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TTAG reader DCW writes:

I threw up in my mouth a little while watching this. Frosh is the head of our Senate Judiciary Committee and is currently running for Attorney General in Maryland. He was one of the key players in passing SB281 (The Firearms Safety Act of 2013) which banned “assault weapons”, limited magazine capacity to 10 rounds, and instituted licensing requirements to purchase a handgun. If you’ve never owned a handgun or regulated firearm before 10/1/13, a first-time buyer’s $600 GLOCK will run $900 and up because of required training, fingerprinting, and a $50 fee paid to the state. Myself and 40-50 other 2A supporters, testified in front of him during the Senate’s gun bill day this past Wednesday and he didn’t take any of us seriously and was even absent for a good share of the proceedings. I’ll also mention that the only anti-gunner in the crowd was the white-haired woman in the video above and she left about an hour into testimony. He’s making our lives more dangerous in MD every day.

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  1. MD was a scary place before and it is getting scarier. I know people there and keep pointing out the lunacy that is being passed by their elected officials. Either they are so liberal that they think it is good, or they just ignore it because “I go to west va to shoot.”

    Interesting to note that shootings and violent crime reporting are almost predictably about MD and DC.

    • What a pair of panty-wetting leftards. Instead of acknowledging any duty to their country and ensuring that their kids would learn proper firearm training as responsible young citizens, no, they pull the warm and fuzzy number and give up all their rights because they are totally clueless about their nanny government intentionally dumbing these morons down to the intelligence of a wilted kumquat. And this Erin Sharkey character; jeez, she probably Obama-Biden stickers on the back of her Volvo/Prius/whatever.

      Clueless; TOTALLY clueless.

      • Their attitudes make me ill. But to be fair, there are many pro freedom folks in MD and cowards/anrifreedom folks along the I95 corridor in VA.

  2. Ya’ll over there know what to do. Send him the message since he doesn’t want to listen by kicking him out of office.

  3. Question is:

    How many MD gun owners are going to get out and vote in the democratic primary and vote in the least offensive Democrat and then vote in the feckless Republicans we run. The biggest feckless republican we voted in was Earlich and what a RINO he was. I see a lot of big talk on the MD gun forums, but talk is cheap. When I see a Montgomery County Demo fall in a primary I will know something is a foot. We will see what kind of sway all of those Montgomery and PG county gun owners have. I suspect not a lot.

    I am a MD resident by marriage and want out ASAP, but while I am here I will vote 2A all the way and anything I can do to derail these Busy Body Democrats (BBD) in this state I will. Hopefully this secession movement gets rolling and western MD can become real. From my bad typing to God’s ears.

    • As a former MD resident, I never knew how bad I had it until I moved to Michigan. All those controls were “normal”, and a whole generation is growing up there considering this level of infringement as not only acceptable, but “the way things should be.” That is the biggest danger of not contesting these states.

      • And what is the solution electing Frosh as AG and all the other leftards? That is what you will get if something is not done in the primaries. God help us all if the answer is relying on the MD Republican party.

  4. Screw Maryland and move to Virginia. This will accomplish several things. (1) you will have your Second Amendment rights restored; (2) You will counterbalance blue voters in Northern Virginia; and (3) since you are undoubtedly a taxpayer you will help drive Maryland into bankruptcy. Truly a win for the country.

    • yep, everything Maryland has to offer Virginia has also – great seafood, for example. There is no reason to live in the people’s republic of marylandistan.

      • No thank you. Virginia would tax the air we breathe if they could figure out how in Richmond. EVERYTHING YOU POSSESS is subject to Personal Property Tax. And if you own a car in NOVA, forget it. Everyone from the state to your landlord has their hand out for your pot o’gold on wheels.

        I’d rather stay here and fight, thankyouverymuch…

        • Geez. I live in northern VA and it’s not that bad. Arguing that taxes are worse in VA than in MD doesn’t make sense. We’ve resisted the bag tax that some counties in MD has. The personal property tax only affects cars, and it was almost eliminated 10-15 years ago. Yeah, NoVa is too liberal for me, but it’s still better than MD because Dillon rules preclude localities from enacting their own silly laws.

        • Maryland ain’t exactly a low tax state. I’ve lived in both states, and will never consider moving back to MD. But whatever, suit yourself.

      • NOVA isn’t really Virginia, anymore. Everything along I-95 is the battleground for freedom (except Charlottesville, which is just a blight)

    • Well Virginia now has Terry McAuliffe as governor and Mark Herring as state attorney general. The former is a carpetbagging idiot who, after trying in Florida and considering himself a resident of New York, got a job in VA. The fact that the lying Democrats funded and ran someone on the libertarian ticket to siphon votes from Ken Cuccinelli is telling. That is how Fast Terry won.
      Herrings first act as AG was to ignore the will of the people as well as the 9th and 10th Amendments and withdraw VA from the lawsuit to enforce the passage of a bill against gay marriage. Both are scum of the first rate. Virginia does not yet know the magnitude of damage these two knuckleheads will do. Too early to tell but I would bet the mortgage that it will not be good.
      Frosh was a state senator when I lived in Maryland and where I lived for most of my life. He was an anti freedom, hoplophobe then and still remains so. Funny but the background check requirement, in place in Maryland for quite a while, was ignored by many residents. A lot of ftf transactions took place in violation of this requirement.
      It is perfectly consistent with the liberal mind that a license requirement to exercise a civil right is a “common sense solution” when, in fact, it is a solution to a problem that does not exist. People who live in other states need to gift firearms to Maryland relatives so there is no paper trail. Unfortunately the idiots in Prince George, Montgomery and Howard counties as well as Baltimore City have the population in that state and control the election results. There is a slight move afoot for the five western counties to secede from the state and form their own. Outside of the locales mentioned above, Maryland is a completely different state, populated mainly by common sense, independent people.
      Good luck to Maryland. People need to vote with their feet and resist this tyranny.

  5. As a new citizen this is the first year I get to vote, and the Second Amendment is the only issue any and all my votes will be based on.

  6. I Believe MD is a lost cause for conservatives and moved to Texas. I am glad I did and pray for you and my friends in Maryland.

    • I’m also a former “Marylander” who got the hell out and moved to Texas. Every time I hear of another killing or shooting in what used to be the upscale Montgomery County as more and more gun rights get stripped, I’m glad I did.

  7. My oldest son lives near Baltimore. Works for an unnamed federal agency. Ex Army. He thinks everything is just fine. Cops on both sides. He’s bought into gubmint knows best. A whole helluva lot of people agree with him. Don’t give up the fight. My crappy state of Illinois is changing for the better.

  8. Is it just me or are gun laws in MD worse than what’s going on in CT right now? Where’s the outrage for MD?

    • gun laws in MD are not worse than what’s going on in CT right now, to be fair.
      also, what’s tempering outrage for MD is that every recent thing that’s happened in MD has been overshadowed by something WORSE in another state. MD’s anti-gun law last year got watered down a mild percent while NY’s SAFE Act gobbled up all the oxygen. so it goes.

      • Unfortunately our imbecile Governor MOM and the state gummint is in lockstep with the rest of the liberal coastal cabal, but definitely less ballsy. That’s why we always get little rage.

  9. Turnout in midterm elections is low. Get out, vote. Stop whining about the republican RINO or hyperconservative tea parti-ist, and the circular firing squad GOP in MD. The needle can only be moved one election at a time. A big turnout sends a big message.

      • Yes! let’s have a divisive and insulting campaign! Thats sure to win! Im sure everybody in Bodymore is happy with the crime rate and none of those tax hikes will squeeze high income Federal workers. All those state workers are sure to be pleased that Annapolis is cannot control spending and gutting pensions as a result. Real issues never sell well. Call people stupid welfare monkeys instead!

        • OK, so how would that be any different from what we have now? Those counties plus Howard vote overwhelmingly Lib, and the rest of the state doesn’t.

          Real issues never sell well.

          Well, you nailed that one. I’m not sure you know which set of cliches to use.

        • no. Romney got about as many votes as O’Malley two years prior (check). It’s the people who do NOT show up in off years that elect Democrats.

  10. the exodus began in the 90’s when Spendenning stole the governor’s election and their dimocrat corrupt court endorsed it. Ever since, many gunnies and other non-libtards have been leaving. Leave and let them go bankrupt.

    No one mentioned the rain tax.

    Md looks good in the rear view mirror. I’ve been out for 15 years – NC looks GREAT by comparison, in every way.

  11. The gun is bad. The white haired witch is worried about her son yet won’t protect him from an armed intruder.

  12. I’m afraid to even travel with guns through MD since they run tags through the system to see if you have a CCW.


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