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Night vision is expensive and annoying. Even after shelling out thousands of dollars for the latest and greatest in intensifier tubes, you still need to figure out how you’re going to get your existing optics to work with the new device. And then re-zero it. And then practice some more. It’s generally a pain in the butt. But for those who want an inexpensive solution to add some nocturnal capability to their rifle, NiteSite has a new product that fits the bill . . .

Nite Site’s new system is a set of devices that strap onto your existing scope and give you some basic night vision capabilities. The system is infrared-based, meaning it’s cheaper to produce but needs an IR emitter to function.

There are three parts to the system. The camera is attached to the eyepiece through the use of a rubber gasket that sets it at the proper position for the eye relief on your scope. The signal from the camera is fed to a screen mounted on top of the scope (or the side, or anywhere really) that shows you what your scope sees, and also houses the illuminators. And then there’s a big honkin’ battery that powers the whole thing.

The system seems to work as advertised, giving a pretty clear picture on the screen and adding only an extra pound of weight to the rifle. The trick will be getting used to using a screen to find your target instead of using the scope.

The system comes in three configurations depending on the distance you want to shoot. The low end model only works out to 100 meters, and they’re only selling that in Europe because it’s practically useless in the United States. On the high end is a 500 meter version, but the price point on that one will be damn near new gun money. There’s a mid range model, too.

We’ve asked for one to test and we’ll give you a full review once it arrives.

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  1. Great. Nothing like a brightly lit tv screen to really get the feel of night hunting.

    Why doesn’t it bluetooth feed into a google glass or something actually cool?

  2. When you test it, I would love to know how much the screen lights up the operator. If you can be seen at night while using your night vision, there’s not too much point to the whole deal. If the screen needs to be a certain minimum brightness to be useful and this ruins your ability to see where you’re walking, that’s another strike.

    • If you can dim the screen, they make hoods with an eye piece for the preview screen of a dslr camera. That and black tape would probably work fine if you find a hood that fit well.

    • Good observation. This has excellent potential for the night operator should it be coupled with a HUD or other type of goggle system . It would also allow the operator to aim and shoot around corners without exposing himself if it can also work with ambient light.

  3. $750 for the low end model? Are you nutz? I could buy a dozen rounds of .22LR for that kind of money!

  4. head mounted IRNV + IR Laser = winning.

    got to test some 14A behind a NV capable Eotech. nope…not even once. your vision is SEVERELY limited.

  5. Hey this device is bad ass. You can record your kill shot right to a digital camera or dvr. Its also a projection feed to that monitor from the unit. Once your sited in on your scope you don’t have to do anything to the unit to site in. It also fits on almost any rifle scope. That means you don’t have to switch your scope every time you want night vision. It also has a screen reflector that allows the light from the screen not to be seen. I have one of these and there is nothing cooler that blasting a coyote or rabbit in the middle of the night. Rechargeable and not only that cold or heat doesn’t eff with the unit. Your all missing out.

  6. It’s a scam. We saw them at a show with a demo unit. Know a guy that ordered this in Jan of this year and they wont even answer the phone, or emails. Beware its a scam!

    Bill Roland

  7. I bought the wolf model.if hunt on bait it’s not bad but e every time you switch it on you have to readjust it because the switch is on the camera / eyepiece that fits in to the scope. My rifle is in a bench vise and I’m still always fiddling withfe the camera to get the crosshairs centered.also I’m shooting out of a window and unless the whole gun is out past the glass you get glare from the window glass. At 10 below F. You really don’t want the window open all night.

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