Radio Host Mike Malloy: How to Kill an Open Carrier

There’s no doubt: anti-gun background chatter is increasing in both frequency and intensity. Every day, we’re finding examples of gun control advocates advocating violence against the pro-gun position in general and the NRA in particular. Some TTAG commentators reckon this trend reflects anti-gunners’ increasing desperation. I believe it’s a combination of new money (e.g., Gabby Giffords and Mike Bloomberg) and the MSM and Interwebz’ increasing tolerance for intolerance. When Hillary Clinton called gun rights advocates terrorists the gatekeepers took that as a signal to unlock the doors for “extreme” anti-gunners. If Hillary is our next president . . . the mind boggles.


  1. avatar Steve says:

    Imagine the backlash this guy would get if he were talking about marriage equality demonstrators, or pro-choice advocates. The hypocrisy is truly astounding.

    1. avatar murray says:

      is he sane?

      1. avatar Sammy says:

        All respect good sir, but after watching the video the question is not necessary.

        1. avatar Gunr says:

          +1 He needs to be locked up! PERMANENTLY!

        2. avatar murray says:

          Good call

  2. avatar Vhyrus says:

    I can’t wait till he actually does that so he can go to PRISON, since he admitted on the internet he would intentionally lie and make false statements in order to get someone killed.

    1. avatar Roscoe says:

      Making such a public admission indicates he thinks he is above the law (imagine that) and untouchable because the powers that be agree with him. How could he ever get THAT idea?

      Could it be the vicious, intolerant, vindictive crowd he hangs with? Is he venturing beyond being a ‘propaganda terrorist’?

      1. avatar Nighthawk says:

        When push comes to shove he and that crowd are the first to meet the guillotine, just like during the French Revolution. Only so many threats and derisive comments and actions will be tolerated.

    2. avatar IdahoPete says:

      Can you say “massive personal injury lawsuit”, “lawyer’s dream case”, and “bankrupt the gleeking, clay-brained clotpole”, boys and girls?

      (OK, the Shakespearean insults might be a bit difficult for younger viewers.)

      1. avatar Vhyrus says:

        I know clotpole from watching merlin.

        Yes I am that big of a dork.

  3. avatar danthemann5 says:

    Threatening and advocating violence against people who own, use, carry, and train with guns seems to me to be an unsound strategy.

    1. avatar General Zod says:

      Y’know, if we were as violent and dangerous as they like to claim they wouldn’t be so cavalier with their death threats.

      1. avatar ShaunL. says:

        If we were as violent as they like to claim there wouldn’t be any of them left.

      2. avatar Taylor TX says:

        Ah one of my favorite memes, before I quit social media at least 🙂

        EDIT:Damn I wish I knew how to embed a picture instead of pasting the stupid link.

        1. avatar Matt Richardson says:

          Hope I don’t get in trouble for this…

        2. avatar Matt Richardson says:

          Posting the image doesn’t work, apparently. It auto-pruned my post.

          Curse you TTAG post filtration!

    2. avatar MamaLiberty says:

      Coming to Wyoming with that attitude and intention might be detrimental to his health.

  4. avatar BR549 says:

    It only goes to show the hypocrisy within this group. They are so out of touch with their own emotions and they’ll gladly kill you to prove they are non-violent.

    1. avatar Anonymous says:

      Haha. Exactly.

      This guy doesn’t like guns and then advocates for lying to emergency responders so they can be killed by cops. So… He is anti-gun but pro murder? Got it.

      1. avatar Mike Crognale says:

        The democrat party is pro-murder. Especially against the most defenseless humans imaginable, babies in the womb.

    2. avatar Nighthawk says:

      Explains their obsession with Islam: “It is the religion of peace and we will kill any who disagree!” is clearly a stance they’ve extrapolated to all their political ideologies.

      1. avatar Pascal says:

        As is in Islam or any religion or any group for that matter, the peaceful ones are Irrelevant. You have to watch out for the ones who want violence, the rest do not matter which is why it makes no sense to focus on Islam as a whole but the radicals only.

        This jackass wants violence, he is more dangerous than the vast majority of gun owners. He should be on the terrorist watch list.

        1. avatar BR549 says:

          You’re one of the few who seems to be able to see through this mess. While you may say that the peaceful Muslims are irrelevant, they are certainly not the problem, although my saying that is sure to ruffle a few feathers.

          But how do people differentiate the Bible-thumping warhawks over here from those true believers in Christ? Is anyone doing that, …. at all? Did anyone bother to question the motives of the three Bush Administrations (especially the last two) where the votes of American Christians were used merely to invade Iraq? One would only hope that we have enough people here who, after 26 years, can tell the difference, otherwise we’re doomed.

          Islam, like Chistianity, actually is a religion of peace, but only if followers abide by its teachings instead of listening to the twisted interpretations of it by their politically opportunistic imams. Along that line, if so many Christians here in the US and Britain were actually practicing THEIR religion, how is that we are having all these foreign policy issues?

          If all the hypocrites want war with each other, let’s get them their own continent and cut them off from the rest of humanity.

      2. avatar Stuki says:

        The Islamists are cool. If they want you killed, they’ll do it themselves. With guns you can also go buy. They may have some “interesting” beliefs, but i find it hard to be all that down on people who teaches their 10-12 year old boys to build guns from scrap metal, and then how to use them. Without asking me to contribute a red cent in “taxes” to aid in their endeavor.

        The real scumbags are the ones who claim “democraceeeee”, or some other drivel they’ve been told is “gooooood”, give them license to have someone else kill you. On your tax funded dime to boot. And with guns you cannot buy yourself to make the fight at least nominally fair.

        I mean, Bloomberg and attendant riffraff wouldn’t be such an difficult problem to solve, if he had the decency to show up at a firing range to disarm people himself; now would he?

        1. avatar Toni says:

          Actually Stuki i am pretty sure you do pay a tax that goes to the islamists. it is called halal certification which means that the food company pays a certain amount to have their food certified and blessed which is then passed on to you the consumer. so yes you do pay a religious tax on your food for a religion that is not your own

    3. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

      Wrong. They will advocate for someone else to kill you…

      Empty threats from empty people

  5. avatar Model66 says:

    So who do we contact? How do we protest this? This IS hate speech. This IS encouraging hate crime.

    (I hate that others have used this word, but) We MUST DEMAND action be taken against this. If we stay silent, then this will become acceptable.

    1. avatar Fler says:

      Agreed. Maybe we can get RF to post a petition or something to get sent to whoever broadcasts this lunatic, in addition to getting the word out to media outlets and the NRA.

    2. avatar Fler says:

      Let’s also contact his station(s) and their advertisers.

      Are we all going to do this, or just vent on TTAG?

      1. avatar bontai Joe says:

        Find out what radio station(s) broadcast this nit wit’s hate speech and then contact the FCC and file an official complaint against the radio station’s license. Doesn’t take that many complaints to get action of some kind. If he has advertisers, then contact them as well with your complaint. If enough of us do this, he will be demoted to standing on a soap box on a sidewalk in a designated “free speech” area to rant to his 6 or 7 followers.

        1. avatar Fler says:

          I just tried to post his site’s registar contact info: email addresses and phone numbers, and my comment is awaiting moderation.

          I’ll also start trying to find broadcaster and sponsor contact info here in a bit.

        2. avatar Wielsucker (@Wielsucker) says:

          Problem already solved by the free market. He’s not on the air these days, just has a podcast preaching nonsense to idiots.

        3. avatar Fler says:


          Do you know if his podcast has any sponsors?

        4. avatar JR_in_NC says:

          Wielsucker, you think broadcast is the only medium we have to guard against?

          Youtube is a viable medium these days, and people DO get their messages out that way. Ditto podcasts.

          Don’t make the mistake that just because he’s not “on the air” that we can, or should, ignore him.

      2. avatar Red Sox says:

        I’m in, how do we contact the advertisers without having to log on to their disgusting site?

      3. avatar JR says:

        Wow, that was fun. I went to his stupid web site to find out where he broadcasts and it tried to fubar my browser with crapware trying to run, complete with app errors and cert problems.

        The gifts keep on giving from this guy.

      4. avatar Model66 says:

        My Googlefu isn’t the greatest, honestly. If someone can take the initiative today and post a few contact names and numbers today, then you have my word that I will call.

        Do it today while we’re good and pissed off!

        1. avatar Fler says:

          Here’s his site’s registar info: here in a bit I’ll start looking up broadcaster info:

          Domain Name: MIKEMALLOY.COM
          Registry Domain ID: 6531332_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
          Registrar WHOIS Server:
          Registrar URL:
          Updated Date: 2014-04-30 06:28:52Z
          Creation Date: 1999-05-14 18:19:00Z
          Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2015-05-14 18:20:04Z
          Registrar: ENOM, INC.
          Registrar IANA ID: 48
          Registrar Abuse Contact Email: [email protected]
          Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.4252744500
          Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
          Registry Registrant ID:
          Registrant Name: NA NA
          Registrant Organization: MIKE MALLOY
          Registrant Street: PO BOX 238
          Registrant City: DECATUR
          Registrant State/Province: GA
          Registrant Postal Code: 30031
          Registrant Country: US
          Registrant Phone: +1.4044416453
          Registrant Phone Ext:
          Registrant Fax:
          Registrant Fax Ext:
          Registrant Email: [email protected]
          Registry Admin ID:
          Admin Name: MIKE MALLOY
          Admin Organization: NA
          Admin Street: PO BOX 238
          Admin City: DECATUR
          Admin State/Province: GA
          Admin Postal Code: 30031
          Admin Country: US
          Admin Phone: +1.4044416453
          Admin Phone Ext:
          Admin Fax:
          Admin Fax Ext:
          Admin Email: [email protected]
          Registry Tech ID:
          Tech Name: DONNA C TAYLOR
          Tech Organization: NA
          Tech Street: WRH
          Tech Street: PO BOX 9010
          Tech City: KAILUA-KONA
          Tech State/Province: HI
          Tech Postal Code: 96740
          Tech Country: US
          Tech Phone: +1.8080000000
          Tech Phone Ext:
          Tech Fax: +1.8080000000
          Tech Fax Ext:
          Tech Email: [email protected]
          DNSSEC: unSigned
          URL of the ICANN WHOIS Data Problem Reporting System:
          Last update of WHOIS database: 2014-04-30 06:28:52Z

    3. avatar Fler says:

      I just tried to post his site’s registar contact info: email addresses and phone numbers, and my comment is awaiting moderation.

      I’ll also start trying to find broadcaster and sponsor contact info here in a bit.

    4. avatar Fler says:

      If anyone’s able; download the YouTube vid before it’s taken down, so it can be sent to the media/law enforcement.

      1. avatar rlc2 says:

        fler, you could pass this along to some media monitors that might be interested-
        this nitwit is a loonie tune pretty much on his own, judging by some of the homework others have done, and becoming increasingly irrelevant, if the free market is turning away- but for future reference- here are a couple resources:

        MRC –
        Freedom Center –

        and there are many independent writers in the blogoshere who point out the inanity and bias in the progressive media, and the scary connection between them and the radical Islamists, and the HUGE foreign money behind them.

    5. avatar Stuki says:

      The more of a norm this becomes, the better.

  6. avatar Ted says:

    Here in NJ it is pretty easy to identify plain clothes law enforcement as they are the only ones who are allowed to carry.

    However, in much of the nation that allows open carry, it is much more difficult to know if the person carrying is law enforcement.

    I’m curious to see what happens when the antis start attacking plain clothes officers who are open carrying. It’s not going to be pretty.

  7. avatar Mike Crognale says:

    Guys like him are the ultimate keyboard commando. He doesn’t have the cojones to do it. Ignore him.

    1. avatar Fler says:

      That’s the problem. We ignore these people and they gain more and more airplay and influence, without ever getting called out on their hypocrisy and craziness.

      1. avatar rlc2 says:

        fler, there is a difference between

        1. “ignore” by not watching


        2. being aware of this guy, as an example of others running loose who represent the aging hippie looser screws on the left, who the Progressive Agenda v2.0 makes use of-
        yet “ignore” by letting him go on his merry way,
        and scare off more reasonable voters with the increasingly desperate tone on the left, that alienates people when they find out more about how the mainstream Democrats and Progressives are appealing to that segment.

        I agree with Robert that we need to keep our fingers on the pulse of what is being said, and give it airtime, with reasonable people pushing back with rational facts and civil discourse. That example of adult leadership is what is sadly missing in the mainstream media.

        What I dont agree with, is becoming radicalized and hard core in response. That would be the point of agit prop and trolling by the left, here on TTAG, to stimulate that sort of response, so the twits at MDA can turn around and scream hysterically- “gun-bully”….

        Back to something Accura81 said- “never interrupt a liberal in the process of destroying himself.”

        In Hillary’s case- I completely agree- we need to keep pointing out the increasingly tyrranical tone of her “leadership” – the quote in the next article by Robert from Hillary cites her characterization of certain opinions as terrorist, and not allowing people to have the view point-

        think about that for a minute- thats the radical left/Progtards mindset in a nutshell. We know whats best for you. The ends justify the means. Gotta break a few eggs to make an omellette. If you disagree, you must be a terrorist, bitter-clinger, etc. The old saying applies- conservatives think liberals have bad ideas, liberals think conservatives are bad people.

        Its not enough that we disagree- the Progressives and liberal Democrats truly HAVE to believe we are bad people, terrorists, for even daring to think differently, and something needs to be done about that. When socialism fails, as it must, just as Thatcher pointed out, sooner or later you run out of other peoples money, the power mad sociopaths at the top can’t give up- and the only power left is at the point of a gun, or in the propaganda organs of the State.

        Its Liberal Fascism, (read Jonah Gs book) and you can see where that went under the leadership of Hitlerr, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao-tsetung, Kim Il-Jong, Casto, Chavez/Maduro, who all professed to being on the side of the common man, to make their life better, including eliminating anyone who dared to think otherwise…

        There is nothing new here- read Victor Davis Hanson, Belmont Club, Diplomad2.0, for the foreign policy side, and too many fine writers elsewhere for the political history-

        those who ignore the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them.

    2. avatar Jim R says:

      HE doesn’t. But someone who listens to him might.

      Do not dismiss this as irrelevant.

    3. avatar Fred says:

      He might not, but (as he knows quite well) someone listening might just do it. That patsy goes to prison but his or her actions would potentially deter people from openly carrying, scaring people into hiding. That’s one step closer to eliminating private firearms.

      What’s sad is they so often use mass shootings as a rallying call but what he calls for is a fabricated incident, the same result from the other side. This is calling for domestic terrorism, turning citizen against citizen and trying to abuse the state’s authority and resources to do so.

      So while they can’t fabricate mass shootings they will fabricate the general feel of the situation to try to scare people into giving up their guns. Isn’t that the definition of a bully? They say we’re “gun bullies” and “domestic terrorists” while they call for people to commit domestic terrorism and attempt to bully companies and people. That’s just sick on so many levels.

  8. avatar Nighthawk says:

    Isn’t it against the law to incite violence against others? Especially for their political views? Why don’t these spineless rabble-rousers take their hard-asses down to the hood and disarm the bangers first?

    1. avatar Ted says:

      Hell, it’s against the law to yell “fire” in a theater when no emergency exists.

      This guy is openly admitting that he’s going to lie to a 911 operator. That’s a crime.

      This guy is stupid and dangerous.

      1. avatar Jack Brown says:

        But then he actually has to do it. Right now it’s just talk.

        1. avatar Nighthawk says:

          Just the bluster alone is stupid and dangerous: it could easily inspire another jilted, entitled, wealthy, Libprog millennial to get their 15 minutes of fame doing a mass shooting “inspired to action” by this slimy radio host. Of course the media will run interference and bring another bereaved parent on camera to blame the NRA.

  9. avatar pwrserge says:

    Guys like this should be thrown in jail on conspiracy to commit murder charges. Right there you have his confession. Free speech does not protect against a criminal act.

    1. avatar Stuki says:

      Clowns like this is irrelevant. Those with the power to jail are the problem. Be careful what you wish for.

  10. avatar Henry Bowman says:

    Your name, Mr. Malloy, has been added to the roster of “domestic enemies.” We’ll be certain to use your own words to convict you at the next “Nuremberg” trials.

  11. avatar Kevin says:

    …but only if it’s a “high caliber rifle” right Mike??

    1. avatar El Mac says:

      …by the way, what is a high-caliber?

      1. avatar bontai Joe says:

        High Caliber? It’s the one that they keep the bullets for, up on the top shelf? (sorry, couldn’t resist)

      2. avatar General Zod says:

        “High caliber” is any ammunition that can be used in a gun the anti’s find scary.

        1. avatar Timbo says:

          I thought he was referring to his meds

      3. avatar Geoff PR says:

        A high-caliber has a shoulder thing that goes up…

    2. avatar Menger40 says:

      Mike must prefer .22LR

  12. you are a moron. that is being nice and trying to get someone killed will put you in prison at the least at best get your ass beat

  13. avatar fiun dagner says:

    Nice of him to admit ahead of time he’s going to SWAT someone. Would that be murder 1 or first degree manslaughter?

    1. avatar Nighthawk says:

      Someone should SWAT him: his violent outbursts on air and probable heap of schedule 1 narcotics in his home are plenty.

  14. avatar Michael Davis says:

    Why is it that the ones who are supposed to be most tolerant and open to different ideas are the first to espouse violence? Oh, never mind, they are hypocrites.

    1. avatar Jim R says:

      It’s because they’re only tolerant of people who think, talk and act exactly like they do. Kind of the opposite of tolerance, isn’t it?

      1. avatar T.G. says:

        Tolerance….I do not think that word means what he think it means……

        1. avatar dlj95118 says:

          …nice “TPB” reference!

  15. avatar maynard biggs says:

    A few things:
    1) Isn’t his proposal similar to yelling ‘fire’ in a crowded theater?
    2) The logical extension of this is a Cloward-Piven strategy – precipitate a crisis that didn’t previously exist to force a situation breakdown do that he can then ‘fix’ the problem. I.e. antagonize OC peeps into shooting.
    3) I doubt he lives anywhere near the half-wits

  16. avatar Scott Brown says:

    Replace gun with hammer, wrench, or some other tool, then you will see whose thinking is flawed. Imagine if they threatened violence against people carrying hammers, pretty ridiculous! Threatening violence against someone because they carry a tool, which may or may not be used for violence, is hyper critical at least, and at worst is spreading the very thing which they say that they want stopped. Digest the information, then make a sound decision.

  17. avatar Colt Magnum says:

    “What a maroon!”
    -Bugs Bunny

  18. avatar dph says:

    He is self described as a “a traditional Liberal Democrat doing his part to return the Democratic Party to its Liberal roots.”, which apparently means traditional Liberal Democrats are just a bunch of murderous thugs. Got it.

  19. avatar Jay says:

    On the drive back to Fort Drum, I listened to this guy just for curiosity. He was either:
    Factually wrong.
    Deduced illogical conclusion off of the facts
    Went with emotion when facts were too boring.
    I emailed in to him and he was a complete ass too. The moral of the story: liberals are typically jerks

  20. avatar The Trouble with Timbo says:

    From Wikipedia “He is now self-syndicated.”

    Are they talking about masturbation?

    This guy is so far out there, no one will carry his show.

  21. avatar neiowa says:

    Hillary does provide the marching music for the legions of truly radial libtards. The extreme moron wing of the progressive coven.

    But she will NOT be the dem nominee in 2016. The morons fell for the incompetent buffoon and rejected her. Unlikely Hillary will even be on the stage just remains their touchstone for what is “acceptable” (PC) nonsense and stupidity.

    The despicable slime the dems will nominate may (or likely) is not even on our radar yet. Perhaps the puppetmasters have not selected him. A useful idiot like Holder, Just an idiot like Uncle Joe. Impossible to tell what will trigger their drug addled minds. (won’t be Biden. His only purpose is to make Obuma bulletresistant)

  22. avatar Bob Watson says:

    Mikey M. sounds hysterical and delusional with his sick, twisted little fantasy of causing death by gunfire without ever having to pull a trigger himself. No doubt he is convinced of his own moral superiority. We are winning, if he is representative of the current crop of useful idiots the antigun propagandists have at their disposal.

  23. avatar Gene says:

    I wonder if a restraining order can be filed on him based upon this threat of violence.

  24. avatar Fred says:

    They made the mistake of allowing comments. It seems pretty one-sided with a hard pro-gun lean.

  25. avatar Parnell says:

    He’s carried on all of 11 stations. The largest would be SiriusXM-Left. I’ve already voiced my protest of this cretin with the management of that radio provider.

  26. avatar former water walker says:

    I guess he got moved to the top of the list. What I don’t understand is why are unarmed buffoons always threatening heavily armed men? Yep bombard whoever broadcasts this terrorist( see we can use that word too 🙂

  27. avatar Gun_Chris says:

    “The most stringent protection of free speech would not protect a man falsely shouting fire in a theater and causing a panic” – Justice Holmes, Schenck v. US, 1919

    So I’m pretty sure falsely shouting someone is shooting with the intent of causing a panic and death is firmly against the law.

    1. avatar Gene says:

      Unlawful behavior has never stopped them before, so why should it now? (Ironic how their unlawful behavior is morally superior to our lawful behavior)

  28. avatar borg says:

    He will be lucky if he does not get charged with conspiracy to commit murder and/or filing a false police report and whatever else they can charge him with. I am surprised that he did not claim that he would execute the open carrier himself.

    1. avatar Fred says:

      No, no, he wouldn’t do anything himself, he is non-violent. He would abuse the authority and resources of the state to cause violence and death, that way it’s legitimized. In their eyes anything the state does cannot be wrong, even if it would be wrong if they did it. Someone that kills another person is a murderer, someone that abuses the government to kill another person is a monster.

      1. avatar Fred says:

        The second phase of that plan would be for the OC community to be enraged that police killed one of their own and react violently against the state. That’s what they really want. A large violent event to galvanize the country and ban legal carry, open and concealed, in one step, or ban open only to be a stepping stone to concealed.

  29. avatar Dennis says:

    Just wait … the Felony Murder Rule will be applied. It’s not a matter of “if” but “when.”

  30. avatar Col. Angus says:

    I think that guy’s sign is something his mother must have done….

  31. avatar JR_in_NC says:

    Seems this is not the first time Mike Malloy has issued death threats.

  32. avatar Wielsucker (@Wielsucker) says:

    He’s a 3rd rate shock jock that’s been around the Atlanta market for ages. He’ll pipe up with something like this whenever he gets depressed about being irrelevant. I haven’t exposed myself to talk radio in more than 10 years but he was doing that kind of stuff back in the 90s. We are giving him more attention that he could possible get otherwise.

  33. avatar OCH says:

    It would be a real crying shame if he were somehow strapped to a remote control wheelchair, his arms binded in place holding an evil, fully loaded black rifle whose trigger had been connected to a remote control servo. Then, with a full face mask on and his mouth taped shut, remotely guided into the lobby of a gun shop. That would be a tragedy.

  34. avatar dennis says:

    So his strategy relies entirely on the open carry person panicking? and on the professional police persons panicking? and his fellow customers panicking? so what happens when no one panics? also if this “strange” man has now broadcast this does that not constitute premeditated murder? or (though the word has been thrown around so much it seems to have lost all meaning) terrorism? going into a theatre and shouting FIRE! and such. I suppose it takes all kinds to make up the world but this person has openly admitted to being a danger to himself and others (innocent others in particular)…. a strange world we live in.

  35. avatar DisThunder says:

    Flag that shit, report it to YouTube. This isn’t even debate worthy. He’s casually discussing willful misleading of cops to kill innocent people that make him feel uncomfortable.
    Enough people have got it dowloaded. It needs to go.

  36. avatar tdiinva says:

    It would be ironic if Mr. Malloy got mugged and his attacker beat him into a coma. Make a nice should have been a DGU story.

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      How would we know if Malloy is in a coma when he’s already brain dead?

  37. avatar DerryM says:

    This is getting pretty sickening, whether the leftists are desperate or emboldened by Hillary Clinton’s remarks, Bloomberg’s money or a combination of all three is moot. The fact is we have American Citizens loudly advocating violence and murder against other American Citizens is intolerable.
    Worse yet, these craven loudmouths have neither the courage nor means nor skills to carry-out their threats and fully expect someone else to do it for them, namely their State Stormtroopers. I cannot find a word worse than despicable for someone openly advocating for someone else to commit violence and murder against their fellow Citizens. The laughable part is that if they had to carry-out these threats they would not last a minute, except if they did it by cowardly ambush.

    If Hillary Clinton becomes the next President, we have failed as a People and deserve whatever fate the Statists consign us to…

  38. avatar Joe R. says:

    Well he, and people like him, are anti-constitutionalist, Satanist, pusillanimous no-friend to animals. They are terrorists working for foreign governments, we need to determine which foreign entities that their money is coming from.

  39. avatar PsyHawk says:

    After reviewing the surveillance tapes and tracking the 911 call back, they should be charged with premeditated murder using the police’s guns as the weapon.

  40. avatar rlc2 says:

    Robert- I agree with you, and by the way, I suspect you didnt mean to set up the initial statement in your opening as an either or-
    Increasing desperation…
    increasing money and increasing tolerance in MSM for less civility.

    I think its all those things, and I suspect you agree- in fact, you are being entirely too civil here, and I suppose thats the set up the debate, and allow us commenters to go further-

    Here is my view- of course the mainstream media is a propaganda tool of the left side of the duality. Its naive to think that the free press would remain free of internal bias and the influence of big money- it has always been affected by that, to lesser or greater degree- think back to Hearst and “yellow journalism” and before that the activism of Ben Franklin, and leaflets and treatises distributed by those who wished to be anonymous- “Publius” for example.

    What is so troubling now, in my view, and perhaps its my bias as someone who has followed the news myself all my life, as a reader, and being older, having the benefit of all those years to see a bit of a pattern, that is the similar to other historical patterns,

    to see how thoroughly the media is being compromised by the big money, and the loonier ideas of the left.

    The problem with power, is absolute power corrupts absolutely, and that includes owns own ability to see the truth, especially when there is no check and balances on that power.

    The Fourth Estate, ie the free press, has been considered a check on government power. Yet, for the last twenty years or so, ever since Clinton took office, and what some described then as the Clinton News Network began its long slide out of the news business into being essentially a PR organ for the Democratic Party, its been obvious that the “free press” is no longer free, in the main, in the traditional paper media and big TV conglomerats, and that power has corrupted itself.

    Despite the MSMs increasingly steep losses in readers, measured by subscriptions in the paper press, Nielson ratings on TV, and eyeballs online, its obvious that those “Elites Who Think They Know Whats Best For All Of Us Little People”, are living in their own little self-referential bubble, that is getting both harder to break out of for those on the inside, yet ridiculously brittle from the outside, for those of us paying attention.

    Why is that happening? Who is pulling the strings? How far will they go?
    No one really knows and for sure the StateRunMedia isnt going to report on itself, even if they could. I mean, really- the average talking head on MSNBC is a failed sports commentator, snarky LGBT token, kicked out Brit, or a Mommys Boy with Trust Fund money. Do they have any investigative skills, beyond networking in their own small set of self-referential nitwits?

    So those outlets HAVE to pander for advertising, and money, and power. Thats all they have is pandering…

    And you work your way down the food chain and you see more. There is some of the same on the right- so before anyone throws the moral equivalence fallacy, I am disclaiming that this is a right-left paradigm, it just happens to be more egregious on the left, which is not surprising given the dedicated effort on a 40 year basis in a collaborative fashion, in academia, the press, NGOs, and in the political parties- that have led to the culmination of a media sold empty suit community organizer on the basis of skin color, and Hope and Change.

    Now, we have the last gasp of Progressive Agenda, underway in the US, which is really only socialism on the EU model rewarmed, and we know from recent and current history is failing miserably, and has failed horrifically in earlier communist models in places like the USSR, Red China, North Korea, Cambodia, and is ongoing obvious failure mode in Cuba, Venezuela, parts of Africa, and in the softer EU version is crumbling in the PIGs.

    So, of course- the Progtards and their enablers for pay, CNN in the lead, are braying for Hillary. The last gasp of aging bitter Feminazi’s, and its only fair, after all- we elected a POTUS on the basis of skin color, why not on the basis of sex?

    Never mind what she stands for, her history of tyrannical over-reach, vast incompetence, and lying on a scale that can only be described as epic new standards.

    The point is this is the last chance for the Progressive Agenda, and its win at all costs, never mind the ideals. I am reminded of what the Chairperson of the San Diego Democratic Club said- forget her name, a Shannon Wattts like PTA mommy who had been a School Board member in one of the liberal small towns, and had been put up and run unsuccessfully several times for Congress…

    She defended the Democrats support for former Congressman Bob Filner, a Democrat from a southern district of San Diego, who had come back home after being termed out, to run for Mayor, despite the strong warnings of some women in the local Democratic Party for his known proclivity in DC for groping women, on his staff and elsewhere,

    after rumors came out that he had again groped a wide variety of women on his staff and in the local community, including a retired Navy Admiral of the female sort, and why the Democrats were continuing to support him….

    “Its the culmination of 30 years of work to achieve the Progressive Agenda here in San Diego”.

    Now, you will have to search pretty hard to find that, because San Diego is a back-water in national politics, but its representative of whats at the heart of Progressive/Socialist/LeftDemocrat politics- the quest for power, total power, and the that includes the abuse of truth, and freedom, to get it.

    This is nothing new, its just especially horrible when the underlying theory of Progressive/Socialist governance just doesnt work.

    And its especially sad when an entire generation apparently cant think beyond the propaganda being fed to them on the boob tube, and innertubz.

    In the end, all the blogging, social media, talking heads, and the comments by people like me, or the nitwits on the left, and their ilk dont matter. What matters is if you show up at the voting booth, and get others who think the way you do, to do the same.

    Thats where the Progtards beat us last time, by hook and by crook, and if you sit back and just kvetch here, on TTAG and elsewhere it will happen again with Hillary in the WH. Think about that…

    If you cant run with the big dogs, get back on the porch.

  41. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

    Same old anti song and dance….

    He wants some killin’ done, but he just wants someone else to do it for him.

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      Which makes him qualified to be POTUS.

      1. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

        All he needs is a pen and a phone.

  42. avatar Peter says:

    In such a situation, the correct response would be to wait until the police arrive and then point at the agitator and shout “Him, he’s the guy!”. Let’s see how much he likes police weapons trained at his head.

  43. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Hatred of his caliber is really hard for me to understand.

  44. avatar Bob says:

    report the video through youtube as promoting violence and terrorism. You can do it right there on the page the video is on.

  45. avatar John Wayne says:

    Um, that’s actually murder. If you call 9-1-1 and report an active shooter when there isn’t one and that results in COPS killing someone then the caller can be charged with murder.

  46. avatar gloomhound says:

    “[No obscene or abusive comments allowed. Posters will be banned.]”

    So you are going to ban Mike Malloy then?

    Because what he said is completely obscene.

  47. avatar CV76 says:

    Reported to youtube as terrorism. Report this asshole.

  48. avatar TheOtherDavid says:

    Apparently he once threatened to set up a confrontation and shooting of an NRA board member:
    “I would like to invite one of the NRA board members, and I’ll be armed, let’s just get this over with, OK? Come on down to Georgia and I’ll be packing heat and you be packing heat or whether you want to or not, I don’t give a damn, it’s up to you. And you come, meet me someplace, and all of a sudden, see, we have stand your ground here, and all of a sudden I’m going to feel real goddamned threatened by you! And I will shoot you! If I feel threatened. The law says I can! Ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha!”

    And they call us gun “nuts” ?

  49. avatar Marc says:

    If I was a third party spectator I would call 911 as well and report a jackwagon for inciting a panic. And if the OC starts panicing I’ll do my best to calm him or her down. Then laugh as the cops show up and arrest this asshat.

  50. avatar Wayne Worley says:

    Isn’t there a law for open threats like that? He did say he would cause lethal harm to people around him.

  51. avatar FUBIJAR says:

    Where does he plan to find a cop that can shoot like that?

  52. avatar George says:

    This guy is putting the idea out there hoping some half wit would do just that. He’s not stupid enough to do it himself. Problem is there might be some insane anti out there who would try. Funny how the antis decry violence yet would love to see an innocent person gunned down in public to further their own agenda.

  53. avatar John Beaty says:

    I just want to say that there are a LOT of progressives, liberals, and others, many of whom do not agree with you about many things, who think this guy is a loon, an agitator, a pox on the republic, a lickspittle, pusillanimous and all-around rectum, hiding behind a microphone and his wife.

    There are psychos on both sides of the fence. If they would shut up, maybe we could have a conversation.

  54. avatar Rifleman says:

    “I don’t agree with you so I’m going to have you killed.” How tolerant™ the left is eh?

  55. avatar H.R. says:

    Just admitted to the entire world that he’s planning to lie to the police in an attempt to get someone killed. Brilliant.

    Meanwhile, since gun owners are so horrible, I have a confession to make.

    Last Friday I walked across a college campus – just for some exercise. I found this turtle in the middle of the street. He blended in pretty well, so I figured he’d be killed by the next car that drove past. So I scooped him up and relocated him to a nearby pond on campus, basically just to save his helpless ass.

    Yep, we are all deserving of being summarily executed by police acting on the false reports of morons, right?

  56. avatar mike delzell says:

    Mr. Mallory if you ever do that anywhere I am I will beat you half to death while the police are outside wondering why they just killed an innocent person!!!!

  57. avatar joe says:

    if i remember correctly this Malloy guy is the same one that advocated a military strike against JB Jr. because he was somehow worse than bin laden. I believe Malloy also advocated the murder of Sen. Cruz with a butcher knife… truly a sick individual.

  58. avatar Bob in Washington says:

    Yawn…loser looking for free publicity, nothing to see here…move along.

  59. avatar Glenn says:

    Mike Malloy is a gun owner.

    His life has been threatened by the “lie-us-into-war” party fans for his critique of war propaganda, and has taken LE advice to arm himself after another radio talk show host was threatened and gunned down in his driveway.

    I oppose his scare talk, pulling false fire alarms, and other incitement to fear. There is already too much fear incitement in the media from pro-government fear mongers already.

    People do stupid things out of fear like running up multitrillion dollar war debts.

  60. avatar borg says:

    Someone needs to arrest this guy for inciting murder and conpiracy to commit murder and anything else that will stick.

  61. avatar borg says:

    Is a 50 caliber black powder rifle a high powered rifle? Is a single shot 223 a high powered rifle? Would he call the police on someone carrying a 12 gauge shotgun as well or would he ignore him or her?

  62. avatar Teodoro Leon says:

    Inciting gun panic? No. Premeditated murder,conspiring to murder and commit fraud ? Conspiring to deny and deprive others of their rights? RICO ACT? ” The RICO Act focuses specifically on racketeering, and it allows the leaders of a syndicate to be tried for the crimes which they ordered others to do or assisted them, closing a perceived loophole that allowed someone who told a man to, for example, murder, to be exempt from the trial because he did not actually commit the crime personally.” He’s already committed a crime.

  63. avatar Teodoro Leon says:

    If he is based in Atlanta, Georgia, the county and city LE would probably like to be given the heads up on this guy and what he is promoting, for he is encouraging and influencing others to do this and some other nut will…they will not like to be played. This is an actual domestic terrorist. Atlanta Police Department Police Information – (404) 614-6544
    Public Affairs – (404) 546-4280
    [email protected] (Message for the Chief) Main Number: 404-612-5100

  64. avatar Alexander B. says:

    So if someone is following the law by open carrying a rifle, he’s going to attempt to report a false crime and get someone with a gun to kill the law-abiding citizen because he doesn’t like… guns?

  65. avatar ADC USN/Ret says:



    There would be mayhem in the streets and no such thing as a normal person anymore.

    How far can they push and not get a reaction?

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