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According to (unofficial home of OFWG), Robert Church (a.k.a., Slim Jesus) is the “Funniest looking f*cker in the rap game, claims to be hood as f*ck in his music videos (bragging about his “gang” and guns), yet in an interview shortly after Drill time he said he’s legit as f*ck and doesn’t do anything illegal, but talks about his friend nearly going to prison, which doesn’t count for f*ck all.” I beg to differ . . .

Ii think it’s wonderful that Mr. Church publicly eschewed gang banging. IMHO rappers who depend on their street cred for, uh street cred are promoting and lionizing criminal violence as a path to fame and fortune. It’s good to see an artist acknowledge that the “guns, dope, cash and bitches make me gangsta” thing is an act, at best. At worst, a horrible role model for people stuck in poverty.

Anyway, Mr. Church’s new video (above) dropped last week. More of the lame same: GLOCKs, drugs and stack o’ cash. Here’s the 2015 interview in which Mr. Church comes clean about being clean.

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  1. Peripherally about the truth of guns, but otherwise this is a subject I’m not interested in. I’m not complaining, just reporting.

  2. What’s the point of this article? Is it so you rag on rap and not get get called racist bc he’s white? I’m sure most rappers are hypocritical, but they produce a certain genre of music that is appealing to teenagers.

  3. In my line of work we would refer to “Slim Jesus” as a “P*nk A$$ B*tch”, but I’m ‘old school’.

  4. I really, really hate trap. Hip hop has fallen so far in the last decade. I miss Dre.

    Whitey should really decide if his G-lock is a 40 or a 9, cause he says it’s both in the top video. Regardless, you don’t look hard AT ALL with a bunch of dumbasses in your video with their faces covered and rocking Hi-Points. Please, just stop it. Your whole crew with everything you have won’t even touch most redneck, blue collar guy collections.

    Ok, I’m done, before I say something really bad.

  5. I hope he lives long enough to learn and grow enough to regret the life he’s living now.

    But I doubt it.

  6. I will try to put this nicely, the glorifying of drugs and violence and the dehumanizing of their/our women in the hip-hop black community hasn’t helped there culture at all it has brought on a stereotype that isn’t unjustified , black youth gobble this s$!t up before they no any better and it ends up the same as it ever was.

    • Cigarettes are banned homie. This twink would get his wig split and then passed off and passed on.

  7. Give Robert Church a nice pair of footsie pajamas and a cup of hot chocolate and he could talk about getting Obamacare.

  8. i was “singing” (you call that singing?) what i thought was a supersuckers tune called “hey ya.” gosh did i feel dumb when the kids and wifey informed me that it was a cover of an outkast/ andre (ice cold) 3000 hit.
    so i watched the original video and had to admit that the damn kid is adorable.
    but the supersuckers rock that shite.

  9. Well, this is kinda useful. The image of “gun culture” that the anti’s are “against” is kinda this. We know that ain’t real, but here’s an artiste asserting that it’s all an act.

    “Oh, you mean that made-up stuff?”

    Another response, after they go off about thug life or whatever…

    “Oh, I’d be against that too, if that were us. But we don’t do anything like that, that’s why I’m for actual citizen gun ownership. You know, peaceful, responsible people, protecting themselves very rarely, when they really have to, and otherwise mostly good, clean fun.”

    Don’t accept their premises; state your own. Don’t let them frame the argument; frame it yourself. Don’t let them characterize you, your peeps, or your POV; present yourself as you are. Don’t defend an absurd position, just because they’ve said you are like those people; throw the boneheads under the bus where they belong and reframe the opposition as joining you.

  10. Heh, TTAG whines about artistic expression but gives a platform to Force Science Institute which literally makes a living dropping pseudo-scientific justifications for cops who preach about protecting and serving but don’t live that at all.

  11. Does anyone else remember Alex Karras on Saturday Night Live? I guess they couldn’t get a band that night, so Karras and Jim Belushi were introduced, “And now! From New Canaan, Connecticut, A Coupla White Guys!”

    Karras and Belushi, dressed for golf on a suburban patio, burst into, “We’re white guys! And we take no crap, when we deliver our white rap!” It was the funniest thing I’d ever heard. That and Da Turdy Point Buck are the only worthwhile rap performances ever.

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