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I was walking around my friendly local Walmart the other day waiting for a prescription to be filled, and I noticed something missing from the gun rag rack. Not less than two weeks ago I purchased the latest issue of RECOIL magazine from this very location to see what all the controversy was about, and I can clearly remember there being as many spare copies as any other gun rag out there. But now I don’t see it anywhere, despite the magazine proclaiming that this copy should be on display until 11/13/2012. I was under the impression that RECOIL was good to go for at least one more issue, so I’m wondering whether central command ordered it pulled from shelves, or sold out and hasn’t got a replacement yet. Have you guys seen this too?

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  1. I hope they don’t kill the magazine because of what happened. Recoil is great and I will continue to buy if they continue to print.

        • They fired him to save face (and mostly money), not because he didnt represent the magazines core values. If they had immediately fired him after his botched “apology” then maybe I would think differently, but when they waited a couple days and realized that people werent letting it go, then Im guessing the owners gave the Recoil suits a call to come to the home office, where they said to can Jerry so they dont lose any more money over this. How many people at that magazine had to read that article before it was printed? They’re all guilty, and frankly who needs antis when you can get a pro gun rag to print your propaganda for you.

          They saw that they had shat directly into the industrial sized fan, and it was coming their way. Better to cut Jerry Tsai loose and maybe people would forgive or forget.

  2. I guess it isn’t better to ask forgiveness than to ask permission…

    I wonder what the first thing “Recoil” feels after it shoots itself in the foot?

  3. They’re what – five issues in? There is no brand identity. Trash the RECOIL brand and image and relaunch the paper under a new name. Gun guys have a long memory (just ask Bill Ruger and S&W).

  4. I was walking through Barnes and Noble the other day and noticed a huge stack of Recoil magazines next to all the other usual gun magazines. It looked like it had barely been touched. I didn’t change that.

  5. Saying that Recoil is Too Good and should be saved is like saying a Co. is Too Big to fail.
    Failure is reacted to in two ways:
    The Gen. Wainwright way “Failure hurts. Learn what went wrong, make appropriate changes and get back in the fight.”
    The Bill Clinton way:
    I did not fail. If I failed it was Your Fault and you need to take responsibility for the failure. Poor Me, I’m the victim, so you must re-install me to my proper position (above you).

    The 1st reaction is an ADULT RESPONSE
    The Second is an Infantile Response
    Make your choice

  6. I thought they were switching to a monthly format soon?

    Magazines in general sell pretty well here in Washington state. The general population is pretty literate, even if it’s just to drool over all the pretty pictures.

    And my wife wonders why I still keep my Dad’s old copies of GUNS&AMMO alongside my old issues of EGM…

  7. They have enough to remain self sustainable for a few issues without advertiser support. Perhaps someone at the Walmart decided they didn’t like “sporting purpose” and didn’t reorder the magazine.

    I think the gun world went on a witch hunt to be honest. We have people like Ted Nugent who, to be honest, does an excellent job at making us look like a bunch of gun loven twats. If you wanna go on a witch hunt, start with Nugent, then Wayne LaPierre, and well see where that goes.

    As for RECOIL, I loved the modern edge it gave gun porn. I’m so sick and tired of all the other rags with the same neck beard elmer fud garbage.

    “Oh lookie here, we got our selves a $6500 rifle that shoots 6.2mm-longneck-swiss-parabellum-see-saw-slovak. Each round cost €3.78 and lookie here… We shot off ten rounds at 100yrds, look at that sexy news paper grouping. Checkout out this deer. Yee haw boys. Got me some ‘spensive paper hunting going on here. Oh look! A picture of a fat old white guy with a grey beard. Yeah, thats a 1911 you cant afford. Awesome aint it?

  8. The reaction to RECOIL from the “Community” pissed me off more than the dumb thing the guy said, watch out, this community witch hunts like none other, god forbid TTAG says one dumb thing and the same could happen here.

    I’m glad no one’s recording and watching every-little-stupid thing I’ve said.

    • Writers for this site (myself especially) have said dumb things. We acknowledge our mistakes, make corrections and move on. RECOIL was dragged kicking and screaming to stage 2 and, thus, won’t make it stage 4.


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