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When I was a younger man, I remember when then-President Ronald Reagan got called on the carpet for arming freedom fighters in Nicaragua. Reagan armed men and women fighting to overthrow the communist government of Daniel Ortega. Oliver North took the fall for it. Partisan Democrats did their best to use the clandestine program to damage Reagan’s administration, despite his huge successes at bringing down the Soviet Union and communism.

Today, America under President Obama doesn’t arm anti-communist rebels. Instead, the United States has armed Islamic jihadists in Syria sending them weapons from Libya as far back as 2011. That occurred under Hillary Clinton’s term as Secretary of State.

Yes, that was a year before the Benghazi fiasco when Hillary and Obama left those four men to die at the American consulate. The very same president who has acted unilaterally to disarm the American populace while sending small arms and other materiel to Islamic radicals.

Why should that surprise us?  This is the same administration that literally gave guns to Mexican drug cartels under Operation Fast and Furious. Hillary, of course, denied any knowledge of weapons shipments during her tenure as Secretary of State when she was questioned by the Senate under oath in 2013.

Fast forward to today:  Julian Assange tells ‘Democracy Now!’ that he has leaked internal Democrat National Committee emails containing information on the weapons shipments to Syria.

So, those Hillary Clinton emails, they connect together with the cables that we have published of Hillary Clinton, creating a rich picture of how Hillary Clinton performs in office, but, more broadly, how the U.S. Department of State operates.

So, for example, the disastrous, absolutely disastrous intervention in Libya, the destruction of the Gaddafi government, which led to the occupation of ISIS of large segments of that country, weapons flows going over to Syria, being pushed by Hillary Clinton, into jihadists within Syria, including ISIS, that’s there in those emails.

There’s more than 1,700 emails in Hillary Clinton’s collection, that we have released, just about Libya alone.

Maybe those emails will jog Hillary’s memory. She certainly seems to have a hard time remembering key moments in her past.

The People of the Gun, however, have sharp memories. They tend to remember Benghazi and how Hillary has vowed to degrade or destroy their Second Amendment rights. And they tend to vote accordingly.

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    • You’re supposed to wait til the actual election is over, period. If you’re discouraging people from voting trump you’re helping clinton win, period.

      But I don’t believe she’ll win. I live in the heartland of the liberal left. The San Francisco bay area. Yesterday I saw my very first Clinton bumper sticker.

      I shit you not. It was one of those Clinton for Prison stickers that I’ve only seen on the web til yesterday.

      Not a single pro clinton sign have I seen.

      • Yeah, from what I’m seeing Hildebeast’s enormous lead is entirely fabricated. I’m in the bluest part of my state and don’t see any support for her even (or maybe especially) from the Bernouts.

        • Spot on Eric. I’m in the willamette valley just south of Portland. I’ve seen more Trump stickers than hillary stickers.

        • Even Fox puts Trump down by 10%, so unless Fox is working for the DNC I’d say the election looks hopeless at this point.

        • Last I checked, polls only represent a possibility unless you poll the entire or an incredibly large majority of the population.

        • “Even Fox puts Trump down by 10%, so unless Fox is working for the DNC…”

          Fox also said Rubio had it in the bag. And Romney… And McCain…

          Yep, bunch of fortune tellers there at Fox News.

        • Here in rural Ohio, I’ve yet to see any Clinton signs, stickers, shirts, etc. I’ve only seen one Bernie bumper sticker, and it was on the back of a teenage girl’s brand new Toyota. Trump, however, is literally everywhere.

          • Support for Trump/Hillary in your zip code =/ the rest of the country. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but HRC’s lead is not fabricated and Trump will lose by historic proportions. His death spiral has only begun and it will get worse from here. And it is his own fault, not a conspiracy by the media, not underhanded tactics by HRC/DNC, not fake polls, etc. etc. There is only so far a candidate can get with no organization and no coherent policy platform, all the while making one incredible fuck up after another (hint, its the primaries).

      • I work at one of the many warehouses owned by a giant online retailer. I have not seen on single pro hillary item come through, but I see everyday pro trump stuff come through. Take that for what it’s worth.

      • We are so screwed if you really think that is going to happen. She is going to win by a landslide…and the only votes that count will be from the rooftops.

      • If you go to reddit and search donald trump you get the top 3 donald subbreddits with hundreds of thousands of followers. Run that same search with hilary Clinton and right now her top 3 subbreddits have a few hundred followers. They must have just changed their search algoritham, again, because the hilary_for_prison subbreddit with twice as many followers (close to 60,000 as of yesterday) as any other clinton subbredit is mysteriously now gone from the search results. Correct the Record has been seriously active on reddit and they still cant hide the raw numbers.

        • Correction, reddit did not change their serch engine you have to enter hillary with 2 ll’s to, my error, to see that hillary for prison has something like 56,000 subscribers while hillary for president is ridiculously low 25,000 in comparison. Trump has close to 200,000 subscribers in the donald.

    • Oh yeah because Jeb “Illegal immigraiton is an act of love” Bush, or any of the other cucks could stand against the media/Clinton, right? Just like McCain/Rommey (and had the court not ruled in his favor) Bush did, right?

      Get over it the age of “cuckservative” is over as it should have been a long time ago.

      Leftists will always hate us, time to fight to win rather then fight to be liked by people and groups that hate or are indifferent to us, our culture, values, goals, and Liberty.

      • So maybe you can explain, since you seem so fond of the word… in this context, what does “cuck” mean? I understand its a shortened form of “cuckold”. But that means (historically) someone who is tricked into raising a child that isn’t theirs (due to wife’s infidelity). More recently it has become a term for a type of porn where men are aware of their wive’s infidelity and often participate or observe, and get some form of sexual pleasure from that.

        So when you refer to Jeb as a “cuck”, and refer to “cuckservatives”, besides coming off sounding like some sort of mental defective, what exactly are you trying to get across? Is it an actual accusation that Jeb’s wife tricked him into raising another man’s children? Or is it just a general insult? I just don’t see the relationship, usually insults relate somewhat to behavior. Woman treating you rudely? Call her a bitch (comparing her to an ill-mannered dog, or originally, suggesting she was as promiscuous as one). Man acting effeminately or cowardly? Call him a fag/homo/sissy to suggest that he is a woman, or a homosexual. So I’m honestly curious what behavior on the part of Jeb and mainstream conservatism relates in some way to being cuckolded? It just seems like a such a stupid word and the context its being used in makes no sense to me, and I’ve seen it explode out of nowhere in the last maybe 5 years. Honest questions here.

    • So, how long have you been on the Clinton election team? If you’re a quitter, then maybe you should move to Europe. They quit a long time ago.

    • Trump can still win. There are a lot of “shy Trump supporters” who don’t announce their support because they fear being attacked by violent leftists, having their cars keyed, or being stigmatized by the Clinton News Network narrative that Trump supporters are baby killers or whatever. The same thing happened in the UK with Brexit. It also tends to happen there in parliamentary elections (Shy Tories) because the Left dominates the media, entertainment, and academia.

      None of the primary candidates was perfect. Maybe if you could create an alternative universe version of Rubio who had never sold out on immigration and who didn’t implode during the most important debate of his life. Trump has defects for sure. But Clinton is even worse. She was almost indicted by the FBI a week before her convention. She won her primary thanks to the fact that her cronies ran the DNC and rigged it in her favor. She also has botched everything she’s done in government, especially Libya. In my opinion, she is a much worse candidate than our guy who just says stupid things sometimes.

      • People all over the world Join hands
        Start a TRUMP train, TRUMP train
        People all over the world Join hands
        Start a TRUMP train , TRUMP train

        The next stop that we make will be soon
        Tell all the folks in Russia, and China, too
        Don’t you know that it’s time to get on board
        And let this train keep on riding, riding on through
        Well, well (back to the 1st verse)

    • Absolutely. Trump is loud, obnoxious, ignorant and not smart enough to play political hardball.

      Both Kasich and Rubio could easily beat Hillary. Kasich led her in the polls by double gits head to head. He and Rubio are moderate and electable. A hard core no compromise right wing candidate cannot get elected in the US. Sorry.

      The only way Trump can beat Hillary is to step down and let someone else try to prevent a clear winner, it would then go to the House of Representatives..He might also win if aliens abduct the democrat candidates.

      • “Both Kasich and Rubio could easily beat Hillary.”

        Yet Trumped smoked them both… Neither could win their own party, but somehow magically could dominate in the general. Hell, Cruz smoked them, too.

        But by the power of cuck math, Trump has no chance.

        And you’re smoking something, as well

        • Trump was a dancing monkey that amused the media in the Republican primary and got overwhelming and suffocating coverage. Once that was over, they predictably turned on him, and what we’re seeing now is the result.

        • That has a lot to do with cross party appeal. The argument is that Kasich appealed to a more moderate segment of voters, and thus would pull more of the Democrats and Independents who are unsure of Hillary than Trump can. Additionally, Kasich would have secured the establishment Republicans, who are giving Hillary a long look. Whatever you think of them, they are still voters and _every_vote_counts_.

          Yes, Trump picked up a majority of Republicans. But, Republicans =/= The Entire Electorate.

        • The moderate is more likely to win the general huh?

          Romney-Ryan in a landslide, right?

          Sorry, but I don’t believe this magic middle of the road R, who brings the D’ and R’s together in the general is more than a myth.

      • No, you see the cuckservatives cuck too much. And their cucking something something cuck Lyin Ted. Cuck.

        Trump- 2016

    • Wow! Somebody who still believes the propaganda spewed out by the leftist media. If Hillary and the leftist media thought Trump cannot win, they wouldn’t be attacking him with such ferocity. Hillary wants conservatives to be divided, for it is the only way she can win. Obviously, it is working, for some of the people on this blog are falling for it. Trump may not be a polished politician. Many of us would have preferred another candidate. But, with our two party system, the next president it going to be either Hillary or Trump. That is a fact no matter if you like it or not. If Hillary wins, the Bill-of-Rights, the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 6th amendments, are gone forever. We know this, because Hillary has told us what she intends to do. Short of a civil war, revolution, or violent insurrection, we cannot fix what Hillary has planned for us. I don’t know about other people in this blog, but I would prefer to not go there. Trump may say some stupid things, the press may twist everything else he says, but he is what we got. Either you vote for Trump, or it is a vote for Hillary, period.

    • Hey, I voted for JEB!

      Hell of a lot of good THAT “candidate” did. Riddle me this, Batman – what GOPe candidate were we supposed to support?

    • As a serious cyclist, I’m offended at the comparison of the Reagan horse with the Obama bike. I’ll leave it at that.

    • +1. Clinton is so unpopular a ham sandwich would have beat her. Instead the worst of us voted in the unstable ignorant Trump. Giving us the choice between tyranny or insanity. Clinton takes the government because Trump’s fools gave it to her.

      Next time, If there is a next time, The U.S. Constitution over som clowns ego, please.

  1. “Reagan armed men and women fighting to overthrow the communist government of Daniel Ortega”

    Just wow. Reagan sold arms to Iran and gave the money to the contras.

    So really, Reagan armed Iran.

    But.. but.. Axis of Evil. 🙂

  2. Well I voted for Ted Cruz-and he lost. I’m stuck with Donnie. If the hildebeast wins their will be a freakin’ civil war… Trump/Pence 2016. Hillary for prison…can we still impeach Bury Soetoro?

    • We could if we had a conservative majority in the House and Senate. (/sarc)

      It would be an interesting exercise to see what would happen Constitutionally if he were impeached and the Senate trial ran past his Jan 20 2017 date in office. I’d buy tickets to watch that.

        • Well, best I can figure, it’s kind of like voodoo, it only works if you actually believe it.

        • It should be obvious to anyone who has followed presidential elections for more than one or two cycles that primary season is different than the general election. Primary voters tend to pay more attention, care more about issues, and lean towards the more extreme viewpoints of their respective parties. It is entirely possible for someone to dominate the primaries by catering to extreme views and then lose horribly in the general when regular folks are watching and asking what the hell happened while they were watching Dancing with the Stars.

        • He couldn’t beat Trump because vanitity candidates with no shot of winning hung in there forever, siphoning off votes and handing Trump plurality-based winner take all victories where he piled up delegates. At the point Ted dropped out, Trump delegate count and popular vote count were lopsided.

          Add in that many of his actual voters were first time jackwagons who aren’t going to show up in November, or Democrat crossovers just nominating the weakest Republican before voting for Hillary in November, and you have a phony “victorious” Trump.

          So, yes, Ted would be dominating by now.

        • The amount of sheer clairvoyant which takes place on during an election cycle never ceases to baffle me. Everyone has the inside track.

    • Dream on walker. There will be no civil war. What you should say is “America will be Europe”. But with Kardashians. Nobody outside of our echo chamber gives a shot. Literally 99% of this country. You need to get out more.

      • Gee whoever the he!!you are I WAS out today. At a very busy gun counter in Morris,IL. Where several people were buying guns. One was buying his 1st gun. After he had gotten CC. And he was loudly pro-Trump. Along with everyone in line. Do you suppose this guy(who is ex-military) wouldn’t take kindly to a hildebeast regime? You probably have a retarded opinion of Illinois residents that we all live in Chicago and vote D…duh.

        • You live in an echo chamber. A few Chris Dorners here and there might cause a little damage and then be put down like dogs. The only possible civil war inducing action the government could take is door to door confiscation. Which Progressives are much too smart to undertake. Their war will be much slower and more insidious. Your Civil War 2.0 is a fantasy. Progressives are playing chess. You are playing checkers.

        • Dorner was a leftwing whiny be-otch psychopath. Akin to that coward lunatic who murdered 2 live on TV. And I’m around other types than evil white men-they’re unarmed pu##ies…wearing gray.

  3. Reagan armed the Afghan rebels who would eventually become al queda. We armed the Soviets in WWII ect. ect. That’s just geopolitics, you place your bets and spin the wheel.

    • It’s the way of the world since a long time before gun powder. A very long time. The world is never going to join hands around the campfire and sing Khumbayah.

    • Your overall point is valid, but just as a point of fact, the mujahedeen became the Taliban, not Al Quieda. Big difference.

  4. POTG must hold their noses and vote for Trump. Unfortunately, there isn’t any choice.

    After the election, it will be a whole lot easier (if necessary) to get rid of Trump than to get rid of Hillary and her minions.

    I think there would be little resistance if Congress found a reason to impeach Trump.

    That would leave us with Pence, who I think would support the 2A.

  5. It has started. Patriots are starting to hunt down Islamic extremist supporters. Referring to New York Imam that was shot today.

    Someday, the politicians will admit a religious war is happening.

    • “That’s not what America is about,” said local resident Khairul Islam, 33. “We blame Donald Trump for this … Trump and his drama has created Islamophobia.”

      Yeah, Jihadist attacks on the WTC (twice), San Bernadino, Orlando, Ft. Hood, the Boston Marathon, Chattanooga, and all those jihad beheadings in the Middle East had nothing to do with it. It’s Trump I tell ya! Trump!

      The more they talk, the more I despise them.

    • Since there are zero details, we have no idea what the motivation happens to be because that particular two they shot were from Bangladesh — not exactly ISIS territory.

  6. I’m not sure what’s more goofy that helmet or the fact that Obama is riding a woman’s bicycle…

    As for the rest of it, whatever. Our government does all sorts of shady/ill advised stuff and gets the occasional black eye when they get caught.

    The interesting thing to me today is the poll that Breitbart had commissioned Gravis Marketing to do in New York.

    Unsurprisingly HRC beats Trump in a very blue state but it’s the internals are extremely interesting. Shockingly large numbers of Hispanics and General Democrats jumped ship for Trump. 21% of Democrats at 40% of Hispanics said they prefer Trump. Compare that to 2012 where Obama got 89% of Hispanics and 95% of Democrats in the State.

    Bottom line: If that trend pops up in other States HRC has a big problem because the coalition that elected Obama has splintered to the point where she would be neck and neck or losing to Trump. Oh, and the fact that Johnson and Stein appear to damage HRC way more than Trump.

    Regardless of what Larry Sabato over at UVA says there’s a long way to go in this race and Clinton is going to get a run for her money if Trump can pull it together and stop tasting shoe leather once (or more) a week.

  7. Hillary Clinton is probably the most anti-gun candidate ever to run for president on a major party ticket. Remember when Smith & Wesson revolvers were beautiful? Now they have those awful “Hillary Holes.” She has praised Australia’s gun confiscation program. Even if she could never pull that off, you can be sure that she will push as much “common sense gun control” as she can. Our friends in New Jersey, Massachusetts, and California know how the “drip, drip, drip” of relatively minor gun control regulations eventually hollows out the Second Amendment. You can be sure she would not miss the opportunity to take advantage of crisis happens to break the news on a given day. And of course she would pick a Supreme Court Justice like Ruth Bader Ginsberg to replace Scalia.

  8. As I suspected. This is not a case *for* Trump. This is a case *against* Hillary. I have yet to hear a case *for* Trump.

    A couple of weeks ago on the Meet the Press the host asked a guest to make a case for Trump. The guest immediately started talking about Hillary. After a minute or so, the host interrupted and said, “I understand the problems people have with Hillary. What is your case *for* Trump?” The guest sat there perplexed for several seconds, said, “Trump is a good leader,” then immediately began talking about Hillary again.

    It’s a sad state of affairs.

    • Fine, hate Trump. Still vote locally so we have a firewall against Hillary. If they win the House and Senate because people simply stay home they we are forever lost in many ways other than guns

    • 1. Trumps SCOTUS picks

      2. Trumps foreign policy. No more free money and weapons just being handed out willy nilly. If our allies want protection they’re going to have to pay. If we’re gonna be world police, then we damn well better be paid.
      3. Illegal immigration. Trumps border wall and deportations will take a huge voting block away from the DNC. If left unchecked, illegals will eventually turn Texas blue, then the GOP will never win the presidency ever again.
      4. He’s at least, given more lip service to the second amendment than the last 4 GOP nominees combined.

      • Thank you. Seriously, do any of you whiners actually pay attention to what Trump says? His policies have been quite clear.

      • I went through the policy positions on Trumps website and to be quite honest, they are all attractive to me. Who knows how much can get done.

    • Judge Trump by his enemies.

      His enemies include illegal aliens, Muslims, progressives who are so far left they would elect a criminal like Hilary Clinton just advance their cause a little further, BLM, federal bureaucrats, the Republican leadership, faux conservatives and their organs, globalists, Saudi princes, the Chinese finance minister….he seems great to me.


    • “…I have yet to hear a case *for* Trump.”

      He is *not* Hillary.

      I can make another case even if it is kinda weak….

      When Trump Wins a whole bunch of people are going to remember how the government is supposed to work and then figure out the President is more for show than for work.

  9. Reagan was a fucking idiot and enacted some of the worst gun control out of any president.

    • Gee, I was getting lonely. Glad to see I am not the only one who thought Reagan was an idiot.

    • You can say that Reagan was an idiot because you weren’t alive during the Carter administration. If you were — as I was — you thought that Reagan was a god.

      And he was.

      • + 100

        I remember waiting in line and pushing my car to gas pump and his famous “Wear a sweater” for people he had no home heating fuel among other things.

        I predict that Hillary would be worse than Carter

        • Do forget we had to drive 55 mph cause the Saudis decided to punish us for Israels’ war. Today, without a nickle from the government, and thanks to fracking, were awash in 2 buck a gallon gas and Saudis are burning through their cash reserves. Payback is a bitch.

        • “Today, without a nickle from the government, and thanks to fracking, were awash in 2 buck a gallon gas…”

          Well, except for the billions of nickels in subsidies given to the oil companies, of course.

      • Even God makes mistakes (mosquitoes, house flies, Kardashians), it seems we could allow Reagan to have made a few. He may have been wrong on the Second Amendment issues, which were not a big political Dem/Repub issue at the time, but he was a whole lot right about a whole lot of other things.

        The Republicans fought tooth and nail against a Reagan presidency and they have not nominated a decent candidate since. Including Trump.

        That said, Trump at his worst, unless he turns out to be a total Trojan Horse, will be better than Hillary on her best possible behavior.

        • Mosquitos are not a mistake. They are there to help keep the human population in check through malaria.

          The others were mistakes, though.

        • Machine guns are $20-50k and none allowed to the public for those made after 1986, because Reagan made it happen.

          I’m sure Carter was worse than Reagan, but I’m no fan of Reagan.

      • You can say that Reagan was an idiot because you weren’t alive during the Carter administration.
        I was alive during this era and still thought Reagan was an idiot. I did vote for Ford over Carter previously because I thought little Jimmy had no sense of reality. Ford versus Carter was not a great choice either.
        Carter was about as bad as Obonzo.

    • Reagan is also the only reason you own a gun right now. The conservative revolution that came along with the Reagan era beat back decades of liberal dominance in politics, that came shocking close to their ultimate goal. What Reagan did, with Goldwater in the 60s, even though that election failed, was a great turn around in a American politics. If it wasn’t for that movement, the GOP would’ve been history by the 90s, and America would be a one party system by now, and civilian gun ownership would’ve been toast.

      • Hendley, don’t Bogart those ‘shrooms…

        Banned open carry as a Gov, took away my right to buy new auto-guns as a Pres.

        To quote Hawkeye Pierce, “With friends like that, who needs enemas?”.

        • Like I said, if you didn’t survive the Carter era, you have no idea how good a President Reagan was. And if you did survive Carter, you’d kiss Ronnie’s @ss.

        • I survived Nixon old chap. I’m quite familiar with the actual history of that era.Thank you very much revisionist-history troll….

      • Reagan is also the only reason you own a gun right now. The conservative revolution that came along with the Reagan era beat back decades of liberal dominance in politics, that came shocking close to their ultimate goal. What Reagan did, with Goldwater in the 60s, even though that election failed, was a great turn around in a American politics. If it wasn’t for that movement, the GOP would’ve been history by the 90s, and America would be a one party system by now, and civilian gun ownership would’ve been toast.

        I’m going to need some sources.

  10. A long time ago I noticed there was no such thing as an anti-war movement in the United States.
    Anti-war democrat leaders like Bernie Sanders supported President Bill Clinton bombing Serbia for 70 days killing thousands of people. Serbia did nothing to the United States.
    Under Obama American soldiers are still sent there as an occupation force.

    Do democrat leaders have their children in the military????
    Does Obamas children attend Jr ROTC????

    Donald Trump is the only anti-war candidate.
    And if anyone is wondering, what was the libertarians position on the bombing of Serbia or the invasion of Hati????
    What did Gary Johnson say back then????

      • Committing genocide as the Serbs did in Bosnia is not very Christian so I fully support bombing the Serb military for it.

        • I’m glad you admit the world policemen of America killed people with no vote in congress authorizing this unprovoked act of war.
          Thank you for your honesty.
          Just because others are killing each other does not require American lives be put at risk.
          Germany did not bomb pearl harbor Japan did on 7 dec 1941. We only declared war on japan. If Germany had not declared war on us the national socialist would still be in charge in Berlin.

          I have noticed only when white Europeans are being killed will leaders send other peoples children to war and not their own.
          Genocide in Africa does not count. They are the wrong color.

          Thank for your honesty.

  11. Reagan armed Jihadis in Afghanistan, people just have poor memories. Reagan also supported Saddam with money, weapons, and even American advisors, as they were best buddies.

    • The country was in the toilet under Carter. Reagan turned it around. Yes, some people have poor a memory — and some people have no memory at all.

        • The only thing more idiotic than purchasing a sofa on credit is purchasing it at 23% interest.

          I would’ve rather set on a garage sale lawn chair.

        • RockOnHellChild, in the Carter years, nobody could afford a new sofa except on credit, and people paid whatever it took to replace the one with the springs popping out.

          America was hell under Carter. That’s why people who, like me, suffered under Carter think so highly about Ronnie.

      • Reagan started us on the unsustainable path of doubling the National Debt every 8 years. Remember when the number was just under $1T? It was when he took office. It was what, $2.4T when he left? Grew the government by over 300K employees, to 5.3MM. It’s highest level to date, which Clinton ,of all people, actually got down to 4.2MM-ish.

        The original RINO, who may have been a great orator, but was the groundbreaker for a roaring-’20s theft of the wealth of the middle-class, selling fools the utter nonsense that it would ‘trickle down’. Instead it flooded up, and continued ever since. The insanity seen on Wall Street (which is now merely a casino), and the next banking crisis (just around the corner) are courtesy of Reagan’s insane deregulation.

        I was there too Ralph. Read the WSJ with my grandfather every day. He often railed the economic peril we’d be in today if we stayed on the path we’re on. He lived through last Great Depression, raising kids. He didn’t forsee the tech, but he could run the numbers in his head. He told me it would turn into an 8 year boom/bust, and the gov would print it’s way out as many times as it could before it all blew up, and those who should be jumping from windows for losing millions, would not only be bailed out, nor see jail time. They’d be kept in place, since they are the only ones who know how to keep the illusion in place.

        • the groundbreaker for a roaring-’20s theft of the wealth of the middle-class

          Sorry, but no. After Carter, there was no middle class. It was done all done. I lived through the Carter period as an adult, when the country was on the balls of its @ss. Reagan saved the country. Everybody made money in the 80s, not just the uber wealthy. Anything else is pure unadulterated leftist revisionist bvllsh!t.

        • “He didn’t forsee the tech, but he could run the numbers in his head. He told me it would turn into an 8 year boom/bust…”

          Your grandfather was right. However, you can thank the Fed, which came into existence when Reagan was four years old, for that.

          Go ahead, tell me ANYONE is rationally going to propose getting rid of the Fed and not get nailed to a cross politically.

        • Oh, so lower taxes is theft from the middle class, but 20% mortgage interest rates and hyper-inflation aren’t? No wonder Republican fiscal-hawks keep getting elected about every ten years like clockwork to undo leftist econ policy failure. I guess when all that QE money the Fed polluted the bond market with finishes leaking out into the general economy over the next several years & wages fall as prices for everything else increase along with interest rates, whoever makes it to 2020 with a plan to undo Hillary’s taxes & fed reserve corruption will be both a shoe-in and have their work cut out for them.

        • I remember Carter quite well. He’s the reason I had to leave college for a while because netiher I nor my dad could find a job that paid enough to keep me in school. After Reagan was elected and during his term, I made more money than I did in all the 90’s and early 2000’s. My dad in those 8 years (6 really) made enough to retire on. And we aren’t (were) the rich, just working class engineers. I also remember the 20% home loans that he brought us. I paid less taxes too. Carter’s economic policies were a complete disaster.

    • Reagan supported Iraq because Saddam was willing to send millions of Iraqi draftees to fight the Iranians. To a draw.

      The enemy of my enemy, etc., etc.

      • And yet, when you choose to turn an enemy of your enemy into an ally, your support translates to moral responsibility for what that newfound ally will do. In case of Saddam, it was things like gassing the Kurds.

        • Sometimes the analogy of breaking eggs to make an omelet applies.

          The older I get, the less I think the US needs to stick its nose in other country’s affairs.

          And yes, I’m fully aware there is true evil in the world, and people will suffer and die because of it.

          In modern times, I believe WWII was the last ethical war to fight because of the wholesale slaughter in the concentration camps. What Germany did in the eastern war to Russia was equally atrocious.

          You’re better educated on world history than anyone I know, int19h. What percentage of what you have learned by being raised in the old USSR have to do with that?

        • So Iraq did have weapons of mass destruction! !!!
          Anyone can build them. Many Germans after WW2 did settle in Iraq and other Arab countries.
          The Arabs were Hitlers allies. And Germany supported the Arab uprising in 1942. But the British suppressed it.
          How would the war would have changed if a million Arab fighting men were added to the German side?

  12. Let me tell you about Reagan. I got a job with the feds during the Carter years. At Xmas, New Years and other holidays we had parties in the fed building while we were on the payroll. Booze, weed and other goodies while we were on the taxpayers time.

    Wild parties that would put the Romans to shame. I’ve pulled Jack Daniels out of the bottle with congressmen and Federal judges.

    That all ended when Reagan took office.

    Take that for what it’s worth.

    • So they didn’t trust you enough to share their blow?

      The ’80s? Under Reagan? Wasn’t a Judge, DA, Lawmaker’s kid who wasn’t the go-to guy when you needed a last-minute 8-ball for the highschool party – they’d steal it from their parents’ stash because they knew they’d never miss it. Of course back then, the cops would drop off beer and liquor for free, just to make sure they knew where you all were, and were safely off the streets.

  13. Oops, goes above…

    Never mind. Post I replied to was deleted. Here’s more about what really happened with Iran Contra…

    Depends on how you parse it.

    A gloss-over would say that we sold arms to Iran and then gave the money to the Contras. Which didn’t> exactly happen. What did happen is the money from arms sales was diverted to a third party, known as “The Enterprise”. The US Gov’t then sold the guns to “The Enterprise” who then sold them to the Contras.

    I would wager that the author didn’t know that, so in a sense, you are right. But, if you’re gonna get actual-factual, the reality is Fedzilla sold them arms – just via a third party. Who was established for the sole purpose of selling the Contras guns.

    • And we sold them TOW’s that didn’t work. Sold them F-14’s and refuse them spares. Then sent Sadam in to handle the lite work. No wonder Iranians are pissed off. So we’re giving them the means to build nukes.
      Don’t think it’s gonna work out for us.

      • I know why we were there, but in the 1960’s when we invented Molten Sodium/Thorium Reactors (and even ran one for a year successfully!) we should have been developing that tech like there was no tomorrow – inherently safe (If you stop a pump the reaction stops by itself) low radioactivity, plentiful (easy to refine) fuel, no high-level waste.

        Instead, we have needlessly given tens of Trillions of our nation’s wealth over the decades to a bunch of goat-humping primitives, who are still killing each other over religion. So that instead of power that really would have been too cheap to meter, and keeping the ME the bunch of animals living in dung-huts that they should be, we have enabled the enemies of the entirety of Civilization itself to obtain the tools to destroy us.

        Just to keep the bomb machine running. Which we have almost completely dismantled.

        Fortunately, the Chinese have been able to see the future beyond well-connected oilmen making some short-term cash at the expense of our Nation. Like many things, if we have any money left, we’ll be buying that tech back from the CCP. Or maybe the Russians or Indians. They’re all spending development cash on ironing out the details of another government screw-up.

        • In fairness the US has continued to develop – admittedly at a low level – nuclear reactor technology over the decades.

          Pebble bed reactors and accelerator-driven subcritical reactors (which can also be used to “burn down” nuclear waste) come to mind, along with any number of alternate fuel cycles and, of course, molten salt and their liquid-metal cousins.

          All of them had and have their own issues that need to be worked out. But they all have one thing in common – they’re not what we developed for subs, so they’re new and untested in large scale installations. Given the US nuclear regulatory framework, anything other than what we’ve been doing is a complete non-starter no matter how good it looks.

          Which is truly stupid and nearsighted.

  14. The contras were terrorists just like our friends in Afghanistan that later became al Qaeda. Let’s not add any false virtue to the geopolitical chess game that was the Cold War.

    • No shit. Not exactly “freedom fighters” if their goal is to replace the communist boot heel on the people with their own.

      That said, we might as well have them on our side if the nation insists on being a backward tyrannical shithole (e.g. Libyan policy before the fall).

  15. I would have happily voted for Rand Paul had he gotten the nomination – I’m not really happy, but Trump will get my vote.

    • yup…voting 2a – not for Dump the man. he is an awful person, and will be a horrible leader.

  16. Anyone get the impression that the first several seasons of Archer were basically a documentary of Hillary’s State Department, up to and including “illegally conducting foreign espionage without any oversight or permission whatsoever” ?

    Oh, and you still have a handful of borderline-pornographic ads lousing up your site, TTAG; way to be responsible stewards of the gun culture

  17. The two pictures tell us everything we need to know about the characters of Reagan and Obama. One was riding a horse (looks like an Arabian) without a safety helmet. The other was riding a bicycle with a helmet.

  18. >> President Ronald Reagan got called on the carpet for arming freedom fighters in Nicaragua. Reagan armed men and women fighting to overthrow the communist government of Daniel Ortega.

    From the testimony of a former contra fighter Edgar Chamorro:

    “The CIA did not discourage such tactics. To the contrary, the Agency severely criticized me when I admitted to the press that the FDN had regularly kidnapped and executed agrarian reform workers and civilians. We were told that the only way to defeat the Sandinistas was to…kill, kidnap, rob and torture”

    Not to forget about Afghanistan, of course. US had a choice of many commanders in Afghanistan to fund, and that, to a significant extent, affected the future of the country. So, whom did they choose to support predominantly? The scummiest of them all, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar:

    And then there was this:

    Reagan’s cult of personality in US is truly amazing, that so many people to this day seek excuses for all that crap, because of how high his pedestal is in their mind.

      • “Prospered under Reagan”

        The US is a centrally planned economy now? The president makes decisions that decides the path of the economy?

        What is this, a communist country?

        • exactly….thus the problem with Dump….i do not recall, ever, a candidate whom uses “I” so much where “we” is appropriate – and who appears so dumb. I wanted to find something to like about him, but Trump has a horrible, spoiled, NYC off-putting personality and he will make an awful president or diplomat. A good politician, by definition, makes deals – give and take – not all “take”, and this guy does not seem capable of that. i am voting 2a, so he has my vote (i am not voting for “him”), but he, i am sure, will lose because he is such a spoiled loud mouth douche who insults women (and everybody else) when he would be punched in the mouth anywhere else. And, he seems bent on setting up a kingdom with his spoiled kids and their families as royal appointees. i hate Dump, but i will vote 2a – what a MESS.

    • Thank you inth19h! I didn’t know the exact commanders chosen for the funding of the anti-Soviet actions in Afghanistan (and frankly, I’m not that well-versed on that conflict) but I DID come here to offer a corrective to the “freedom fighter” narrative of the contras. If being a freedom fighter involves raping nuns and killing schoolteachers- or vice versa, depending on the mood- plus getting lots of money, well, that sounds like a great job for those sociopathic enough get it!

      Also, the convenient “forgetting” of the funding source for the money to the atrocities in Nicaragua, the complete glossing over of a LAWLESS and IMPERIAL executive literally defying congress and lying…

      This level of propaganda is more fitting of a Soviet op/ed, not of TTAG. Supporting Trump on HIS merits IS hard, no doubt about it, but if TTAG REALLY wants a pro-Trump column to rally the forces- send me an email.

      Don’t try to revise history and hope I won’t notice. We may have photoshop, but we also have digital forensics.

  19. Hey, did anyone see that Soro’s Open Society was hacked and that he was pulling the string on Hillary involving Albania? Doesn’t seem to be a lot of it in the news.

  20. The news media is tampering with the poll numbers to discourage Trump voters. They’re helping her out as much as possible to show her in a positive light while sweeping the negatives under the rug.

    • yes the fix is in. how else could you stop such a credible candidate? the gop is fucked for a thousand years thanks to its embrace of this buffoon.

  21. I’m hoping someone pops out of the bushes with a microphone and says to us “Surprise, you’re on Candid Camera! Thanks for being such a good sport, now let’s show you the REAL Presidential candidates and get on with things like civilized adults.”

    But at this point I kinda doubt it.

    …at this point, I honestly can’t decide which is worse. One is all but guaranteed to strip our rights away, the other is as likely as not to start World War 3.

  22. So for all the whining by the closet libs here, my takeaway is that Reagan armed enemies of our enemies, and Obama is directly arming our enemies (ISIS, neo-Al Qaeda, Mexican drug cartels). He also despises cops and supports criminals that commit heinous crimes. Sounds about right for a black Democrat.

    • and Taliban, who brutalize women and harbor the spoiled coward A-rab Osama Bin Douche, are our friends? There are no saints here…

  23. Amazing photo shop jobs barry’s staff does. First they tried to make it look like he could actually shoot a gun and now they’ve made his training wheels disappear.

  24. After reading some of these comments and breaking out Google and a calculator, I can say I’m happy to see more widespread use of computers in retirement homes.

    We can learn so much from our history.

  25. Enough of the coulda, shoulda, or woulda.

    It is all so simple.
    Trump or Tyranny.

    For those who want to waste their vote on a 3rd Party or write in that has zero chance of winning
    all you are doing is giving Clinton a leg up.

  26. I truely believe the current polls are a deliberate allusion. For two reasons. First, if people think their candidate has no chance they are more likely not to bother voting. Second, people won’t question it when Hillary wins.

      • Try again. Those other things were provided by third-parties. The funding however was provided by the proceeds of the Iranian arms sales.

        Amusingly, a second TTAG writer digs even deeper. 🙂

      • No need to try again when I got it right the first time. Facts. They are real. Apparently They are not your friend. But please keep stamping your little feet.

      • Ah yes, a demonstration of the Dunning-Kruger effect in real time. Pro-tip: working for the government does not make one a geopolitical expert.

        If you can’t be bothered reading the entire Tower report on the affair, just read the wikipedia article instead of reveling in your ignorance. 🙂

      • You read a report? That’s precious. I remember watching the hearings live, and then working in Nicaragua teaching their police and national guard. Oh, and if you had actually read the report, which clearly, you didn’t, you would have read that the US was unhappy with the slow progress of buying through intermediaries, so they stepped up their game, providing the funds, providing the weapons to the seller who was on the CIA payroll, then assisted in the transportation of those weapons, as well as the money used to pay for them. The US government was literally at every side of the table. And that’s when they got caught.
        Troll better.

      • “(on the payroll doesn’t mean an employee, brah). ”
        Your pattern of argument is so predictable. When you lose an argument, you change the argument. You said the US didn’t arm the Contras. You now admit that the party that armed the Contras was on the US government payroll, so you change the argument to “wasn’t an employee”. Keep up the losing. The more you type, the more you box yourself in and reveal your stupidity.

  27. Yeah, Reagan also literally armed the Taliban, greatly expanding arms aid to the mujahideen to stymie the communists. Were they freedom fighters?

  28. North’s indictment was vacated since he testified under immunity. He really didn’t take the fall for it, he made a career out of it.

  29. If you have a (D) after your name, you’ve foisted upon the U.S., in unbelievable heaps, a pile of human trash as representatives, and the problem isn’t with them, it’s the (D) a-hole voters, who are an ignorant and evil scourge. The rest of us just have to outlive a few more Woodstock gen a-holes, and a civil war, and we’ll be fine.

    • The last (R) we had in the white house had a GWB before it, and he and his cronies, got us into the longest war in american history on two fronts after the largest security failure in american history, costing trillions of dollars, igniting a global heroin crisis, all the while positioning the global stock market for the 2008 financial crisis. It was literally the worst administration ever. Forget (R) and (D), stop trying to divide our countrymen, its much more about the haves and have nots at this point than anything else.

  30. By the way it was voters with an (R) after their name that, in all their infinate wisdom, decided to put Donald Duck Trump up against the gangster queen bitch of the century. If you guys had any smarts, there were half a dozen other people who could have stolen all of Bernies supporters and even given the true Hillary fans cause to consider, but no, you gave us a reality tv star who wants to build a fucking wall between us and the country that is probably single handed as responsible for our farmers still being in business as anything else. Fucking brilliant.

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