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“Gun looks totally sweet,” commentator Blake acknowledges at “Few things I see about it though. You put an ambi charging handle, and an ambi mag release, but the position of the ejection port makes it inefficient for a lefty. Looks like mounting it left shoulder would get shells ejecting into your cheek. Seems to me that makes the ambi controls somewhat obsolete. What a better idea would be is to get the ejection port mounted either further forward with a shell deflector, or underneath so they would eject down.” Details . . .

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  1. So they take a 10/22 and reconfigure it in such a way that:

    1) Mag changes are harder

    2) The difference in bore axis and scope axis is about 4 inches. So you can zero the rifle at 100 yds and not have it anywhere close at 25. Or you can zero it at 25 yds and have it 2 feet off at 100. Because everybody knows, when the zombies come, you are not going to be shooting over a wide range of distances.

    3) It looks a hell of a lot like they ripped off the design of the Magpull PDR, so much so, I wonder if Magpull’s lawyers have some questions for Red Jacket.

  2. I watched 4 minutes of this episode and turned it. .22 for zombies? please, how about a shotgun. This was the dumbest concept followed up by the stupidist creation.

    • aren’t shotguns kinda worse? you can carry fewer rounds, longer reload times ( baring topping off) and a slow fire rate. so lets say you have a saiga 12, Still carrying less rounds, ( both in rifle, and in your spare mags) not saying a .22 is better, but if it came down to a zombie event, i’d rather have the shotgun slung across my back, with a 10/22 with a primary if i really had to do it.

      ( if all else, i figure a 5.56 rifle feeding from ar mags. ( converted saiga 223) or a pistol caliber carbine in either 9mm or .45 feeding from glock mags/ 1911 mags respectively would be best in that situation from the scavenger aspect)

    • That’s not tru, a shotgun is horrible for killing zombies. They are loud inaccurate and have little range. (Unless you use a slug) plus the ammo is heavy and larger than a 22.

  3. I stopped watching this show looong ago, and still can’t escape the many f***tardations they produce. Every moron I meet that finds out I shoot has to ask “Derp didjaseethatawesomemachinegunwithaflamejobonsonsaguns herpderp?” Give me a break. They’re worthy of a youtube channel. Maybe.

  4. Red Jacket innovation:
    1. Take pre-existing firearm.
    2. Add pre-existing drop-in parts.
    3. Whine about how stuff isn’t working right and/or how someone screwed it up
    4. Call it a “Never seen before firearm!”

  5. “So it’s a 10/22 in an custom airsoft shell. This has been done ad nauseum.”

    Just go to youtube and you can see people were doing this years ago. I like Sons of Guns/Red Jacket, but . . . sometimes the show makes it look like they are doing something new when they are not.

    In the season 3 finale, they made a big deal about a piston AR even though that has been done for long while. Same w/ season 2 episode 2 where they made a reliable sniper rifle w/ an AK gas system – that goes back to the cold war and everybody at Red Jacket knows it but they also know that many gun n00bs watch the show.

  6. I’d say kick that up to a 556 or 7.62 and I’m all in. I just can’t see even magnum 22 long being any good for zombies, at least not as a main weapon, secondary or third. But, not a main weapon 🙂

  7. No thanks, I already have a 10/22. I went tacticool and got the tactical model.

    If I really wanted to jump the tacticool shark I would have bought the SR22 variant.

  8. Ok i think i might chime in on this one, if you do your homework MagPul can be seen on the likes of all the Big Dog Colt Reproducers including, LaRue, Daniel Defense, POF, SIG, BCM, and the list goes on including RJF, so if i were a betting man, being the plastics company that MagPul is, and the relationship that’s already standing with RJF, i would make a guess based on gut instinct that they are the MFG Co. for the ZK-22. Lets think about it for a second and when we do it actually makes sense. Majority of us grew up with a 10/22, Hell for most of us it was probably our first firearm, now a days, we start off kids with a little less firepower for a little less responsible generation. Airsoft. SO if this platform (MagPul PDR) exhists within airsoft and when the little turds make the jump to something real and DAD decides he’s not gonna blow his little pumpkin off, a .22 is a great choice. And with the vast knowledge that our youth has of the internet and TV they are gonna see that neat little Zombie Gun on that AWESOME SHOW! DAD BUY ME THAT! To me this is not a ripoff of something that has been made already, but simply a chess game of playing into 20 minutes of fame and capitalizing from it.

  9. Red Jacket=Orange County Choppers. Over the top attitude with bolt on parts, that even I can put on, and I only have one working arm! Someone smack the Bee-otch, please!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH yeah and smack stephanie also.

    • That is uncalled for.

      They are imperfect humans seeking the American dream and do FAR more than bolt on off the shelf parts.

      This bull-pup was designed in house and rapid prototyped. They are now manufacturing these and selling them to the general public.

      • Yeah, all this without having an FFL (having to use someone else for their FFL license). I would really defend them.

      • lol how by deciveing people the p90 stock has been out for the 10/22 they make claims they build stuff custom but its been out for years

  10. Red Jacket ZK-22 Bullpup Rifle “The Ultimate Zombie Gun” (But Not for Lefties)?

    Well, in the famous words of the Will Hayden, self proclaimed world reknown gun expert and sniper, “Learn to shoot right handed. It was good enough for the Marine Corps for 200 year.”

    • hes a liar they dont do shit custom the taser shot gun been out for years the “masterkey ” been out for years and your right how can a gun expert not find a papa namboo but a regular joe smoe can lol and the p90 has also been out for years these people should be sued for stealing peoples inventions

      • The point of their taser/shotgun was to have the shotgun be semi auto… was a twist of an existing idea.

        The shotgun/rifle was to have a semi auto shotgun that can hold more than 3 rounds. Once again, twist of an existing idea.

        They’re not “stealing” them, they’re taking ideas and giving their own little twist. But they do market their idea as “revolutionary” which is dumb

        • Ok that pistol that folds up and can be carried by a handle was definately Magpuls idea first. They found an airsoft version of it and said tgey made the first “working weapon system of its kind”. Thats a crock of crap. Anybody who knows anything knows Magpul made it first

        • I don’t think I’ve seen that episode. I assume you mean the Magpul FMG? If so, you’re wrong, Magpul did NOT do it first. Eugene Stoner did with the Ares, then the Russians with the PP-90, then Magpul with the CONCEPT of the FMG, Magpul never went into production, at most they have working prototypes.

  11. It is a 10/22. You can’t move the ejection port. The best they could do–and they probably should have–would have been to create a cheek rest/case deflector on the right side, so that a left-hand shooter would be able to rest his cheek above the ejection port to prevent a blockage. Hot brass in the collar? Yes, please! (Well, I suppose they could extend the hypothetical case deflector straight down …)

    And if you’re going to create a cheek rest/case deflector on the right side, why not do the same on the right, but with a battery tube (a la Magpul ACS)?

    ETA: Well, the reason is that it would make the manufacturing process much more complicated. RJF doesn’t seem to excel at complicated processes.

  12. People that know nothing about guns should not chime in on gun topics. Its a 10/22 Kruger, how the hell do you plan to make it eject on the left side? And who cares, I prefer non ambidextrous guns being a righty. The only people that cry about this stuff don’t even own guns. And if your a lefty, find another gun, cause the RUGER isn’t changing any time soon

    • QUOTE: glenn says: April 25, 2012 at 18:50
      “People that know nothing about guns should not chime in on gun topics. Its a 10/22 Kruger,…”

      I never heard of the 10/22 Kruger. Did you mean the 10/22 Ruger made by Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc.? FLAME DELETED

  13. all of you cry babies out there claiming RJF steals everybodies designs need to understand its a television show. I repeat (TELEVISION SHOW) it has to get ratings to stay on the air. RJF’s have been in business long before this show came along and will continue to be long after the show is cancelled. The employees do what the producers of the show want or they get cancelled. yes they are riding out their 15 mins of fame but they also produce some very nice guns. As for the FFL license issue it had nothing to do with bad weapons practice it was a problems with paperwork. Joe and a few of the other guys took over so that the show could continue until issues could be resolved. With the publicity these guys are getting, don’t you think if they have stolen anyones patented ideas that these companies would have already come forward. the gun in question here was redesigned and made more ergonomically correct. but if you want to stick your firearm in an airsoft frame and call yourself a gun builder feel free. Clears up a lot of idiots from the gene pool. Sounds like theres a lot of you out there that are just a tad bit envious that you aren’t getting your 15 mins and feel you have to bash others. If you were so good you might have your own show but until then just shut the F*#k up and let others enjoy this one.

    • So stealing ideas and claiming they are your own is okay if it’s on television? Okay, that makes sense since most of the television/movie industry today have little or no ethics. The Sons of Guns reality show reminds me of the factious documentary ‘Inconvenient Truth’ on global warming by Al Gore. I believe Al Gore received an academy award for it. But Sons of Guns really resembles a Michael Moore production who gave us the factious documentaries ‘Bowling for Columbine’ and ‘Fahrenheit 9/11.’ It fits right in with distorting the truth for profit.

  14. rjf is just doing what most people posting can’t. Why can’t they put their own spin on the 10/22 market? Most of you judgmental types have no good ideas of your own. So when something new comes around it easy to put it down to cover up your bad choices in the past…LOL

  15. Okay let me start by saying I work at Red Jacket Firearms as a Design/Engineer and am the lead designer on this project with Joe. I have also designed for DARPA, Magpul, and other firearm companies. 

    Since the episode aired there have been over 30 revisions to further refine the design. At this moment in time, the molds for the body are being worked. There should be a few thousand available by the end of November in Academy Sport stores. There were orders from distributors that proceeded online sales. But both will be fulfilled simultaneously. Since there is minor assembly that needs to be done “in-house” before your stock shows up, it may seem like it taking forever. But just be patient, you don’t want the stock, you spent “good money” on to be rushed through assembly and slapped together “half-ass” like it was made by some teenager… And neither does the guy before, or after you. 

    The gun itself was originally conceived of by Joe. While I was there shooting episode 8 of season 2 (the Gatling 12ga episode) I spotted a dusty airsoft P-90 that Joe had cut-up for his 10-22, seven years ago. I told him we could easily take that design and refine it, into a real product. Having the oppurtunitiy to design at Magpul,  I  know how to create a great product (by the way to those of you that think it looks like the PDR… well I worked with that project too). I am a left handed shooter so that takes priority in thinking during the design process. After Joe and I talked about it, he decided to let me pursue the design of it. We both love the P-90 but didn’t like certain things about it. There were other things we just wern’t fond of. Joe and I went through what (we felt) the gun should have. The gun that was on TV, wasn’t ever supposed to be used in the show. We had just gotten a “rough draft” prototype made, to see if we liked it. A few days later it was being filmed for TV. We didn’t even had a solid idea of everything we wanted incorporate into the design, at that point. So after the show I started refining the design.

    Currently from the outside, there are a few changes from what you have seen. There is now a drop safety in the trigger, QD sling attachment points on both sides, a rear bottom sling slot, a wider charging handel, a removable ejection shield (for left handed shooters), Magpul 7 slot side rails, and serial number window. Internally you can now fine tune your trigger pull. Although it is a “drop-in stock”, it feels so solid you might think it’s one piece. The trigger pull feels solid and is as short as the regular 10-22. The ergonomics are greatly improved over the P-90. You don’t have to smash your face into the stock to see through the sights, the front hand hold better fits your hand,  it was slighly lengthed to feel more comfortable and the ejection port cover doesn’t allow the gun to “spit” in the face of left handed shooters ( I have put a few hundred rounds through it, and the shells fall in the space between your right arm and the gun). It also accepts most magazines. I say “most” because there was one “very old” Butler Creek “rip off” magazine that Joe had that would get stuck every once in a while. In the end, I know it looks like everything on the show is glued and duck taped together, but we actually have legitimate people with real skill working here, so don’t believe everything you see on TV. This is the first of many more quality products coming from Red Jacket Firearms. 

    Thanks, Brian

    • Has anyone actually received one of the pre-orders that have been promised in Fall, Late November , late December , 2013??

      I appreciate all the updates and design changes but some accurate shipping dates and updates would be nice. a “few thousand in Academy stores by end of November” – seriously? How about filling the pre-orders first? Mine was within the first 200 and I have got nothing!


  16. Not totally knowledgeable on the .22 LR per se. Shot them all my life but really not seriously figured them into a must have caliber. I DO know the .22 WMR to be a very serious round. Takes flat shooting out to about 125 yds, moa. Will drop yotes and the like on the spot with a head shot. So, why not a .22 LR at slightly less distance. I think it deserves a closer look. Also with cost, stockpiling ammo, and probably long term availability in case of a SHTF event, I AM taking a second look. Also dont know how some of the new loads specifically for .22 pistols will weigh in. Seems finally all the powder gets burned on a short barrel. Unlike my .22WMR 4.5″ barrel where you would scare the h*** out of an assaliant an night with the fireball from hades due to unburned powder coming out of the barrel.
    Truth be known, in my experiences with rimfire, you dont want to make fun of these new loads, velocities, expansion capabilities. They arent your dads rimfire loads. Im going for the bull pup on a new ZK 22 bull barrel 10/22 with great expectations. I can absolutely vouch for the small cal lead traveling at around 1000 fps and tell you that you do not want to be on the wrong end of one of these little demons.

  17. Another toy by the RJ folks. I have heard few good reports on anything they do. I like the CNC VMC episode where Joe tried M30 to start the spindle. M03 start spindle clockwisw, M30 end and reset program. What a joke or staged performance. These guys do more bad for the gun culture than you know. Why not ever talk about the 2nd Addmt, They are all about taking money for shotty work. The AR receiver that the radius on the deck wasn’t done properly was probably their attempt to machine their own vs. use a Mega with the RJ logo rolled on it. I watch to laugh and roast them. They would not last in a real shop more than a month. Joe is book smart, Vince is the real leader, Flem has some armor experience and that is all. TDC is a joke and so are their reality soaps.


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