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“…(T)he biggest lie is that black people don’t hunt, collect, own, compete with or also don’t want to own a firearm to protect themselves. If you agree to that; are you saying people of color are less responsible? How about the thought that only ‘white people,’ red necks, and other nasty-named people would own guns? If you hear a lie long enough you will start to believe it.” – Kenn Blanchard

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  1. I have a dream that gun owners will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

  2. Well put article. Here is another excerpt I found particularly relevant.

    “None of concepts of prohibition work. Learning how to swim or learning how to safely handle a sidearm are excellent skills to have. You learn to swim so that you won’t drown. You should learn the truth about firearms because for more reasons than self-defense. Avoidance programs perpetuate ignorance. Ignorance kills.”

  3. well then with that being said I’m sure now on how the black community stands after hearing Obama’s plans on gun control for the next 4 years (that’s if he’s re-elected) remember this is not about race… this is not about someone in there “representing”…it’s not about “free phones” this is about your right to keep and bear arms ….period…and you know how you have to vote to keep it that way….besides America could always use more jobs… lower gas prices (thru energy independence)…and a stronger economy …right?….vote Romney

    • *Facepalm

      Fixing the problems of statism will not be achieved by ousting one statist in favor of another statist.

      • +1,000. Though, I doubt that anything will change. Come election time, talking head #1 or talking head #2 will be POTUS. The Fed will print money like it’s out of style. Our liberties will continue to erode in the name of protection. Wars will be fought and lost. Foreign aid will be handed out to the rich men in poor countries. God Bless America.

        • it’s very sad indeed to hear a fellow America speak with that mentality … that thought process is whats causing this country to take a turn for the worst remember government works for the people not the other way around and if and when it starts to take that turn for the worst you as an American citizen needs to step up…stop whinning and do something about it and not just “hope” it gets better…..VOTE DAMN IT VOTE

      • You really can’t see a difference between the two? Are you implying that who gets elected will make no difference to you or the country?

        Waiting for a white knight to come fix all this stuff is an exercise in futility. Statists work from the top down. It is not up to an anti-statist political figure to come fix it all. It is up to individuals like us. Liberty starts at the bottom and works up. That’s why it takes so long to fix all the crap a Carter or Obama can destroy in 4 short years.

        We have to make choices with our votes. Be pragmatic. Pick the good — there is no best. Then get involved in your local politics. All this crap starts local, and even though it is hard and slow, it does make a difference.

        • Statist Romney will not fix any of the statist problems caused by statist Obama, statist Bush, statist Clinton, statist Bush, statist Reagan, statist Carter, etc.

          The problem is the state itself and it won’t change based on which statist runs the state.

          I endorse “Nobody 2012”

        • Romney isn’t good. So if you actually believe what you said, you’d be voting for Gary Johnson.

          I’m going to go out on a limb though and guess that you don’t actually believe any of that, you merely want someone who shares your views to cram said views down everyone’s throats.

        • “pick the good”

          There is no good in this election. At best there is the “lesser of two evils”, but the idea that picking a lesser evil over a greater evil is somehow a good choice is flawed. Who would you have voted for in Spain in 1936? The Communists or the Fascists?

          Just because you are presented with two choices doesn’t mean either choice is better than the other. Honestly the best hope I see is in reclaiming the soul of the Republican party. Its been taken over be neocons and statists, but if enough liberty loving Republicans voted for Johnson, maybe the Republican party would get the message and select a better candidate in 4 years.

          Does that mean Obama would win in the short term? Yes. But the alternative is the ever swinging pendulum between two nearly indistinguishable parties, both of which drift further into statism and socialism over time. The ONLY way to break that cycle is to stop accepting bad candidates just because the other guy is worse!

        • You endorse nobody, Henry? Does that mean you don’t vote? If that’s true, and I apologise in advance if it’s not, then you are as much a part of the problem as the “statist” that you dislike so much. Simply abstaining from voting solves nothing and gives more power and influence to those who do vote.

        • Jwm, voting is a snake-oil. It has never resulted in a decrease in the size or scope of government or an increase in freedom. It deludes the people into thinking that they have a voice, but the statist business just continues as usual regardless. I live my life, as much as the safety of my family makes possible, as if government doesn’t exist. Government is irrelevant to me. I do not consent to be ruled by any man and I will not abdicate my authority by participating in a rigged game. As a voluntarist, I do not condone using the force and violence of government to rule over those who disagree with me. Although they may attempt to influence my life through force, I will not stoop to their level.

        • Lord P. I agree that it’s a lousy choice. But if we concede this election to barry we give him 4 more years to do a lifetime’s worth of damage to our rights.

          Better to support the gop and then force change on them from the inside.

    • There are four good reasons to vote Romney in this election. They are: (1) Ruth Bader Ginsburg 79, (2) Antonin Scalia 76, (3) Anthony Kennedy 76, and (4) Stephen Breyer 74.

      There are two good reasons to vote against Obama in this election. They are: (1) Sonia Sotomayor and (2) Elena Kagan.

  4. As long as blacks vote reliably for a party that treats then as children then they won’t see a different result. It’s plainly clear the democrats take their vote for granted.

  5. History lesson here – black folks left the Party of Lincoln (which was founded in part by Fredrick Douglas) in 1964 when Goldwater came out against the Civil Rights Act to take the South from the Democrats, who as you may recall were the pro-slavery folks in the 1850s and the party of choice in Dixie for a hundred years after the war. Most of the black folks I know (meaning most of my neighbors) are pretty conservative – gun-owning anti-abortion Baptists, but the Republicans just have this pesky habit of ranting about welfare queens in Cadillacs and e-mailing pictures of Obama on a food stamp, which they foolishly think is code-word racism. But anybody who thinks that black folks don’t deer hunt and have CCLs hasn’t met my landlord.

  6. After browsing this site for some time, I often am left pondering the self-conscious and- no offense to anyone specifically- almost self-righteous tone that predominates when discussions involving race pop up. Sure, I know plenty of black folks, work with them, dine, drink, hang out, whatever. Insert your favorite stereotype denunciation here. I know and observe plenty of black CCW holders, and am glad to see it. But facts are, young blacks kill white folks at absolutely astonishing rates, far in excess to their proportion of the population. Yet the media does nothing to reveal the near-warfare on urban and suburban streets that many whir folks face daily. In fact, they take great pains to proclaim the innocence of this cohort while demonizing whites or white surrogates. For instance, Trayvon Martin is portrayed (sometimes on this site) as the usual choirboy when in fact his innocent trip to the store for candy n koolaid was very likely a mission assemble ingredient for a blunt and some “sizzurp”- aka Purple Drank, fave of failed NFL athletes and gangstas appearing on daily (

    This site has an opportunity to highlight and address the growing issue of black on white crime. Topics of self defense, strategy, education and situation awareness could be framed in the context of an honest approach to race. I do not believe a soft pedal, Hollywood-style “Magic Negro” approach- with all its sanitized, PC-approved benefits ( especially when soliciting ad revenue) benefits what I believe is the average 2A supporter invested in defending his family, life, and home.

    • wonderbread, somewhere along the line you failed to get the word. It’s over, the confederacy lost. Get over it. Crime is crime regardless of the race of the person committing it. Trying to soft peddle racism with some cherry picked internet facts is an old and tired ploy.

      • Thank you for trotting out the tired old ploy of crying “Rayciss” whenever someone makes you uncomfortable about race, jwm. Incidentally, have you decided to stop making antisemitic posts at those other somewhat questionable forums you’re known to frequent? And lets just leave your NAMBLA activities aside for now…

        Assuming your post isn’t a satirical parody of just the type of hyper-PC nincompoop I was referencing in my original post, allow me a couple of requests for clarification in response. It would help me evolve and attain the more sophisticated plane of existence you already occupy.

        First, please define to the best of your understanding the term “racist”. I would appreciate you then identifying what part of my post qualifies as “racist” under your definition.

        And second, I would appreciate your specifying what facts I’ve presented that are incorrect. Unless you really meant to say that presenting true, verifiable facts is indeed “racist”, regardless of the truth they contain or highlight.

        Oh and that well-played shot about the Confederacy: Ow ya got me, jwm. Soft peddling off to recovery for now.

  7. i am one of these people mr. Blanchard is reffering to. There is a definate anti 2a feeling in the AA coummunity and i have expereicned this. It is largely because of the urban crimes that occur in largely black areas. I also live in an area PG county, md where this kind of attitude is def prevalent. But so people know at ttag, there are law abiding, enthustiastic, tasteful (no high points here, i’ll take lwrc’s manufacuted in the “free state” please), 2a advocates out there.

  8. This post brings two things to mind. First, the fastest growing concealed carry population in Texas is black women and second, the reason that gun control was instituted in the first place was to disenfranchise former black slaves after the Civil War.


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