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“Brian Flint (above) stood outside the reserve and said he received a call in the morning that his roommate was injured and that his truck had been stolen too,” reports. “’The crazy thing is that the neighbor has been shooting a lot of bullets lately, hundreds of rounds, large magazines,’ Flint said. ‘We made it aware that this guy is crazy and he’s been threatening us.'”

For reasons I can’t quite fathom, the gunman has not yet been identified. Meanwhile, a mother living near the school heard gunshots, and told it like it is . . .

Katrina Gierman, who lives on Rancho Tehama near the elementary school, said she went outside and heard gunshots.

“I have not left my house because I am with my newborn son,” Gierman said. “Very scary moment.”

“I have the right to bear arms, and I will protect my son if i have to,” she said.

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    • because the media would ignore that unlike a mass shooting where they give these nuts the “glory” and attention they seek. The media coverage is nothing short of a recruiting tool for another mass shooting.

      It’s news so it needs to be covered but the hoopla and non stop coverage is overkill and spurs others.

      • And to the trolls here who insist that it’s NRA members who shoot up places(a claim more disingenuous than saying they’re all false flag operations imo), there is strong and mounting evidence that the media’s incessant coverage of these events motivates the next shooter, and the next one. That evidence is a big bargaining chip for us People of the Gun. If AR-15s were banned and a shooter got a Glock 19 and killed 5 people(one with 10 round compliant mags I might add), it doesn’t really make a difference to the five dead people that he didn’t have an “assault weapon” does it? How about all the people in the media who are appalled at these events take simple steps to save more lives than any gun control laws could, and leave us gun owners and the NRA/GOA/etc. the hell alone.

    • High scoring. Gotta be the -est at a qualified location/time.
      It’s not worth it unless you can be the -est and with the media leading every report of an incident like this with: “-est shooting at an x during y” they’re tracking the scores and announcing the winners.

    • Lot’s of people do suicide, lot’s my firearms, but generally the US is pretty low on the suicide rate scale. Asia, again in general, has an extremely high rate of suicide, 2-3x the US, Eastern Europe too.

      Countries that are generally pretty happy, Finland, New Zealand, Switzerland, France… are 50% to 200% more than what the US is. Are we less happy, but less sad, or is there just not a good causation/correlation to be made.

      I’d bet suicide rates are almost universally higher, being under-reported due to societal and cultural issues.

  1. This is NOT a blast at the previous poster. We should be, all of us, how our statements can become fodder for the people who want to steal our 2nd Ammendant rights. IMHO, as supporters of the 2nd amendment, we should be careful about people “offing themselves”. As we all know anti-gunners love to qoute statistics about firearms related-deaths. IIRC the #1 cause of these deaths are suicides. These just add fuel to the fire. I don’t want this post to be blasted for being PC. Also, we all have read about the “assisted” suicides, AKA people being bullied into committing suicide.

    • MICROAGGRESSION!!!!!!!!!

      I kid. In all seriousness, I agree with you. Anything to get these numbers down to 1) save lives while 2) preserving the 2nd Amendment to the fullest. Molon labe!

  2. The alleged shooter was “terminated with extreme prejudice” by the police. According to his neighbor, he was a felon who liked to shoot in the early morning, and was a menace to his neighbors. Four others confirmed, dead, but there are multiple crime scenes and the body count may rise. This is likely the largest mass killing in Tehama County, or any of the adjacent counties.

  3. How did this felon get a gun? Hooray to the NRA! Civilians who own guns, save LEOs, are either sissies or just plain nuts.

    • A felon is a prohibited possessor under federal law, no matter how they acquire a firearm. The NRA has not argued against that law. So what does the NRA have ro do with this?

      Oh, do you mean the NRA’s opposition to so-called universal background checks? Gangster felons all over this country carry firearms illegally, with or without background check laws. Prohibited possessors have committed spree shootings with weapons acquired even after having passed federal background checks (Virginia Tech, Charleston, and Sutherland Springs). So that’s a phony solution that prevents nothing, while infringing everyone else’s rights.

      So I ask, again, what does the NRA have to do with this, other than that they fight for civil rights and you abhor freedom?

      • I was told that “extreme vetting” is required for gun buyers. When I asked what “extreme vetting” is, he told me I should know because Trump said he wanted “extreme vetting” of immigrants. When I explained that I’m not one of Trump’s confidants, he just repeated his inanities.
        I suppose someone, somewhere, has the answer for all our problems.

    • Yo Tot —– Does YOUR hovel have a nice big GUN FREE HOME sign on the front door ?

      If not, YOU are a Coward and a Hypocrite.

    • It’s people like you,khan, that make schools target rich environments for the loonies to shoot up. Teachers and other staff are unarmed and unable to defend their charges.

      You got blood on your hands, dude.

    • Good question. He was prohibited person, right? It almost looks as if gun control laws can’t prevent bad people from getting guns and doing bad things with them. We need more of gun control laws!
      The NRA most likely did NOT send him to shoot up the school.
      Civilians who don’t own guns are willfully defenseless sheep. See, I can do it too.

  4. Didn’t California just pass the “snitch on your relative” law, where you drop a dime on a potentially nutball relative and the police swoop in to collect his or her guns?


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