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Hunt Brothers’ Pizza has a better idea.  [h/t Torben]

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  1. For the win!

    But, if I may suggest making it a pepper-popper shape, with tabs on the lid so that it stands up all by itself? I’d eat nothing but pizza, if it came in self-standing 3-gun target boxes.

  2. Me Likey!! Me Likey!!! Great idea and helps the environment !!!!
    Hmmm, I can get a Huntbrothers pizza, sit down at my shooting spot, eat and shoot targets, and never leave my seat till I am done!!
    Yea definitely a great idea!!!!

  3. To be accurate, it’s Hunt Brothers’, not Huntbrothers’. Members of the Hunt family. Christian, pro-2A, pro-military, pro-hunting, bless them.
    Nonetheless, the pun is so delicious… It’s no wonder they ran with it.

  4. So we could reuse the box as a target, reduce it to shreds, and recycle the pieces? Sounds good! I give the idea a GREEN light!

  5. Sometimes it’s the simple ideas that are the best! I’d totally order a pizza from them too… saving the environment, one pizza box at a time!

  6. Hah, this recycling is in my opinion the best) It will not only benefit the environment, but also reduce the number of bullets from the owner of the weapon, bring him pleasure and make him do it even more often! Well, you need to buy more bullets)


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