brooklyn rabbi attacked beaten stone
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This news from a city where legally carrying a firearm is a virtual impossibility for the average citizen:


Police said 63-year-old Rabbi Abraham Gopin was working at Lincoln Terrace Park in Crown Heights around 8 a.m. Tuesday when a man threw a large piece of construction material in his direction.

He defended himself by punching back, but the attacker picked up another rock and threw it.

The rabbi was struck in the face, knocking out his front teeth and causing a laceration to his forehead. The struggle continued before the suspect fled the location on foot.

“He was about to kill me,” Gopin said.

It isn’t clear what made the suspect break off the attack.

According to the Wall Street Journal, so-called hate crimes are up in New York City by 83% in 2019 over the same period last year. About 60% of the reported hate crimes are anti-semitic in nature.

That being the case, it would seem prudent for New Yorkers to have the means to defend themselves. But the city has long made legally carrying firearms virtually impossible for all but the very wealthy and well-connected. Or those willing to pay off crooked cops and “fixers” to grease the skids.

That’s New York City Councilman Chaim Deutch decrying the violence directed at openly religious Jews in New York City. He’s gone so far as advocating armed off-duty and retired cops in houses of worship (though Mayor de Blasio is, of course, opposed).

But if you’re waiting for Councilman Deutch or any other New York pol to advocate easing the famously restrictive laws that prevent New Yorkers from availing themselves of their right to keep and bear arms, don’t hold your breath.



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    • Just by looking at the pic of the attacker, he’s clearly a racist, hate-filled, honkey ‘cracker’ “Jethro Bodine” sister-inseminating Trump supporter… 🙂

      (What did I miss, gang? ‘vlad’? 😉 )

    • In this context it should be said that it was racist white Jewish Lawyers who went after Bernard Getz because they hated him for defending himself when he shot four black criminals.
      Their civil suit cost him financially $$$ for the rest of his life. One of the criminal survivors later was sent to prison for raping women.

      Racist white self hating Liberal reform Jews who have the soft bigotry of low expectations for black people. They are the same jews who work to keep jews, and everyone else, disarmed.

        • My apologies for misspelling Mr. Goetz name. I miss the edit button.
          I would buy his book. Or see the movie. But Charles Bronson has already done it. Even before Goetz used a gun in self defense! Even more tickets were sold after the publicity of the Goetz case!!!

  1. I once read a story many years ago:

    An alien spacecraft landed on Earth and observed the human tendency toward violence. The leader of the group quickly surmised that their guns were the problem, and to test this theory, they assumed disguises as humans and proceeded to assume control of a particular sovereign nation. Once they occupied all the necessary offices, the first order of business was to ban all guns and remove them from all the country’s citizens.

    But some of the humans continued to show violence, and knives quickly became the weapon of choice. So the aliens banned and removed all the knives.

    But some of the humans still continued to show violence, and metal pipes quickly became the weapon of choice. So the aliens banned and removed all the metal pipes.

    But some of the humans STILL continued to show violence, and rocks quickly became the weapon of choice. So the aliens banned and removed all the rocks.

    But some of the humans **STILL** continued to show violence, and their fists quickly became the weapon of choice. The aliens finally gave up and concluded that the weapons weren’t the problem. It was human nature.

    So they gave everything back to the citizens and left Earth.

    • CNN, MSNBC and other Lame Stream Media sources are already blaming Trump. That paving stone was probably left over from one of his construction projects.

      This can’t happen in the future, with Alexandria Occasionally-Correctis’ green deal, there will be no fancy paving stones to build stuff with.

      • Neither hate crimes nor staged hate crimes are terribly unusual. That said, those that cause significant injuries- like having teeth knocked out- are more likely to be the former than the latter.

    • This is fake?
      Did I miss the details in the article that mentioned this is Jessie Smalletts personal rabbi? If that’s the case I would say it’s a hoax.

    • You damn liberals always get it wrong. It wasn’t a rock. It was a modern paving stone. It was designed to hold people up, not knock them down. It wasn’t even a high capacity paving stone. Leave my assault rocks alone! They had nothing to do with this atrocity.

    • Yes, those scary paving stones. When I lived in Washington, DC., walking my then girlfriend (eventually ex-wife) home after dinner, I was struck in the back of the head with a wooden bat. Refusing to let the assailants (yes, there were two and it was too late at night dark to determine race, so mark that irrelevant) have the upper hand, ie., the one with the bat, I stripped the bat from the swingers hands and boldly declared that he missed. His buddy started running but he was befuddled. So, I pried a centuries old Georgetown cobblestone from the road and proceeded to defend myself. Did not need touch the stone to anyone before they ran away fearful of the crazy h…ky. Let it be known that a flintlock, muzzle-loading ancient DC cobblestone prevented a forcible felony that night. I had no nee for a scary black stone with scary things protruding at odd angles. As the founders intended, a good old Georgetown cobblestone is all anyone needs for defense against imminent grave bodily harm, otherwise why would they have at great cost completely paved the streets of Georgetown with cobblestones?

  2. Large cities are jammed with malcontent losers, and therefore inherently dangerous. I recommend that all law-abiding people move far, far away from them.

    • That would be millions upon millions of city folk spreading out into the country like a wave of locusts. Is that really what you want?

      • If they’re law-abiding, sure. Collapse the tax base of those dummycrat-hellholes, and let the angry, fat, blue-haired freaks feast on each other’s corpses.

  3. Oy vey Rabbi…did you protest herr Drumph’s lament that most Jew’s don’t vote “R”? Or support Israel? Thought so…carry a gun anyway.

    • The victim of this attack is very likely an Orthodox Jew. Orthodox Jews are generally very supportive of Trump, and typically vote Republican.

      • I doubt it…. We can read and make a determination ourselves, you don’t have to jump to the rescue of a bunch of conniving liars…js

        • It’s piece of shit low lifes of your ilk is why this “conniving liar” is armed. If it’s not left wing Islamonazis of the Ilhan Omar species of cockroach, it’s worms like you. Kindly crawl back under your rock, cretin. Or better yet, do us all a favor and join your butt buddies over in Hamastan so you can put your money where your mouth is and fight the Conniving Liar State; you’re not worth the cost of a bullet but maybe the IDF will indulge you anyway so you can have the opportunity to be a martyr for your shit beliefs.

    • I’ll NEVER forget the Tawana Brawny interview where she stated she was not being “manip-ma-nated”.
      Turns out Sharpton fabricated the whole story. This POS is still a darling of the left too. Go figure.

  4. Wait a minute. How is this even possible? It is almost as if there are people in this world who thrust nasty, hateful, evil attacks upon us. If only there was an effective way to minimize the damage of such attacks — some simple device that was easy to use, has the ability to psychologically as well as physiologically stop an attacker, and that we could easily carry on our person as we go about our day.

    • Let me answer you with a question: Is there anyone at all who actually *wants* to hear from the people who have been posting under those names?

    • Ronny. It may have been a ‘key’ word that was snagged by the filter. Nothing to do with vlad. I’ve been here for 7-8 years now. Sometimes I have to reword a comment to get it past. It was really bad years ago.

  5. Just inagine if NYC’s commonsense gun safety measures didn’t prevent the atracker from obtaining and using a military style assault weapon. Half of the City would be reduced to smoking rubble! This way he was restricted to a large stone, then he run away – no harm done (except for some teeth, but that’s why we have mandatory health insurance).
    Even worse outcome would be if this Rabbi defended himself with a firearm – Democratic party might have lost a voter!

    • Are you REALLY that retarded?….I guess someone who’s never lifted a finger to actually WORK would never have heard the word “paving stone”….
      Get out of your mommy’s basement and get a life…… Then you might figure out that PAVING STONES are a common building material when constructing patios and walkways…
      Go back to your bedroom and don’t come out until you grow up…

      • Normally I wouldn’t defend neiowa. But his comment sailed right over your head. Like a poorly thrown paving stone.

        Read a history book. Get a clue.

  6. As herr Drumph would say, Ya vol! (?)
    Das good’nsi. (?)
    Some more of Trumps would be actions.
    Bet Trump smiled as he read this TTAG Article.
    If this goes to Court, no doubt Trump will probably pay the
    defense attorney fees. That’s Trump for ya.

  7. Arm yourself and don’t put up with this BS. Oh wait this is a lefty haven. Just hand the rock to the justice involved individual (and oppressed minority) next time and take your beating like a man.

  8. From what I hear it’s not even enough anymore to prove that you carry around lots of cash\diamonds- going for a carry license you’ll be told to hire a security company to take care of it. Now, if you’re connected, I’m sure that’s still workable…

  9. Sadly jews are total believers in the supremacy of the state. They whine about the Holocaust. And refuse to support civil rights. In the 1950s big city Liberal jews went down south to “help” in the civil rights movement. They told blacks to disarm. They said a black person had no need for guns in America???

    It wasn’t until I heard Aaron Zelman on a conservative radio station in 1993, up to then I thought all jews were just as racist as white Christians when it came to their support for racist gun control.

    The problem is not the person who hit the rabbi with a paving stone. There will always be criminals. The problem is the rabbi should have a gun to put a bullet in his attackers head.

    “To every jew, a 22”. This rabbi is old enough to remember who said this and why. But he and others have forgotten. Jews seem to forget all the time now.

  10. Don’t care what anyone has to say about Israel, or Arabs, or anything else. You don’t beat men of any cloth, and you damn well don’t beat the elderly. There isn’t a cave this thug can crawl into nor rock he can hind under where God won’t find him.

  11. Back in the 80’s the local Jewish crime watch group, Shmira, would have tracked the guy down and beat the crap out of him. And both sides would have been ok with it and felt it was square.

    The city and the local cops defanged the watch group by the 90s and then we had the Crown Heights riots.

    In the 80’s I could walk down those streets at 3am and not worry, not so much now.

    Trust the police to protect you, they said…. and people wonder why I moved way out West and am a CCW permit holder.

  12. I doubt this was fake news—cobble stone has been the weapon of choice in new york shitty since the 90’s–when the patients were sent out of the wards—–remember the truck driver in cali—-caught on film—head bash with cobble stone when dragged out the semi truck, which could just rolled over everybody, knocked to the ground—perp stood right over him and just slammed it into him—–ny new is usually blocked to keep the tourists coming–


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