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Zach from CZ-USA walks us through some of the products they’re releasing in 2016. Namely, we get a closer look at the Scorpion Evo and Bren carbines, the Suppressor-Ready line of CZ pistols, and the Dan Wesson Discretion and Bruin. Read on for photographs . . .

Scorpion Evos will be available in carbine flavor within the next month or two, with either a SilencerCo faux suppressor or a muzzle brake. The extended handguards will also be available on their own for Evo pistol and SBR owners wanting to move that support hand forward. It’s flared to fit over most suppressors.


The Suppressor-Ready line of CZ pistols will be available in “Urban Grey” and comes with a threaded barrel, suppressor height, tritium night sights, and +2 magazine extensions wherever possible. That means the P-09 holds an impressive 21+1 rounds.


Moving over to Dan Wesson, the Discretion is available in .45 and 9mm (much of the DW line adds the option of 9mm this year) and extends the suppressor-ready theme to the DW line. It ships with a threaded barrel, suppressor-height, tritium night sights, a new hammer and trigger design, and a flared magwell.


I’m still not sure how I feel about those large cuts in the front of the slide, but I’ll definitely let you know in the full gun review. As I’ve already purchased a Discretion, which arrived at my FFL during SHOT Show, I’ll be putting it through its paces right away.


Large and in charge from DW is the Bruin. It’s a 6.3″, long-slide 1911 that’s available in both .45 ACP and 10mm Auto. This two-tone bronze finish is for 10mm only.


It gets the same hammer as the Discretion, but sports a fully adjustable, target-style-yet-still-Tritium-lit rear sight…


…and a pretty trick Tritium-illuminated fiber optic front sight.


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  1. Put 3″ inch barrel 9mm & minimum 10 round mags for – 700.00 and I’m there!
    Other wise I’ll stick with my Dan Wesson model 15 revolver 357 six rounds with 6″, 4″ and 2″ barrels

    • For 2016, Dan Wesson will be offering the 715 (reviewed HERE) in a Pistol Pack, complete with 4″, 6″, and 8″ barrels. Otherwise I don’t think there is any news on the DW revolver front.

      • If you already have the Revolver (thank honey – best Birthday present ever!), will you be able to buy the pack with extra barrels and a nice case?

        • Well if you got the new DW 715, the case already holds the extra barrels and has cutouts for them (photo). A few barrels are already available on their own, and I suspect this part of the web store will continue to be built out this year:

          BTW, the new 715 fits the old .357 swappable barrels, too. So I suppose you could purchase an older pack (or single barrels) with the velour / velvet / suede carry case they used to come in haha. DW barrels and barrel packs are pretty much always available on GunBroker.

  2. You’re now using “trick” as an adjective? Have you been hanging around Jerry Miculek, or just watching him on YouTube?

    • Haha. Well, both if you count meeting him at SHOT Show and chatting a little as “hanging around.” But I think the word fits perfectly in this case and I certainly can’t claim that using it as an adjective is something new to me.

  3. Wow, lots of cool stuff. The decision on what I spend my tax return on is going to be a tough one. I’m starting to want a 9mm carbine, although nothing says get off my lawn quite like a 12 gauge semi-auto.

  4. Their stuff is just too spendy. Click over to Bud’s and see what CZ/Dan Wesson 1911’s are going for. It will give you a nose bleed.

    • Dan Wessons have always been high end. But they’re a relative bargain compared to the guns in their quality range, e.g. Wilson Combat, Nighthawk, Les Baer, etc etc. They do less custom builds and more standard models (although they do have a custom shop that’ll make changes if you really want them) but the quality is there at a cost that’s lower than comparable guns.

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