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No one has to tell the People of the Gun that ammo supply hasn’t yet caught up with demand in this post-Newtown world. Gun owners seem to have raised their fists, Scarlet O’Hara style, and vowed, “As God is my witness, I will never run out of my chosen calibers again!.” Which, if true, would go a long way toward explaining the fact that even though gun prices and availability have returned to pre-panic levels, gun food at your friendly neighborhood WallyWorld or LGS is still conspicuous by its absence. Manufacturers feel your pain…and know an opportunity when they see one. Case in point: Remington’s just broken ground on an expansion of their Arkansas ammunition plant. We’d suggest they make .22LR job one once the new capacity comes on line, but we don’t seem to have a lot of pull with Freedom Group. Go figure . . .

Madison, N.C. – Remington Arms Company, LLC (“Remington”) broke ground today on the expansion of its operations at the Remington Ammunition Plant in Lonoke, Arkansas. Work on the expansion, which will include the construction of a new building, is projected to be in operation by the second quarter of 2014.  Speaking at the event alongside Remington officials were Senator Mark Pryor (D-AR) and Governor Mike Beebe (D-AR).

“Existing industries are vitally important to the economic well-being of our state,” Governor Mike Beebe said. “Remington Arms has had a strong presence here for almost a half century, and I am pleased that the company continues to choose Arkansas as the best location for its expansion.”

“As an avid hunter and gun owner, I’m particularly excited to help announce this expansion,” Senator Mark Pryor said. “Remington has been an economic engine in our state for years, and this will allow them to bring even more jobs and development to central Arkansas.”

The Remington expansion will help meet consumer demand for quality ammunition products at a time when many sportsmen and gun owners are struggling to find supply.  Further, it will stimulate both the state and local economy.

“This groundbreaking ceremony marks a significant event for Remington and for the Lonoke community,” said George Kollitides, Chief Executive Officer of Remington.  “It demonstrates our commitment to state-of-the-art facilities; ensuring quality, increasing product availability and improving on-time delivery to our customers.   The expansion also allows us the opportunity to provide job growth within a community that has supported us since we laid the first cornerstone here in 1969. We are honored and pleased to celebrate this expansion with such great partners.”

The Remington Ammunition Plant, established in 1969, designs and manufactures leading ammunition products with superior craftsmanship. More information about Remington Ammunition can be found at

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  1. .22lr and a reliable supply of practice grade 9mm and .38. Defense loads seem to be available, at a price, but practice ammo is still spotty.

      • I’m not a .40 fan. And judging by both recent ammo draughts, 2008 and now, not many people are. .40 has been mostly available right thru both. As has 7.62x38r. I’m not sure what the significents of that, if any, is.

        • i have no idea what you are all talking about. last trip to wal-marts ammo section showed me the drought is as bad as ever. normally they have .410, 12ga, .270, 30 06, .380, and 7mm mag. this time they had a little over priced 410! thats it! 9mm and 38… I’m starting to forget what that looks like:(

        • S. Crock, in my part of California the LGS’s are starting to get ammo again. Not always good prices, but it’s there. On line ordering is showing promise again also. What part of the country are you in?

        • I’ve seen other calibers hang around too. I can reliabl pick up 5.45x39mm, 8mm Mauser and even some 7.62x39mm at several shops and have been for months.

        • to: jwm
          re: where from

          were both from the care free paradise. aka banifornia.

          yup just got 500 of 9mm from freedom for $0.30 a round.
          great online ammo dealer, you should go check them out.

        • That’s not been my experience. .40 S&W has been just as scarce as everything else. The only things that have been consistently available at my walmart are 7mm, .270 Win, and 12 gauge.

  2. The powder and primer supply seems to be a choke point. (It is for reloaders, anyway.) I wonder how much the component manufacturers are also expanding production capability? Smokeless powder production is particularly capital intensive.

  3. Kinda off topic,
    Local store has had .22 for two weeks in a row now. I’ll be stopping by again tonight to pick up my allotted 4 boxes.
    They also have 9, .40, .45, .223. All plinking stuff. Primers and projo’s. Just no powder.

    • That doesn’t help the rest of the country that can’t find 22lr ammo…

      If you can find it and afford it, good for you. No 22lr anywhere in Central FL.

      • welcome to Warren county,Pa, have small gun shop here and have about 70 bricks of 22lr, aguila match grade and lapua. selling for $7.00 per box, or $70.00 per 500,,,DUH, lucky if i sell a few boxs per week

  4. too bad remmington llc is a sellout over blomo the clown unsafe act they didnt even voice any concern over this unconstitutional law or give blomo a bit of hell just got promised tax incentives to stay -remmington sez they have a government contract who gives a damn you sell outs i will never ever support rem products for as long as i live rifle s cleaning supplies and especially their ammo -you guys can become dust as far as im concerned you will not get a single dime of my coin ever

  5. I’ve already seen ammo makers say they can’t increase production because they can’t get components…component makers say they can’t get the raw materials…So new ammo plant won’t matter or ammo makers have been blowing smoke.

    • seriously! each state needs a shipment of like a trillion rounds of 22lr and then i bet i would be able to find a box, maybe even two boxes.

  6. I just picked up 10 boxes of .22 LR, a 5 boxes of .22 TCM, some 5.7X28, and a couple of unicorns at my LGS. Just kidding! All they had was unicorns.

  7. as long as Remington continues to pay taxes to the State of NY, they will reside somewhere at the bottom of the list of my preferred vendors. I understand their challenges. I don’t care.

  8. A tale of two liars: The Freedom Group announces immediately after Newtown that it’s getting out of the gun business. Meanwhile, Magpul announces immediately after the introduction of anti-gun laws in Colorado that it’s getting out of the state. The results?

    Remington (owned by The Freedom Group) is expanding and Magpul hasn’t gone anywhere.

    • Remington is expanding in Arkansas, not New York.

      Magpul has already moved most of their production out of Colorado, and are finishing negotiations for their management move. In addition, they are donating a ton to the recall efforts going on there.

  9. What’s ammo?
    I bought 12 AK-15-FAL-A3’s off gunbroker for $4K a piece. Isn’t that enough?

  10. Seems they are putting all that “new government contract” money to use. Too bad they have already agreed to supply arms and ammunition to the very people who will be taking them from the rest of us. Apparently it paid off. Everyone seems to have forgiven them already. Once again business as usual.

  11. I wish they would expans their .300blk line the only think holding the caliber back right now is ammo availability.. And they would have a decent niche because the only other large company making it is Hornady and they arent focusing on it at all.

    • +1000000.

      If 300BLK was more available, I bet more gun owners would have an AR15 chambered in that caliber.

      Reloading is not for everyone unfortunately…

  12. Up here in The Great White North, ammo is plentiful. But all the fun guns are for Gov’t sanctioned range use only. Can’t have it all.

  13. .22 lr needed the most,next .38,.357,.40s&w,.45acp,9mm,.223,7.62/39,7.62/51aka.308,for the civilian market instead of for government contracts!Get the ammo to the people,the same people that help make ya’ll’s company,but now ya’ll are owned by a conglomerate that is only concerned about the bottom line and don’t care who pays them to get there.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  14. Too bad the Amish don’t build factories (or ammo for that matter). They’d have the building done in a day and churn out enough ammo you’d need skidloaders to scoop it up out of the piles the next day.

  15. Reading on my phone I thought the title was “…breaking ground on ammo plant EXPLOSION” . Was about to lecture Dan on his “poor taste”! Lecture averted.

  16. My theory about the scarcity of 22lr is that it probably makes the least profit per round compared to other calibers, when material costs and other factors are taken into account. So, the manufacturers are concentrating on the center fire rifle and pistol rounds for the time being.

    • True, but people shoot a whole lot more 22lr than they do centerfire, so volume is the name of the game. Sell more at less profit margin = large profit.

  17. Dear Remington,
    Democrats are not your friends. Stop associating with them and stop hosting them at your events.

  18. When Remington was owned by DuPont back in the 80’s they moved rim fire manufacturing from Connecticut to Lonoke, Arkansas. Did they foresee the present situation?

  19. The various US ammo companies have not been able to keep us with demand for eight years now. We’ve been hearing the same “we’re working three shifts” line the whole time. One company (Remington) has finally decided to make a small addition to a 45-year-old plant. I think I know why we have a shortage. Time to join the free market system guys.

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