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“Illinois is routinely called the ‘most repressive state’ by gun rights groups. It requires everyone to obtain a firearm owner’s identification card before purchasing firearms and ammunition. This gives the police another tool to work with if an armed crook is caught without a card. It also creates a paper trail for repeated, in-state purchases. Perhaps if some kind of effective tracking safeguard had existed in Colorado, James Holmes’s purchases — all of which were legal — might have been flagged.”- retired Chicago cop Michael A. Black in the New York Times

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  1. do the NYC media have a rolodex of former cops and other police officials willing to say stupid $hit on the record for their stories?

      • So the gun-grabbers are proposing a .gov visit to my house every time I order a couple of thousand rounds??

        • Did you say that you order T H O U S A N D S of rounds at a time? I feel woosey, this cannot be left unregulated! Only kidding. I do the same but the press got hold of that 6,000 number and keep running with it not realizing the savings of case lot purchases or how many rounds are used in a typical range session. And BTW I’m done with Fox news because they haven’t done much to bring this ATT thing to the public’s attention and they sold out Andrew Napolitano. Even Lies Weil can’t get her facts straight, I saw her the other night discussing Colorado Springs and insisted several times that the the amount of ammo this guy had was 60,000 rounds! And insisting to the point of correcting others in the discussion on at least 2 occasions. Fox is becoming part of the MSM. Sellouts.

  2. And if this miraculous system of tracking existed Mr. Holmes would not have known how to work around it, after all he was a real dunce. Not only that, the flag would have gone up on his purchases 2 weeks before this happened and the local police would have immediately sprung into action and done…..Something.

    Call this yet another request to increase the power of the police to harass without actually protecting anyone.

  3. “Illinois is routinely called the ‘most repressive state’ by gun rights groups.

    And how well is that working to deter crime?

  4. This gives the police another tool to work with if an armed crook is caught without a card.

    Dafuq? How is issues non-criminals ID cards going to help identify / track a criminal if they DON’T have an ID card?

    This is why it’s bullshit that the courts ruled that it’s OK for the police to discriminate against hiring intelligent people.

      • Yes, but it doesn’t help with anything – if “an armed crook is caught”, the stupid ID card is pointless.

        On a related note, how can the SCOTUS say that it’s unconsitutional to require people to pay a poll tax and yet allow FOID’s and such?

        • I do not believe tha FOIDs have been challenged in Federal court. The MD case that just concluded did challenge “may issue” vs “shall issue” saying thatestablishing need was not necessary. I do not know all of the case law but do not believe FOID has been challenged except at the state level and it was decided that it was legal.

        • They have purchaser cards in NJ, FID. While it’s a drawn out application process that took me 2 months being diligent about all the steps, they didn’t kick you in the nuts too hard with fees. The FID was $5, then another $2 for each handgun permit you want. The handgun permits are good for 90 days and good to buy one handgun. If you want another one later on you have to fill out the paperwork again and wait 7-30 days. I know from a friend with a cop family member, all they do is the standard NICS check, the 7-30 day wait is balloni. The cop gave him the permit in 10 min and said just don’t use this in the next 7 days or I’ll get in trouble.

          They took your prints for the background check, but then I was force to pay $60 to go to a third party place to take my prints for the state to do the same background check. There’s a couple idiotic redundancies in there. So all in all $69 and a little time and driving around, and I got my FID and two handgun permits. There’s no restrictions on long gun and shotgun purchases once you have the FID, except that they need be NJ compliant.

        • Agreed, I’m not sure why it’s allowed. When they approve the FOID/FIDs they perform the same background check (NICS) as when one purchases a firearm. It’s not doing anything extra, just doing the same thing twice.

        • I think we need to get GOA or SAF to start a fundraiser to fund a major lawsuit over FOID laws.

          God knows the NRA won’t do a damn thing about it.

        • Nobody is challenging the FOID yet. It’s totally on ISRA’s radar, but they need a few good test cases to press forward. You have to actually have a number of people who have their rights denied without cause to get it into the court system, and then you can challenge the law’s constitutionality in its entirety. As it is, the fee is low enough that it isn’t considered “prohibitively expensive”; and the “right delayed is a right denied” argument hasn’t won any firearms court cases that I know of.

      • Amen.
        I see it like “getting” Al Capone on tax evasion instead of murder, or “getting” Bernie Goetz on illegal possession for self-defense.
        Capone deserved whatever they could get him for, Goetz got hosed by the system.

  5. Another dumbassed cop who doesn’t have a clue about individual liberty as outlined in the Constitution.

  6. I wonder if he thinks no knock warrants and SWAT raids are just another friendly tool for LE to use to talk to people.

  7. Wow, he’s smart!
    “some kind of effective tracking safeguard”
    Why didn’t somebody think of that a long time ago? Think of all the lives that could have been saved over the years.

  8. On him and his partner chasing a perp on Christmas, “When the officer had ordered the man to stop and identify himself, the man had pointed a pistol at him. The officer ducked behind his car door and fired half the bullets in his Glock 21 before finally hitting the offender once in the left buttock.”

    Some real restraint shown there.

  9. I hate driving through Illinois.
    My buddy I go see finally just had to break down and ask me to stop crapping about the FOID cards and Silly Illi’s gun control violatio…laws. Laws.

  10. And if only police could just randomly break into people’s homes without any cause for suspicion, someone might’ve stumbled into this place caught him in his planning stages, and taken him off to jail right then and there before he had a chance to hurt anyone.

    We could create a special team that does this, maybe call it the “Committee for State Security”?

    • That would be “The Peoples Demokratik Committee for State security” run by Commrade, err I mean governor Pat Quinn in Illionis or Commrade, err I mean Mayor Bloomburg in NYC.

  11. “Try adding a bunch of untrained, armed civilians into the mix — this type of intervention could have made things much worse. ”

    Really? 70 people shot, 12 of them dead. In what way could things have been much worse had an armed citizen tried to intervene?

    My neighbor’s dad is a retired Chicago cop. I debated with him for 10 minutes to try to convince him that civilian concealed carry is prohibited in Illinois. I finally had to give up because he was convinced that if HE could carry a gun, then concealed carry is permitted. Lesson learned: Chicago cops are idiots.

  12. “This gives the police another tool to work with if an armed crook is caught without a card.”

    Translation: It’s okay if we hamstring law abiding citizens because prosecutors want an additional charge for plea-bargaining.

    I have a better idea. State legislatures can pass simple laws that give prosecutors additional charges to levy against violent criminals. For example criminalize transporting a firearm for the purpose of committing a crime. Criminalize every single round of ammunition in the criminal’s possession during commission of a violent crime. Wave the gun around while committing a violent crime? Call that “endangering the public” and make that an additional felony charge. And why not sue them for civil damages as well? Of course most criminals would not be able to pay any judgement against them which is fine because now they can be jailed for contempt of court for failure to pay damages.

    The point is, if prosecutors need lots of criminal charges so that the criminal justice system can efficiently and effectively incarcerate violent criminals, then give them the tools they need and leave citizens alone.

    • don’t forget, Bloomberg also encourages and allows random “stop and frisks” in NYC if you are Black or Brown and without probable cause. . . . . oh but don’t worry, Bloomie is not a racist

  13. As an active LEO,this guy from Chicago does not speak on behalf of law enforcement and certainly does not on behalf of the public at large.There are some in law enforcement (Chiefs) that would like to see further restrictions,so called safe guards,etc.

    • As a citizen who can’t just flash a badge and ask for a ‘professional courtesy’, I can say that cops aren’t the brightest people out there when it comes to the law, otherwise they would have higher paying jobs as states attorneys.

      The beat cops would love to see those same restrictions, because the more guns they can grab from private citizens, the better they look when it is merit promotion time.

      • The next promotion from assistant district attorney is judge, and having been in front of more than a few of them, I can guarantee that they are not smarter than the cops. I don’t know why so many of them want to be judges–because as a judge they can have a 100% conviction rate? I dunno. Anyway, trying to teach these ex-DA judges the ropes of civil law is an exercise in near futility. Takes a good five years to season each and everyone of them, and some are untrainable.

  14. 70 shot, 12 killed. This sounds like the normal weekly total in Chicago. MSM will not cover these numbers on a regular basis but it is true. political correctness = LIES!

  15. Ah, the justification of oppression by saying it keeps people safe (which it doesn’t).

    Who wants to trot out that lovely old Ben Franklin quote about those that would sacrifice essential liberty for temporary safety?

  16. Don’t worry, thew gov does not have the employees to visit everyone, everywhere, and all the time that buys a few thousand rounds (and a few guns) in a short period of time even if one of those stupid ID cards was forced on Americans. Several years ago, the California Safety Committee (state legislature) introduced a bill that would limit ammo buys to fifty rounds per day. It failed.

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