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Reader Ryan Sondalle writes:

Prior to joining the NRA, I had heard an unbelievable amount of slander towards the organization, both online and in public. There were cries of racism, propaganda, corruption, avarice and ignorance. As such, I was hesitant about joining. But following the latest bombardment from anti-gunners last fall I caved and joined. To my delight, I found out most of what had been spewed as far as the NRA is concerned was lies. As such, I was inspired to call out some of the most common myths regarding this venerable pro-gun organization in the hope of helping educate your average Joe . . .

1. The NRA is Full of Racists
This is one of the most bigoted slurs perpetrated by the liberal propaganda machine. There is undoubtedly some small percentage of racists in the NRA just as there would be in any other group of 5 million Americans. I’m a member and I’m certainly am not a racist. And I’ve never read a bigoted or racist comment — or anything racially-related period — coming from the NRA. Ever. The organization’s goal is to boost its membership to help protect firearms freedom for as many Americans as possible. Discriminating against a significant percentage of the population would be an awfully dumb way to go about doing that.

2. The NRA Is a Bunch of Right Wing Lunatics
In any organization – particularly one the size of the NRA — you’ll always get those on the extremes. I don’t have access to the NRA’s membership data (which they, wisely, protect). But I think it’s safe to say your average NRA member isn’t there for policy or politics. They join, primarily, to support and defend their gun rights from those who would roll back or eliminate them entirely if they could. Gun owners come in all shapes, sizes, colors and configurations. And they’re more a bunch of “leave-me-aloners” than “better dead than red” zealots.

3. There Are Better Non-NRA Options
While there are certainly other gun rights supporting alternatives, none can beat the NRA’s sheer size. Five million dues-paying members make a big impression. There’s a reason why, despite a media-savvy figurehead and almost bottomless funding, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America has racked up so few actual wins. They don’t have the membership and hence the political clout to back up their anti-civil rights, civilian disarmament agenda. The NRA’s huge membership — and their tendency to turn out and vote — matters.

4. The NRA Just Wants Your Money
This is a half truth. Technically yes, they want your money, but they actually use that cash to advocate for and protect your Second Amedment rights. This isn’t some fly by night, “feed a starving kid” org where every 99 cents of every dollar goes into the pockets of the company and its managers. For all its size, the NRA manages its significant funding efficiently, putting a large percentage of the dues it collects to work performing its core functions of promoting and defending gun rights.

I held off on joining the NRA for a very long time for a few main reasons. Some tied into this, and some tied into the fear of mass quantities of junk mail (which, surprisingly, isn’t that bad). What I do know is that since joining I’ve gotten a few very nice perks and some peace of mind from knowing that I’m at least supporting my gun rights actively rather than doing nothing.

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  1. Nice article. Very informative. In my opinion if your not a member of the NRA, become one. If you like what SAF and GOA does become a member of them too. Become a member of them all. Without the NRA one could argue the 2A would be ancient history already.

    • I will add, do not forget your local grass roots state level organizations too. I see to many people who do not even know there is a local organization.

      • Right on!

        Here in Illinois, our recent change to finally having concealed carry was done in large part to the incessant work of the Illinois State Rifle Association ( If you’re here in the Land of Lincoln, you should consider joining and supporting them.

        • Illinois Carry is also a wonderful outfit worthy of time and money. Make plans today to go to IGOLD in Springfield on Wed. The 18th and show your support for ALL gun rights, not just con carry.

        • Am working on becoming NRA Benefactor member. And In Illinois and beyond, Don’t Forget GSL (Gunssavelife). Been a member about 8 years. Meeting 2nd Tuesday each month at Fluid Event Center in Champaign Illinois. Organization is extremely proactive 2nd Amendment. Works with ISRA and NRA. And yes DON’T FORGET IGOLD. Get things done.

    • Additionally the NRA spends a lot of effort promoting shooting sports, and also education on firearms. Sure they might not be the end all be all for firearms instruction, but since there is no central governing body in that regards it is way better than nothing.

      • Thank God there is not some government organization controlling everything we do. Much better for the government to certify certain things, like gun training, than to do it themselves. In fact, you could probably make a good argument that the government should not even certify training and should just stay the heck out of it altogether. Though I do think that a basic course in gun safety, gun laws and a basic proficiency test should be used for those that want to carry a concealed weapon. I don’t like the way we do it in WA State where you fill out a form and send it in to get the permit. Too many idiots that don’t have a clue carrying weapons is not a good idea IMO. The Nevada system is much better.

        • Freedom is dangerous. I’d prefer constitutional carry over permitted carry. Those same idiots who you think should not carry with a permit can easily illegally carry if they wish.

  2. Plus, there is nothing to keep people to belonging to more than one organization and I recommend belong to at least 2.

  3. Good job.

    I recently upgraded to Life membership.

    The NRA is exceedingly efficient when compared to similar groups. And, (as you mentioned) the real power of the NRA is in its membership. The NRA does a good job of INFORMING members and compelling them to ACT politically… by writing letters and voting. That’s HUGE.

    The antis like to mistakenly (yet surely intentionally) suggest that the NRA is a powerful lobbying group with a lot of money. The antis do NOT like to acknowledge the truth…. that the power of the NRA is in the membership.

    PS… I’m also a member of the SAF.

    • This is an excellent point, and here is why.
      While the NRA does ahve a lobbying wing, it is not AstroTurf. It isn’t 150,000 or even a million likes on a Facebook page. The NRA tends to not outspend the civilian disarmament crowd in order to get results. Yes we got killed in Washington’s law, which passed because much like California, there are densely populated liberal, anti gun bastions. Conversely we have Colorado where the statement was made loud and clear.
      We can see time and time again the disarmament groups are outspending the NRA, and others by huge margins, only to fall flat on their faces. The strength if their membership. It is the people who fork out hard earned money to promote what is important to them. The private donor cash won’t go on forever. You can only bet on a lame horse for so long.

  4. I’ve been a Life Member for a while now. The majority of my family are members as well as are many if my friends. It is an organization that I support and does more good in support of the 2A than any other organization out there.
    Veterans (not just wartime veterans like myself) can take advantage of the deeply discounted Life Membership! It’s $375 for veterans who served honorably, AND they’ll let you pay it out for just $25 a month!!!! Call the NRA Membership hotline at
    1-(800)-672-3888 or 1-(877)-672-2000 and JOIN TODAY!!!

  5. Endowment member NRA. Wife is a regular member. Both of us have CCW’s and carry. I am a Life member GOA and a Member of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners. I like the no compromise approach. That bringing said the NRA is the gorilla with the big stick and they do get the vote out. Anyone who wants to support our constitutional rights should be a member. Our elected officials do fear the NRA and well they should.

  6. I recently caved and bought a membership. I don’t agree with everything they do, particularly the constant alarmist fear mongering, but even I am willing to admit they do more good than harm.

    • I agree with your statement. At least it is a politically powerful lobby, speaking with a unified voice. Not that we have to agree with all their statements and tactics, but so long a lobbies are permitted in politics, they get my money. i have yet to see NRA come out against 2A rights. Given they are the most well funded 2A group in the nation, i would like to see them take on more federal, state and local court challenges then currently done, especially if we end up with a full GOP governance in the next go-around.

    • Likewise.

      The (well, a) problem I have is there are few organizations – political or otherwise – that match closely with all of my strongly held beliefs.

      Unfortunately there is no “leave people alone” party, so I have to work with what’s out there… 😉

      • There is, actually. It’s called the Libertarian party. Unfortunately, they’re not very well funded.

        • Actually I’m looking for something of a mix between them and the Voter Apathy Party…

          “Messing with people’s lives is exhausting. How do the politicians get all that energy?”

    • Same, getting real tired of the “ISIS boogeyman around every corner” bit. The real threats are the everyday criminals. The more they trumpet about how ISIS is coming to get us, the more they come off as xenophobic morons. And I say this as a paying member of the NRA.

        • 100% more likely for a US school to be attacked by a white nutcase than a Muslim ISIS fanatic.

        • @ Grindstone Military bases, recruitment centers, Time Square, bridges and once tall buildings beg to differ.

        • Added note: I understand you referred specifically to ISIS, but I hold all Islamic extremists in the same light. And ISIS and Al Qaeda only disagree on tactics, not so much on philosophy.

      • YOu set up two strawmen.

        NRA has mentioned possible ISIS inspired attacks on US soft (civilian) targets in the USA less than Homeland Security spokespeople have. So you are saying the Obama Administration and NRA are xenophobic?

        As far as school shootings, over 3/4 are gang related

  7. I am an NRA member. #1 is clearly a myth and I will agree with #4. The others are arguable, not completely myths.

    #2. On the NRA being right-wing lunatics, if we are talking the NRA leadership, that is only half right. They are not always right-wing. They they supported and helped draft GCA ’68, they initially opposed OC and they have flip-flopped on universal background checks, just to give a few examples. LaPierre is clearly a lunatic, however.

    #3. There Are Better Non-NRA Options: That is a judgement call, but clearly the SAF and some state organizations have accomplished more for actual gun owners (not manufacturers) in the last few years. And the fact that only about 7% of gun owners belong to the NRA, and that they are are not doing a lot about that, should be seen as an embarrassment, not bragging rights.

    • I know a number of people who would join the NRA in an instant if the leadership would stop inviting lunatics like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin to speak at conventions. The national convention keeps looking like an effort to find the most irrational, fear-mongering ideologues and out them up front.

      • Become a Life Member and when the voting proxy comes around for voting, let you feelings be known by voting and also writing to leadership. I am with you, I care less about Palin et al and I have expressed my displeasure.

        • If I don’t like what an organization that I support is doing, I don’t reward them by giving them more money and support, I give them less. If the rest of the membership hasn’t seen fit to get these train wrecks out of the leadership, my vote isn’t going to change anything.

          Here is a cautionary tale: Ted Nugent has served continuously on the Board of Directors of the NRA since his initial election in 1995, where he consistently sets records for amassing the highest number of votes received by an individual board member. I love the Motor City Madman as an entertainer, but he is not the kind of representation the NRA needs.

      • Several comments mention ‘fear-mongering’.

        What, exactly, do you believe the real agenda of Obama, the Judiciary, Fed bureacracy and significant (if currently minority)% of Congress is toward your 2A right?

        It’s not paranoid if they really are out to get you. And friend, ‘they’ are.

        • For me, at least, it’s about the ISIS boogeyman crap. ISIS is about controlling land in SWA, not about sending planes into towers. Don’t forget that AQ and ISIS are not friends.

        • Grindstone, you are wrong on your facts. There have been 18 ISIS related attacks in the western world in the last 12 months alone. Two in Canada. W saw Australia Three in France. One in the UK against the unarmed solder. Hundred more attempts likely.

          ISIS has a public strategy of encouraging attacks in western countires for persons who are interdicted from leaving, which according to congressional testimony are now 3,500 persons prevented from joining them and forced to remain in the US, Canada, Australia etc.

          And nra has mentioned possible attacks by ISIS on US citizens in the US less than Homeland has

      • So if staunch pro-2A people like Beck & Palin shouldn’t be invited who in your opinion should be?

      • I’m with you on that. Any organization that brings people like Palin to their conventions does not want my membership. They don’t need to bring in someone who’s politically to the left, just someone who isn’t a divisive idiot who’s only in it for self promotion.

        For the regular commenters here, if there was an organization whose purpose was to defend first amendment rights, and they only brought in people like Michael Moore and Hillary Clinton to speak, would you join?

        • And just want is wrong with Sarah Palin? She is self sufficient, and avid hunters, fisherman, and definitely right on her assessments that the liberal loons laughed about a few years ago. And, a lot better that that wrinkled, lying piece of trash Hillary.

      • Please explain why Sarah Palin is a lunatic. She seems to have gotten the major polucy questions right. I don’t want MSNBC talking points I want specifics. I bet you believe she really said she can see Russia from her front porch.

        • I think he has succumbed to the narrative and is not fully in touch with reality. Sara Palin is a hard core “flag waving” American that is 100% in support of the constitution.

  8. Quite a while back I heard the rhetoric about the NRA being “just a bunch of old guys”. It was the final straw that broke this camels back so I upped my membership to life as well. Before that it was one year memberships every once in a while.

  9. “while there are certainly other gun rights supporting alternatives, none can beat the NRA’s sheer size”
    Well if all the members left and joined another group it would be bigger, no?

    • Sure. And if my grandma had a pair of balls she would be my grandpa.
      Member of NRA and ISRA here.

  10. The NRA might have it’s issues, but it is the largest voice that firearms owners have in this country. It’s worth signing up for just for that.

    Also make it a point to support at least one locally-focused organization too. I support Florida Carry, for example.

  11. Good article. Keep in mind too that “The NRA” is actually the umbrella for several organizations: The NRA-ILA is the political arm, where most of the pleas for donations originate. That’s the lobbying group. As an NRA instructor, I’m also involved with the training group, and there are others as well.

    +1 on being a member of more than one group. I’m an NRA life member, ditto for SAF and CCRKBA. Not yet a member of GOA, but probably will be. The groups tend to fight different battles in different ways. And yes, they sometimes bicker and quibble – but in general they all move our ball down the field in the proper direction. Right now, SAF is getting great traction with very focused lawsuits.

    Regarding your point on: “And they’re more a bunch of “leave-me-aloners” than “better dead than red” zealots.” True – but in the eyes of your average liberal statist, that alone is enough to get you painted as a right-wing terrorist. If you don’t want to fully embrace the nanny state, you are, by their definition, a Right Wing Lunatic.

  12. There was a time in my life where money got really, really tight, and I had to cancel several magazine subscriptions, drop out of my local gun club and a couple of other organizations and let my NRA membership expire. At the time, I had been an NRA member for about 20 years. I felt guilty about quitting the NRA during that time, but I had no choice. Now I’ve been a member again for about 5 years. The amazing thing is that I haven’t resubscribed to all the other magazines I used to get. I didn’t really miss them after a few months.

  13. I’m an NRA member. After one to many fundraising phone calls I called their main office. Turns out they have a do not solicit list that you can get and and you will not get calls and all mail, other than magazines / membership renewals will stop. I support the NRA but getting calls at 9 pm with 2 light sleeping kids under 5 was just too much.

    • The last straw for me was getting a return receipt letter that I had to go to the post office to pick up. That cost me two hours of pay since the PO opened at 9AM and I worked on a military base 30 miles from home at the time. Had I known what the letter was, I’d have let it rot at the Post Office.

      It was just another sky-is-falling fundraiser mail. I wrote to complain and the sanctimonious asses replied that they were entirely justified in what they had done. My response was to resign my membership.

  14. I’m a Life member. I’m not thrilled with everything the NRA does, but they are a force to be reckoned with on the Hill. I also belong to the SAF (granted, Alan Gottlieb has his issues, but they do sponsor some litigation I like) and the RMGO.

    • When mentioning crackpots, I’m not sure why Dudley’s name (RMGO) hasn’t come up more often.

      • Actually the crack posts are Obama, Holder and the ATF. Do you have a problem with reality?

  15. Big fan of the NRA here, and also the SAF. Without the NRA, there wouldn’t be a gun left in America. Without the SAF — and let’s not forget the Cato Foundation — there wouldn’t be a Heller or McDonald. No disrespect to GOA, but that group has few accomplishments to point out. So if the NRA and the SAF put a foot wrong sometime, I don’t care. They stand for me and I support them both. If you don’t, then you’re a tool of the left whether you know it or not.

  16. I am really pleased with the efforts of today’s NRA. Back in the 80’s and 90’s, I would hear complaints that the NRA would continuously advocate compromise on gun rights, which only served to whittle away our rights slightly slower than usual. Today’s NRA seems like a no-compromise defender of our rights. I’m grateful. But, I have one axe to grind. I’d like to see the NRA target the BATF, and seek to abolish it. But I don’t think they will, as every hero needs a nemesis, so to speak. Without the BATF around, constantly infringing upon our rights, I suspect the NRA knows its memberships would decline slightly. I could be wrong.

    • Keep in mind that, in the 80’s and 90’s, along with the NRA many conservative politicians attempted to work with the gun-control movement. The first president Bush supported gun-control. More than a few people bought into the gun-controllers’ party line that they only wanted “reasonable” limitations on gun ownership. Hell, even Bill Ruger notoriously supported the high capacity magazine ban. It took a long time for people who should have known better to finally realize that the people calling for “reasonable” gun controls weren’t very reasonable at all.

      • It took a long time for the NRA to boot the Fudds from positions of responsibility in the organization. The 1977 “Cincinnati Revolt” was just the start of a long process.

  17. As far as #2 goes, it’s actually correct if you look at the public face of the NRA, i.e. its leadership and spokespeople. Most NRA members aren’t particularly political even, but that’s a whole other story.

  18. Like many have said I don’t support everything they do, but they are the biggest voice and membership numbers get votes. So I just signed up for a lifetime membership.

  19. “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” said Wayne LaPierre, NRA’s executive vice president.”

    Enough said. Coming as they did almost immediately after Sandy Hook, this seemingly innocuous statement effectively wrecked the gun-controllers’ we-gotta-ban-guns-right-now narrative. Even worse, to this day, they’ve never found a counter-argument that comes close to challenging the cold, hard, truth behind LaPierre’s words.

    His comments weren’t in any way accidental. When the chips are down—when there’s enormous pressure coming your way and everybody is looking to see the NRA fall apart—to be able to craft a response as perfect as this and as completely unexpected as this, takes real skill. This is what decades of political experience buys for you. As soon as I heard this, I joined the NRA. As long as they’ve got people who can pull rabbits out of hats like this, they’ve got my money.

    • Not a huge fan of Lapierre. Guys a bit out there. But every now and then the guy just freaking nails it. Another great example is when he called out the news report of people buying full auto AK’s without background checks as a blatant lie.

    • Yep. And the truly hilarious thing is how many liberals, even today, scoff at his words. But when challenged, they can’t deny the truth of that statement. I’ve enraged more than one liberal dumbass by challenging them on that, so a big thanks to Lapierre for giving me so many opportunities to piss off liberals with logic!

  20. Myth #5: the NRA represents the gun industry. The gun industry lobby is the NSSF. The NRA, specifically the NRA-ILA, is the lobby for gun owners. Obviously, gun owners would like a gun industry to exist, but just ask Smith and Wesson how it goes when a gun company is seen as acting against the interests of gun owners.

  21. I support the NRA because they are the largest, and thus are the one that all the antis attack. Then I turn around and support other orgs (mainly state) that are getting legislation passed and court cases won.

  22. I’m an NRA member, and have NRA pistol instructor certification. The NRA does more to promote REAL gun safety and affordable amateur competition than any organization that I know of. On the political front, I’m not as concerned about the politics of the membership as I am the politics of some of the politicians seeking their endorsement. Some of them don’t strike me as “2nd Amendent for the sake of the 2nd Amendment” types but more as “2nd Amendment for your vote” types. Pretty easy to see through that though.

    • Some of them don’t strike me as “2nd Amendent for the sake of the 2nd Amendment” types but more as “2nd Amendment for your vote” types. Pretty easy to see through that though.

      Oh, man, did you get that one right. Case in point #1 — Kirsten Gillibrand. As a member of the House representing a pro-gun district in New York, she was a leader of the Blue Dog Coalition and A-rated by the NRA. Now that she’s a Senator and Chuck Schumer’s main pump, she’s rated a big fat F and is a leading gungrabber (’cause Chuckie says she’d better be if she wants to keep her job).

      Well, at least the NRA got some votes out of her before she parked her heels under Chuck’s bed. Metaphorically speaking of course.

  23. Keep this in mind also: some gun clubs require NRA membership to join. We have had a long-time local range/gun store close due to the owner retiring. County ranges are few and far between; so the alternative is a club range. If you’re going to shoot, you might as well be an NRA shooter.

    • NRA membership is not a requirement at my sportsmen’s club, but highly encouraged for many of the reasons stated above.
      The club is in Maryland.
      And welcome, Mr. Sondalle. If you find yourself in Southern Maryland I’d be happy to host you at my club.

    • The reason for that, has negotiated cheaper insurance for clubs that maintain at least 50% NRA members. Most clubs just find it easier to require 100% NRA membership for the primary members. Many clubs wouldn’t be able to afford the insurance without the NRA.

    • Even though I am an NRA member, I would not join any club that required me to also be a member of a lobbying organization. You don’t need to be an NRA member to shoot at the NRA HQ Range in Fairfax! You don’t even need to be an NRA member to join the range organization. There are discounts involved, but no requirements.

  24. PLEASE…. stop blindly supporting the NRA. The NRA has long been a “controlled opposition” group that has repeatedly sold us down the river when we needed them the most. The NRA is not necessarily the staunch and unwavering defender of the 2nd Amendment they so often pretend to be.

    PLEASE….investigate for yourselves at some of the following links… (comprehensive information here)
    Or just use the search terms “NRA sellout” and browse through some of the results.

    While it’s true that the NRA is the largest group of its’ kind, none match the the magnitude of efforts being made by Gun Owners of America. There is a reason that people say that Gun Owners of America is “the only no-compromise gun lobby in Washington.”

    If you choose to continue supporting the NRA, it is your money, but please don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Once I started comparing the GOA and NRA, it didn’t take me long to decide that I was going to support the organization that truly supports our culture and our cause.

  25. The NRA is the gun-grabbers’ favorite scapegoat. Whenever they don’t get their way in a given legislature, they blame the evil NRA. I joined the NRA so I could share the credit for defeating their unconstitutional bills. 🙂

    Truth is, the NRA method of scoring votes and rating legislators may not be completely unique but they are by far the most effective organization using that tactic. When five million voters know who is and is not on their side, we have a measure of legislative influence that no amount of Bloomberg bucks can defeat.

    • Everybody needs a boogeyman. For the antis, the NRA is just handing out guns to all those criminals. Not that reality matters at all to them.

  26. 1. The NRA is Full of Racists. Yeah, I am a card carrying member of the Waffen SS and am just chock full of white privileges..
    2. The NRA Is a Bunch of Right Wing Lunatics. I worship and adore Rush Limbaugh and Gen Beck.
    3. There Are Better Non-NRA Options such as Every Fascist for Gun Confiscation Safety.
    4. The NRA Just Wants Your Money so join a Bolshevik Bloomy organization and that will never be a problem.

  27. It is not fear mongering when the NRA says there are local state and federal officials working to take away your civil rights for firearms. I have followed this battle for forty years. And I became a NRA member last year.

  28. +1 Ralph. I’m fine with being a right-wing OFWG too. I don’t too many left-wing OFWG’S support the 2A. The only time I had an issue with the NRA was pushing mitt when I did not see him as giving a damn about my rights. I guess we’ll never know…

  29. They damn near single-handedly wrote the NFA and GCA.

    I’m all for GOA, but not the NRA. I understand your points. I am just a drop in the bucket. You won’t miss me since you dismiss me.

  30. 1. The NRA is Full of Racists
    Well, I’m in an interracial marriage, so no.

    2. The NRA Is a Bunch of Right Wing Lunatics
    I get called a “liberal troll” when I don’t hold far-right views.


  31. I love the racist one. Given what staggering racists leftists truly are, it only supports my projection theory.

  32. Welcome to the party, pal. Don’t forget that the NRA is the proverbial 800# gorilla, and that is because of its members. Also, you’re supporting the very best possible legal representation in Washington.

  33. No org is perfect we all know that. But to rip on the NRA is just what the libs desire of us, to divide and conquer is the age old manner of defeat. Now we all have our differences over the NRA and that is fine, but there can be no denying that w/o them we’d all be up a creek as far as pro 2A issues. So call them out on their issues that need correcting but support them for all the great things that do daily too. Life member and proud of it.

  34. Thank you. Member since 1973, Benefactor member for 20 years. One big reason that the NRA is effective in dealing with elected officials is that the members are active in defending the 2nd Amendment. The members will write/contact their legislators, and will turn out to assist pro-gun representatives in their election campaigns.

    Most of us have also read the Constitution a few times.

  35. Remember this, you may not agreed with everything they do but they are the only ones out there every day fighting for your 2A rights join Kevin

  36. The assertion that the NRA isn’t just full of right-wingers would hold a hell of a lot more water if they didn’t keep having their president speak at CPAC.

  37. I’m a paid subscriber to the NRA’s monthly magazine: “America’s First Freedom.” The only real issue I have
    with the NRA is when they call me on the telephone and attempt to “beg for money!” I resent anyone, NRA
    included, calling and soliciting money! Aside from that minor issue the NRA has done much good. The NRA,
    like The John Birch Society, has been the vicious target of undeserved slander, libel, and deceit. This is
    especially so from the establishment news media, well financed anti-gun groups via powerful left wing
    Bolshevik billionaires, socialist politicians and legislators, academia, etc. Therefore I will continue to support
    the NRA with my annual $35.00 renewal membership subscribe to America’s First Freedom. At the same time I will likewise continue to support, endorse, and promote The John Birch Society
    in Appleton, Wisconsin ( and, respectively), and JPFO, Inc. “America’s
    Aggressive Civil Rights Organization” at But remember, don’t call me by telephone and beg for

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  39. I’ve been an NRA member for eight or nine years now & I’m neither a US citizen or even resident in the US.
    BUT I recognise the global threat to firearms ownership & the NRA’s part in combating those who wish to see all people defenceless against an overbearing State.
    I spend all my vacations in the US because despite all the laws & restrictions, I can still go shooting with far fewer restrictions than here in the UK, so I willingly spend my $ on my membership AND in the US, rather than elsewhere.

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