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“A Philadelphia man who came to Upper Darby to commit a crime became the victim of an armed robbery,” reports. Seems he was meeting some friends of a friend to buy a gun. Nothing illegal in that, right? Well, it depends. The local 5-0 thinks the buyer was made of straw. In any case, he never got his gat. Maybe the sight of the meeting should have tipped him off: the parking lot of a defunct Sears. Anyway, when the guy with his eye on a new pistol met Rayquan Waters and Rodney Spadey, they stuck a gun in his neck and relieved him of $300 . . .

“This guy comes in from Philadelphia looking to buy a gun in Upper Darby,” police Superintendent Michael Chitwood said. “Initially, he said it was a street robbery, but we learned later he came here to buy a gun. I would have loved to arrest the victim. Who knows what he wanted to do with the gun? There is no innocent victim in this case. It’s just a shame we couldn’t lock the victim up.”

Why the cops didn’t hold onto the alleged victim is anyone’s guess. But all’s well that ends well.

Waters and Spady allegedly admitted their involvement in the robbery and were jailed.

They were arraigned on charges of robbery, possessing instruments of crime, prohibitive offensive weapons, theft and reckless endangerment. Bail on Spady was set at 10 percent of $50,000.

And shazam, the the joke was on the victim all along.

According to Chitwood, Waters bail was set at 10 percent of $150,000 because he was the one with the gun, identified as a replica Smith & Wesson BB gun.

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  1. I don’t see how you can make light of this incident. If he had been shot, the BB would have lodged under his skin and caused a nasty infection. Worse yet, he could have lost an eye.

    Shame on you.

  2. So, in the mind of Superindentant Chitwood, anyone who looks to buy a gun via private sale is guilty of something. What that something is, he doesn’t quite articulate. Apparently, the concept of people having the liberty to secure private property from other individuals is proof enough that those people deserve to be thrown in a cage.

    Flea market vendors be warned!

    • Gun control: the theory that private citizens exchanging private property in a private transaction is somehow a “loophole”.

      • Maybe we should start calling a private sales of cars a “loophole” as well. Those things are dangerous; we cant just have private citizens selling those machines of death and destruction.

        • YES!

          Close the orange sign / parking lot loophole!
          Some people buy cars over the internet!
          Think of the Children!

    • All handgun sales in PA must be transferred through an FFL and require a NICS check. Long guns may be through a private sale.

        • I’ve never met a person that doesn’t compromise when it becomes needed. Standing on principle is fine if nobody else is counting on you. I don’t live in a cave by myself. I’m a part of this society, for better or worse, with an extended family and circle.

        • I enjoy having the liberty to live my life without being excessively encumbered by jail time, legal fees, etc. therefore I tend to obey the law.

          If I don’t like the law, I work to change it through the most effective means available to me, such as the CalGuns Foundation.

  3. Upper Darby Pa has gone pretty far downhill since I lived there 20 years ago. Bordering Philly UD has a spillover problem from West Philly and the line has been essentially eliminated.
    The story didn’t quite say why the nice young baseball playing, tea drinking, Skittle eating possible son of Obama couldn’t own a gun legally

  4. i’m glad now that i could probably tell the caliber (and make and model) of a weapon if it’s ever used against me. bring a ruger bearcat to a gunfight and you’ll be sorry.

  5. Arranging to meet some one you don’t know on a parking lot with cash in your pockets to buy any item is risky. If all 3 involved were up to no good then this just illustrates that the bad guys are predators on each other as well as us. I learned quite well the truth of the saying,”There’s no honor amongst thieves”, when I worked at the prison. Quite a number of those guys were locked up for crimes against other predators and the crimes continued once they got locked up.


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