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Recently unveiled statue of Eric Holder (courtesy

I don’t have a lot of respect for Eric Holder, regardless of his skin color. I say that because the U.S. Attorney General has a history of playing the race card against his critics. Given Holder’s propensity for accusing his detractors of racial bias, I’m wary that any discussion of his policies regarding guns would somehow come back the fact that I am white. How could I possibly understand his perspective on American justice, indeed, any black man’s perspective of American justice? Well guess what? I’m going to play the Jewish card. Sort of . . .

I am a Jew. But I don’t practice. I’ve never practiced. My father emerged from his ordeal as a Nazi slave without religion. He saw too much death, disease, suffering and cruelty to believe in God. When my father learned of the Zionists’ betrayal of the Jewish people, their decision to keep the Holocaust secret to protect the proto-Israeli state, he lost his affinity for Judaism full stop. This from a man who risked his life smuggling orphaned Jewish children into Palestine.

My mother, also Jewish, lost her faith long before she met my father. I’m not sure she ever had any. It was never a source of discussion in our family; a quintet that “celebrated” Christmas by exchanging presents but ignored Chanukah. Truth be told, politics are my mother’s religion. She was – and remains – an ardent liberal, convinced that helping the helpless is the government’s proper role, regardless of the consequences.

None of that matters when it comes to my religious affiliation. My mother was Jewish so I’m Jewish. That’s how it works. My Jewishness is a tribal association rather than an expression of my personal faith or belief. That’s not to say I’m not a Jew or that I don’t have a belief system. I am and I do. I have faith in the principles that have served as a moral compass for mankind since time immemorial. Specifically, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. And protect yourself from those who would do you harm.

Here’s where Eric Holder comes in.

Set aside any issue of race. If Eric Holder was, say, a U.S. Border Patrol Agent – of any race, religion, sexual orientation or creed – would he want the U.S. government to provide firearms to people who would do him harm? Would he see this as a betrayal not only of his service to his country, not only of the rules and regulations of the government that employed him, but a violation of what’s called The Golden Rule?

Mr. Holder claims he knew nothing of the government program that enabled the sale of firearms to the drug thugs who used them to gun down U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. A claim that I reject as incredible. Holder’s refusal to surrender documents relating to Fast and Furious – leading to a well-earned by never resolved Contempt of Congress citation – and his subsequent “erroneous” testimony to Congress put paid to his protestations of ignorance, Anyway . . .

Against Mr. Holder’s blatant lies regarding ATF Operation Fast and Furious, just for argument’s sake, let’s take the U.S. Attorney General at his word and put it this way: if Eric Holder and his wife lost their son in the same circumstances as Brian Terry’s bereaved parents, would he want the government to bury the truth surrounding his child’s homicide?

Politicians are masters of justification, both in private, to themselves, and in public, to those who elected or appointed them. As far as I can tell, Fast and Furious was the U.S. government’s attempt to make a case for banning “assault weapons” and/or arming a relatively weak drug cartel against a more powerful one. No doubt those responsible for Fast and Furious tell themselves that they did what they had to do for the greater good. Though foreseeable, Terry’s death was an unintended consequence of a well-intended effort. Unfortunate collateral damage.

I’m sure that the outgoing U.S. Attorney General and his staff see no problem with the Fast and Furious program’s inception, activation and the coverup. Why should the “good guys” responsible for an inadvertent bad result fall on their proverbial swords? What good could possibly come from it? The truth would only embolden America’s enemies and cater to naive voters. Ignorant Americans who oppose illegality because they don’t know that good people have to do bad things to protect good people.

That’s how men like Eric Holder roll. They believe the ends justify the means. If playing the race card protects them from their enemies, thus serving the greater good (in their minds), they throw it down like a gambler revealing a full house. The “We Will Not Speak of It” Zionists in Palestine thought the same way, failing to raise the alarm on the extermination of my father’s parents, the grandparents I never knew, who all but made it to the end of World War II.

In my mind, Eric Holder’s greatest crime – and I use that word advisedly – was his crusade against American gun rights. It’s one thing to give aid and comfort to our enemies. It’s another to try to render us defenseless against them.

By DHS directive, Agent Terry’s team was equipped with guns loaded with beanbag rounds when one or more members of a Mexican “rip crew” opened fire on the agents with U.S. government-supplied AK-47s. By the same token, U.S. AG Eric Holder has publicly stated his wish deny Americans their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Especially the “assault weapons” more-or-less placed into the hands of our enemies by agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, a department that falls under his jurisdiction.

Even though I’m not a practicing Jew, even though I know there are American Jews at the forefront of the campaign for civilian disarmament, I’m a Jew. Just as Eric Holder is black, no matter what he does or doesn’t do in his personal or professional life. But more than that, I’m an American. I share the Founding Fathers’ vision of a country where the rule of law means its citizens are free to treat each other with respect. And defend themselves by force of arms against those who respect nothing save naked power. People like Eric Holder.

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  1. Read some of Matt Taibbi’s books for some unsettling background on Holder. A certain memo pertaining to the “too big to fail” banks in particular. There’s a lot to dislike about AG Holder.

    btw how is that investigation of himself working out?

    • And let’s not forget that this stuff goes all the way back to 1970 when he was involved in the 5-day armed takeover of the Columbia University’s abandoned ROTC office.

  2. would [Holder] want the U.S. government to provide firearms to people who would do him harm?

    I’m checking to see whether there’s a GoFundMe for that.

  3. Good article.

    When your sworn political position becomes more valuable than the life of Federal Peace Officers, you are a certified politician. You have passed the litmus test and are now welcome in this administration.

    In an effort to smear gun owners everywhere, it must start somewhere. This administration chose our southern border for numerous reasons. There was a powerful enemy operating in the terrain of our southern neighbor as the friction point for the plan.

    Exploit the situation. In the words of Rahm Emanuel, let no tragedy go to waste.

    The plan was liberal genius.

    Make gun owners the villain for the slaughter, drugs trafficking, crime, and incursion. Posit “news” posts that indicate “evil firearms” are being smuggled across our southern border and blame gun owners. Repeat as necessary. Do not worry about insiders who gain a salary from running an undercover plan as their conscience can be controlled by wages,.

    Make the sheep scream for more security at the expense of freedom.


    Someone snitched.

    Quick. Delete the emails, deny knowledge, pretend you didn’t see the plan or just heard about it on the news. Blame Bush.

    Deny, lie repeat as necessary. Blame the white guys, blame racism, blame conservatives. Become Teflon.

  4. Way to go Farago. Well written. Sadly Mr. Holder gets to fade away into history, no fault…..

    • I imagine that instead of just fading away, he is going to get a fabulous partnership position and all of his investments from now on will have Clintonian level returns.

      • I’m afraid that Congress will simply quietly drop their investigation into F&F, including the contempt charge against Holder. Having resigned, there is nothing to see here anymore. No point in flogging a dead horse.
        In some sense it may be on balance positive that the next administration doesn’t devote it’s 4 years in office investigating the previous administration. However, when Congress simply shirks its duty by allowing a high official in the Executive branch to resign then justice is never served.
        Congress has done – in the sense of gotten to the bottom of – its duty in ANY ONE of the countless scandals in this administration. THAT is my most distressing concern.

    • Way to go Farago. Well written. Sadly Mr. Holder gets to fade away into history, no fault…..

      I have a dream…. that someday, the full records of Fast and Furious will be released, and Mr. Holder will be extradited to Mexico to stand trial.

      Yeah, I know. Winning the lottery is a hell of a lot more likely. But if you’re gonna dream, dream big.

    • RF is just a radical racist. I mean, I bet he didn’t even vote for Obama, and if you didn’t vote for him your a racist. He probably didn’t protest the Michael Brown shooting of the “unarmed teenager,” so he just wants poor black children to die. Next thing you know, he is going to accuse Hillary of covering up Benghazi, or using her personal email for secure transmission, so I’m just going to call him a woman-hating sexist as well . . .

      And for those few that can’t seem to distinguish sarcasm, “Why no, there’s isn’t any sarcasm in my comment . . .” 🙄

  5. Border Patrol Agent – of any race, religion, sexual orientation

  6. “…the Zionists’ betrayal of the Jewish people, their decision to keep the Holocaust secret to protect the proto-Israeli state.”

    I have no idea what you’re talking about, RF. What are you talking about? I think of Aliyah Bet, the Zionist effort to smuggle Jews into Israel and out of danger, and how essential spreading knowledge of the Holocaust was for the establishment of the State of Israel. I’d like to know what history you’re referring to, in case I’m unaware of something important.

    • Start here: My grandparents were among the Hungarian Jews referred to in the letter.

      There also this (from here:

      A Pact Against Hungary’s Jews

      The culmination of Zionist betrayal was the sacrifice of Hungary’s Jews in a series of agreements between the Zionist movement and Nazi Germany which first became known in 1953. Dr. Rudolph Kastner of the Jewish Agency Rescue Committee in Budapest signed a secret pact with Adolf Eichmann to “settle the Jewish question” in Hungary. This took place in 1944. The pact sealed the fate of 800,000 Jews.

      It was to be revealed later that Kastner was under the direction of the Zionist leaders abroad when he made his agreement with Eichmann. The agreement entailed the saving of six hundred prominent Jews on the condition that silence was maintained about the fate of Hungarian Jewry.

      When a survivor, Malchiel Greenwald, exposed the pact and denounced Kastner as a Nazi collaborator whose “deeds in Budapest cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of Jews”, Greenwald was sued by the Israeli government, whose leaders had drawn up the terms of the Kastner pact.

      The Israeli Court came to the following conclusion:

      The sacrifice of the majority of the Jews, in order to rescue the prominents was the basic element in the agreement between Kastner and the Nazis. This agreement fixed the division of the nation into two unequal camps, a small fragment of prominents, whom the Nazis promised Kastner to save, on the one hand, and the great majority of Hungarian Jews whom the Nazis designated for death, on the other hand. [92]

      The court declared that the imperative condition of this pact was that neither Kastner nor the Zionist leaders would interfere in the action of the Nazis against the Jews. These leaders undertook not only to eschew interference, but they agreed they would not, in the words of the Israeli court, “hamper them in the extermination.”

      Collaboration between the Jewish Agency Rescue Committee and the exterminators of the Jews was solidified in Budapest and Vienna. Kastner’s duties were part and parcel of the S.S. In addition to its Extermination Department and Looting Department, the Nazi S.S. opened a Rescue Department headed by Kastner.

    • Yes, you are unaware. Read the book “The Transfer Agreement”. You have heard of deals made in heaven? This one was made in hell.
      The Zionists needed Jews to populate Palestine; not a pleasant place to immigrate to.
      – The Nazis had Jews; far more than they wanted.
      – The Nazis needed to quell the growing threat of a global boycott on German exports
      (at a time when the German economy was on its knees.)
      – The Zionists were in a position to chill the boycott.
      Boycott => no Germany that could fight a war.
      Boycott => no Jews to immigrate to Palestine – no Jewish homeland
      There was an opportunity for agreement; only one more ingredient needed: money.
      The rest are details; chronology of events in the book. Probably the strangest story I’ve ever read.
      Sorry, very sorry. Facts are stubborn things.

  7. The only reason for this was to try and ban these “assault weapons”. Who were buying guns in U.S. gun stores? “Coyotes” and other bottom-of-the-barrel Mexican criminals who did not have access to the stuff cartels can get. Why would cartels bother with overpriced, neutered guns in American stores dealing with “background checks” when they are able to get better weapons for much cheaper including directly from our own government!!

    It is for this same reason that I see the Sandy Hook tragedy connected to Fast and Furious as the Hail Mary/Plan B to try and ban “assault weapons”, another government-sanctioned event if FF failed. The two events being so close to one another in terms of what the government is trying to achieve is obvious if one bothers to think. I question why they are demolishing the school. How many other mass shootings still have their buildings where they committed their crimes still intact? And the shooter’s home?? What are the authorities trying to cover up? How many serial killers and other psychos still have their homes still standing? What makes his home so special to be demolished? The main question I ask is why are the authorities trying to silence Wolfgang Halbig, a former Florida LEO and noted expert on school security? If he is just a crazy conspiracy theorist then what does it matter what he says if he is wrong to begin with and why is the government focused on shutting him up?

    • I’m a little confused. How does the demolition of these buildings prove a cover-up? I mean, do you think the shootings were staged, or that they never occurred in the first place? If the former, did the killer write on one of the walls with permanent ink, “This shooting brought to you by funding provided by the US Government,” or something? Do you think he left some other forensic evidence that somehow proves government involvement and at the same time would be impossible to simply remove?

      I guess what I’m trying to say is that everything you mention could result from a conspiracy, but there are also non-conspiracy possibilities that make just as much sense. Unless one is simply predisposed to assume everything is a conspiracy, what reasons do you have for viewing this as such?

  8. Yeah, I’d also like to know what’s with this “Keep the holocaust a secret” part of the story… I just don’t understand it. When was it ever kept a secret?

  9. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
    As far as I can tell, that was a command given by a Jewish man named Jesus (Luke 6:31, Matthew 7:12). I haven’t found any such reference in the Old Testament. The moral compass of which you write is actually a Christian moral compass.

    Non-practicing Jew, huh? I don’t even know what that means. There is no “Jewish gene” in your DNA. Why would you even carry that card if not for the chance to play it the same way Eric Holder, et al play the race card?

    • Yeah, that threw me a bit as well. “My parents were Jewish so I’m Jewish. That’s just the way it is”, doesn’t make any sense. As you said, religion (even Judaism) is not a genetic thing. Therefore, if one doesn’t practice a religion, no matter what their parents were, I’d say they aren’t actually a member of said religion.

      • Unfortunately the same word is used for both ethnicity and religious faith, in this case.

        You are considered ethnically Jewish if your mother was ethnically Jewish. You get no choice in that matter. That doesn’t mean you practice the Hebrew faith.

        Think of it like being Arab vs being Muslim. There’s often a correlation, and some people assume they’re the same thing, but the one is a matter of parentage and the other a matter of belief.

    • Jewish is an ethnicity as well as a religious designation.
      Skinheads and klansmen aren’t going to ask about his temple attendance before deciding to attack him.

    • Leviticus 19:18


      Judaism today is matrilineal. However, according to the TANAK you are what your father is. Hence, why Solomon is Jewish even though his mother is/was a gentile. And the children of Moses, and Joseph, and just about every other nice Jewish boy in the Bible 🙂

      Even today there are Jews who are patrilineal. Karaite Judaism recognizes lineage through a person’s father – like in the Bible.

      For they are not all Israel, which are of Israel – hence why I consider Eric Holder an enemy of America every bit as much as I do a member of Al-Qaida.

      • Are you suggesting that the lineage of Jewishness is based on a belief in ancient scripture? If so then are you still Jewish even if you don’t believe or practice said scripture?

        It all seems like little more than an arbitrary label that does nothing but identify your ancestors’ religion.

    • You haven’t looked very far Curtis. The “Golden Rule” predates Jesus, the Old Testament, the Torah etc. It predates the code of Ur-Nammu which only happens to be the first written record we know of. It is not an exclusively “Christian” moral compass, but a logical understanding gained, and codified, long before the currently accepted branding of moral codes.

      “As far as I can tell, that was a command given by a Jewish man named Jesus (Luke 6:31, Matthew 7:12). I haven’t found any such reference in the Old Testament. The moral compass of which you write is actually a Christian moral compass.”

  10. I don’t care one little bit that Eric Holder is Black. Long ago I took to heart MLK’s admonition to judge another person by the “content of his character” not “the color of his skin (which metaphorically includes ethnicity, national origin or any other tribal affiliation)” in my view. Eric Holder has demonstrated the content of HIS character is sorely lacking. If he uses the “race card” to get his way or deflect criticism/respond to detractors, that is merely further proof his character as a human being is flawed and deficient.

  11. Wow interesting read. Yep muslims and skinheads and neo-nazis won’t ask if you practice your jewish faith. It seems the Jewish community has had a knife at it’s throat for millennia…I know the national socialists had a one drop rule. And it really must make you sick to have to deal with all the left wing anti-gun Jewish loons RF.

  12. For someone at the head of a government to say they know nothing of what is going on at the levels below them is inexcusable. Not a good defense and he should be fired for admitting that. The “boss” is always responsible if for no other reason that that he should have known and he is an inadequate boss for not knowing. I ran a small business for many years. I was always responsible for everything in that business. If one of my employees made a mistake it was my fault for hiring him, not training him adequately or for not firing him if he did not measure up to our standards. Same should hold for government employers and persons in positions of responsibility.

  13. No pressing reason to mention this, other than it hasn’t yet, and it is one of the most pro-gun-rights organizations around… and marginally related to the content of the article.

    Three primary goals drive the Washington-based human-rights group Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO):

    Destroy so-called “gun control” (code words for disarming innocent people).

    Expose the misguided notions that lead people to seek out so-called “gun control”.

    Encourage Americans to understand and defend all of the Bill of Rights for all citizens. The Second Amendment is the “Guardian” of the Bill of Rights.

  14. The logical fallacy to any comparison or argument is comparing Holder, or any leftist, to an actual human. They’re not, at least not in any way that can be reasoned with. They are sociopaths at best, monsters at worst.

    We wonder how anyone could support the things that leftists support because we have consciences, dignity, and honor. Leftists know of these concepts only as foreign words.

  15. 1/ The first site site you linked to for the “explanation” for the Kastner affair is completely anti-Jewish and anti-Israel.

    The second site you refer to is also anti-Jewish and anti-Israel, and also claims that the U.S. orchestrated the attacks on 9/11.

    That site also soft pedals holocaust revisionist theory, (denies the holocaust).

    Both sites are totally anti-zionist, which is in effect ANTI THE EXISTENCE OF THE MODERN STATE OF ISRAEL…

    How ionic that a proudly, uneducated, assimilated “Jew” like yourself is quoting from websites that, like the nazis, see you GENETICALLY AS CULPABLE AS ANY “ZIONIST” FOR EVERY MISHAP THEY BLAME ON THE JEWS, from the “poor Palestinians”, to their tiny appendages.

    There are numerous non-nazi-loving websites with background on Kastner, including

    As for the Rabbi’s letter, a simple wiki search brings

    “Since the business of the Working Group required a continuous supply of large sums of money, they turned to the international Jewish organizations for help, via their representatives in Switzerland. [Rabbi] Weissmandl claimed that too little money was provided too late and that this was due to the indifference of those he asked. Specifically, he accused the Zionist organizations of refusing to assist in saving Jews unless they were to go to Palestine. Weissmandl supported his allegations by quoting letters from memory, and some historians such as Bauer had doubt in the accuracy of his account.[6] Other historians, such as Fuchs and Kranzler, accepted Rabbi Weissmandl’s word. Friling however points out various statement by members of the Zionist leadership to the contrary, asking that any and all doors be opened for the rescue of Jews. For example they pleaded that Polish children sent to South Africa, why not Jewish children – South African Prime Minister Jan Smuts refused. Allies ferried Italians from Ethiopia to Italy, why not Jews on the return? Similarly ships carrying armaments to Allied troops in North Africa returned empty to America. Their pleas were ignored.[12]”

    Not quite as simple as “the stinking zionist Jews left my father and six million to die…and that’s why I don’t affiliate as a Jew, except when I want to link to pics of cute Jewish models…”

    At the very least, your readers deserve to know if the publisher of TTAG agrees with the sites he quotes from, that 9/11 was a U.S. plot/inside job, and if he believes that Israel should be exterminated.

    2/ “… my father learned of the Zionists’ betrayal of the Jewish people…”

    As a direct victim, your father can be forgiven for misunderstanding, and for taking one incident between two Zionists trying to save Hungarian Jews and conflating it into those nazi-loving websites’ and your idiotic extrapolations that they decided “to keep the Holocaust secret to protect the proto-Israeli state…”

    Jews, zionists and non, in Israel and America, and Jews who escaped from Europe repeatedly tried to raise the alarm about the nazis treatment of Jews in Europe, but it was the liberal NY Times that buried the story for years before and during the war, and it was their readers, liberal Jews like your mother (and my and many American Jewish liberal families) who refused to complain to their Congressmen, Senators, and to the President.

    You will also note now that it is Jew-hating, paleo-con loons, as well as the Far Left and their jihadi allies who most enjoy pushing the asinine and false narrative you have bought into, that the zionists in Israel were as blameworthy as the nazis for the deaths of the six million…(here’s a clue: over ten thousand Brit-hating, zionist Jews from the then British Mandate signed up with the British Army to fight the Germans…)

    One day you might spend half as much time as you spend on guns reading* on the basics and the history of your connection to Judaism, including the thousands of years of faith and traditions that SURVIVED THE NAZIS and that thrive today.

    Till then, please stop embarrassing yourself and the rest of us with your ‘proud’, uninformed misunderstanding of Judaism, Zionism and the Shoah.

    Finally, Holder is a jerk, and so are the jinos (and the tens of millions of CINOS) who stand with with the gun grabbers and open borders crowd. Considering Jews are about 2% of the U.S. population, congratulations to you, for making us scapegoats for the Obama-Holder fiasco.

    PS – * These aren’t all by Jews, so you won’t get ‘cooties’/ be ‘brainwashed’):

    The Nine Questions People Ask About Judaism
    – Dennis Prager and Joseph Telushkin

    Jews, God and History – Max Dimont

    The History of the Jews – Paul Johnson

    The Siege: The Saga of Israel and Zionism
    – Conor Cruise O’Brien

  16. Robert, interesting belief system. What are your thoughts on where your “principles that have served as a moral compass for mankind since time immemorial” come from? More specifically, where does ultimate morality come from?

  17. I can’t believe I just read an article on TTAG with holocaust denial in it. You know what, I’m never coming back here. Farewell, TTAG. It was nice knowing you, but now seeing the kind of trash you permit to be published here, I’ll just be leaving and telling everyone I know to stay as far away as possible from a website which supports denying the reality of the systematic murder of 12,000,000 human beings by the Nazis. I’ve been coming here at least once a week for the past three years, but this is the last time. Enjoy your racist crock.

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