shoddy workmanship on the part of American firearms companies! why do you suppose they snapped up all the smaller companies who had better product than Remington. Bushmaster was an inferior product to DPMS that’s why they were bought! workmanship just enough to sell!

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