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Look at this baby! (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

“Gun-grabbers quite literally ascribe god-like status to the Almighty State. By their definition, the Almighty State is good and anything or anyone who does anything contrary to the whims of the Almighty State is bad. On the other side we have gun-rights proponents who ascribe utmost value and dignity to the individual. By their definition, the individual is good as long as they are not harming someone else … and anything or anyone who does anything contrary to the whims of such individuals is bad. There is no way to reconcile this or to compromise.” – TTAG commentator uncommon_sense

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  1. This is a little off topic, but I was watching the news this morning and I just heard a quip from hillary in the DNC debate last night. She said, “there are ISIS training videos out there telling lone wolf terrorists in america that the easiest way to acquire a firearm is at a gun show.” Either ISIS actually has no idea about how to acquire firearms in america, or hillary is liar liar pant suit on fire.

      • Unlike nonfiction writers, respected journalists, and people fighting on blogs, Politicians don’t have to cite their sources.

      • I’m pretty sure that the MSM would be playing this video on a constant loop if it existed. Further, it’s also in ISIS’s best interest to have Americans disarmed.

      • No, no, no…

        The gun shows in Europe don’t sell full-auto weapons like they do in American gun shows ! You know, just like the ones the ISIS terrorists used in Paris? Also, at American gun shows, we get free evil-looking attachments and free “assault” armor piercing ammo in giant clips with every purchase.

    • Hilary and “Rain tax O’Malley” both lied about ISIS training videos. A quick google will find that the only time it’s ever been mentioned is when they said it Saturday night.
      Another fun stat fact checked is when Hilary said “we loose 33,000 people a year to the guns that stalk our fears”… Fact checker says 2/3rds are suicides, which as we know won’t stop just because guns magically disappear…(see Wikipedia suicide rates)

    • She said, “there are ISIS training videos out there telling lone wolf terrorists in america that the easiest way to acquire a firearm is at a gun show.”
      So I assume that she is the star of the ISIS video?

    • I seem to recall seeing a video of an ISIS doucheface saying that you can go to any gun show and get a fully automatic rifle. It was a couple of weeks ago though, so I don’t have it in my history anymore. Google might turn it up though. As long as you don’t mind ending up on the no fly list for googling those words in that combination.

  2. Look at it like this, do you trust your government, or your fellow citizens more?

    Ceding power to the benevolent state is historically shown to be a pretty bad idea.

    I may not trust my fellow citizens unreservedly, but we know the state is untrustworthy in the whole.

    • I look at it a little differently.
      Who cares most about my life and well being? I do.
      Who will join me to fight an enemy who is intent on killing me? No one.
      Who will come to the aid of my family when terrorists or thugs have them outgunned and out manned? I will.
      Who will knowingly sacrifice their life so that my family may survive? I will.
      What local, state or federal agency is responsible for my individual physical protection? None.

      I have owned firearms more than 55 years. I carry concealed. I have never drawn my weapon in defense or aggression. I have never aimed my weapon at another person.
      I have never been arrested or detained. How does the state benefit from my disarmament?

      As for my fellow citizens…when the state takes away rights and replaces them with privileges that can be enhanced or taken away with or without due process I will have no reliable allies.

  3. Hello folks, I apologize in advance, This is a long comment,
    Leftist see the ‘easy’ availability of firearms as a threat to other people and they firmly believe we should be pacifist so that rules out self defense, These sheep would never be able to pull the trigger even if their lives or the lives of their loved ones are on the line.
    They see criminals as products of the way we treat them and not as products of their own actions.

    The Truth is that firearms create an equilibrium, Criminals will always obtain firearms, I have been born and raised in the Netherlands and as you may have guessed there are strict regulations on ownership, Not so much the type but the amount of firearms and ammo you possess (No more than a 1000 rounds of loaded ammunition and a certain amount of reloading components, I believe there is also a limit on how many firearms of a certain type you can own unless you have a collectors license) there are SOME restrictions such as no full auto firearms, No certain firearms of a certain overall length (Still more lenient than our NFA laws since they can legally own firearms that would be an SBR here in the US) and oddly no Semi-Auto or Pump-Action shotguns.
    There are also strict laws on transportation, You may only carry the firearm in a locked case to and from the shooting activity (These laws mirrors strongly the transportation/storage laws we have at military installations), You also have to keep the firearms in a wall mounted safe with the ammo stored separate from the firearms, No ammo may be loaded in a magazine either if I’m not mistaken, And finally you need to be active at a shooting club for at least a year before you can purchase your own firearm.
    There are also STRICT laws on firearm replica’s like toy guns, Airguns and other replica’s, It’s actually a FELONY to possess! There is an exemption on airsoft guns but again you have to be a member of an airsoft organization to purchase one.

    With all those restrictions you can not really buy a firearm on a whim and go shooting up your local mall but criminals STILL illegally obtain firearms, 2 notable people were assassinated by firearms in the Netherlands with illegally acquired firearms like Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh, There are also frequent shootings related to drug trade and other criminal activity.

    I even knew a guy at an airgun shooting club who claimed he owned a Glock of some type presumably a Glock 17 and he foolishly stated he had BLANKS loaded as his first rounds in the magazine to ‘warn’ the would be assailant first, This may be a product of the fact his firearm is illegal and if he can scare of said bad guy first it would be better than to have to kill or wound the bad guy and have to explain why he has an illegal firearm and be charged with a felony, Well if the sight of the firearm wasn’t enough to scare them off lethal force should be the next step since your life would already have been in danger if you produced your firearm, Worse yet, Blanks don’t cycle the slide!

    Many self-proclaimed liberals who want to ban guns don’t trust themselves with a lethal weapon either since they think (emotional thinkers that they are) that if they get upset they will use the gun in a fit of rage…In my opinion people like that shouldn’t own a firearm to begin with! But they believe we are like THEM but we are not, Most more conservative people (I’m sure some liberals, independents and libertarians are likely too) are logical thinkers and know full well what consequences it has when you use a firearm to murder someone.

    But in the end, It’s all about control, An armed society can not be easily overthrown and forced to do things they don’t want to do and the power hungry freaks in Washington (Progressive Liberals and GOP RINO Republicans) want the monopoly on force, They couldn’t give a RATS BEHIND about gun violence, It’s just an exploitable crisis, And You can’t let a crisis go to waste…To bring up my home country again, Gun control was NOT established to prevent GUN CRIME or GUN VIOLENCE (Yeah I know, The guns had nothing to do with it, It’s just Crime and Violence but I digress) It was established to ensure the PEOPLE were not able to overthrow the GOVERNMENT, At the time there were credible threats from Communism (Even early in the 20th century), Socialism and later Fascism, But you can bet your life it was established with the average citizen in mind to ensure they were never able to overthrow a tyrannical government, Well that backfired during WW2 when the Nazi’s invaded…But sadly they didn’t learn their lesson and the Allies had to bail them out…And I am forever in debt to all the troops that died during Operation Market Garden…But I’m glad I became an American citizen and served the same Army that liberated us in 1944.

    • “There are also frequent shootings related to drug trade and other criminal activity.”

      That’s interesting. So even in pro-drug, or at least drug-tolerant, Netherlands, there is still drug-related violence. How much? I don’t know.

      It would seem to put the lie to the wishful thinking that if only the U.S. would legalize all drugs, then the people who commit drive-bys and decapitations for a living would suddenly straighten up, give up the life, and all go open up arts & crafts stores.

      • The hard drugs are still illegal there, to the point where you don’t want to be caught smuggling, and Dutch policy is to “discourage” recreational use.

        Although marijuana is more legal in Colorado/Washington/Oregon/DC than it is in the Netherlands, it’s not by much. But there are other drugs than marijuana.

    • “The Truth is that firearms create an equilibrium, Criminals will always obtain firearms,…”

      That’s good. I’m gonna steal that. That’s the nub of the second fallacy / refutation of “take guns from everybody, good” I went on about under the “Liberal Facism” post. Way better put than I did.

  4. That quote is great. Exactly so, uncommon. Right to the point.

    But that image is genius. Dear overlords, can we also get coordinates for that pic?

  5. “God-like” really is the appropriate adjective here.

    These statists consider themselves so advanced, so progressive, that they’ve moved beyond bitterness and clinging to their guns and religion. However, in their not only unproven, but discredited, faith in government, they reveal themselves as bitter provincialists.

    If only those mean ol’ conservatives would abandon their worldview, ours would hold sway. If only those mean ol’ conservatives would give up their guns, then we could impose our worldview by force of arms rather than force of reason. If only those mean ol’ conservatives would just accept that omniscient, omnipotent government is the one true path, then all this unpleasantness would be unnecessary. Well.

    The secular progressives fail to learn from history. They mistake a seeming evolution in human institutions and evidence of a revolution in human nature. They see themselves as superior to others and the only ones worthy of the ruling class. They see the immeasurable misery inflicted upon populations around the world by their own governments, yet they dismiss this completely predictable outcome as typical only of lessers being governed by other lessers. It won’t be like that when they’re in charge, they assure us. If you like your human rights, you can keep your human rights. Or something like that.

    Seeing themselves as post-modern magi, they alone are equipped to rule in the new world order. Far from being advanced, this hubris and the evil it conceals is as old as the hills. These God-king wannabes are building a bridge to the 5th century B.C.

    • If only those mean ol’ conservatives would give up their guns, then we could impose our worldview by force of arms rather than force of reason.

      That there, people, is one fine example of a quote of the day.

      I am shamelessly going to use that line … a lot!

  6. As a libertarian atheist it has always struck me as a bitter irony that most other atheists simply want to replace “God” with “The State” as their caretaker and Mommy and Daddy. (They’ll even claim that as The State takes care of more basic needs, people feel less need of religion.) This of course is just another way of restating U.S.’s premise.

    • As an atheist, in general I hate talking to other atheists. They spend all this time and energy in being atheists and never stop and look at the world around them. Most are capable of understanding that the gov sucks at everything it does, but choose to be ignorant on the topic. There answer to any gov challenging questions or solutions is government control.

      • I’ve actually had some leftists tell me “good point” when I ask them, “How can you expect the very government you (not without justice) complain about being in the pockets of the Evihl Korporations to suddenly take your interests to heart when it is handed even more power?” Emphasis on “some.” That’s a better response than I’ve ever gotten for any other argument I’ve ever made against their bullshit.

        • But government has no evil profit motive so only virtue flows from its bowels.
          Most certainly something flows from its bowels.
          Capitalism is the exploitation of man by man and Communism is the reverse.
          Capitalism has Corporations that usually do not have guns and must operate in some sort of voluntary transaction environment.
          Communism has Agencies that usually do have guns and operate in some sort of forced transaction environment.

  7. Well said and highlights the point that, even if you say you don’t believe in “God”, you always substitute something for “God” and bow at it’s altar, i.e. Science, Government Almighty, Mother Earth, Cute Space Kittens, etc…


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