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Hoosier James sends us his “Regular vs. Gun Free Days” carry from Everyday Carry.

Ain’t that cute? A keychain gun with a holster! Talk about the perfect gift for the gun person with a sense of humor.  Of course, speaking of humor, or lack thereof, I have no doubt the TSA would have no sense of humor about it.

For the regular days, he carries a SIG P229 with a Streamlight weapon mounted light. In a world where so many “tactical” lamps put out enough light to signal the Space Station, it’s nice to see someone who goes old school with a light more than bright enough to blind a bad guy but not bright enough to illuminate an entire room (and you, the good guy) as well.

We just had a story about weapon mounted lights. I’m agnostic on them. I think they have a better application in my world on a long gun than a handgun, but that’s me.  What are your thoughts?  Put them in comments.

Thanks again from Everyday Carry for sending these to us.



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    • Glock gives those tiny guns away like candy at SHOT. Always wondered what the TSA will say when I leave Vegas with a bag full of them. So far….nothing.

      • my partner gave me a similar one when she proposed to me on a necklace. When we were going down to melbourne for Jan last year airport security were almost jumping out of their skins about it. bloody tossers and loosers the lot of them. This was a domestic flight not even international

  1. While I can see the advantages of a weapon mounted light on a handgun. It’s not for me. I’ve trained for years with a hand held light and it works for me. I especially don’t want to have to buy new holsters with money best spent on more firearms and ammo. I do recommend a rifle/shotgun mounted light for night activities. Keep Your Powder Dry.

  2. I would carry my 12 gauge but it does not fit in my speedo holster. If you go anywhere you might actually need a firearm, take the 75th Rangers with you. Seriously, I have been caught without a firearm, turned out the guy had an aversion to a knife.

  3. Nice set up. I noticed that he carries the minimum, and I assume/hope he has a good knife. Love the mini gun. As above, ,9mm?

  4. Come to the light side…you can find cookies…and things that go bump in the night. Seriously, there are no agnostics in gun fights and no prize for winning with the least stuff. Carry as much or as little as you want. The only thing that’ll matter a year from now is who walked away an who got smoked. -30-

  5. I have a question for the well trained contributors to this section.

    I can readily walk around my house in the dark. I feel that the light on my firearm or my flashlight gives away this advantage I would have over an intruder as well as my night vision, my location and my movement. Is this a reasonable line of thinking? Are there over considerations beyond using the light for identifying intruder/not intruder. ?

    • I agree completely. I seeno use in identifying my position to to the bad guys. Yes its dark, the bad guys can’t see either. I never use a light

    • My 2 cents: A weapon light can be turned on and off, like any flashlight. Leave it off it you want to sneak around. You can light up the perps when you’re ready. Having the light on your weapon instead of in your hand means your other hand is free for reloads, holding a phone, opening doors, etc.

  6. Everyone has different requirements and tolerances. Nice P229, I will own one but not carry one. Fine home bedside gun – light combo. The WML, fine with me, at least it extends past muzzle. I prefer not one on my carry gun, no reason to point your weapon in that manner outside your home unless you are a LEO. I carry light separate. But if he is comfortable with that, who am I to criticize. Better to carry something than nothing like many do.


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