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Tori Nonaka (courtesy

REVISED: As JWM points out below, anyone who appears publicly promoting the shooting sports and/or armed defense is something of a hero. Anyone who does so while providing a role model to young shooters and non-shooters alike gets elevated into “genuine” hero status. At the risk of being considered sexist, a female shooter in the public eye who is a role model and a champion and not hard to look at is knocking on “super” status. Which is a long-winded way of saying that Ms. Nonaka’s presence on the competitive circuit is good for The People of the Gun. The fact that she shoots well is the most important bit. [Press release after the jump.] But the fact that she shoots at all is even better. Just sayin’ . . .

Today GLOCK, Inc. announced that Team GLOCK member Tori Nonakawon High Lady in Limited Division of the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) Area 3 match, held at the Heartland Public Shooting Park, in Grand Island, NE, Aug. 2-4,2013. Nonaka faced 89 fellow competitors in the weekend competition.

Area 3 is one of the 8 area matches put on by the USPSA Area Directors. The 14 stage match attracted 280 contestants from across the United States. Nonaka placed fourteenth out of 90 shooters and second overall in her USPSA B classification.

“I was so excited to shoot this Area USPSA match in preparation for this year’s nationals later this fall,” said Nonaka. “I was squaded with a great group of people and I am pleased with the score I shot! Area 3 puts on a challenging match; it will further prepare me for this week’s Area 8 match.”

Nonaka will be joined by teammate Michelle Viscusi and Team GLOCK captain KC Eusebio at the USPSA Area 8 Championship held at the Pitcairn-Monroeville Sportsmen’s Club in North Versailles, Pa., Aug. 8-11, 2013.

The match will feature 10 stages and a minimum round count of 294 rounds.

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    • Congrats Tori!
      Well I can admit, cute girls with guns are awesome. Yeah ok, all drooling aside, they don’t fit your typical redneck model of a person of the gun now do they. Ladies being involved is a growing market and it is critical. Once woman get skin in the game, then they fight to keep it. So for us trying to keep our rights, it is critical, that we have everyone engaged.

  1. In todays political climate of fear and intimidation every honest person who picks up a gun and puts themselves in the public sector as a Person of the Gun has a touch of the hero in them.

  2. I am very glad to be part of the .01%. I have learned a ton since I started reading TTAG. Keep up the good work, gentlemen, and thanks for posting something for us girls once in a while! 🙂

  3. Thank goodness that zip tie is on the gun, you never know when someone will go postal at a press event…

    That picture made me double take, it almost looked like there was a thumb on both sides of the pistol, which made no sense.

      • Really Dan it doesn’t matter where it was taken… Really…

        Have we approached any of the competitive ladies in regard to writing articles? I mean it could be pieces on the current state of shooting sports for ladies, and who’s on top. Reports from the field etc.

        I am sure there might be lots of ladies who might want to start competing locally but don’t know where to start. Or perhaps other articles..

        Hey what about a TTAG calendar shoot? Ok I am digressing here….

  4. I for one am glad for the departure of the Israeli models. I enjoy the human female form as much as any other straight guy, but they had nothing to do with guns, turn away potential women readers, and make the Armed Intelligentsia look like a pubescent sausage-fest.

    Nevertheless, Tori Nonaka is a total badass. I wouldn’t go so far as to say “hero,” but she is an amazingly talented woman and certainly is a positive ambassador for both GLOCK and all of us gun-toters.

  5. Well done, Tori. It is worth emphasizing that shooting is an activity in which performance does not depend on gender.

      • Maybe you have lead poisoning so I’ll break it down for you two simpletons. Sevigny takes the blame, from Glock Inc, for what Billy does and Randi gets the hell out of there to avoid being the new babysitter. Unless you can show me different, neither Sevigny or Rodgers were ever implicated in any wrong doing nor were they ever charged with a crime against a minor.

        • Andy, were you there? Or are you just a fanboy puking up tabloid style gossip? Noble Sevigney took a sexual predator bullet for his team mate? BS.

        • ppg, any way you slice it their were adults and 1 minor. It does credit to no one to keep putting the stink eye on the minor. If this had been a teacher and student the teacher would be done and in jail. A cop and a minor? Same deal. None of us would be defending the adults in these cases, so why stand up for Team Glock?

          Sevigney may not have had any hand in the sex. But blaming the minor for him leaving the team is misplaced blame.

        • First court docs are public so you can read for yourself the probable cause statement that was used in charging Billy Abate. It was no secret that Billy liked them young, no one new that he liked them under 18. As for why Dave was fired, you can read those public statements as well. Both Glock and Dave have released statements on his termination. Yes, he was the fall guy for the actions of others. As team captain he took the blame for not knowing about something that was going on behind closed hotel room doors and not stopping something he didn’t know about. By the way, in most states, failing to report child abuse is a crime and there is a good reason Dave was never charged.

          As for Tori joining Team Glock, it never made any sense. First her PR skills are ZERO. I saw her at the 2011 NRA show and she could not answer questions from the crowd nor could she speak clearly during the demonstrations (at least Lena Miculek has a personality and can speak clearly.) Being a paid shooter is about so much more than just shooting. Next, what demographic were they targeting with her? You can’t buy a new handgun unless you’re 21. It says a lot about where Team Glock is today – a kid, an inked up calender girl, and a real shooter.

        • So all it took to derail team Glock was 1 teeny bopper? Team Glock was adult and professional in name only.

        • Wait for the video. Dave Sevigny knew exactly what was going on with his then-girlfriend, Brooke, and Tori Nonaka. He watched them having sex in two different states and lied for his future wife. Nonaka was paid to lie and stay quiet about it all. Jessie knew all about Brooke and Tori and hid it from the police…after she had a piece of Brooke for herself.

      • Or he simply knows the back story.

        Granted Billy Abbate didn’t exercise good judgement sleeping with a 16 year old, but we aren’t talking about a person that was forced against her will based on evidence presented to the case and people that were aware of it. So don’t out like this is a victim of some forced sexual assault.

        The whole Team Glock scandal was a huge fluster cluck.

        • Enough of the “it wasn’t against her will” crap. The whole point of child abuse laws is that a child does not understand the consequences enough to give “consent.” Anyway you slice it, a 14 year is a CHILD. (The affair reportedly began when she was 14.) Seducing a CHILD is a crime, no matter how much she “agrees” or “liked it” at the time. Unless of course you are one of those Hollywood loons that think that Roman Polanski should be acquitted for butt-f*king a 13-year old because she was “mature for her age.”

      • Yes ask Sevigny and Rogers, because adults who possibly turned a blind eye to a predator sexing up a 15 year old (and the affair reportedly started when she was 14) are going to be such impartial and non self-serving sources. You don’t have any daughters, do you? I remember when the scandal first broke and being amazed at the people who claimed that she “asked for it” and was “mature for her age.” It’s the year 2013, not 1813. You don’t get to exonerate the adults by blaming the child.

  6. Okay, I sort of get the “no Israeli models” thing…sort of. But there’s nothing wrong with highlighting the women of the gun. It’s a win-win situation…

  7. I have noticed some new adv. on the site. One banner ad with 4 women for a dating site, a very sexy bad idea t-shirts, and just now, Seventeen magazine. I guess the Seventeen ad could be useful to get different people to read TTAG, but the other two are really no better than the supermodels, and don’t require a link to access.
    As for getting more content from the female side, I don’t think you have to get professionals, we don’t have any male industry professionals writing here either. A lot of content is news, that’s not male or female. Girls can write Gun Reviews.
    Gun nuts and Gunup have great female contributors.
    Does content generated by a girl lead to more girl readers?
    I dunno. Maybe you need a Pinterest page….

    • Uh…Bob, I think those are cookie directed ads. Your computers cookies determine what ads get shown. I’ve got Dvor ads and gun related stuff. The bad T’s are there, but no Seventeen ads. If your daughter visits Seventeen, the ad software detects the tracking cookies and places ads at those sites. Wipe your cookie cache and they will disappear in favor of other cookies. The other sites you visit determine the ads you see when you visit TTAG. Last week I got router ads, because I was searching for laminate routers. Wipe the cache, they’re all gone.

  8. so if I parse your logic correctly 99.99% of your readers are to be stiffed (or rather not) because the remaining 00.01 might be offended? How very progressive… /

    • 99.99 % of our readers are what % of the voting public? If you want to lose your gun rights, and for all I know that may be your goal, keep the sausage fest middle school boys locker room attitude.

  9. Glad to see more and more women in the shooting sports.This in turn helps to bring more women to becoming shooters,and also helps women realize that maybe they might need to have a weapon for their own protection.Every shooter we can bring to the sport or educate them on the need for a weapon for self protection the more people we have to fight against more gun control.Most shooters are a friendly bunch,most believe in our Second Amendment rights along with the rest of our rights.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  10. Another day, another dumbing down of the word “hero.”

    You may say “well gee, there are lots of forms and levels of heroism!” to which I say BULLSHIT. Words have meanings for a reason… it’s sorta their whole ‘thing.’ You can be an advocate, a skilled role-model, and pretty without risking your life to save others. How about we use those words?

  11. Anybody who has ever shot with Tori at a match will tell you she’s no hero. She’s a spoiled, entitled little girl who throws a fit anytime she doesn’t get exactly what she wants. She is the Danica Patrick of USPSA.


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