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“For nearly a millennium, Cologne has been associated with its Cathedral, its twin spires featured prominently on every imaginable thing – including the ubiquitous tall glasses serving the revered local beer, Kolsch,” R.W. Dooley writes at “In the 20th century, the city became known for its easy-going, fun-loving nature, a city of warmth, hospitality and tolerance – and its wild Carnival.” And now . . .

Now, this ancient city on the Rhine is famous around the world as a place where gangs of drunk “foreign” men sexually assaulted hundreds of young women and terrorized them while police, outnumbered and unable to intervene, turned the victims away – sending them back to the very men who were victimizing them.

It’s heartbreaking – for those women, and for my city.

Notice that Mr. Dooley put the word “foreign” in scare quotes. That’s because it’s scary to say the words “Muslim refugees” in connection with pubic disorder, especially in regards to sexual molestation and rape. Readers might be tempted to think that allowing one million Muslims into Germany wasn’t such a great idea. And once they’ve stepped onto that train of thought the next station is mass deporation. Or worse.

Yes, there is that. The last time Germany had a problem with “the others” amongst them it didn’t end well for millions of Jews. Nor Germany, it must be said. This is the unspoken history hanging over Germany’s “foreigner problem.” Like the rest of his countermen, Mr. Dooley’s is reluctant to confront the solution — and I use that word advisedly — head-on.

Many of us in Cologne and other German cities do not see the assaults as a justification for reversing Germany’s open-door policy toward refugees. But we do believe that those who committed these crimes should be prosecuted and, if convicted, sent packing.

Thankfully, amid all the voices crying out to close the borders, there are those who believe, as I do, that lumping together all recent arrivals with those who committed these acts of violence is simply wrong – and it only serves those who want to ban all refugees from Muslim countries, and the far-right who would like to kick out anyone they deem a foreigner.

Which brings us to armed self-defense. Where is it in this discussion? Nowhere. Where should it be? Center stage.

Germany’s plight is a perfect illustration of the reverse of the expression “an armed society is a polite society.” Citizens who are powerless to defend themselves against “the bad element” amongst them — be they Muslim refugees or native-born Germans — turn to the government for protection. If the government is unwilling or unable to do so, as they were during the mass sex attacks, the people elect a government that is. And how.

Let us not forget that Germany disarmed all her citizens before World War II, not just the Jewish population. By the time the Nazis assumed power, civilian disarmament was well under way. The Socialist Party took advantage of the Weimar Republic’s firearms registration process and continued disarmament, until all dissent was neutralized.

And then bad things happened.

Could we see a repeat in modern Germany? A dramatic turn to the left (yes, left) leading to totalitarian rule? Absolutely. If, on the other hand, Germans reclaimed their natural right to armed self-defense, they could create a safe space (not to coin a phrase) where they could eventually learn to live with their Muslim inhabitants. And vice versa.

Will Germans put up with Muslim criminality, turn to the government for protection or take it upon themselves to defend themselves, individually, against lawlessness? We’ve already seen part of the answer, as bands of Germans have taken to attacking Muslims. Regardless of what color shirts they’re wearing, that’s a Santayana of not good.

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  1. Funny, “sharia law” mighta fixed that.

    Funny too, haven’t heard of anyone fleeing here (U.S.) in droves. Ever.

    There are a lot of un-sh_tty places in the world, and if we’re not careful, muslims will wreck them too.

    You could say that’s bigoted, but FU.

      • In recent discussions, folks have said to me “not all Muslims/refugees/North Africans are rapists.”

        True. But all THESE were.

        Face all the women victims who have had their lives shattered (forever) and explain your position to them.

        • Is it just me, or does anyone else note the brainless response of the progressive? Not all mohammedians are rapists, but let just one gun owner make a mistake and all gun owners are subject to clamor for gun confiscation?

          “Only error requires government support. Truth will stand on its own.”
          – Tommy Jefferson (a long time ago)

    • I realize Conservatives have a mortal fear of watching foreign news media as they at all costs are worried they just might enhance their education in regards to what is not only going on in the world but what is going on in their own country i.e. the U.S. You mention no one is leaving the U.S. in droves, well you are obliviously not aware that many professional people, engineers, doctors and recently graduated college students are doing just that, leaving the U.S. for good and not looking back.

      One American Doctor interviewed on France24 News is now living in Italy and says he will not return to the U.S. because of the lawsuits that made being in the Medical Profession in the U.S. just to costly for him. France24 News interviewed a former American woman who says that although the cost of living is high in France she now considers herself French and is enjoying the superior social benefits of being a French Citizen such as free health care, free medicine, free education for her children (in the U.S. graduating students often owe over 1/4 million dollars) 4 weeks vacation the day you start work, 2 hours for lunch and a work week that is less than 40 hours long. Many students in journalism are now working abroad as well as recently graduated teachers who cannot make a living at the low starvation wages and union busting tactics such as the shenanigans pulled and passed by the current Republican Governor of Ohio Kasich who destroyed quality education in Ohio to save money.

      In one story featured on French24 News the French workers at a Home Depot type store in Paris were protesting they wanted more Sunday work because in most of the city it is illegal to work Sundays except in areas that cater to tourists. Why did they want to work on Sunday? Well this will change your mind about how great America is to live in. In France those workers are paid the equivalent of $33.00 an hour to work on Sunday as compared to the worker slave state of the U.S. were Home Depot workers, Wal-Mart troglodytes etc can only hope to get part time work with no benefits and few if any holidays. Many U.S. troglodytes are now working 3 minimum wage jobs and still qualify for welfare so they can keep from freezing to death in the winter or starving to death. All this is proves that welfare people far from being lazy sponges on society are actually out there working. The filthy rich get the tax breaks so that the worker slaves must foot all the tax burdens to pay for what little social programs the U.S. doles out at an obscene miserly rate.

      The good news is that with the large influx of refugees from war torn drug gang South American countries are now working illegally in the U.S. which makes crooked U.S. Businessmen ecstatic because they have a large pull of slave labor who works for less than minimum wage with of course no benefits. Illegals pay into Social Security which bolsters it because they are not edible to collect it and they do not get tax refunds on the taxes played into State, Local and Federal governments. Think about that next time you bad mouth illegals. Now you know why Republicans and Businessmen want no immigration reform, they would lose too much money if a worker guest program were passed making them pay at least minimum wage and worker’s comp and other benefits,

      • We’re not ignoring you-no one thinks Euro-socialism is sustainable or workable. That 33bucks an hour has to come from somewhere. And I’ll keep my guns and my modicum of freedom thank you. Thanks for trolling!

        • Strange German Socialism under Bismarck in 1886 has been doing just fine for well over one hundred years. I think this proves Socialism is quite sustainable.

      • “…You mention no one is leaving the U.S. in droves, well you are obliviously not aware that many professional people….. are doing just that, leaving the U.S. for good and not looking back…”

        Do you not know what the word “droves” means? Sure you can always find a few isolated people who leave the US for France (I’d be curious to find out how many have previous ties to France) but people certainly are not leaving in “droves”. I know a lot of professional people. Not one of them or anyone they know has ever mentioned leaving the US for France. Some work abroad with their companies, but plan on coming home. A friend of mine had to do a stint in France as that’s where his parent company was located. He couldn’t wait to get back to the US.

        • The word “drove” is precisely the correct word to use. Many younger people who have indeed been sent overseas do not come back when they get a good taste of the tremendous social benefits of some of the advanced European countries and the plethora of holidays (usually at least 30 as compared to zero for most working class Americans) and the long vacation time (4 weeks the day you start work). Not to mention free National Health Care and free Education for themselves and their children. Many have told me the relaxed work atmosphere is such a welcome change compared to the harsh, dictatorial, and cruel and part time hectic work pace in American where worker protection by unions has all but become extinct and the resulting low wage worker slave culture that is a horrific result.

          And ever notice how many American News Commentators are now working in as far away countries like Japan and even China let alone the many that now work in Europe such as France24 News and DW News.

      • The oft quoted figure for student loan debt is an average of $30k. I think that is low considering one semester at a state school is starting to cost around $20k on average. But $250k is quite high for an average and is a number typically left to people who become doctors, lawyers, or continue on through graduate school (and even then that is high depending on the program).

        Hell I messed around for 6 years in college and ended up leaving with $80k in debt. That’s nothing to sneer at but my longer than typical stay still nets me at 1/4 of that $250k.

        • My heart goes out to anyone that has to pay back that much money and remember if you had lived in a European country you would not have owed anything. Remember too we have tens of thousands of kids that have given up on college altogether because of the debt they know they will have with no guarantee they will find a job in their chosen fields. Lets face cold hard facts if small European countries can finance higher education do you think the U.S. which is many cases is 50 times larger could not do the same if it were not for the Republicans who blocked even Obamas attempt to give a small amount of money towards tuition fees for college students.

        • It’s hard to say you don’t owe anything or aren’t on the hook for anything when your taxes subsidize your and everyone elses education.

          That doesn’t excuse the state of things here where IMO many kids are being sold on the lie that they need to go to college and less attention is given to trade school. So what you end up with is lots of students like me who can’t cut it in or have no interest in a science field going for liberal arts degrees who end up completing college to just get something for their money. IMO the whole things is structured to make money rather than focus on education and it discourages and heavily penalizes quitting so you end up with a gazillion people in liberal arts degrees like me that don’t stay in academia to do much anything with them.

          Another useful tidbit of info they leave out is what do you do when you run out of credit after only 1.5 or 2 years in school? They don’t tell you anything because unless you can produce a new cosigner there is nothing you can do many times. It happened to me, but I was fortunate enough to have an aunt who cosigned for me.

          In regards to paying what you owe, I have no problem with that. I was the one there for 6 years making the good and bad choices, no one else. I don’t expect anyone else to pay for it but me regardless of the value it actually brought me. I don’t expect something for nothing. Even knowing what I know now, I’d still do it the same because what I got instead of an education directly applicable to the real world I wouldn’t trade away for less debt.

        • —————-Quote: It’s hard to say you don’t owe anything or aren’t on the hook for anything when you taxes subsidize your and everyone elses education. Quote—————————————————-

          I disagree, this is exactly what we should be doing and we would have plenty of money to do so if we had not become the new 21st century Nazi’s pouring all of our tax money down the shit hole of war with conquest, rape and pillage. What is even more obscene is that many other countries are smart enough to get us to protect them while they laugh all the way to the bank and give their children free education. Boy what suckers we have become.

        • We’ll have to agree to disagree on the being on the hook or not part then as I simply don’t see it your way.

          Regardless of how either of us see it, we pay for it one way or the other. Not all costs can be measured in terms of dollars for any policy decision we make.

        • History has proven you wrong many times over. The worst thing a nation can do is screw its children out of a higher education as wasting young minds only puts us farther and farther behind in the world wide economic race. That’s economics 101. Lets face cold hard facts when small European countries have found a way to educate their children its time for us to override the cheap ass Republican prostitutes and allocate money for our children’s education funded by the State. If we do not take a look at the ruins of the Roman Empire we are already 75 per cent there.

        • We are saying the same thing here. We simply differ on implementation and where and with whom the responsibility lies.

        • NO we are not saying the same thing at all. My take is that it should in no way fall on the student to finance his education period. This is the way the entire rest of the civilized industrial world works and its the best way.

          Right now the mambe pambe Socialist France has higher industrial output per worker than even Germany or the U.S. It had start up new technology businesses of over 1,000 this last year beating out the U.S. France is a thriving industrialized state still far smaller and less wealthy than the U.S. but it takes care of its people and we do not. We only take care of greed monger businessmen who rape our people and enslave them in economic poverty. This does not mean that we cannot do better or that we cannot move into the 21st century with Socialized Medicine and Socialized education. We can assure our children they will have a future in a modern industrial country or relegate them to economic poverty in an ever increasing society that is headed for a third world standard of living with the rich controlling all the wealth and our government while the working people are relegated to living on minimum wage,as uneducated, unskilled troglodytes and we are not far from that right now. NO one I repeat no one that grew up in the 40’s , 50’s and 60’s would argue about how bad things have become for the working people in America today. Wages and purchasing power slashed, benefits almost nonexistent, retirement programs done away with, medical coverage by employer’s reduced or non- existent by relegating them to part time of 39.9 tenths hours or less, vacations a thing of the past and holidays taken away from most Americans and even when they had them they amounted to just a few days a year compared to 30 holidays in Europe and 6 weeks vacation now in France (4 weeks the day you start work). And the uneducated brainwashed Conservative makes a fool out of himself when he quotes the old adage “America is still the best place to live”. What an obscene joke.

  2. According to the left media this is just a hoax and nothing of the sort is happening.

    Also we have always been at war with Eastasia.

  3. The Friekorps will be back because like early post WWI Germany, the government is unable/unwilling to maintain law and order. Look at the bright side, Jews will be welcome in the new SA.

      • No they have not since they are one the primary targets of Muslim attacks throughout Europe. You need to update your bigotry.

    • Unfortunately no, Jews will actually be the first victims being caught between the Moor invaders and a vengeful EU which WILL blame the Jews for the Muslim behavior. Mark my words. Anti Semitism is already on the rise, as Europeans blame Israel and the Zionists for the current Mid East crisis. Already, we have had the attacks on the Jews in France, which were attempted to be covered up, and were largely ignored. It is for this reason Jews are smartly beginning to flee Europe. I hope they all get out before it’s too late.

      • You are only right about one thing. Yes it is true Jews are leaving Europe for Israel but not for the reasons you stated. France24 News has shown that most attacks against Jews in Europe are actually coming from European radical right wing Whites, not Muslims. Its only the few Muslim attacks that get all the sensational news. Long before the Charlie Hebdo attack or the recent Friday the 13th attack which killed 130 people Jews were fleeing Europe in droves because of “White” Right Wing groups in Europe who are also attacking Gypsies as well. When France24 News interviewed the Right Wing People they proudly stated it was their goal to drive all Jews out of Europe. Recently German police finally caught the last of a German Right Wing Group that was killing Jews, Gypsies, and foreign immigrants at random. Just a few weeks ago there was a Right Wing rally in Poland where they burned an effigy of a Hanseatic Jew.

        • What else did France24 News have to say, pray tell?
          As someone who grew up in socialist (you would call it comunist) country and remembers free education, free medical care and all the other great stuff government gives you “free”, all I say is TANSTAAFL!
          You like France so much? What is holding you here?

        • What is holding me here. Why I am hoping you leave so that people like me can make the U.S. a more civilized country to live in when we emulate the social benefits many European countries have had for decades, countries often 50 times smaller and far less rich but somehow they have figured a way to take care of their people and afford it as well considering that the Socialist State of Germany is one of the richest countries not only in Europe but in the world with France a close second.

        • Oh please. So your “countries” defend themselves, or do they look to the US for their very survival?

          Yeah. That’s what I thought.

          They have simply taken the defense budget and repurposed it for healthcare.

          Don’t get me wrong. we spend waayyyy too much on healthcare, for outcomes that are not even in line with what the world generally gets. All that said, the US still is the better model.

        • What a laugh your statement is in regards as the U.S. being the better country in regards to medical care. We are ranked 41st in child mortality even below some 3rd world African countries.

          Retired people in the U.S. are going bankrupt because corrupt U.S. drug companies have caps on coverage and charge obscene astronomical prices for drugs while civilized European countries have free medical coverage.

        • I think you missed OPs point. He’s not worried about the muslims its the rising anti semitism that is perpetraited by “right wing” persons. The issue is that with rising perception of violence by foreigners people are turning to these groups to try and solve the problem. Anti semitism is just getting caught up in the rising nationalism. Many European countries are looking more and more like pre WWII Germany.

        • jlp, There you go again, talking about tomatoes, when there’s pork steaks on the table.

          I’ve already acknowledged that we have horrible outcomes in proportion to the money we spend. But, if you have the money, or decent insurance, we have much of the top care available on planet earth. We can debate single-payer all day, Medicare is one of the most efficient delivery systems available, despite the occasional waste.

          But none of that’s the point. Another sad misdirection.

        • Try paying for life saving drugs some time no matter how good your insurance they still get away with caps on your medicine funs and crooked drug companies continue to rape the public at obscene levels of cost. They do not get away with that in civilized European Countries. Ever notice the prostitute Congressmen always block bills to let European and Asian low cost drugs into the Country. Last time I checked even most Canadian drugs were banned. Wonderful health system we have here it makes me puke over the corruption.

        • You know why they have cheap drugs in the EU? Because we subsidize them in the US.

          God god kid, really? That little knowledge?

  4. When people are being forced to pay the state for their own mistreatment, and are staring the death of their language, culture and traditions in the face there is only one way for this to end.

    Europe will violently repatriate or kill the Islamic invaders as will every nation that faces such a threat.

    Immigration and multiculturalism is societal rape. The politicians and the perpetrators will pay the same price. Expulsion or death.

    • Proper immigration is a good thing, and proper multiculturalism, both of which entail the immigrants having to come in legally, work, and integrate into the culture at large. If they want to speak their language and all that at home and in their neighborhoods, fine, but when in society at large, they need to speak the main language (English if in America, German if in Germany, etc…). Bringing in tons of immigrants and not requiring any integration and supporting them on social services invites disaster.

      • The nut of the issue is that Islamists begin with the notion that the world at large is created to submit (which is what “Islam” means) to Muslim culture and beliefs. There is no room in their belief system to co-exist, much less integrate. Jobs won’t do it; welfare won’t do it; hope and change won’t do it. Islam is at war with the world. They mean to rule, not adjust.

      • There is no social or economic benefit to the importation of people to a developed nation. None.

        It is altruistic bullshit sold by the globalists since WWII. The 70 year experiment in multiculturalism and free trade is over and it has failed spectacularly.

        • Yep. I won’t bother people with the evidence on “free trade” here, but you’re correct.

          And the biggest topic in Davos last week among the well-heeled multi-nationalists was Trump’s “American First” trade policy ideas. It scares the crap out of them.

        • Ltk doesn’t get sarcasm. We pretty much all descedebts from immigrants of LDCs.

        • There is no social or economic benefit to the importation of people to a developed nation.
          Not all imported people are equal; that is the liberal mistake.

        • Free trade hasn’t been any failure. Infringing on free trade heavily will tank the economy and infringe on the rights of people and companies to buy from foreign companies if they should so choose (just because a company is American doesn’t mean it’s any good, either in terms of its products or its morals). As for Trump, I would say that he talks as someone who seems to know very little about the subject. This is the guy who was railing against the TPP, saying how it benefits China, only to have Rand Paul have to point out to him that China isn’t even part of it, and it is actually designed to counter China.

          The kind of one-sided free trade where the Chinese and to a degree the Japanese rip us off and such is bad, and something needs to be done there, but the solution is not to crack down on free trade itself. Free trade of goods and services is a normal part of the human condition.

          As for immigrants coming in, they can be inferior to the culture of the nation they immigrate to and become productive citizens. But they need to integrate into the culture.

        • The TPP is perhaps the most dangerous, and insidious trade agreement ever conceived. It will pretty much subsume governments and their people to the greater good of multi-nats.

      • The reality is after looking past racial hate and prejudice is that 1st Generation children of immigrants soon lose their ability to speak their parents native language. A good example was way back as long ago as the 1950’s when the famous Latino song “La Bamba” became a hit. The young boy who sang that song was a 1st generation son of immigrants who could not speak a word of Spanish and only mouthed the Spanish memorized words to the song. Most Americans to this very day, well over 1/2 century later still think the singer was Spanish and not American.

      • Proper immigration is a good thing As a blanket statement that is moronic.

        Perhaps allow a limited number:
        IF your nation doesn’t have mass un/under employment (US is now over 97million)
        IF the migrant has valuable skills – this does NOT include pool maint or TV talking head.
        IF your nation is not fully peopled – US pretty much is.
        IF previous immigrant pools have well melded with the natives – certainly NOT the case in the US. The 47 million that have arrived in the last 35y have not done so,
        IF the OWNERs agree – the opinion of the “know better”/”ruling class” is irrelevant.

        • Quote: IF previous immigrant pools have well melded with the natives – certainly NOT the case in the US. The 47 million that have arrived in the last 35y have not done so, Quote:

          I suggest you take a trip to areas of the U.S. that have high formerly immigrant populations like California, Washington (Seattle area) Cleveland, Michigan etc. etc. and then try and tell anyone they have not assimilated. Their businesses prove it beyond any doubt and you do not even have to get out of your car just read their signs located on the front of their businesses.

    • The short term solution is obvious: arm and defend yourself/family and don’t count on the government to do anything but protect the muslims.

      Long term: replace the politicians letting Germany be raped with those that would close off the boarders and deal with the violent invaders.

      I hate to see the land of my ancestors raped by animals. I hope the German people are wise and strong enough to fight back.

  5. Ninety-plus percent of Syrian (says who?) refugees are men of warrior age (who left their families to deal with ISIS). What do people expect of a primitive culture based on blood lust? Liberalism is a mental disorder (affecting Europe also), and will get peopled killed. Invite people for whom life is about power and brutality into your home, and hope they will act nice because you do? Insanity.

  6. The logic here is ironic. Lots of Muslims and said Muslims attacking the women, but saying to deport them all and ban any further ones is wrong. But some mass shooters killing people and saying to confiscate and ban all the guns is perfectly logical. Even though the problem of the Muslim attackers is due directly to their being Muslim and the presence of them while the problem of the mass shooters has nothing to do with the guns. But I’ll bet this guy fully supports civilian disarmament.

    • As you demonstrated with your explanation, there is no logic nor consistency in the minds of gun-grabbers and Progressives. They go wherever the whim of their brain takes them. In other words they go wherever their emotions take them.

      In their minds it makes perfect “sense” to conflate violent criminals (who use firearms) with all firearm’s owners … and to separate violent Muslims from all “non-violent” Muslims. And it makes perfect “sense” because it feels good to denigrate all firearms owners and it feels good to rescue poor Muslims fleeing war-torn countries.

      In case someone is not yet totally on-board, here is yet another illustration. It makes perfect “sense” to a gun-grabber/Progressive to denigrate firearms owners who have a “Rambo complex” and want to rescue someone in public from a violent attacker … just as it makes perfect “sense” to a gun-grabber/Progressive to celebrate people who want to rescue “peaceful” Muslims from violent Muslims. Why does a desire to rescue someone demand denigration in one instance and celebration in another? Answer: because it feels good to denigrate in one instance and it feels good to celebrate in another.

  7. They need a large mob of angry German natives to face off with Merkel’s “rapefugees” when they come out in force groping and gang banging – literally – gang banging.

    • The practice is called “taharrush gamea”. Its a cultural tool to oppress women, and it is being imported whole cloth into Europe. As somebody has said elsewhere, Western European culture is generally slow to anger, but historically speaking, once it get going, it gets real ugly, real quick.

      • I wish there were some other way to deal with Muslims. Sadly, only ethnic cleansing has ever proved effective. Either that, or losing your civilization.

        • You obviously know little or nothing about immigration history. Lets take the U.S. for example. Usually by the 1st generation of children born here they assimilate very well. Most lose their ability to speak the language of their parents and often marry outside their ethnic group. They adopt American clothing styles, music, political beliefs and unfortunately American diets as well. It is well known that children who still speak also their parents language often have a very thick American Accent and if they happen to travel back to their parents country the local foreign people know immediately that they live in America because of their American accent. The children also lose many of their parents culture beliefs as well and readily adopt American attitudes and beliefs as the children they go to school with form their peer group and they wish to fit in and be like everyone else. Back in the 20’s and 30’s many immigrants even changed their names to English sounding names to further fit in. Thankfully in modern times all that nonsense seems to be far less than it once was.

  8. I feel sorry for those women. As for Germany, I have no sympathy whatsoever. Germany invaded and ethnic Germans terrorized by a minority sounds like karma to me.

    • “Germany invaded and ethnic Germans terrorized by a minority sounds like karma to me.”

      More especially since the invaders are knowingly and specifically using the lessons of the Holocaust to protect themselves from government and public retribution by claiming at every opportunity that opposition to their presence or actions is pure anti-Muslim bigotry and evoking the ghosts of concentration camps and mass-murder to protect their political ( not religious) actions while at the same time swearing at every opportunity that the Holocaust never happened.

      As with their acts of terrorism, Islamic radicals hide their political objectives behind a facade of freedom of religion.

    • childish, unserious,foolish, short sighted and frankly shockingly ignorant statement. WW2 has been over for 70 years. Germany was completely and utterly destroyed. Anyone of substance of the Nazi party was hunted down and executed or imprisoned, as was appropriate. Punishment was delivered to the guilty. The women of Germany from 8 to 80 were raped en mass in the red army zone. And you still hate their grandkids? really ? what a junior high level of cartoonish goodguy/badguy outlook. In my understanding, Judaism doesn’t believe in “blood guilt”.

      There are 3 major forces at play in the world. Islam, international socialism/liberalism and Christian /secular modern culture. The first 2 want to eradicate the third.
      Combine this with Economic problems from enormous levels of government debt ,(remember Greece anyone) This could become an existential threat to Europe. The migrants are 73% adult male according to UN refugee asylum claims. Germany took in 1.1 million of them last year alone. This is not going to end well.

      • Sorry Cowboy but you know nothing about the history of immigration. First off you mention Greece as most right wing radicals would but Socialism in Greece had absolutely nothing to do with its current problems rather it was mismanagement and corruption in the government. I defy you to tell me what the difference is in regards to Germany Socialism which as been a resounding monument to success and Greek Socialism which had nothing to do with its current problems.

        As far as immigration being a disaster even History 101 would have taught you that immigration far from being a detriment to a nations economy is always been an attribute. Immigrants save far more of their money than the indigenous people, they at first take jobs no one else wants and when they have saved enough money many start businesses which history has proven through studies are usually far more successful. It was true as far back as the Roman Empire and is still true today. As a matter of fact when Rome had a downturn in their economy due to greed, graft and corruption they blamed, guess who, the immigrants and stopped giving them citizenship which was one of the major reasons the Empire failed. My how history has repeated itself with the U.S. being the prime example of banning immigrants and suffering a steady deterioration of the economy ever since the racist Harry Truman and his close friends the KKK succeeded in passing a law that cut of European Immigration in the 1930’s at a time when American needed more immigrants not less and guess what, today history repeats itself once more as today more than ever we need way more immigration because of an aging population which will not be here much longer to pay into the Social Security fund or the tax revenue base at the local , state and federal levels. The one good thing about the continuing ban on large amounts of immigration in the that with less and less tax revenue the U.S. will no longer be able to spend 53 per cent of its budget on continuing and waging new wars.

      • Holy crap, more garbage!

        Immigrants are only a panacea when you need cheap, exploitable labor. Like when a country is growing. The rest of the time they are a millstone on the neck of society, especially when you have a developed country.

        As much as I hate using the Heritage Foundation, the numbers are quite real and easily validatable…

        Poor, illiterate/uneducated immigrants (which are the vast majority, especially among illegals) are nothing but something to drag us down.

        Keep trying. I have facts…

        • I suggest you take your rabid prejudice to the city of Seattle and see for yourself how much your blind hatred is in error. There you will find multitudes of immigrants from Asia who are successful businessmen, lawyers, teachers and engineers. Of course you will say all this is a myth and Seattle does not exist.

        • Thanks I’ve been to Seattle many times. At least 4 weeks a year, it’s gorgeous.. You’ve now switched to Asians, as they are a group that has assimilated well, and culturally/religiously and biologically likes to assimilate. They are fine Americans, and fit the ‘melting pot’ analogy very nicely.

          What you neglected was that Islam does none of those things. If we let the tiny fraction in that we were letting in (you know, actual professionals) then they would assimilate by the 3rd generation, and not be a drag on resources while doing it. My bartender at the strip club is a “muslim”- in name only. If they ever come in numbers, and actually behave as they do everywhere they have been allowed to infest, he’ll be standing next to me with a rifle in hand. He’s an apostate and would be among the first beheaded.

          I’m sure you’ll try to Maguffin your way out of this too, with just as much success.

          My views on Islam and it’s complete incompatibility with Western Civilization are shared by history books, Hitchens, Dawkins, Harris, and Neil deGrasse Tyson in the present day. There’s a crowd of other intellectuals, but I’ll try to pitch slow, because you’re not very good at this debate thing.

          So, don’t fret. Every single one of your baseless-feel-good tirades will be rebutted with statements that actually have fact,science, and history behind them.

        • Your racism is so appalling it eclipses your complete ignorance of American Muslims and what a success they have been in the U.S. Last week MSNBC did a story about a city in Michigan where the complete city council comprised of Muslims and they run the city just fine and obviously they do not have many xenophobic racists like yourself. In lower Michigan there is a plethora of Muslims businesses as well as in upper Ohio in the Cleveland area once again making you look like the ignorant racist fool you are.

        • Muslims are a “race” now? Really, I always thought it was a religion and way of life, who knew it was a race? So the East Asian Muslims, they are the same race as Arab Muslims? Who knew?

          I’m well aware of what is happening in Hamtramck. What we will see is the obscenity of Muslim culture continuing to ruin that (tiny little) town. There is already the call to prayer broadcast audibly. In the near future, there will be just like in France and the UK ‘Muslim Patrols’. Next, your completely unacceptable by American standards treatment of women, FGM, there is no way but Islam. THAT’S the problem.

          The problem is your slavish devotion to 8th century “culture”, and belief in a war-mongering raider, who when he wasn’t fighting, was screwing everything he could get his filthy hands on. The Quran is replete with passages about “the prophet’s” sex life.

          I’m a culturalist, and you don’t want to fit in here.