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“In another, visitors [to the The National Museum of Organized Crime & Law Enforcement in Las Vegas] are taught to load a revolver. And for when a gun just won’t do, an oddball collection of household items — a shovel, a hammer, a baseball bat and an icepick — show the creative side of some of America’s most notorious killers.” – AP

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  1. I vote to exonerate the killer who used that 1903, on the grounds that he has excellent taste. There’s too little of that in the world as it is. T’would be a pity to send it to the gallows.

    • Heartily agree. My grandfather, a very cultured man, owned and carried one in his day, from prior to WWI through the 30’s and 40’s. He thought revolvers were tasteless, but the 1903 was sleek, compact and that it looked elegant. I was told that he had not fired it more than 10 times during the time he owned it, but that it was simply part of what he carried in his three piece suit everyday to work. He referred to it as “… a pistol for gentlemen…”

      I keep telling people who have a major obsession with the tacti-cool crap that “life is too short to own only ugly guns…” but many of them don’t listen.

      I wish I could find a 1903 in that nice a condition at a reasonable price.

  2. When will the NSA and the rest of the shovel lobby get out of Washington and allow for some common sense shovel control? Nobody needs an assault snow shovel with a 24″ blade and an ergonomic handle that has no purpose other than ‘mass-shoveling’. Nobody needs a concealable Army e-tool with a serrated edge for mobile and stealth shoveling. It’s time lawmakers thought of public safety and not the shovel lobby’s money.

    • It’s the icepick that really bothers me. I mean, its sole purpose is breaking up some ice for a drink. And it’s pretty concealable. But it isn’t nearly as bad as ice MAKERS. Those things spit out ice cubes faster than I can think!

      • I almost purchased a refrigerator with an automatic ice dispenser. At the last moment, the sales clerk at Lowe’s as to see my Class III license. No deal. We had to settle for a model that has an ice maker concealed in the freezer.

        • You’re lucky the clerk was so concientious. Those automatic ice dispensers have so much kickback, you are more likely to send ice flying across the room into your family members’ glasses than into your own. They were never intended to be sold to civilians.

        • That exchange might be the best thing I’ve read all week! I laughed and forwarded it to several friends.


  3. I need to buy one of those Spetsnaz shovels, so I can say “You can pry my assault shovel out of my cold, dead, well-calloused hand.”

  4. Wouldn’t “the creative side” actually be the firearms? I mean, it took a long time and a lot of grey matter working to get firearms to that point. Cave men had clubs and pointy stuff…

    • Wait…you mean there was violence and war before guns, almost as if it’s humans that perpetrate crime and aggression rather than inanimate tools? That’s just crazy talk; the antis said so.


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