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Darrell Carter (courtesy

“I don’t play with guns, so I stabbed him.” – homicide suspect Darrell Carter [via]

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  1. He said “gun”. He obviously wanted to use a gun. Shannon and Lad will dutifully count this knife murder as “gun violence”.

    EDIT: he claims that his victim threatened to shoot him with a gun. So that’s even more proof that this constitutes “gun violence”!

  2. It should have been a DGU? This guy brought a knife to a gunfight and won. Seems like failure to deploy on his victims part.

  3. That means his victims went to heaven, right? As opposed to the hellish purgatory that people who are murdered with a firearm are sent to wait for Shannon Watts and Bloomberg to release them by passing more gun control.

    • No, it means he’s not dead at all. The “homicide investigation” will reveal that soon I expect and the charges will be dropped. They probably only charged the suspect in the first place because they were confused as to which one had the gun.

  4. So the killer, who was dating the victim’s cousin, was mad at the victim for taking in the cousin after the killer and cousin had a domestic dispute?

    Thank goodness for domestic violence restraining orders keeping guns out of this man’s hands, or else someone could have gotten hurt.

  5. Loved the one comment to the article by Jibaro

    Jibaro 3 days ago
    Without a doubt, another good reason to start doing background checks and forced registration of anyone purchasing a knife. Surely, this will be the only way to stop these stabbings! Eventually, why not confiscating them all? Those knife owners who think that they are protected by the 2nd Amendment must realize that owing a knife is for the exclusive use of the military, not civilians…

    -“But, but, what will we use at home or at the restaurant?”

    That’s easy! Call the police and ask them to cut the meat for you.

    -“But, by the time they arrive, my steak will be cold.”

    Well, what do you rather have cold, the steak you are about to eat or your own meat?

  6. More evidence that gun confiscation is theater. And when knives, bats, sharpen sticks are confiscated, we’ll switch to sharpened leaf springs, then they’ll confiscate, grinders, files and iron ore, ovens and finally rocks. And when that fails, hand amputation. At what point do legislators understand that anyone who wants to kill can.

  7. I understood his statement in a different way. What I got was something like, “I don’t mess around when someone threatens with a gun so I stabbed him.” or “I don’t play around when seriously threatened.” Then again, the other interpretation is also valid.

  8. Imagine this: Moms Demand Action against kitchen knives, baseball bats, 2 by 4’s, rocks, ropes, screwdrivers, swords, daggers, ice picks, poison, cars, tall buildings, cliffs, candlesticks, water (drowning), narcotics (poison), arson, strangulation, asphyxiation, other blunt objects, personal body weapons (hands, feet, etc.), hard pavement/concrete, sharp sticks, electricity (electrocution), maces, axes, pikes, lances, spears, arrows, hammers, and flails. I wonder if they can get Bloomberg to pay them more money to make laws to lock everyone up in padded rooms.

  9. When Jamaica banned firearms completely, the murder rate dropped for about six months. After a year the murder rate was the same as before and kept climbing.

    When you see shows about Jamaica, look in the background. You will see plastic buckets beside every front door. They are not to collect water but to hold acid, which is the most common form of home defense. Pour the acid over the assailant.


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