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Is there no limit to Nick Leghorn’s influence in the firearms industry? Freedom Group’s Remington has just announced that they’ll be producing their Model 700 SPS Tactical rifle in Foghorn’s fave caliber, 300 Blackout. If you listen closely, you can almost hear Nick’s heart skipping the occasional beat down in south Texas at the news. Press release after the jump . . .

By Popular Demand – Remington® Proudly Introduces the Model 700TM SPS Tactical 300 Blackout®

Madison, NC – Remington is proud to announce the Model 700 SPS (Special Purpose Synthetic) Tactical 300 Blackout rifle. Chambered for the incredibly popular 300 AAC® Blackout®, this new rifle features the time-proven Model 700 action and is designed to impress from the bench or in the field at a very affordable price.  A long-time favorite of both military and police units, the Model 700 offers the legendary accuracy and unfailing performance you’ve come to expect.

At the core of the Model 700 SPS Tactical 300 Blackout is the machined solid-steel, cylindrical Model 700 receiver design ensuring uniformity, strength and solid bedding area. Unique to this precision rifle is the 16 ½ -inch, heavy-contour clean barrel threaded to accept AAC and all 5/8 x 24 threaded flash hiders, muzzle breaks and suppressors. The tactical-style carbon steel, hammer-forged barrel is the perfect balance between handling in tight spots and delivering pinpoint accuracy. With a twist rate of one in seven inches, this rifle is optimized for accuracy. These specialty, bolt-action rifles are shipped with a thread protector installed.

The rock-solid barreled action is bedded in a Hogue® OverMolded® GhillieGreen pillar bedded, synthetic stock with a semi-beavertail fore-end for added stability. The soft-touch, sure-grip stock is extremely comfortable for extended, long range shooting and assures a positive grip in both stressful situations and inclement weather. The dual point pillar bedding guarantees a solid interface between the action and stock to help insure cold bore accuracy and prevent point-of-impact shifts. Add Remington’s X-Mark Pro® externally adjustable trigger, designed to “break-like-glass” and set at 3 ½ pounds from the factory, and this rifle delivers surgical-like accuracy.

Other key features include a drilled and tapped receiver for the addition of optics; distinctive, laser-engraved “300 AAC Blackout 1:7” roll mark; convenient hinged floorplate magazine with 4-round capacity and a non-reflective, black oxide external metal finish; and sling swivel studs.

The Model 700 SPS Tactical 300 Blackout is the perfect tactical bolt-action rifle and available at a very affordable price. Suggested retail price is $817.31.


Model – 700 SPS Tactical 300 Blackout #84205
Caliber – 300 AAC Blackout
Mag. Capacity – 5
BBL Length – 16.5 inches
Barrel Type – Carbon Steel
Sights – None (Drilled and Tapped for Scope Mount)
Rifling Twist – 1 Turn in 7 Inches
Receiver Finish – Matte Blue
Overall Length – 35.75 inches
Length of Pull – 13.375 inches
Stock Material – Synthetic
Stock Finish – Overmolded Ghillie Green
Avg. Weight – 7 Pounds
MSRP – $817.31


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  1. So here’ s my confusion about the 300 Blackout: If the biggest selling point is how easily an AR-15 can be converted to shoot it (+ common mags, etc), what would the advantage in a totally different rifle platform be? I haven’t gotten the impression that anyone is arguing that its ballistics are mystically superior to other common .30 cal rounds. So what’s the deal with non-AR-15 300 Blackout mania?

    • Easy availability of sub sonic ammo? That’s my guess at least. Certainly its non suppressed performance is nothing special.

    • I think the main reason is that 300 BLK has a sub-sonic flavor that out-performs most other sub-sonic rifle rounds. I don’t think the shape of the 308 case (or something) allows as heavy a bullet as 300 BLK, and a heavy bullet is how you get low velocity ammo to hit hard.

    • Mystically superior because its super tactical! All it needs now is a Gen 50 nightvision scope, silencer, and bipod.

      In all honesty though, the .300 BLK is getting a lot more love and affection for subsonic cartridge development. Find a nice hunting grade bullet in subsonic flavor, slap a suppressor on it, and you have yourself a fine CXP2 class hunting rifle to use with new shooters or just for stalking around the woods.

      This will probably end up on my “should buy” list if the quality is up to par.

      • If AAC were to make a Mosin suppressor, one would have to start out with such as a 55 gallon drum or a water heater.

    • I wanted to ask that… IMNSHO a bolt action rifle is fine for deer hunting (though I would rather have a .308 semi). I just don’t have any love for bolties, and I don’t understand how a boltie can be “tactical”. Then again try Googling “tactical socks” and see how many hits you get. My results were “About 5,110,000 results” YMMV.

      If you want to go retro, get a fine lever action. There are some awesome ones out there. I’ve seen everything from .22 to .50 caliber levers from $189 – $more than my car.

  2. The stock is the same shade as cat barf. And believe me, I know cat barf. I have a huge longhaired cat who thinks that barfing is an Olympic sport.

  3. I understand how nice .300 blk can be in an AR. But it just seems like a waste in a bolt action rifle. It’s not better in a bolt action rifle then .308 win. In a .308 you can load or buy heavy subsonics and shoot a “real” high powered rifle cartridges. You can already get those rifles with the threaded barrels and everything. Also, I’d think the .308 is Tops in tactical super operator bolt guns already.

    I read a review that basically presented the .300 blk as the 30-30 of the AR world. Honestly, I think I’d rather be a be HiTeckRedNek with suppressed 30-30. You still get the full range of 30 cal bullets and more case capacity. Not to mention the Tactical Lever Action Goodness.

  4. Check all activities for which you would buy a bolt-action subsonic rifle that costs $1 to fire:

    hunting deer or larger
    hunting small game
    home defense
    competition shooting
    x poaching

    Cerebrus has just given us the world’s most cost-effective, concealable rifle that is dedicated purely to the sport of poaching.

    They should include a picatinny-mounted 2 million candlepower spotlight and mold a bottle opener into the stock.

    • I was gonna say, it’s good to have options, if only for ammo compatibility with your AR, but you’re right. It’s definitely for poaching.

  5. OK – I’m glad I’m not the only one who looked at this and thought it was totally useless… And this is from a guy who LOVES his M700 AAC-SD .308 Win.

  6. So many adjectives, so little content.

    Well, one has to look on the bright side. At least this press release didn’t contain the word “billet.”

  7. I have a 700 that I built in this cartridge several months ago. I love it. It is very accurate, low recoil, and an all around good rifle. I have taken several animals with it including pigs and deer. All animals were drt. All wound channels were exceptional. It really shines suppressed as I would call it Hollywood quiet. The selling point is defiantly for the ar platform but I decided to go with a bolt gun simply because I did not want to look for my brass since I am a reloader. This rifle would be and is an excellent kid’s gun. My son actually took his first buck with this rifle. It is short and compact rifle and handles with ease. I have had good luck with it as it is my primary long gun currently. I load it with 125 nobler bt with 19.0 gr of h110. It is running about 2400 fps. This round has been excellent. I like the 208 Amax and the 220 sgk loads for subsonic shooting. Anyway, I like the cartridge in a bolt gun. Thanks.

    • In supersonic mode, it’s a 7.62 x 39 that costs 5x as much to shoot.

      In subsonic mode you cannot humanely, legally, or ethically shoot a deer.

      Maybe next they’ll chamber an 870 in 45 ACP. I hear that the 45 is quite a popular cartridge these days, and the 870 is a very popular platform. It makes the same amount of sense.

      My last box of 30-06 Core Lokts was seated to all different depths, and one of them went click instead of bang. Last dollar I spend with Remington until they wrestle control back from whatever f ing 23 year old urban MBA is running it.

  8. One follow up thought….they should have went with a 1/8 twist to accommodate both supersonic and subsonic rounds. I have seen a tc barrel that would not shoot due to this twist. Just an FYI.

    • That is my question as well.
      1-7 is what I want. Heavy Subs is all I plan to shoot with it.

  9. For a useless gun, I can’t find a new one in the US to buy. I have talked to Remington and they are producing. When I find one it will become probably my most useful rifle and I have several sub MOA tactical bolt rifles. After 20 years in the Marines, you can keep your ARs, we will do just fine with one shot one kill in a bolt.

  10. I have taken Remington’s Armors classes for 870 ,700 rifle for 15 years , toured there factory (because I had to for my job as a federal police officer ! I must say this is another flavor of the week , no point to this gun . I had a chance to evaluate it this past weekend , nice sandy feeling black cheap as possible bolt , threading cover for supresser was not flush , I think the best feature that has nothing to do with Remington is the hogue stock period ! Remington go back to your quality , like the wing master shotguns , and rifles with smooth bolts and metal guts in your shotgun trigger groups not plastic !!!

  11. Just bought one shooting 125 nosler ballistic tips no problems with grouping. Five shot groups at 100 yards at 1″. No recoil great for a young hunter or woman. Shooting coons at over 200 yds in head no problem. Love mine should be great for reducing my doe numbers and easy to carry.

  12. I used to have a sako in 222, small action in that size. But in this case it’s the same action as the 308? I’d take one if it was scaled down. You can run a 308 with trail boss, but that sounds like a pretty inefficient set-up compared to this. I think the main thing in play here is the rate of twist. This is how you get 7, not sure that is a huge advantage. Good to hear it shoots the hunting weight bullets accurately. The ballistics of this thing sub sonic are like a 45 acp, which is not anything I want to get hit by, but as to whether it is enough… I guess we will see as bullet development catches up. Barnes is supposed to have a sub sonic bullet coming out. If that works it will extend the utility of the concept.

    There are a lot of good things one can hang on a muzzle without a silencer being one of them (legal language). I have a machine shop, so I can make all kinds of stuff for the threaded barrels. One of my favorites is a tube with a .75 bore. It just makes for a lot less blast from the shooter’s perspective. It gets the gasses moving away from the shooter more than just a bullet emerging from a barrel. Combined with the low powder charge, it makes a pretty friendly set up.

  13. I have 6 AR15’s but have always preferred bolt rifles for accuracy. My 308’s and now this Remington 300 SPS BLKOUT will be my next “very accurate” bolt rifle. Accuracy is what its all about to me….accuracy !

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