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NRA sticker (courtesy

“Because of that NRA decal in the rear window of your car, because I am the father of two beautiful boys who are growing up with a backdrop of rampant gun violence, the only responsible conclusion for me to draw is that you are armed – and dangerous. That you are a threat. That you could, if you chose, pull out your gun and shoot me or my children without a thought or even provocation.” –What Your NRA Decal Says About You [via]

[h/t BA]

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  1. And his conclusion is supported by lots of evidence of random, unprovoked shootings. Unfortunately, it was all stored on a hard drive made by the same people who supply the government, so it crashed.

    • I thought dads were supposed to be men, not pussified weaklings groveling at the feet of their government masters. I guess I’ll be an outlier, then.

    • And I’m sure another statistic was on that server and was lost – How many of the people who have ACTUALLY used firearms to commit the violent crimes of senseless mass-murder were in fact members of the NRA? I suspect that number could easily be zero or extremely close to it.

      • Actually, I feel the same way he does….when I see a car with an 0bama sticker. That person wants to kill my children with 0bummercare and unbridled Government control over every aspect of their life.

    • Actually, I feel the same way he does….when I see a car with an 0bama sticker. That person wants to kill my children with 0bummercare and unbridled Government control over every aspect of their life.

      • U got that right I live in an Obama community they don’t like what’s in the back of my car I didn’t put that there my 9 year old grandson put that there an he’s proud of what the stickers says NRA.

    • While few will see his ramblings, it still illustrates the mindset of many gun-grabbers. The fact that few will see it strongly suggests that he was NOT being inflammatory and was indeed sharing his honest inner thoughts.

      Speaking of, his inner thoughts betray him. Who in their right mind concludes, “That you could, if you chose, pull out your gun and shoot me or my children without a thought or even provocation.” I don’t even see gangbangers doing that. In fact the only “demographic” that appears to be capable of shooting an adult or children without any provocation are the handful of spree killers that have reared their ugly heads in the last couple decades.

      How a person could conflate a handful of spree killers with every person who owns firearms is beyond irrational to me. It is pure hysteria.

      • @uncommon
        ” I don’t even see gangbangers doing that.”
        -Tell that to the Texas cop that was just executed for pumping gas. I get threatened by my local hoodrats everyday, and I don’t provoke them because I would have to shoot them.

        “In fact the only “demographic” that appears to be capable of shooting an adult or children without any provocation are the handful of spree killers that have reared their ugly heads in the last couple decades.”
        -Everyday in the hood this happens, and the spree killers have nothing on the most violent demographic of the inner city, who are migrating to the burbs.

        Is wearing the wrong color of shirt or wrong skin color, justifiable provocation to you?

      • @uncommon
        ” Who in their right mind concludes, “That you could, if you chose, pull out your gun and shoot me or my children without a thought or even provocation”
        -Hence, why liberalism is a cognitive disease, not an ideology.

        ” I don’t even see gangbangers doing that.”
        -Is wearing the wrong color of shirt or wrong skin color, justifiable provocation to you?

        “In fact the only “demographic” that appears to be capable of shooting an adult or children without any provocation are the handful of spree killers that have reared their ugly heads in the last couple decades.”
        -Everyday in the hood this happens, and the spree killers have nothing on the most violent demographic of the inner city, who are migrating to the burbs.

        • I think his point was that even gangbangers have some kind of provocation to shoot, regardless of whether it is “justifiable”. Just pointing out another absurdity in the “dad’s” post.

      • What about the young black male that shot and killed a cop last night in Texas at a gas stations, apparently for no other reason than that he was a cop in uniform? No prior contacts between the two, no contacts that night. Cop shot in the head from behind, shot some more while on the ground, five, six times. (No, I don’t think the shooter was an NRA member.)

    • It was open until yesterday although he had closed the comments section because he was getting hammered. He went on and on about not being anti-gun and only being “anti-massacre” in his facebook posts as if anyone would be pro-.massacre. His blog comments were clearly anti-gun though and completely illogical. I noticed this morning, he has also had to close his facebook page. Below is an excerpt taken from his blog before he closed it.
      I see that NRA decal on the rear window of your car and my eyes narrow. I look at the back of your head in the driver’s seat and I wonder if you are a threat.

      A threat to my children. A threat to me. A threat to society.

      I see a news report about the latest shooting deaths in the United States. I brace myself for the NRA talking points on social media.

      I try not to read them. I fail at that. I am appalled and saddened and sickened and angry.

      I am reminded why I consider you a potential threat.”

      What I can’t understand is that he and millions of others do not recognize the left’s anti-gun tired and un-factual talking points.

      • That’s some creepy stuff. It sounds disconcertingly like the garbage that most recent shooter was shoveling on social media; the preceived threats the expressions of anger.
        Tick tock tick tock…..

      • So what if he considers us a threat? What exactly would he do about it? Call the cops? Since when does having the ability to defend yourself and your family make you a threat. If that’s the case we should outlaw martial arts. We should also consider anyone who has bodyguards to be a real threat. It’s so non-sensical that I wonder how this individual can possibly form coherent sentences.

        • I wouldn’t be surprised if the sperm donor worked for the state, because that is where you usually find those mental midgets,who harbor the most hatred for individual responsibility.

      • Most people put those NRA decals on their windows and bumpers because they paid about $35.00 for it and they hate to throw it away .If I new it wouldn’t blow off I would probably tape the NRA fountain pen there too .
        I guess I also want to warn the sheeple that I have a big bad gun with me and I can kill them if I choose to .
        I do like scaring kids and their dadiekuns with my evil stickers , it gives me such a great feeling of raw power .
        Some people are such whack jobs , you can not reason with emotion .

      • Thanks for that. Some gems:

        Here is a fair conclusion, though: You care more about your “right” to own a gun than you care about my right to live without the fear that members of my family or my friends might be shot and killed at school, at the movies, in our car, on the job, in church … anywhere. Anywhere at all.

        There is no such thing as a right to live free of fear. Embrace freedom, you craven.

        How does it feel to know that the father, the husband, the son, the friend, the writer in the car behind you is afraid of what you might do because of that NRA decal displayed in the rear window of your car?

        How does that feel to you?

        It doesn’t feel anything. I couldn’t care less about your irrational fears. Grow up.

      • To me, that NRA decal on the rear window of your car represents violent death.

        Considering more people are killed by cars than by guns in the US, you should be more afraid of the car than the sticker.

    • I do that to my prius. Co-witness sticker, Haley strategic partners sticker, Costa ludis sticker. Confuses the shit out of people, it’s great.

      • I once saw a Prius with a Mitt Romney sticker on it.

        Want to know the real kicker? It had California plates. Talk about a unicorn.

      • I drive a Subaru Outback with a Coexist Firearms sticker on it. I constantly see other driver’s heads exploding like in Scanners…

        • People still rent movies? Is that even an option? I haven’t seen a brick-and-mortar video rental store in years.

  2. The only logical conclusion that can be drawn from that statement: You have never been taught to think. You have been taught WHAT to think. Logic, reason, linear thought. These are good things. Jussayin…….

  3. That has always been my feelings towards NRA stickers.
    They cause irrational thoughts amongst the ignorant.
    I haven’t put a sticker on my cars or motorcycles. Nor my home since the early 90s.
    Why advertise my possibly being armed and invite a burglary while not at home??
    Although it might also have the desired effect of discouragement for some to even try.
    It can work both ways.

    • That’s certainly true.

      But his logic fail? ANYBODY could be a threat. ANYBODY could be armed and simply pull out their gun and start shooting. (Or drive you over with their car, or stab you or…. I know preaching to the choir). True predators don’t announce their intentions before they strike.

      • And speaking of logic this same knee-jerk imbecile probably smiles when he sees a car with an “I’m Pro Choice” bumper sticker oblivious to the fact that it supports the estimated death of over 50 MILLION babies in America. But then at some point his two wonderful Liberal sons may have to avail themselves of that weapon at some point, so it’s okay.

  4. I think the photo is fabricated because the typical Prius has an Obama sticker on the bumper and you know it would reject a NRA sticker.

    I don’t display my NRA sticker or any other sticker or decal because my personal feelings and memberships are nobody’s business.

      • My ass! 5 to 1 says he’s the jackass rolling 63 mph in the left lane.

        I truly hate that vehicle, miserable to drive, noisy, awful abomination to the internal combustion engine.

        Should be a national ram them off the road day.

        Oh yeah….tribe stickers. Hate those as well. Conseal Carry naturally translates to Conseal Drive. Never let anyone think they know you.

      • Key word “once”. It’s like how I once saw a prius driver that wasn’t on their phone and driving like a retard. It could have been twice but they all look the same to me. Might have been the same prius on a different day.

    • I’ve seen a Prius with an extra-large NRA sticker, in downtown San Francisco.

      I figure someone was trying to troll the entire city.

        • “The owner realized that the prius was a turkey and wanted to get an insurance payout for it.”

          Isn’t that a sad statement about what our society has been allowed to become. All it would take to have your property destroyed would be a sticker.

  5. And every fat kid wearing a Walmart special Tapout t-shirt is a roid-raging freak ready to bash my face in at any moment.
    Drawing absolute conclusions based on logos, apparel, stickers or whatever is a sure-fire path to failure. Of course idiots don’t realize this and given the population of the Earth is majority idiot I refrain from displaying any such logos, brands or stickers.

  6. I have a NRA sticker on my old lifted hunting f250 4×4. I think all the crazies who moved to Colorado need to be reminded that there are different opinions on guns, most of those who were born here have grown up with guns and some of us put our money where our mouth is to defend our rights. On my daily driven Honda, no sticker.

  7. Or you could could go about your business instead of hand-wringing.
    Hell, while your staring at the sticker some drunk nut job could come out of nowhere in 73 El Camino and t-bone you. Way more likely than me shooting you.

  8. I had a LaRue Tactical “Extremely Rightwing” bumper sticker on my Infiniti. I decided to take it off because I got road raged, and feared my car would be vandalized. The “tolerant” left is really only tolerant of leftism.

    I still have the “God Bless our troops – especially our snipers” bumper sticker. If that’s offensive, so be it. I’m a card carrying NRA member, but don’t have that decal on my car due to the intolerance and bigotry such as that which was displayed in this post.

    • This, 100 times over. There is nobody more mean-spirited, petty, and vindictive than a “tolerance above all”-driven leftist. Hell, I was going to start writing examples but I realized I would never stop.

    • “The “tolerant” left is really only tolerant of leftism.”

      Oh, hell, yeah!

      When you really want to make one of them have a self-inflicted brain aneurysm, just calmly point out what a hypocrite they are with a smirk on your face.

      As their rage rises, say things like “That’s the kind of thing only a Tea-Bagger would say…” ad nauseam.

      Someone sent me years back an article with a title something like “A cop’s guide to avoiding tickets”

      One of the salient points was to have no stickers of ANY type on your vehicle. Pro sport team? The guy pulling you over might be a fan of their biggest rival. Think along the lines of a Dallas Cowboys sticker on a car in Washington Redskins territory at oh-dark thirty.

      Any opinion sticker of any type is potentially bad news. From the cop hating the institution to some asshole seeing a sticker and keying your paint. Best to simply avoid it altogether.

      I have rarely done an opinion sticker, but mounted on magnetic sheet, so it goes with me when I’m away from my ride.

      I did stick a “Will Work For Sex” sticker on a company truck that the boss-lady considered her personal vehicle once. It lasted less than a week.


  9. I don’t display bumper stickers for anything of the like because there are crazies like him out there for any one I could possibly find. I imagine that you could get your car keyed for a Ray Stevens sticker.

  10. This kind of reasoning would necessarily make this dad, and every man he sees, a potential rapist, because of the equipment that he has, and every woman a potential bunny ranch employee.

    All of us, during every minute of our lives, evaluate encounters with people. Threat assessment is a constant and an on-going process.

    If he is truly a responsible “father of two beautiful boys”, he should have the means to defend them from all of the “rampant gun violence”. Rather than worry about a NRA sticker, he should be worrying about all the people with, whatever implement of violence( tools or mindset) and have the means and preparations to deal with them(Maybe even carry a gun).

    • “All of us, during every minute of our lives, evaluate encounters with people. Threat assessment is a constant and an on-going process.”

      And this guy (not you) would undoubtedly be shocked and appalled at anyone who saw a young black man sporting the usual gangster attire and attitude and perceived them as a threat, but he is perfectly willing to make his erroneous conclusion about NRA members based on a window sticker. Now THAT’S logic.

    • I’m about as right wing as it gets and live in the ‘Deep South’.

      How deep? Atalanta, Georgia, considered the heart of the ‘Deep South’, is over 400 miles *north* of me.

      My first new car was a Honda Civic Si.

    • Not every gun owner wants to spend $100 a week on gas…
      Although nothing deters crime like a loaded 350 with a NRA sticker and a gun rack.
      Especially when you leave the gun rack empty…

  11. It is a tragedy that innocent people are dying because of some psychopath. However the 2nd Amendment was written so we could protect ourselves from a corrupt government. Take the guns away from the criminals. Better yet leave the violent criminals in jail. Has anyone counted the number of laws there are to prevent criminals from having guns? There are people alive today because they HAD a gun. Finally the police carry guns to protect themselves why is there such an issue about the regular, trained person carrying a firearm to protect himself?

    • the police carry guns to protect themselves why is there such an issue about the regular, trained person carrying a firearm to protect himself?
      Dude…you really think all of the Gun Control propaganda and legislation has anything to do with the safety of proletariat citizens in the Soviet Socialist worker’s paradise?
      Gun Control is all about The Control.

    • “Better yet leave the violent criminals in jail”

      Criminals owe the debt, not society. Shed man’s blood by man shall your blood be shed, and that is criminal justice reform, and deterrence.

  12. “That NRA sticker on your ride tells me that you’re not drinking the Kool-Aid. Keep up the good work.”

  13. It must be horrible living in fear. I’d like to know how many of these recent whack job killers were members of the NRA? Oh. None? Yeah, it must be horrible living in fear over democrat-made boogie men.

    • Mike, I immediately had the same exact thought and posted it under an earlier comment. Sorry if I stole your thunder, but you were there first. Kudos.

  14. Responsible conclusion, I think not. Paranoid conclusion, reprehensible conclusion, hateful conclusion, absol-freakin-lutely. This guy is projecting his lack of emotional control, critical thinking, and pure hatred of anyone with belief different from his. He is Vester Lee Flanagan finding microagressions everywhere. He is Eliot Rodger mad that women aren’t throwing themselves at him. He is the dangerous totalitarian.

  15. Even though I think that RF is wrong at least as often as he is right, comments like that blog post make me remember how much “wronger” knee-jerk anti-gunners are.

    It’s a weird curse to wish upon somebody, but I hope that the blogger gets his ass saved from a life-threatening situation by some guy with an NRA sticker.

    • Now that I think about it, I kinda do too. The irony would be delicious. But please, don’t let me be the one to have to do it…

      • But here’s the rub, the guy is so delusional that he would certainly rationalize what happened as that the person who saved him must have been the lone decent gun owner, the exception to the rule.

        • nope. he would go out and blog about his guilt over being alive at the expense of someone elses’s death. and he would feel he is just as evil as the guy who used a gun, “no better than them.”

  16. OK. So you are afraid of a sticker? That is a great example for the boys you are trying to raise to be men. You do want them to be men, right?

    Don’t teach your children to fear.

    • @Bdk NH: Good reply. Teach them to be vigilant and to be aware of their surroundings but not to grow up with irrational fear like their dad.

    • Millions of Americans carry concealed every day, many millions of those are criminals or whack jobs. Does he teach his boys to fear that as well? I’m surprised this guy has the balls to leave his house, much less make two babies. Maybe they were twins.

    • Eh, suits me fine. Teach your boys the way of the coward, to have irrational fears about bogeymen that don’t exist behind window stickers.
      I don’t need his or his kind’s understanding, or respect. Especially if I have their fear. That means the most I have to ever deal with this kind of moron is seeing his rantings from the safety of his laptop. Means he, and his sad scared beautiful kids, will never pose a threat to me or mine.

      When it comes to idiots, fear is much better than respect.

      • hi,

        would you mind posting your picture on the blog? i want to memorize the face of another self-eliminated person who i will not defend if seeing them being attacked. ammo is kinda expensive to use for no purpose.

        • Uh, you mean that dadblog guy’s?
          I’m guessing your response was to the post, like mine, and not actually to me, yeah?

          Cuz if not, my feelings are hurt, but don’t worry about adding me to the list, I’m prepared to take care of myself. 🙂

  17. Yeah, lots of NRA members with NRA bumper stickers on their pious Prius are driving around and shooting up everybody and promoting rampant gun violence. See it everyday.

    • Hell, he should check out my local gun club. NRA bumper stickers on the cars, NRA decals inside, NRA members everywhere, NRA members with guns, with LOADED guns, SHOOTING guns, and… nobody gets shot.

      • almost ran over someone in the LGS parking lot, yesterday. econo-car with obama/biden sticker on back window. couldn’t believe what i was seeing.

  18. The NRA actually responded to this. I’ll dig it up later. At first you could leave a comment, and there were some great ones.

    He must have figured it out because he started blocking everyone.

  19. Sticker says break into my car to look for a gun while I am in a GFZ.

    I dont put stickers of any kind on my ride. But what do I know, I am a LIFE NRA member. And Black. And Republican. I and a Christian.

    • Calling BS on this, sorry Mr. Diggler. According to the left, there is no such thing as a Black, Christian, Republican. You are obviously mistaken.

      • well, the left does acknowledge Black Christian Republicans, they just demean them (think Tim Scott or Mia Love). But, you forgot the unicorn category of NRA LIFE MEMBER

    • In the topless Jeep in summer I leave a $2 holster visible on the dash (I don’t actually use it) when parked. My way of saying it isn’t here but I could be back to show it to you real soon.

  20. What your statement about NRA members tells me about you is that you are a paranoid imbicle who is borderline racist. I bet you clutch your wallet when there are minorities around as well.

  21. According to my chemistry phd daughter the prius battery, because of materials used and the way it is manufactured, mitigates any environmental benefits of the gas mileage. So, the guy apparently likes guns but is a misguided treehugger.

    • Little known fact that the batteries a Prius will use over its lifespan are more harmful to the environment than most traditional internal combustion vehicles’ emissions will produce over theirs.

      There have been a few reports released on the subject, I’ll see if I can dig one or two up later.

      • TopGear did a great little segment about his. Something about a Prius having the carbon impact of driving a Hummer H2 for 5 years before it even leaves the showroom.

  22. Two boys are missing out on being raised into healthy, free-thinking men because they were born to this frightened, quivering creature.

    • @Benny: Though the kids often rebel when they get to that certain age. Maybe they will take him to the range one day and help him to see the error of his ways. Wouldn’t it be ironic if his boys both joined the NRA when they got older ?

    • Benny, my thought was along the same lines. I expect the odds are against it, but I sincerely hope those two beautiful boys turn out to be better men than their dad apparently is. Whether they ever touch a gun or not.

  23. Because of that Progressive decal in the rear window of your car, because I am the father of two beautiful boys who are growing up with a backdrop of rampant Progressive fascism, the only responsible conclusion for me to draw is that your proxies (government agents) are armed – and dangerous. That you (and they) are a threat. That you could, if you chose, order your proxies to pull out their gun and shoot me or my children without a thought or even provocation.

    • You got that right.
      He is exactly the type of feckless turd that’ll call the cops down on an open-carrier, after helpfully providing a lurid description that is sure to bring the SWAT in first.

    • “That you could, if you chose, order your proxies to pull out their gun and shoot me or my children without a thought or even provocation.”

      And do so with prosecutorial immunity.

  24. According to my wallet, my Prius gets 4 times the gas mileage of my Excursion. Environmental impact aside, I drive one (sans ANY stickers) because commuting is expensive. Oh, and there’s plenty of room for whatever gun I choose to carry or tote to the range.

    Oh any how dare that Prius driver do 63 in the left lane? He’s 8 mph over the limit. Crazy!!!!

    • It is only marginally more efficient in the city than my Jetta TDI adjusting for the lower energy required to produce a gallon of diesel over gasoline and way less efficient when driving on the highway at 80mph. The Jetta is a hell of lot more fun to drive.

      • Try to follow along. It’s not smugness. I drive a Prius because I enjoy the gas mileage. If there is an environmental benefit, great! If not, great! As far as comfort, it’s heated leather seats are just awful, and the premium factory stereo is just the pits. Toyota (who makes Lexus) is a thoughtful manufacturer. It’s a decent driver. It DID replace a ford Excursion, and I was/am the primary, solo driver in a long commute.

        Just to recap, I’m not looking to save the world, just a couple of bucks… I’ll spend it on ammo…

    • “Fifty miles to the gallon
      with their knees in their chests.
      Gonna save a lot of gas for
      All the rest. In a Yugo.”
      – Paul Shanklin

    • “my Prius gets 4 times the gas mileage of my Excursion.”

      Yeah, and my daughter’s horse gets more “mileage” than your Prius. And, my bicycle does as well. As do my feet.

      I sometimes wonder how many more miles Prius owners (and their ilk) drive, on average, on the premise of “my mileage is better so I can drive more.”

      Also, why do you won the Excursion, then? If the Prius gives you such warm-fuzzies, why the gas guzzlin’ SUV? Got something you want your vehicle to DO for you that the Prius is incapable of doing?

      If so, welcome to the real world the rest of us live in. A Prius is useless to a lot of folks.

      • Simple. I replaced the 15 year old excursion with a 4 year old Prius for me to make my 120 mile commute (4-5 times per month). That would probably wear the horse out, and a bicycle isn’t practical with my luggage.

        I love the Excursion, but not for my commute.

        Cool with you?

  25. And how many NRA members have perpetrated gun violence?

    His logic is backwards. Any person he doesn’t know should be considered armed and dangerous.

    There is a high probability that a positively identified NRA member is the good guy with the gun.

    • Don’t really need a survey. My bet is ZERO. Violent people don’t usually join organizations like the NRA. And you can bet the local Gang Bangers are not members. Many gang members are probably at more risk of shooting each other by accident than shooting someone that is not in their gang.

  26. Come on now, everybody knows that it’s the OFWG NRA members causing all these shooting deaths in America! They have special “drive by” vehicles painted up in confederate livery. You should see the minorities run when these death mobiles comes rolling through “any ghetto usa”. No problem though, the AR15’s they’re toting can knock down entire buildings with a couple shots. Nowhere to run to baby, nowhere to hide!

  27. I have two NRA stickers on my Subaru; along with a few other stickers that are gun/patriot/Christian/oilfield related. I figure if somebody keys it they have given me justification to spray paint it camouflage, in which case I ought to thank them. In all seriousness though, I want people to know I am armed. Why? Because if they realize that I regularly have a gun, yet I am cordial and pleasant to deal with, maybe it will challenge their viewpoint on firearms ownership. The open carry guys have a point about normalizing gun culture, if you want people to change their viewpoint they have to see and interact with people who challenge their viewpoint. The bloggers point about being arbitrarily gunned down is valid, anyone with a gun could do so. Unfortunately we live in a world filled with wicked people; people who don’t necessarily discriminate when picking out the tools necessary to act out their desires. My answer, pray, carry, don’t go where you shouldn’t, and accept that there are many things beyond your control.

  28. Elements of this society see moral worth in a state of terror. Whichever party is more afraid is clearly righteous. This needs to stop. This dad needs go stop being a mom.

    • Not even correct to stereotype him with a mom. My wife and mother of my 3 year old daughter is extremely proficient in firearms, carries, and would not hesitate to protect us. Shotguns, rifles, revolvers, semi-autos, she shoots them all. My daughter will learn to shoot, carry, and be able to protect herself. Fathers and mothers alike must pass this knowledge on to their sons and daughters. I can’t stand fathers who take their sons hunting and shooting but leave their wives and daughters at home. Protecting your family and knowing how to handle firearms should not be just something for the men. If everyone in a family can perform the role of protector that is an extreme force multiplier.

  29. My bullshit detector pegged in the red. Nobody other than a troll is that stupid or that hysterical. They can’t be, can they?

    If that was for real then cps needs to step in and take his kids. Man like that can’t be trusted to safely raise kids.

  30. I am a father; I will kill you with my bare hands if it is necessary to protect my children.

    This man is a coward hiding behind his children in fear of his own safety, instead of being confident in his ability to protect them.

  31. “I love my kids so much I turn into a snivelling jackass whenever I see a certain sticker on a car but if you try to avoid the parts of your city where everybody is wearing the same color clothes you are a racist.”

  32. To the “dad blogger” in the quote: If you’re that afraid of someone’s affiliation with the NRA, then may I ask just what you’re going to do if that person DID take it out on you? Might I suggest a ballistic option in return? No? Then shut up and let the rest of the adults make their own choices. Enjoy your life cowering at “what ifs”.

  33. BTW, dumbass Dadscribe guy blocked read access to his blog but doesn’t seem to know about Google’s practice of caching everything they index. There you go. Read the whole (s)hit piece. It’s funny as hell. He goes full coward, full retard and full asshole at in one singular moment of unauthorized oxygen use.

    Free speech has consequences. You can be an asshole to others, you can be an idiot in your life and you can be a coward in the face of reality but if you mix and match then we will all see you for what you are, a waste of skin and an unauthorized oxygen consumer.

    • Well done! Read the whole post. Wow, he really did go full coward, full retard, and full robot in one breath. I have hope for his kids still. My Dad is a puss anti and my brother and I… Well, we just LOVE GUNS! So much…

      • another self-eliminated from protection by others. not worth defending this type. if you see them attacked, let them be, so they can claim to be oh so superior to those armed for self-defense.

  34. When I do reveal that I’m a gun owner in casual conversation, so many antis tense up like this guy and ask me “are you an NRA member?” I always say “No,” both to avoid headaches and because it has this hilarious pacifying effect on them, as if according to their broken thought process only NRA members can possibly be “gun rights extremists,” and everyone else who owns a gun is ready and willing to chuck them all into the furnace and completely drop their lifelong hobby at a moment’s notice from “our betters.”

    I’ve amassed a collection of guns and military stuff in the past six years. I’ve spent countless hours researching items, finding them on the open market, authenticating them in person, and then I have to open my wallet. Why would I throw all that effort and life as I know it away by shooting someone over a stolen parking space? Never mind the fact that the majority of the annual deaths these people clamor on about are the result of gang warfare in blue state urban cesspools, or the fact that the majority of all shooters in the past three decades have been cut from the same progressive cloth. Nope, it’s the NRA members who’ve never actually killed anybody and just want to be left alone to enjoy their harmless activity in peace that we have to worry about. Talk about projecting fear of your own lack of self-control onto easy targets, Josef Goebbels would be tap dancing with envy.

    • According to someone I know, people who purchase and collect guns & ammunition finance the slaughter of innocent people.

      That’s irrational.

    • There are times when I get asked by a progressive if I’m an NRA member, to which I usually reply: “Yes, and not just a member, but a life member, who makes donations to the organization’s lobbying arm.”

      Not calling you out at all, I understand where you’re coming from, sometimes it can be a headache. Though many times it’s amusing, as you can literally see the person melt down mentally. It’s at that point things on their end devolve into ad-hominem gibbering and they wind up making fools out of themselves.

      I guess I’m easily amused.

      • Great rejoinder !

        Sometimes I respond:
        “And you’re not?”

        “Isn’t everyone?”

        You are right, amusing results everytime

        At one office function, someone asked, “Do you have a gun on you?”. To which I responded, “Why? Are we about to compare calibers, right here, in front of God and everybody?” She made a swift exit of the room.

  35. What kind of a blog is readable by invitation only? Kind of defeats the purpose. I guess it’s more like a diary. The next entry is probably something like “Today my sons and I are going back to school shopping, They’re having a sale on dresses at Target.”

    • It’s only recently been tagged private because he made it so after people started reading this last post and commenting on how irrational and unthinking he is. Pray for his kids. This guy thinks he’s the world’s greatest dad and has all the answers; hence, the world gets the blog he created to spill forth all his collective knowledge.

  36. Web archive –

    I get the guy. I’m a NRA member, responsible gun owner, and I carry concealed. I’m also a parent, a son, a brother, a husband, a friend – and I’m also afraid for my kids, my parents, my brothers and sisters, my wife and my friends being shot. Or for them being in a car accident, or a plane accident, or slipping in the shower. I guess I’m just afraid they may die.

    But that doesn’t make me want to ban guns, cars, planes, showers. I prefer for them and for me to be able to defend my life and that of my own with a gun (was it to be necessary), drive a car, go places in a plane, take a shower.

    Irrational fear makes for irrational thoughts – and policies. Too bad our politicians are happy to oblige.

    • isn’t the author one of those “mentally disturbed” people we should be looking to take off the streets? isn’t that “common sense”?

      “liberalism (spinlessness) is a mental disorder, and it will get us all killed”
      – michael savage, radio host.

    • They forever feel impotent and inadequate covering empty entertainment. A sports writer is basically writing for Entertainment Tonight. Replace a team name with “Kardashian” and the article will read the same way.

      So to add some semblance of legitimacy to their career they often careen headfirst into something which they know nothing about but carries weight with a class they perceive as being better than them. Politics usually.

      Jokes on them though. The piece(s) only highlight how insignificant the opinions of lowly sports writers are and using politics to elevate ones station is a non-starter since political writers too are basically entertainment writers. Just entertainment writers with a friend in the office who took a high school statistics class and passed with a D.

      • Is it possibly because as a “writer” (does blogger count as a writer?), they feel the need to be taken seriously by their mentally disabled colleagues?

  37. “…that you are armed”

    Ok, so far that’s a reasonable conclusion.

    – and dangerous. That you are a threat.”

    And there you go into Stupid mode. This is what we call an preconceived notion. Worse, it’s an unsupported biased assumption based on what exactly? What the media tells you to think about the NRA and gun ownership? If I tell you to jump off a cliff, would you? Is your mind so easily manipulated that you sacrifice common sense, logic, and intelligence? Do you really think someone up to no good would plaster a sticker on their car stating that they are dangerous? How naive are you?

    This a simple case of YOU not knowing friend from foe. And that’s YOUR PROBLEM. Not the gun owner or NRA member’s problem. The reasonable people in the community aren’t afraid of a sticker on a car, first and foremost. Probably because we KNOW actual criminals (except the really dumb ones) aren’t likely to display their criminal intentions openly — much less with an NRA sticker that has no intent of harm attached to it’s meaning.

    The more I visit this site, the more depressed I get about the low intelligence and reasoning skills of the anti-gun position.

  38. Why does the majority of disarmament advocates’ rhetoric appeal to the lunatic fringe of paranoiac America? Because reality doesn’t support their argument.

  39. I know this coward will probably never see this, much less respond, but here’s my retort.

    I see that gun control decal plastered to your rear window and I roll my eyes. I look at the back of your head in the driver’s seat and I already know all the different kinds of ignorant you are.

    That willful pig ignorance of yours is the real threat. A threat to me. A threat to my family. A threat to my country.

    I see a news report about the latest shooting in these United States, and I brace myself for the disgusting exploitation of the victims and their families by you gun control advocates before the blood’s even cold and dried. I brace myself for the same old, tried, and long since thoroughly debunked gun control talking points on social media and elsewhere.

    I try not to read them. I fail at that. I am rightly appalled, saddened, sickened, and angry.

    I am reminded why I justly consider you a direct threat.

    To me, that gun control decal on the back of your car is a direct endorsement of violent death.

    Which such an endorsement being shown so proudly, you show me that not only don’t care but actually welcome and encourage the tens of thousands of violent deaths in these United States every year.

    You welcomed, encouraged, and purposefully facilitated the deaths at Columbine. You welcomed, encouraged, and purposefully facilitated the deaths at VA Tech. You welcomed, encouraged, and purposefully facilitated the deaths at Tuscon. You welcomed, encouraged, and purposefully facilitated the deaths at Aurora. You welcomed, encouraged, and purposefully facilitated the deaths at Regal Cinemas. You welcomed, encouraged, and purposefully facilitated the deaths at Sandy Hook. You welcomed, encouraged, and purposefully facilitated the deaths at Charleston.

    That is more than fair. You constantly try to incite the feckless and amoral State to use violence against me and mine, unprovoked. You are anything but gentle or kind.

    That’s putting it very politely.

    All I know — all I need to know — is what the gun control decal in the rear window of your car tells me.

    Here is what a truly fair conclusion actually looks like: You care more about your completely imagined “right” to FEEL safe more than my real, tangible, and actionable, legally-protected right to protect me, my family, and my friends; at school, at the movies, in my car, in my home, at my job, in my church, anywhere.

    It is more important to you that upwards of all 128 million gun owners be stripped of their property, legally-acquired and in good faith, to satisfy your paranoid fears of an inanimate object more than it is for their children to be protected from the very violence that you feign to abhor.

    You would rather the many hundreds of thousands of lives defended every year by the guns that you knowingly irrationally fear than to protect our sacred civil rights. In your world, there is no ceiling to the “acceptable” number of violent deaths deliberately incurred directly by your favored policies.

    How does it feel to know that the father, the son, the husband, the uncle, the friend, and the welder in the car behind you need fear you more than the criminals you knowingly erroneously makes us out to be because of that gun control decal displayed in the rear window of your car?

    How does that feel to you?

    Actually, never mind.

    You don’t even need to tell to me, because I already know.

  40. I don’t have any stickers on my car, partly because I generally don’t put stickers on my car and partly because I live in a slightly dodgy neighborhood and I’d rather not advertising what I have to the general public.

    That said, the blogger’s fear of NRA members/conservatives is misplaced. The vast majority of “mass shooters” have historically been either politically unaligned or have been political leftists, often registered Democrats. So, the markers for a potential mass shooter are either being batshit insane or a registered Democrat.

  41. There is no organization more maligned and hated by leftists, hoplophobes, and other assorted progressive loonies than the NRA, and for that, I will forever be a member who proudly displays their decal on the rear window of my vehicle.

  42. No stickers of any kind on the car-except the American flag decal in the window. Ditto the flag in the mailbox. If you hate the flag F-U beotch…yeah I got no problem scaring the girly boys but I don’t advertise my gun ownership either. BTW growing up 50 and 60 years ago I remember my dad had a prominent NRA sticker on our front door-he never shot anyone…

  43. Like most stickers(decals), it tells everyone what they might find in the vehicle. If you have a coexist sticker, or an NRA sticker, realize that you are actively self-profiling yourself. If you’re sporting an NRA decal, and are stopped by Johnny Law, expect the first question they ask you to be, “Are you carrying a firearm?” I have two friends who have experienced this first-hand. There’s a YouTube out there with a former LEO explaining how the cops profile you by what kind of decals and stickers are on your vehicle. Real. Why invite unnecessary scrutiny?

  44. Trust no one with a bumper sticker, of any kind. I don’t care if your kid is on the honor roll or that you support the troops, and I’m suspicious of you that you need to let me and every other stranger know it.

  45. And the only reasonable conclusion for me to draw, as an NRA Benefactor member, is that “dadscribe” is a leaping, flaming, gaping idiot.

  46. I don’t display any bumper stickers because 1) I don’t want my truck or house broken into and 2) my Taco is too beautiful to be sullied by some cheap stickers.

  47. When I see these outrageous quotes I always ask myself, what happened to create such? What do other stickers say to this guy? Could the person, if they are armed, be far more likely to protect the man and children? Why would his thought process spin to fear rather than a responsible American citizen? Who indoctrinated the guy? Could it be the man is fictitious and a plant of propaganda in the anti-2A fear campaign? I think so.

    • Actually, people like him are real and are the majority of the population. Children who were taught to remain children and believe in a world where there are not risks, everything is fair, there are no moral imperatives, inconvenience is to be avoided at all costs, happiness at every moment is the norm.

  48. All my children are horribly deformed, what from all that drunken incest… Having no teeth does have it’s contraceptive advantages…

    These people and their hatemongering, slanderous stereotypes… This is the very reason why the word “reasonable” and “reasonable person” are part of that “perceived threat” concept. IT’s also why nobody, anywhere, has a right to their feelings. Perception and feelings are INTERNAL concepts based on potential deranged beliefs, lack of education, and plain old neurosis.

    Pretending to feel threatened as an excuse to attack is he whole foundation of the democratic platform… Preemptive strike. If you want to attack X, Define X as threat, Blame X for the state of things, Attack X.

    This so-called “man” is an embarrassment to the concept of parenthood. This loser should be castrated. /he;d rather call names at people willing to protect their children, while he offers his up as a political sacrifice to his free stuff gods…

    It makes a lot more sense to worship the flying spaghetti monster than it does to worship politicians. At least the flying spaghetti monster has magical powers that might protect your kids for you while you refuse to do so. Probably won’t, but at least there’s a possibility..

  49. What a stunning example of Beta Male Victim Culture. This is the same crap that produced Vester Flanagan and Elliot Rodger, both stark examples of the mindset that paints every individual as a special snowflake that deserves everything they want simply on the merit of existing, and despite them actually being horrible failures as people, who lacking mechanisms for coping with failure and their own shortcomings, lash out in pain and anger at the world around them for betraying their unrealistic expectations.

    These are your people, Dadscribe. Not ours.

  50. If we are going to make dumb **** assumptions then wouldn’t the PRIUS emblem negate all that? Armed but wrists too weak to fire it.

    I’m not sure what situations him seeing the sticker would change how things go.
    Is he not going to tailgate or cut the guy off in traffic? Good.
    Is he no longer going to steal his hub caps while using the boys as lookouts? Good.
    If he saw it parked in the mall lot with no driver is he going to skip the mall? Good the places are too busy for my liking anyway.

  51. Am sure that there are stats about NRA members (not that I would put a sticker on my vehicle), showing how conservative, law abiding, mentally sound and nice folks they are.

    Now why dont you mention the local drug dealers and gang bangers who are in and out of the revolving justice system, do carry unlawful weapons and engage in violent conduct against fellow criminals and innocent bystanders alike? If those folks were concentrated on, i suspect gun violence would go down from its already low level

    Failing that, just confiscate all weapons from democrats.

  52. If people are so violent without thought or provocation, why don’t more people get run down intentionally in crosswalks?

    • well, i put my NRA sticker on the back of one of those tiny little smartcars. wish i had been able to follow it around for a few days.

  53. Could we all take a moment and seriously have a quick quiet prayer for the friends and family of the deputy who was executed today in Houston .
    We really need to tone down our contempt for law enforcement in this country and respectfully give them the benefit of the doubt , the anti cop rhetoric is a little out of control and they are seriously in peril .

  54. What’s wrong with you Farago? My NRA sticker says I may shoot someone unprovoked? From what distant solar system do you come to visit our planet?
    Does my USMC decal say I want to go to war again?

  55. This idiot really thinks it’s a lack of implements that keeps the average person from committing murder…

    I know many anti arguments are based on that premise but for some reason it never really sank in that they really do believe it to be true.

    • really?

      these people have inescapable logic: no guns, no gun killings. that theory also happens to be absolutely true. the only possible weakness to that line of reasoning is they only consider non-gang/non-criminal possession of guns. for that, they just shrug and say that nothing can really be done about that, but ending the possibility of everyone else to get a gun and kill someone is good enough. if you live in a crime-ridden neighborhood, well, tough; that’s life. the antis all completely believe they will never face evil because they are good people, and everyone they know is a good person (except those people they know who own guns). and life is oh so much about making statements of principle. saying and believing all the right things puts the antis in a superior position in the world.

    • I think you misunderstand. The blogger is protecting his children by working to eliminate all danger, risk and inconvenience from their lives. He wants them to enjoy their God-given right to live in a foam-covered world of make-believe.

  56. And your Obama/Biden 2012 bumper sticker says you’re stupid. Did you notice this chickenshit’s blog is private? He doesn’t want to see any opinion except his own. Kind of like the MOM’s

  57. “That you are a threat. That you could, if you chose, pull out your gun and shoot me or my children without a thought or even provocation.”

    I guess that would depend on your bumper stickers. Especially if you have that damn COEXIST one…. What? We’re never gonna win with these people, why are you bothering trying to be reasonable with them?

  58. And that Coexist bumper sticker next to the War is Not the Answer flag, alongside the Obama/Biden patch sitting near the Protect Children from Guns! emblem tells me your a sheep and an easy mark.

  59. No hate on the Prius here. Less gas money spent is more money for ammo, and his lifestyle may demand an efficient automobile environmentalism aside. As a person that’s put 40K+/year on a vehicle even a few mpg adds up to a lot of coin.

    This guy drank way too much of the kool-aid someone needs to cut him off. If guncism was a real thing I’d play that card. I can say I at least waited for him to open his mouth and let him speak before I judged his intelligence or lack thereof. Even if this sort of person’s theory is that gun owners are “compensating” at least they have something to begin with which is more than this guy can say.

  60. There’s only two kinds of people who refer to underage boys as “beautiful”: pedophiles and single moms on OkCupid.

  61. Gee, all I read is the ramblings of paranoid father who is projecting his irrational fears, cowardice, and weaknesses on innocent people.
    How can he sanely equate a person who simply believes that a father has the right to defend his family, even with a firearm, with Gang bangers or Spree Killers?

    I wonder what the Stats are for Gang bangers or Spree Killers?
    I wonder how many of them were also NRA members?

    Frankly I don’t really care what he thinks or fears.

    I’m not giving it two seconds thought.

    So long as he makes no attempt to disarm me and try to take my ability to defend my self and my family he has nothing to worry about.
    But if I find out you called a SWAT team on me, then you might have something fear about.

  62. If that is their logic then i can also say that your jesus fish tells me that your a homophobic, sexist, racist, slave owning, moron who can’t think for them-self or know right from wrong with out being told what the rules are. Still hold up? Didn’t think so.

  63. “Dangerous!” cried Gandalf. “And so am I, very dangerous: more dangerous than anything you will ever meet, unless you are brought alive before the seat of the Dark Lord. And Aragorn is dangerous, and Legolas is dangerous. You are beset with dangers, Gimli son of Glóin; for you are dangerous yourself, in your own fashion.”


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