Remington and Federal Ammunition Raise $100,000 for Ukraine Relief Efforts

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From Remington . . .

Remington Ammunition along with sister brand Federal Ammunition is proudly sending a check of $100,000 to support crisis relief efforts in the war-torn country of Ukraine. A t-shirt campaign to support Ukrainian refugees generated a great response, with proceeds from the sales reaching the $100K milestone in less than two months.

“This campaign and the tremendous response exceeded our expectations, forcing several re-orders of the t-shirts,” said Jason Vanderbrink, President of Remington, Federal, CCI, and Speer Ammunition. “I’m so proud of our loyal customers for being willing to pitch in and support the people of Ukraine who are suffering because of the horrors of war. Our ammo brands are proud to do our part.”

The t-shirts, available at and features the call out from Ukraine’s president needing ammunition to assist in their country’s defense.

The t-shirts continue to receive a tremendous amount of support and are selling out quickly. If the desired shirt sells out, consumers can sign up to receive a notification of when the t-shirt has been restocked.

The $100,000 donation will go to support the humanitarian relief efforts through Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund – GlobalGiving. Remington, along with sister ammunition brands CCI, Speer, and Federal, also donated a total of one million rounds to the Ukraine armed forces.

Find Remington ammunition at dealers nationwide and online. For more information on Remington ammunition and accessories, visit

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  1. I do not think that war is the USA business & we should stay out of it.
    Government should bring their spoil children home & stop sending money out of the USA.
    Gas here is over $4.00.

    • Congratulations on being semi-literate instead of completely illiterate. Now to work on your critical thinking skills….

    • How about donating money to OUR soldiers and to OUR police?????????????

    • Little unpleasantness in 1776 that was none of France’s “business”. Got an idiotic opinion on that?

      • Take your gear and passport to nearest Ukrainian embassy or consulate. The Azov nazis will let you join up if you are a believer. Or stop cheerleading the theft and misappropriated of taxpayer dollars and soon probably young American lives for something that has NOTHING to do with the U.S.

      • France had a political interest in using us to fight a proxy war for them. Sound familiar? The only difference is, France was smart enough to loan us the money instead of just handing over never ending loads of cash. In other words, loaning us that money was in France’s interest. No one has bothered to explain our interest in handing out cash to Ukraine. It’s putting us deeper into debt. Given the track record of our government and their past interactions with Ukraine, the powers that be are most likely looking out for their own personal interests, not the interests of American citizens. Same story, different day.

        • does anyone remember the forgotten movie, “THE MOUSE THAT ROARED”, —a spoof on U.S. foreign policies—–

    • Gas is over 4$ because of Biden not Putin. The US is the worlds largest oil producer and with a solid republican in office gas would be in the 2$ range.

    • I wonder if Remington and Federal are aware of the fact that a sizable portion (probably majority) of gun owners think getting entangled in Ukraine is a BAD IDEA? Don’t know if these moves are something to trumpet.

      If Ukraine goes even more sideways they’re going to have a bigger cleanup (scrubbing) to make.

      OTOH, maybe they won’t get blamed, but rather just tagged as fools for not seeing the obvious. Kinda like being a company who donated to BLM.

  2. LOL they’ve been given countless BILLIONS of dollars of the American tax payers money already, 100 grand more? give me a break.

  3. This seems like a virtue signal.

    OK, so what’s the bad news they’re trying to deflect from? The part where we get fucked but there’s t-shirts to show how much you care about something?

    Also, Pew’s latest survey puts “gun crime” in the #3 slot for top public concerns.

    But I’m sure the issue can be fixed with an EO or some more laws and regs, right? And of course, there won’t be a hint of “infringement”, that’s just social media disinformation and Mary Poppins will see it stops forthwith because to protect the 1A we need speech restrictions for you idiot plebs!

    • The pols need something to fight for (other than American citizens) as well as an excuse to funnel, excuse me, spend more money. The conflict is a great distraction from the multitude of failings at home. As a bonus, they get to weaken another country they can’t control. There’s no downside to this very convenient war as far as they’re concerned. Corporations are just hopping on the bandwagon for a feel good moment and some free press.

      • And a tax deduction. Don’t forget the tax deduction—you can bet the bean counters have fingerprints on the deal.

  4. I’m going to be buying a lot more Fenix Munitins in the coming months. They have their head on straight and know when the enemy is knocking at their door. Not the Russian boogiemen that the mainstream news is pushing everyone into a hysteria over. But glad to hear that federal could easily reduce costs for consumers a bit since they seem to have money and ammo to throw around.

  5. I could give a f*** about anything of conflict and other bullshit in Europe!!! We’re involved in this war so China Bootlicker Biden can get his and Democrats’ Poll Numbers up, but thankfully it isn’t working.

    Our Military is even wasting valuable resources that could be needed if a more dangerous war with China breaks out should they try and make a move in Taiwan. In that case, North Korea could pounce on the opportunity to make a move on South Korea.

    They’re wasting resources on a pointless border conflict between two countries that will never get along!! All those resources could be used to help stick ammo for the domestic US Market of Gun Owners.

    Burn those T-Shirts, because the whole “Stand With Ukraine” is just Political Tough Guy Talk from the Democrats.

  6. When is the rest of Europe going to step up? It’s your freaking continent. And where’s Hunter Biden? You made bank from their corruption…how about a spit painting Biden boy?

    • The neutered German greenies and French surrender monkeys aren’t going to do diddly The rest of Eurp has “stepped up”. Been awake for the last 3m??

      • I was happy to see Germany increase its defense spending by 100 billion and hit the NATO standard mark, they will become the worlds third largest defense spender. However I am concerned that lack of military experience due to over 20 years of neglect will result in a large advanced military but one that is still lagging behind due to poor leadership. France too has been increasing its military abilities as well as Poland. I’d like to see Britain return to light superpower status that would include the ANZAC alliance.

        That would allow the US to draw down in Europe and focus on the pacific. Where, allied with a rearming Japan, we would have a much easier time dealing with China.

  7. Think we should sit this out and not get involved. The noises coming from Norway and Sweden are concerning.

  8. Fu k Ukraine. Fu K Congress, Biden and these virtue signaling dumb ass neocons supporting them. Retards

  9. ‘Cause when a country hosts 16 bio-weapons sites funded and managed by the USA, they must be the good-guys. Right?

    • Obiden and the demtard party is NOT going to do squat to defend the borders just stop dreaming. Separate issue in any case.

    • Yes, this is the topic my church’s securuty team and I are discussing right now. Just wait until the Roe v. Wade or NYSRPA v. Bruen rulings are released…

    • Another church shooting?

      If there was just some sort of supreme, omnipotent power that could reach down and stop the tragedy and suffering…

      • You’re 100% right, there is a higher power that can protect you. Hand over your money and guns to the government, that will save you.

        My guess is that you were being sarcastic which means you aren’t being productive to the conversation.


  11. I have sympathy for the Ukrainian people, but if we damage our own readiness by sending them everything we have, this will give China the opening they need to take over Taiwan. Ukraine is much larger than Taiwan, but it is far less important to our country and we have given security guarantees to Taiwan.

    It would not surprise me to see an attack by China within two or three months after they reelect Xi Jinping in the party meeting in October. The US will not have built back up the weapons we have given away, and while damaging Russia’s ability to cause problems for other countries in the world is a good thing, there is a limit to what we can or should do. On top of that they are spending another 40 Billion dollars to arm Ukraine, that may not seem like a lot to the id10ts in DC, but it is money they are borrowing from our grandchildren and eventually it will have to be paid back!

  12. Pretty tired of Ukraine. I can be sympathetic to the victims of an invasion but between the money and weaponry we’re throwing away over there, the virtue signalling, the willfull ignoring of their Nazi shenanigans over the past decade+ and all the wrong people trying to shove it down my throat Ukraine can get fucked.

    • I don’t get tired seeing the mighty Russian Army being exposed for what it really is. A bunch of incompetent, inept, poorly disciplined drunkards led by lies and brutality. With poorly designed and cheaply made equipment, expired rations, and lacking spare parts and proper maintenance.

      The Soviet Army they are not. Nor are they a shadow of the Red Army from the Great Patriotic War that defeated real Nazis.

      If not for nukes, I would rank the Russian Army way down the ranks somewhere on a par with middle eastern militaries.

      • Agreed. The Russian military is the biggest joke ever. Honestly I’d rate them behind some middle eastern countries because Russia has been a large industrialized nation for 100 years and was once a superpower. I never expected them to be on our level but good God I never thought they’d be this ate up.

    • What “Nazi shenanigans” are you talking about? Also, fighting an enemy military force in a war eats up huge quantities of ammunition, supplies, and hence money.

  13. Yep just what I thought.
    Get up in the morning slaving for bread Sir
    Poor me ,,,,,,,,,,,,, .

  14. So American ammo is killing Russians? Good. It’s a major plus that American soldiers are not the ones pulling the trigger.

    The only good Russian soldier is a dead Russian soldier. There could be 25 thousand good Russian soldiers in Ukraine or in train cars heading back to Mother Russia. That makes me very happy.

      • Because they are…snd led by a KGB colonel. Not a fan of Ukraine either.

      • Because Russia is the main reason leftists in the west are the way they are. The only thing Russia was ever apparently good at was brainwashing idiots. Over the past 70 years they’ve been using Marxism to infect the west and it didn’t stop at the end of the Cold War.

        Russia is a threat to America not because of its piss poor military or questionable nuclear arsenal, but because they are very good at infecting minds with leftist trash.

      • Because they keep acting like one.

        It is as though they can’t help themselves.

        Why their former vassal states joined NATO. They don’t want to be occupied by Russia again.

      • Because Democrats and Mainstream Media have told us that Russians are bad guys.

        For my money, if Russia destroys the Azov Battalion, then they aren’t all bad.

        Almost no one understands that the Koch brothers, George Soros, and the US government pour billions after billions into destabilizing Ukraine, and staging a coup. It was all about money.

        • Its always about money, money equals power, power equals control and if it’s one thing the super rich love is control.

        • Lots of valuable natural resources in Ukraine, most ie. the best are located in the eastern part of the country now controlled by Rush-Sha. Sucks to be a greedy billionaire these days. Lol!

          As for Vlad (Putin) anyone opposed to Soros/Schwab and their ilk gets a “thumbs-up” from me.

        • What’s wrong with the Azov battalion? We were telling you about Jewish bankers, globalization, communism, the subjugation and out breeding of the white race and feminization of men 90 years ago. And look at the world now.

        • Ukraine was actually becoming more stable. The people rebelled against what had been a pro-Russian leadership, which is why Putin then invaded Crimea in 2014.

      • …Russia is an enemy because they have been continually undermining America and aiding our other enemies since like forever? They sure as hell are not an ally. The real question is why do folks like you have such a positive view towards Russia?

        • Putin (and you add Orban in Hungary) seems to be the only one fighting Gyorgy Schwartz alias “George Soros”, that a “positive” in my view. It’s a shame Israel’s Mossad hasn’t taken action against Soros for his unending machinations to first weaken, shrink with the “Two-State” (Final) Solution, then eliminate “The Jewish State”.

  15. So eighty (80) years on from WWII our manufacturers are supporting genocidal Nazi maniacs led by a Judenrat kapo, my how times have changed.

  16. This is absolutely ridiculous. So the billions in taxpayer money wasn’t enough? Shame on these ammunition companies. The consumer here in the united states has been getting hosed for over 2 years now.

  17. I understand the outrage people have about sending all this money to Ukraine when we have so many problems here, and also the attitude of the political Establishment who have no problem spending untold billions to aid other countries but don’t seem to care any about the people of their own country, BUT, helping Ukraine and helping ourselves is not mutually exclusive. Ukraine is a nation moving towards Westernization and freedom. Yes it has lots of corruption, but that is because it is still moving away from the old Soviet ways of doing things. Our own country has a crap ton of corruption too, especially at the state and local government levels, and in our early days, we had Ukraine levels of corruption. But this doesn’t mean other countries shouldn’t seek to help us if we are in trouble. Just the same, we should do our best to help Ukraine.

    The Ukrainian people do not desire to be part of an authoritarian, stagnant Russia, they want to Westernize, and it is cheaper to fight the Russians via the Ukrainians rather than have Putin take Ukraine and then use it as a base to try attacking NATO countries, which he said he was going to do after Ukraine, which could have started a much more serious conflict possibly. Wars eat lots of material and hence cost lots of money.

  18. How corrupt is Ukraine?
    According to Transparency International’s 2021 Corruption Perceptions Index, (a scale of least to most corrupt nations), Ukraine ranked 122nd out of 180 countries in 2021, the second most corrupt in Europe, with Russia the most at 136.

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