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I just got off the blower with Gary Veitenheimer, co-owner of RayCo Armory. I asked him about the article at targeting the Merchantville, New Jersey death merchant (JK). Gazza says it’s been a ballistic business bonanza. “The phone’s been ringing off the hook,” the shopkeep reports. “Our email blew up. People who’ve never heard of us are checking us out.” I asked Veitenheimer which firearms he was selling as a result of the unintentional endorsement. Self-defense handguns? The query was met with a derisive snort, followed by a heavy sigh. “This is New Jersey. About 70 percent of our business is LEO (Law Enforcement Officers) and 30 percent are hunters and competition shooters . . . I can only hope that New Jersey recognizes our Second Amendment rights someday.” With friends like anti-gun store crusader/zombie DyAnn DiSalvo, maybe . . .

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  1. Good for RayCo, may their tribe increase.

    This part I don’t get: About 70 percent of our business is LEO (Law Enforcement Officers) and 30 percent are competition shooters

    Aren’t there any hunters in NJ? Once upon a time, there were a lot of deer hunters in the Garden State, most of whom hunted in Pennsylvania. PA once was the deer capital of the Northeast. Is it still?

  2. I am VERY glad to hear that they are doing so well. NJ used to have a very strong hunting tradition. My grandparents’ generation hunted most of northwest NJ (Hunterdon, Warren, and Sussex counties). But now being the most densely populated state in the nation, much of the land has been developed and built on, and the few pieces still open are “open space” parks, or golf courses, or have access tightly controlled by one of the few private “rod & gun” clubs that still exist. The house I grew up in was bulldozed flat over 20 years ago to widen a highway. The farm I grew up next to has been divided up into parcels for a church, strip mall, baseball field, office complex, and a subdivision full of $750,000 houses. As to hunting in PA? Every December, allegedly the world’s 5th largest armed body of men and women assemble in the woods and fields of PA to hunt deer (at least that was what I was often told several years ago) Estimates for the 2010 season were that 750,000 folks were out on the first day)

  3. I hope those police are buying some .9mm pistols to better protect and serve DyAnn. God forbid anything happen to her, when the police finally get there in 10 minutes, she better feel secure.

  4. I’m betting DyyyAhhnn DiSalvo’s maiden name was Chambers. She likely picked up her trade of authoring children’s books while employed some years ago as a Boston barmaid.

    Has anyone else enjoyed the exquisite irony of DyyyAhhnn’s last name including the word ‘salvo?’

  5. Heading over there Saturday. I’m buying something and telling him it was the TTAG post that brought me there.

    Dy Ann has a new record coming out it seems and it looks like she put her name in the news to generate some buzz. If you’re into liberal rock it might work for you.

    • I just called them. Sounds like business is brisk despite the stupidity that is New Jersey. Should rename my mega-hit-flop “Dial 9-11 and Die” to “Dial 9-11 and DyAnn” for some extra exposure. (No connection to 9/11, was written in ’91)

  6. Guys thank you so much for your support! As if its not hard enough to run a small business in this state/country let alone a Firearms/Ammo store in NJ, we need all the support we can get, especially when Liberals feels its their right to make their opinions other peoples problem. I was already approached by a half a dozen people telling me that we are welcome in this neighborhood and that someone who has only lived here for 10yrs has NO right fighting on others behalf without first being asked of their opinions. Just so happens their was a 2 other gun stores in Merchantville, The most recent being a little over 10yrs ago, But I guess she just missed that store.

    Thank You

  7. Glad to see that this article has little bearing negatively towards the store. I do have to chime in that you should not blame Liberals. I myself am a gun toting Liberal and in full support of your store and the constitution. If we are to generalize like that, then I could say Conservatives are more than willing to force their opinions, particularly about religion, abortion, etc. down our throats as well.


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