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One of the easiest propaganda tricks: simply say that your detractors’ claims aren’t true. Remember when President Obama was selling Obamacare? He kept repeating that Americans who liked their health care provider would be able to keep it. Costs wouldn’t go up. Doctors for nothing and your checks for free! Somehow it didn’t work out that way. Same dynamic in play here. Biden says the feds don’t want to create a gun registry because . . . they don’t. And won’t. Anyone who thinks registration > confiscation is the game plan has been mislead by the NRA. They’re part of the “black helicopter” crowd . . .

“There is no record” of current gun sales the Veep proclaims, ignoring the fact that the form 4473 is a complete record of gun and buyer that the dealer is legally required to maintain. A record that the feds can examine “as part of a criminal investigation.” A record that the dealer must turn over to the ATF when he ceases operation.

Could a “criminal investigation” be an investigation into whether or not the buyer of an “assault rifle” registered his firearms with the state (or someday federal government) as required in California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Maryland and soon RI and God knows who else?

Could the ATF close down a gun dealer on some minor issue and then assume possession of their “log book” detailing all firearms transactions?

Sure! Meanwhile, what’s this about a buyer getting a NICS checks and then deciding not to purchase the gun because the Mrs. controls the purse-strings? I guess Joe lives in some kind of She Who Must Be Obeyed Universe. And doesn’t know that the NICS check happens after the buying decision.

Never mind. When the gun grabbers speak, idiots listen.

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    • Shotgun Joe is a lot of things — an idiot isn’t one of them. Joe knows exactly what he is doing.

      A wise man one said, “Never underestimate your enemy”.

      • No, he’s an idiot. He’s the worst kind, too; he’s the kind of idiot who thinks he’s smarter than everyone else.

        • Biden is a useful idiot, the type that would walk you to the gas chamber and tell you all the way this the what was coming was best for all, especially yourself.

        • Well, clearly you’re the idiocy expert of the group. I demur to your expertise.

          Anybody who has to deal with you is going to become familiar with most of the archetypes pretty damn quick.

          Biden is an idiot. The fact that he knows how to manipulate lo-fo voters doesn’t make him smart any more than than it would make you a master thief to pick a handicapped old man’s pocket.

  1. Personally I do not enjoy the idea of Attorney General Holder deciding for the next several years how this law will be implemented, which provisions will be emphasized and which will be ignored . Somehow I have been unsatisfied by his willingness to come forward to explain his Fast and Furious prosecution of the laws already on the books.

    • Yeah-from the guy that tells you to shoot through the door, or bang off a couple of rounds haphazardly from the balcony. Buckshot Biden’s advice WILL get you locked up………..reconsider Ken……….PLEASE.

      • The only background check Biden needs to worry about is Jeff Cooper’s rule #4: Identify your target, and what is behind it.

    • Bah, that’s easy! It’s obviously… Um…


      Crap. Nevermind, this may take a while…

  2. When slow joe’s talking I just consider the truth to be the exact opposite of what he’s saying. Douchebag.

  3. Just shut up for the love of God just shut the freaking hell up old man. Go beat your wife or something.

  4. This is what I posted to my personal facebook page. Feel free to copy/paste to your own or other social media vehicle.

    This video irks me. Joe Biden is correct in saying that the FBI is required to destroy the record of a NICS check within 24 hours. However, at the 1:13 mark, he pulls out a form. The form he references (4473) is a firearms transfer record. And on page 3 of that 4473, it says the following.

    Dealers are required to maintain completed forms for 20 years in the case of completed sales and 5 years where the sale was denied by the NICS check coming back disapproved or other disqualifying information.

    That information (commonly called a bound book) must be surrendered to the ATF if the dealer goes out of business or as part of a criminal investigation.

    So yes, Joe Biden is “technically” not lying, but he is glossing over the fact that a record does exist and is subject to .gov scrutiny.

    GOA reports that the ATF has an established history of photographing, scanning, or copying info from the gun dealer’s bound book. So universal background checks are in a sense universal registration.

  5. F*ck this guy. I’m f*cking tired of the so-called leaders of the free world acting like sophomoric, blathering idiots. The POTUS and VPOTUS need to show a little f*cking decency and class and stop tarnishing the prestige of the office. Both Biden and Obama take every chance they get to mock and ridicule all those who disagree with them, and the media eats it right up. This isn’t the Daily Show, nor a comedy club. Barack, I know you disapprove of our system of government, but stop taking cheap shots at Congress every time you step in front of a microphone. It was designed that way precisely to prevent fools like you and Biden from gaining absolute power. Your economic policies SUCK, all of your cute reform efforts BLOW, and history will not be so kind as NBC.

    Joe, some of us in this country still take our liberties pretty Goddamn seriously, so how about you act like the honorable elected officials who preceded you two centuries ago and listen to the people rather than alienate them.

    At this point I don’t care where BHO and Biden stand on an issue, I just want to see them show the American people some f*cking respect and let the political process play out.

    /End rant.

  6. I can see where Americans trust and agree with Joe. They have purchased 32 guns every minute, of every hour, of every day, of every week, of every month, of every year, since Joe and what’s his name got selected.

  7. His lips are moving
    If it is only a matter of minutes for approve/ deny why do I have to wait 10 days in the PRK

  8. I used to mock the black helicopter crowd too, until these clowns like Biden vindicated them. Regardless, even if it wasn’t rational for the black helicopter people to have their ideas then, it certainly is now.

  9. Wait, our buddy Joe says that what you’re buying isn’t reported? That’s funny, the last two guns I bought, both last month, I distinctly heard the ffl say that it was a handgun while doing the NICS check, and I think they even read off the serial number of the firearm. I know it was written on the 4473, which must be kept for the ffl’s records. Seems to me that if they’re willing to lie about something so simple, there’s nothing keeping them from larger lies.

  10. Will universal bacground checks apply to the meth addict who wants to trade a stolen gun for bag of crank?

  11. I think the media has lost any legitimate right to poke fun of Dan Quayle. How can they possibly mention the potato(e) incident, after Obama had his precious corpse-man moment? Biden is playing an adult, who’s pretending to be a child, who’s doing an impersonation of an adult.
    Like Robin Williams, but without the creativity and comedic timing. Basically, an insufferable fool. And this buffoon is a heart beat from the presidency? Quoth Charles Grodin, “Oh sure, we’re completely safe.”

    • It is the media’s mission in the overall scheme to delegitimize any potential candidates who might threaten the left/Democratic’s rule, witness Mitt Romney…..has there ever been a more mainstream, middle of the road , solid citizen in our life times? But by election day, even I was staring at the television screen trying to see the horns that must be growing from his head…. they had to be there for someone so radical, so evil, so heartless and uncaring. Where Romney and his family had given millions to help others and Biden’s charitable contributions were mere hundreds, Romney was made to be the devil, Joe…good ol’ joe, Everybody’s loveable Uncle…years and years of providing leaks to the press builds up that good feeling, I guess.

  12. Ha ha. How many of the poor bastards on this forum actually fell for the lies and voted for this ‘Static Duo’ in the last election.
    I hope you morons learned your lesson.
    Never vote libtard (democrat) AGAIN!!!

  13. The govt has all our information on everything, forever, unless you are a cartel goon who just jumped the border.

  14. Why is it I never believe a word that comes out of a politicians mouth? Could it be because they don’t know how to tell the truth?

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