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Image courtesy Recover TacticalSome classic warbirds, like the original CZ75 and the venerable 1911, were just designed too soon to understand the need to clip lights, lasers, can openers and iPods to them. Recover Tactical has just released this Israeli grip/rail adapter which can teach your old warhorse a few new tricks. But only if you don’t mind the decidedly tech/tactical look of this wraparound Total 1911 Makeover accessory . . .

The CC3 was designed by Tamir Porat, the brains behind the IWI Tavor. The all-polymer unit is available in Black, OD and Desert Sand colors, and installs with standard tools in just a few minutes. And it’s only $50, which is far less costly than even the cheapest gunsmith rail installation. Since it only has to hold lights and lasers (or bottle openers for Darwin Award contestants) it will probably do its job just fine even if there’s a tiny amount of play between the rail and your 1911’s dust cover.

If there’s a fly in the ointment, it’s that this mod won’t fit in most standard 1911 holsters. And that could prove to be a problem for those who actually want to, ya know, carry their newly-railed 1911s. Here’s their press release:

Los Angeles, CA (April 2014) – Recover Tactical is proud to announce the release of the new Recover CC3 2-in-1 grip and rail adaptor for 1911. The patented design of the CC3 fits all standard size 1911 guns and can be easily installed in about three minutes without a gunsmith.

Launched to the public at SHOT Show 2014, the Recover CC3 was design by world renowned Israeli weapons designer Tamir Porat (Porat also designed the IWI Tavor assault rifle). The CC3 grip is manufactured in Israel on the same manufacturing line used by many leading gun manufacturers.

Produced from the same high-grade polymer used by many polymer gun manufacturers, the Recover CC3 will not scratch or damage your gun. Weighing in at only about 80 grams it will not significantly change the weight of your gun or the thickness of the handle.

According to Ron Rosenberg, President of Recover Tactical, “The CC3 offers an incredible value for gun owners who want to add a rail to their 1911 but don’t want to buy a new gun. Our goal is not to offend the purists, but to provide a truly functional and universal rail accessory that won’t break the bank.  There is a large market of 1911 owners who can’t wait to get a Recover CC3 onto their gun and they have shown us amazing support so far.”

In fact, nearly all of Recover’s first customers have been very happy with the CC3’s fit on their guns and its feel in their hands. Initial reviews from actual customers on Recover’s Facebook page and on popular gun forums have also proven that the CC3 is a quality design that lives up to its hype.

To help streamline promotion and distribution, Recover has teamed up with CampCo, Inc. to serve as worldwide Master Distributor for all Recover Tactical products. Campco CEO Motti Slodowitz commented that, “Campco distributes a lot of popular brands for the shooting and outdoor sports industries, but the Recover CC3 grip is one of the most innovative products we’ve seen in a long time.”

The Recover 1911 grip and rail system is currently available in black, desert sand and olive green and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Retailing for only $49.99, the CC3 is the easiest and most affordable way to add a full Picatinny rail to any standard sized 1911.

For more information or to purchase the Recover CC3 grip, visit See the Recover CC3 grip in action on YouTube.

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  1. I ordered one two weeks ago. It should be shipping shortly. I’ll let you know how it works out.

    The holster issue is a bit disappointing, but my 1911 has been relegated to the nightstand.

  2. If it doesn’t fit in a holster, maybe you could carry it in a bag. Then nobody would have to look at it.

  3. It won’t fit standard 1911 holsters?

    Oh noes!

    If only someone made their own custom holsters and would make them for this!

  4. If you bought a new 1911 with a rail, you would still need to buy a new holster so that seems like a decent deal, spend $1000+ for a new pistol plus holster or $50 plus a new holster.

  5. Don’t have a 1911 but it actually looks like a good idea. If it will really fit any old full size clone then it is really tempting…

    • And for those of us that don’t have money for a new gun? Not everyone is as rich as you, sorry.

      • Who said anything about being rich…??? Sensitive little girl, aren’t you…??? Un-wad your panties and move on…

  6. Given the goofy profile it gives the trigger guard, I would bet that not only will it not fit standard 1911 holsters but it probably won’t fit railed 1911 holsters either.

  7. Any word on this company developing these grips for other pistols? I’m kinda wondering how other older designs would look (cz75, beretta 92, … Maybe a *gasp* colt SAA :D)

  8. I ordered one last fall, received it in January (first run) – and so far, I love it…great way to convert (or revert) a 1911, and save $1,200+

  9. I understand the concept. I understand the utility. But lord love a duck, that is profoundly ugly.

    Looks like tar and feathers on Catherine Zeta Jones.

    • I agree it’s ugly, but you may need a different analogy. I’m pretty sure that Catherine Zeta Jones could rock even tar and feathers.

    • It’s for a gun not a girlfriend. Who gives a rat’s rear end what it looks like? It will still shoot you dead no matter if it’s ugly or not.

  10. Huh. I don’t love it, I don’t hate it.
    I’d have to check the grip in person though, before I were to buy one. The “fits like a condom” feel of the 1911 is why I’m such a fan in the first place. Pachs do it right, Hogues, even the classic double diamonds feel good and grip nicely. Even with the added utility, if it makes the grip suck, then it’s no good.

  11. Well, so much for the 1911 being a beautiful gun… It’s like a bad face lift on an attractive woman.

  12. Hey…I get the beauty of a 1911….but it’s also functionality that is important…nice thing about this, is that it’s reverseable….easy on/off depending upon your need….as for the grips…not perfect, but that outweighs the functionality (for me) – and did I mention, easily reversible….

  13. I tried to watch the video but I kept involuntarily ducking every time he muzzle-swept the camera.

  14. Sorta like putting a trailer hitch on a Cadillac so you can pull your boat.

    Good gravy. If you want a pretty gun, buy a 1911. If you want a gun with functional utility, buy a Glock.

    • Pretty gun? Are you a female? You get a vehicle and a woman for looks. You buy a gun for other reasons. If you buy a gun for looks you’re an idiot.

  15. What is it with people and rails? All I see here is the grip of a double stack, and the capacity of a single stack. Plus the ugly factor, and that it won’t fit any standard holsters. I’d rather have 2 boxes of .45.

  16. I bought a an RIA 1911 with a rail yesterday. I plan to shoot this gun to death and then some. The one with the rail was only $15 more so I went with it. It gives me more options. I don’t see a problem with this product if it works as advertised. It would be good as a bedside gun until someone makes a holster for it. For self defense, function over fashion.

  17. It looks like something I would(maybe will) buy to add to one of my old beater 1911s and freshen it up as a toy…. Then after a while I’ll get sick of it, take it off, put it on the shelf and let it collect dust only to play with again in a few years.

    Sometimes I just like to buy new gun stuff but don’t have the scratch for a new toy.

  18. I hear ya, I’ve got a couple older CZs that wouldn’t mind some “new toy” love. Give me something like this for the 82 or 83, I’m all over it.

    Still thinking for one of my 1911 clones.

  19. This seems like a good product for someone who needs a good home defense gun with a light, but can’t afford a railed 1911. Or maybe they already have their dad’s old 1911.

    As a young man without a ton of money, I appreciate any product that helps people protect themselves better without taking a loan out.

  20. Just bought one. Works great. But, I’m not a pretty gun freak. I could care less what my 1911 looks like. It will still shoot lights out, no matter what I put on it. To the pretty gun crowd, the most beautiful firearm was the Tiger Maple Flintlock Pennsylvania Long Rifles from the 18th century. The 1911 is a tool, not a date!

  21. Bunch of bitchy little girls, a handgun is a tool. It doesnt have to look pretty to get the job done, reliability, function above all else. I remember 30 years ago when I first bought a 9MM pistol, blck, polymer frame, the instructor at the police academy said it was a POS, bound for the scrap heap… Glock is one of the most widely used handguns in the world.

  22. Fobus makes a holster for these. Of course there are lots of Fobus haters out there as well.

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