Hunt Brothers’ Pizza has a better idea.  [h/t Torben]


  1. For the win!

    But, if I may suggest making it a pepper-popper shape, with tabs on the lid so that it stands up all by itself? I’d eat nothing but pizza, if it came in self-standing 3-gun target boxes.

  2. Me Likey!! Me Likey!!! Great idea and helps the environment !!!!
    Hmmm, I can get a Huntbrothers pizza, sit down at my shooting spot, eat and shoot targets, and never leave my seat till I am done!!
    Yea definitely a great idea!!!!

  3. To be accurate, it’s Hunt Brothers’, not Huntbrothers’. Members of the Hunt family. Christian, pro-2A, pro-military, pro-hunting, bless them.
    Nonetheless, the pun is so delicious… It’s no wonder they ran with it.

  4. So we could reuse the box as a target, reduce it to shreds, and recycle the pieces? Sounds good! I give the idea a GREEN light!

  5. Sometimes it’s the simple ideas that are the best! I’d totally order a pizza from them too… saving the environment, one pizza box at a time!


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