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“The White House is working on [giving Connecticut access to the FBI no-fly list]. They think it’s a great idea. I’m hopeful that the road will be cleared so that states who want to prevent people on the terror watch list from buying guns can do so.” – Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy in Seeking action on guns, White House turns to governors [at]

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  1. Great, that way it will just take longer to get the SCOTUS. Is going to be fun reading all the BS in the rulings until it gets there.

  2. Thats a slippery slope.

    I can see a majority vote that if you are on a terror watch list or a gov watch list that the feds can ban you from owning a firearm.
    How many of you think you might be on a gov watch list?
    Could just be the key to the door to confiscation.
    Let the people vote their rights away, nobodies fault but their own…..

    • “…Let the people vote their rights away, nobodies fault but their own…..”

      The problem is they think they can vote *my* rights away too!

    • I think the futility of applying firearm restrictions would be highlighted by also denying everyone on those watch lists any government employment, contracts and assistance. Suddenly, unjustified inclusion and mistaken identities would make front page news with the loudest voices coming from those advocating this idiocy.

  3. Funny how relative supporting states rights can be.
    The administration went full ape shit when Montana took huge steps toward firearm freedom. I bet if Montana decided to use the National Guard to round’em all up the administration would be lauding the state with press conferences every hour on the hour praising the brave action.

    • Nobody went apesh*t over the Firearms Freedom act except the MSSA who wasted time, money and political capital on it before checking with a lawyer. The ATF sent a letter, MSSA sued and their case was immediately thrown out of court and all appeals rejected. The act had zero chance and achieved nothing except fundraising for MSSA and allowing politicians to say they ‘did something’ for us, when they knew all along it was pointless.

  4. Relax, I hear that Lois Lerner will be overseeing who is put on the Watch List
    So you all have nothing to worry about.

  5. Well I know one state I’d like to own a gun shop in right about now.

    All of these runs on guns we’ve had up until now have been over the prospect of the federal government passing laws to restrict what types of weapons we are allowed to own. With this assault on the 2nd and various other amendments to the Constitution, you could walk into a gun shop and find out that you’re on some super-secret list and you’re not allowed to purchase any firearm of any kind at all. And the only way to get your rights back is to fight your way through a Kafkaesque bureaucracy that doesn’t give a damn about your right to keep and bear arms. If that doesn’t spur you to go shopping I don’t know what would.

  6. Almost a million people on the list. How many of them terrorists? Of those residing in the US – Almost none?

    Maybe they should just make the list public – what are they trying to hide anyways? There is no reason the list should not be public. Let’s make it public.

    • Anonymous and John,

      The Almighty State need do nothing more than murmur “national security” and wave their hand and the courts will acquiesce to keeping the list “secret”.

      There is a balancing act with the Almighty State’s intelligence activities. On the one hand, they want to gather as much intelligence as possible and “neutralize” as many “enemies” as possible. On the other hand, every time they “neutralize” an enemy, they reveal their surveillance method and enable their “enemies” to implement counter-surveillance methods … which then minimizes how many “enemies” the Almighty State can “neutralize”. In this case, the Almighty State wants to “neutralize enemies” on “watch lists” without revealing their surveillance methods that put those people on the government’s watch lists. Thus, they will mention their “compelling public interest” and the courts will happily oblige the Almighty State — at the expense of our rights of course.

      And this brings up the age-old dilemma: which is worse? Enemies who violate our rights to life, liberty, and property, or our own government who justifies violating our rights to life, liberty, and property in the process of stopping our enemies from violating our rights to life, liberty, and property?

  7. Judging by the slant of that graph, the “list” is likely well past a million folks.
    The dems are going to lose their voting base if those same people are put on a “can’t vote” list.

    • Are you kidding? I’m willing to bet a large number of people on that “watch list” did such suspicious things as post their support for the Constitution on the Internet, criticized the Obama administration and its policies, or served in the military. After all, they’ve been telling us for the last five or six years that those are some of the warning signs of a “domestic terrorist”…

    • Tom, you’re onto something there! Since the party in power want to go down the road to tyranny, let’s help them go all in. The government shouldn’t just stop with removing only the second amendment rights for these people. Lets take away all their rights with no due process! No fourth and fifth amendments for them–kick in their doors and let’s see what these “terrorists” are hiding! Also, while we’re at it, they won’t need computers or phones because we’ll slap them with John Doe investigation-style gag orders, so let’s confiscate those and sell them at auction to raise money for head start. Who are they going to complain to? Their legislators? Ha! Those that are US citizens may no longer vote either.

      But lest you think that we’re not looking out for their best interests, we’ll make sure that they have food and shelter. We’ll just round up those people on the secret lists into boxcars and send them off somewhere that we can keep an eye on them. Heart Mountain, WY isn’t being used currently, so that could be a great place for them. Plenty of room there and the guard towers hardly obstruct the mountain scenery.

      Ironically, the last time Democrats had a list of people whom they decided to persecute in violation of the constitution, Heart Mountain was where they sent them. History repeats itself.

    • YES! We should make this demand loudly. Their brilliant ban will leave the same people free to build a “bomb factory” in their garages, like the SB lady jihadi. Deportation is the answer, and it happens to be the issue the gun stuff was supposed to bury.

  8. It took Teddy Kennedy weeks to get off the list and he was a senator. How long will it be for the regular joe to get his name off the list.

    • Months or years, thousands of dollars in legal fees, and possibly never. Especially since it’s just a list of names, not a list of people. Got a similar name as an actual suspect? Too bad, you’re screwed.

  9. Without reading all the previous comments, this may be repetitive. This is a clear violation of the 14th Amendment and 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution. Even a high school government student could see this. There needs to be a whole bunch of lawsuits brought by NRA, SAF, etc. against the State of Connecticut. It is a clear violation of due process as the no fly list is not due process to deny constitutional rights. You can also bet if this state effort is successful, the no fly list will mysteriously grow from a few thousand folks to a few hundred thousand folks.

  10. How did we get here so fast? Tyranny really sucks. But, the bright side is that now that the feds have tied the the super secret no fly list to the 2nd amendment, a competent, fair, honest judge will rule to disband the whole fly list. Of course, where do we find honest and fair judges these days?

    • Oh, and when we extricate the Democrat Party from the federal government, perhaps we ought to put the entire party on the no fly list including those on the security details of party officials…at least until the law is overturned.

  11. Good article , however the elephant in the room nobody is talking about is , New Jersey is ALREADY USING the 2 No – Fly Lists. Governor Christie signed Bill , A – 3687 , in August of 2013. Where is the court challenge ??? No remedy if a person is denied , and the feds are not compelled to share any information with citizens …. you know , the people THEY work for.

    • NJ may have passed a law because they *want* to use the list, but no state has access to it. Access means one of two thing: 1) the list is given to a state, or 2) the state uses it like a NIC check and uses an application to query the list. The first means that eventually the list will get released by a whistleblower and the second opens the list up to hacking. Any other method would create too much overhead for the FBI.

  12. The fact of the matter is it will do little to nothing to truly stop a terrorist, and will do much to erode everyone’s rights if it is let stand.

  13. Some back of the envelope calculation shows an increase of 200,000 per year on the chart. Given the same rate of increase per year since 2007 we should be up to about 2,350,000 now. Am I missing something?

  14. I wish some one would suggest that if someome is on the no fly list they should also not recieve welfare, medicare, foodstamps, IE any type of govenment subsidy. I would love to watch the progressives trying to jump through hoops explaining why taking away gun rights from “Dangerous” people is ok, but not giving them free money would be bad.

  15. Yet somehow they support sending machine guns, anti tank missiles, and all sorts of other weapons to a bunch of goat fucking terrorists in Syria. The cognitive dissonance in the White House is amazing.

    • This is simple: disarm the locals to maintain control. Meanwhile, they arm rebels in another country so that they can stir up more internal dissent/strife/civil war. This also keeps the locals distracted by the “problem over there” and still maintain that what they are doing will prevent that same “problem over here” from happening. Win-win.

  16. Hurry up! The faster states have access to read and write to the list; the faster anonymous, other hacktivists and many of us can “write” some of our anti friends and tyrants into the list. It may only takes a few seconds to push up but as stated, years to get off…imagine their surprise on the summer vacation attempt. Blue shirt poke and hold….

    That’ll take some steam out of the pipes.

    Some Govt/Contractor IT folks know what “supporting” and “defending” ye old constitution may mean..some data degredation or updates may be necessary. There is an oath of office for feds…that some take serious.

  17. How about a petition for the Whitehouse to open the list up to all Americans. I mean, I’d hat to private party a gun to someone on the No-fly list… Right?


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