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Gun owner Jim Busch emailed this heads-up to the Virginia Citizens Defense League re: the Remington 700 and Model Seven rifle recall for XM trigger troubles. [Republished with permission from]

I wanted to provide to you a heads up regarding my experience with the Remington Model 700. The publicly available Remington online website to enter the serial number did not flag the rifle for recall when I entered the information, nor did it correctly work for Remington Customer Service when I contacted them directly. I already was aware of the the manufacturing date of the rifle, so it stymied me that the site didn’t recognize such to be subject to recall, and caused me to contact Remington directly, via telephone . . .

Thankfully, Remington’s internal system flagged my rifle. As such, I would strongly suggest anybody with a smooth trigger to not utilize the website to determine if their Models 7 or 700 are subject to recall, but instead, directly contact a Remington recall CSR at 1-800-243-9700.

Remington takes 10 business days for Remington to ship a box via UPS to one’s door, so that one is able to pack said rifle back to ship to Remington. UPS pickup after contact with Remington, takes an additional 3 business days.

Furthermore, Remington is advising owners that recall repairs are taking 12 weeks.

Remington has stated that they will provide a tool mark on the rifle receiver to indicate that the trigger work was completed.

Remington does not provide a time to ship when repairs are completed, nor the UPS shipping time after leaving the Remington.

To summarize, a recall rifle is estimated to take 14 weeks from time of contact with Remington,to time of completed repair. Shipping return is unknown at this point.  Your experience may vary…

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  1. I’m full on disgusted with Remington products, and anything freedom group for that matter.

    I use good ol’ Remmy Core-Lokt for hunting, but Remmy’s QC issues are starting to make me nervous about kabooms.

    • I stopped using Core-lokt ammo a few years ago after I watched more than my fair share of deer skip away after they hear a nice loud ‘CLICK’ and no ‘BANG’. I had bought 4 boxes of ammo and had on average of 4 FTFs per box.

      I now shoot Winchester and have not had a FTF yet.

      • Your firing pin strikes must be right at the margin and may be the problem.
        How does it work with hard Russian primers.
        I have never had a single center fire cartridge, not one, of any manufacturer in any firearm fail to fire.
        And less than 10 out of thousands of .22’s fail.

        “Thou doth protest”

    • I am currently about to enter my SEVENTH month of waiting for warranty replacement on my Savage B-Mag. It just goes to show that once they have your money, the manufacturers stop caring. They are far more interested in getting replacement and new items out into the stores than they are about taking care of loyal customers.

  2. I called twice to get my box to ship the rifle (SPS Tactical). The first call did not result in a box, and the 2nd one had a box at my door in about a week. It took Remington 1 week to receive the rifle in their system, after UPS delivered it. I got notification yesterday that it was shipped out ETA 10/6/2014. Counting the day I’ve sent it and the day I’ll have it back, it’s about 13-14 weeks…

    This is my first Remington product and I’m not impressed.

    The biggest insult to injury was instead of apologizing and throwing in some freebies (say box of ammo, or something), they offered a 40% off coupon to their already overpriced made in China crap apparel store. It’s like “Sorry you’ve wasted your money on our products but we’ll make it up to you by giving you a discount on our apparel store, so you can advertise our brand by wearing our tshirts”…

    VERY displeased…

  3. It took them 8 weeks to ship the box to me, not 10 days. Which was 7 1/2 weeks longer than it took to receive and install the Timney trigger I ordered the day after I registered on line with Remington. Probably the best $130 firearms purchase I’ve ever made, under the circumstances.

    • For me, the recall has done two things: helped me appreciate a high quality Timney trigger first hand, and confirmed my suspicions that it is no longer worth it to buy most Remington products.

      I like my LTR 700 .308 much better with a Timney trigger.

      • I’m no expert on bolt action rifles, but I thought the Remmy’s trigger was pretty good until I got the Timney installed. I’ve got the VTR in .308 – the triangular barrel is a bit gimmicky, but it seems to work. I can get close to 1″ groups XM80. A better shooter with better ammo should be well under MOA. On one hand I’d like to sell it and get a Ruger No. 1, but now that I’m spoiled by the Timney I’d have to spend $200+ for a really good trigger on the No. 1 on top of the $400-500 for the trade up. That and I don’t want an uncommon round that costs $2/round for the cheap stuff, so I’ll probably have to be content with the VTR.

  4. My 1968 model 700 in .25-06 has the old model safety but its never killed anybody. Yeah I know that’s a different issue but I want to go on record to say that I’m not afraid of the unloaded rifle that sits in my gun rack with the action open. I’m not stupid and I learned good gun handling from my dad back when LBJ was president. As far as the new Remmys go – like I said I’m not stupid. If I wanted a new deer rifle I wouldn’t be looking at Remington.

  5. After 96 days my rifle was returned with a heaver trigger pull and multiple scratches on the barrel. The gun now needs the trigger replaced, at my expense, to return it to the level of accuracy it held before the recall. No one from Remington has been courteous enough to return my emails complaining of the scratches or the heavy trigger. Needless to say, after 40 years of being a Remington customer, I’ll not consider another of that companies products.

  6. Just got my Remington 700 back. It took 18 weeks from contact to return. Very slow process and no updates until the work was done. Glad it’s back, but Remington’s process is not very customer friendly.

  7. Freedom group is out to destroy (buying up) the competition so they can peddle their junk! bought a 710 pkg ( rifle and scope), at range 6 shots with Winchester ammo and the head space enlarged, locking the bolt and jamming a case in the chamber, it seems those barrels are cold shrink fitted into place instead of screwed, sent it in and had it fixed, went too range and it went boom 12 times, on 12 went to eject the cartridge and bolt handle came off on extraction cycle sent it back in went too range and the scope reticule destroyed its self on recoil, Sold rifle and thee more 700’s, switched to TIKKA, In my opinion Remington products are junk, made in BF Egypt!

  8. I just bought my first one used. I thought it was an older one, but it has a ribbed trigger face. I’ve never owned a bolt gun aside from a Lee Enfield. I have never really shot scoped rifles, and especially not bolt actions. Trigger feels good, but I don’t know how light a rifle has to be to make precision shots. It has not a bit of creep or slack, but its not super light.

    • Depends on what you mean by “precision.”

      The benchrest guys who have triggers under 1/2 pound are seeking to minimize their contact with the rifle. Some of them are shooting their rifles off the rests in “free recoil,” and that’s why the triggers are down to as little as 2 oz. Their shoulders aren’t touching the butt, they’re not resting their faces on the comb, they’re making contact with only the trigger when they fire. Some of those guys are throwing down groups 0.25″ and under at 100.

      There are plenty of rifles I’ve shot where the trigger is in the 4 to 6 lbs. range that I’ve cleaned up to be crisp and have no creep – and those triggers allow me to shoot pretty well.

      The #1 issue about triggers isn’t to much the weight as it is how the trigger feels. If it feels like you’re dragging an anchor chain over railroad tracks, well, that’s what you want to solve first – the feel.

  9. I sent a 700 in about 3 months ago and I got it back last week. Shot the heck out of it over the week end and it’s great. I really like the new trigger. Remington has done right by me.

  10. And this is why I am getting my .300 Win Mag Dual Strike specially done for a Savage Arms. I own nothing by Remington and every single time that I even think about it, BAM!, smacked in the head with a counter thought.


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