Rancho Tehema Shooter Carried A Rifle and Two Handguns. Prohibited Person?

Tehema County Undersheriff Phil Johnston

In an interview with local news, Tehema County Undersheriff Phil Johnston revealed that the shooter who attacked the local elementary school was equipped with a rifle and two handguns. The shooter’s neighbor, Brian Flint, said the killer was a “known felon” in his 50’s named Kevin. The shooter killed Mr. Flint’s roommate, and stole his truck to begin his rampage.

According to cbslocal.com,

Jeanine Quist, an administrative assistant with the Corning Union Elementary School District, says no one was killed at the school but a “number” of students were shot and wounded.

Johnston said the school had been cleared by 10 a.m. but he did not have any information about the victims there.

More than 100 law enforcement officers were on scene.

Three people were being treated at a hospital in Redding, about 50 miles north of the shootings, Mercy Medical Center spokeswoman Marcy Miracle said. She declined to provide other details about the victims or their injuries.

As is usually the case in these situations, “facts” are scarce and there’s a lot of speculation being passed on a “news.” It isn’t yet clear if the number of dead includes the shooter or not.

And right on cue . . .

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.


  1. avatar cmac890 says:

    If he was a known felon, then yeah, he was probably a prohibited person. To be honest, there’s nothing here that doesn’t already reinforce what we’ve been saying all along.

  2. avatar Cristine's Pickup Cousin says:

    Please, don’t anyone say ANYTHING about the truck being a Dodge.

    1. avatar Cliff H says:


    2. avatar Jack says:

      That’s a ford with either a 6.4 pad or a 5.4 v8 dude, not a dodge

      1. avatar Cristine's Pickup Cousin says:

        How do you explain the “Rampage”?

        1. avatar Joe R. says:

          (D)river was possessed.

        2. avatar Cristine's Pickup Cousin says:

          From what the neighbor said, this wasn’t the first time he “Went off the rails”.
          So, that should be, “Re-possessed?

      2. avatar JAlam says:

        Yeah, no. Presumably he drove this truck rather than pushed it.

  3. avatar H says:

    Have to sue Chrysler now!
    But really I wish these folks would stop. Just kill yourself. Weak ass that you can’t cope! Kinda making it hard to talk reason. Fear beats reason most of the time.

  4. avatar Mark N. says:

    Actual felons seem to have no difficulty obtaining firearms up here in the north state, how I don’t know, but I suspect there is an active black market in stolen firearms, as burglary to support drug habits is the number one crime. There are many arrests of “felons in possession.”

  5. avatar O2HeN2 says:

    …but just last month Govenor Brown signed a law making it even illegaler to have a gun on school grounds!


    1. avatar Cristine's Pickup Cousin says:

      So why did the Guv’ner do such a half-acid job? He should have made it “Illegal-est”!

    2. avatar Chip in Florida says:

      “……but just last month Govenor Brown signed a law making it even illegaler to have a gun on school grounds!”

      Well he is just going to have to sign another law make it even illegaler-er. He will eventually get enough laws stacked up to stop the killers.

      1. avatar bobo says:

        Cali should have elected Gary Colman when it had the chance over Arnold!

        Gary was the better, stronger MAN that both Arnold and Jerry will never BE!

  6. Anyone know what the above graph would look like if it was just MURDERS per 100K vs the GUN MURDERS?

    1. avatar Defens says:

      My thoughts precisely. If you Google for data on total homicides, the US is still worse than many other first world countries, but the presence of firearms may or may not be a factor – Switzerland, for example, is way down on the list, with firearms a part of their culture as well.

      What I really wish is that Bloomberg would find some other sock puppet to trumpet his agenda. I’m getting really tired of Shannon. Maybe she and LaPierre could swap jobs for a couple months?

      1. avatar Jonathan-Houston says:

        I wish he would just shut the hell up and mind his own business.

        If he must be involved in some lame, late-in-the-fourth-quarter attempt at building credit to get into Heaven (it’s a real thing, he’s commented on it before), then I wish he’d focus on things that actually lead to economic growth and freedom. Those are the twin pillars of prosperity in this world.

        All the philanthropy, foreign aid, public assistance, etc. in the world adds up to nothing compared to the roaring engine of prosperity fueled by political and economic freedom.

        Running around funding feel good infringements on people’s rights is worse than just a waste of time. It’s a fatal distraction that’s getting people killed. Far from relaxing for eternity in Heaven’s VIP lounge, I expect Mr. Bloomberg will find there’s a special place in Hell awaiting him.

        1. avatar Kendahl says:

          Bloomberg believes that the majority of Americans need someone like him, their moral and intellectual better, to manage their lives for them. Remember his attempt to ban the sale of soft drinks in large containers? He can’t make the argument that a 32 ounce drink is a deadly weapon.

        2. avatar Ing says:

          I’m pretty sure I’m going to hell (for my own different reasons), and when I get there, I plan to make sure hell is as hellish as it can possibly be for a list of special people —
          Bloomberg’s on it.

      2. avatar Scoutino says:

        Why compare only some ‘first world’ countries? Are people living in poorer countries inherently worse than us and don’t matter?

      1. avatar ACP_arms says:

        Keep in mind that in the UK it’s called a murder only if someone is charged and convicted.

    2. avatar Richard says:

      What is clear is that if you remove 7 cities from the stats we are equal or better than the rest of the world. Why is that? Why are so many gun deaths and murders centered in cities? Why are they concentrated in cities that mostly have very strict gun control? Those are questions always ignored by gun control advocates and ignored by our representatives!

      1. avatar ironicatbest says:

        Overpopulation. Somehow that equation is left out.Doubled in 60 something years, higher birthrates, longer lifespans, so much land. My redneck, riverrat, country boy view ” Yah put to many critters in a cage, they’re gonna fight.”

        1. avatar Bubba Watson says:

          Families should be limited to One Child Per Parent.
          No Exceptions

        2. avatar Kendahl says:

          Bubba, in many cases, one child per parent is too many. The issue is good parenting versus bad parenting.

      2. avatar Ansel Hazen says:

        I’m sure I can guess most but what are the 7 cities? That’s an excellent taking point to use as I’m sure the libtard party is in charge of all of them.

    3. avatar Scoutino says:

      I just looked it up yesterday. USA is on 99th place in murders per million. But being shot makes you ten times as dead as other means of violence.

  7. avatar Joe R. says:

    ” Shannon Watts
    ✔ ‎@shannonrwatts

    I sure wish we were as good at thoughts and prayers as other developed nations.

    Northern California”

    I sure wish Shannon Watts’ parents were Chineez, then they might have her tagged as a ‘choice’. Or, I wish she was born to some islaaamic nation, then she might at least get caught up in the travel ban.

  8. avatar Mmmtacos says:

    Hey Shannon,

    Your asinine, snide, elitist and downright disrespectful attitude and comments towards people of faith with our thoughts and prayers is not winning you any favors.

    We know it’s not going to bring someone back to life and it’s not going to stop everyone from being killed. Our thoughts are with victims and our prayers are a conversation between us and God.

    The more you decide to belittle our faith the more people you push further away. It doesn’t even matter what your agenda is in regards to what you’re addressing; don’t be an ass about it, have some respect and some civility. Then maybe, just maybe you can have that “common-sense” dialogue you so badly claim to want.

    Then again, the only thing you hear in that echo chamber of yours anyway is your own hollow arguments.

  9. avatar st381183 says:

    As always it will be the failure of a low level government employee who could have intervened before this happened but didn’t, so the narrative will be buried because big government never fails tondo it’s duty.

  10. avatar ironicatbest says:

    Why can’t news reporters get any facts right? 22 were killed, no make that 7, he was a ISIS terrorist, or maybe not, 12000 rounds were fired from his derringer, no it might of been a rifle. Were really not sure, details later. But we do know GUNZ did it

    1. avatar Cristine's Pickup Cousin says:

      All by themselves, as usually happens. The carrier of the weapon is just another brainwashed POTG flunky.
      If Karma works right these idiots will come back in their next lives as perverted donkeys. They’ve proven they know how to put their heads up their asses.

  11. avatar MLee says:

    I really hate it when the bad guy gets offed. It makes it so much difficult to figure things out and have someone to crucify. And if that’s not bad enough, you have imbecilic goof-balls like Feinstein and Watts opening their ignorant traps! Honestly, other than the human tragedy and loss of innocent lives, that’s the worse part of it.

  12. avatar Five says:

    So according to Flint via FoxNews:
    “The crazy thing is that the neighbor has been shooting a lot of bullets lately, hundreds of rounds, large magazines,” Flint said. “We made it aware that this guy is crazy and he’s been threatening us.”

    If Flint, or anybody else also knew this guy was a felon, why no action on the Felon posing firearms?

  13. avatar kap says:

    Democratic party strikes again, shooter probably was a Democrat, let into this country because he was an illegal. Armed by the ATF for fast and furious school yard sting. backed by the BLM and ISIS and managed by Feinsteins black ops department so the feeble and senile old cow can get re elected

  14. avatar Mark Kelly's Diapered Drooling Ventriloquist's Dummy says:

    These crimes are intolerable we must “Ban” crime. (sarc)

  15. avatar DaveL says:

    Kevin Janson Neal, arrested in January 2017 for stabbing an elderly woman, under felony indictment and out on bail at the time of the shooting.

  16. avatar James M. says:

    Respect1AAsMuchAs2ACENSORS has repeatedly insulted the people discussing this issue with him. He is a troll and needs to be banned.

  17. avatar Hugo says:

    Gun grabbers can thank obummer for increasing sales of AR’s and hi cap mags more so than any other president in history. He should get another Nobel prize.

  18. avatar KyKPH says:

    Malo periculosam, libertatem quam quietam servitutem. It has also been translated as, “I prefer the tumult of liberty to the quiet of servitude.”

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