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Box O' Guns (courtesy

“The city is investigating how to successfully operate the program. It is trying to find locations away from police intervention, to encourage people wary of law enforcement to turn the guns in. At the same time, it wants to place them in areas that won’t cause a disturbance.” – Tacoma gun drop boxes could be first in the nation [via] [h/t DvH]

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    • Nah, ya got it all wrong.

      It’s like the penny tray @ the store.

      “Have one leave one, need one take one”

      Except people will be chaining it to the back of their pickup and trying to steal it like an ATM.

      • My first thought as well. A pickup with a generator in the bed and a cheap angle grinder will allow for one of these things to be stolen in a few noisy minutes. Add a couple safety vests, road cones, and a plasma cutter/welder and you can just tell passersby that you’re a city employee doing maintenance.

        This is one of the stupidest ideas I think I’ve ever heard of from the antis. Let’s put all the eggs in one easy-to-snatch basket.

        • Depending on the lock an upside down can of air and a crowbar would be quick and quiet.

          Not that I know anything about such things but I have lost the key to a few locks.

    • If I lived in that area I’d volunteer a place to park that box. You’re bound to get a couple gems from time to time. Hell I’d take the Hi-Points out of that box and down to the gun show. $100 a piece. I counted 4 in that box alone. Could be a sweet deal. Much better than buy backs.

    • They just haven’t realized, if they use the “Violence Interrupters” to hand out the gift cards and collect the handguns then the Unicorns Sharting Rainbows will be birthed into our world and crime will come to a permanent end.

  1. Interesting to see how they make an impenetrable container that will still permit people to insert items of near infinite size and shape variations.
    My first thought is it would have to be absolutely gigantic to provide both security and usability.

  2. These will be some expensive empty boxes. It won’t stop the criminals who may believe that someone might have actually dropped a useful tool in there. Won’t be long and you’ll see some news articles about how someone wrapped a chain around the box and attempted to take the whole thing; Lock, Stock and Barrel.

    • With liquid nitrogen (LN2) available in nearly any city of 50,000 people the metal on those things will be made very brittle and shatter with a good whack from a 5 pound sledge.

      Just saying…


  3. Great idea. Put the boxes “away from police intervention”, so they’re that much easier to break into and steal from. I’m sure a locked box full of guns on a street corner in the ‘hood won’t be an enticing target at all.

    Maybe this should have been filed under “What Could Possibly Go Wrong”…

    Then again, if they’re stealing other criminals’ dropped off guns from this box, at least they won’t be stealing guns from law-abiding citizens…

  4. Let’s see, a container full of guns, in a publicly known location far from the prying eyes of law enforcement.

    What could possibly go wrong?

  5. The bin will be stolen, true. Fortunately it never held any returned firearms. Only dirty needles and hobo turds. Some poor rookie would have to dig through that bin regularly to see if anyone was actually stupid enough to drop a gun in there. Whoever steals that bin is doing the community a favor.

  6. On the surface, besides people scamming the drop boxes, it’s a good idea. Clearly all that’s going to get put in the collection boxes (besides needles and hobo turds) are crap guns that nobody, not even the crooks want. Might just as well get them off the street.

    With more people taking a proactive approach to the concept of safe storage, perhaps the easy availability of guns can at some minuscule degree be affected.
    Consider that the antis want to do ANYTHING if it “saves just one life” well maybe this will save just one life and not infringe on ANYBODY’S rights whatsoever. Hard to argue with that.

  7. Clicking above photo will take you to a pretty interesting article on study based on type of type of gun seized from criminals. Interesting fact given “The three most commonly represented handgun manufacturers in this study (Ruger, Smith & Wesson, and Glock)”
    Can you say home robbery?

  8. Who wants to bet that Tech9 is either an airsoft/toy or something they lifted from the evidence room in a bid to make it look like their little cardboard box of fail yielded something other than inoperable junk.

    I’d definitely put some money on that.

    • In my (admittedly quite limited) experience, Tec 9s are pieces of junk too, prone to double feeds. Oh, I won’t quite call them inoperable because they will fire, once.

      • A decent Tech 9 or AB10 might(rarely) be reliable right out of the box. More often than not they can be “tuned” to run flawlessly with a few different types of ammo. In some cases they just won’t run anything worth a crap.

        I’ve always loved them and owned a few. They seem to be a mixed bag.

        The Tech-22 on the other hand(owned a few of them also) is an utterly useless piece of crap that CAN work sometimes with EXACTLY the right combination of ammo, magazine, cleanliness, amount of lubrication, grip, firing cadence and a couple replacement parts….lol. Good luck.

  9. So they put a drop box on the corner and you’re supposed to just walk by and anonymously drop your piece in the box? No brainer to put a camera or two out to watch the box. Anonymous becomes “Ray Ray just dropped a piece in the box, go pick him up.” Might be a good thing after all.

    • I suspect that camera trick would work exactly one time only. Word travels fast in da ‘hood. It’s not like there aren’t any other options for the criminal disposal of an unwanted gun.

  10. What brain dead idiot came up with this idea? The anti-2nd amendment crowd is made up with some pretty stupid people, but this one tops it all. I wonder if they will make a law requiring felons to register the guns they steal from these boxes. Jeez.

  11. Save some scratch on building boxes and just declare EVERY local gun store a “safe disposal place”. If the gun comes back as stolen it goes back to the owner or becomes part of an investigation. If the gun comes back clean the LGS gets free parts or can re-condition and re-sell to a RESPONSIBLE new owner.

    Win for the taxpayer, Win for the LGS.

  12. Attention bad guys: hang out by the lock box and mug the people who show up. Or offer them fiddy dolla for the gun before it goes in. Remember, the cops will be avoiding the lock box, you know, to avoid a disturbance.

  13. What a bonanza for the boyz in da hood. They can steal a box ‘o guns, and if there’s a camera, they can steal that too. Then the city will have to have a “camera buy back,” and give away a grocery card for the camera, no questions asked.

    Only a Democrat could think up anything this lame.

  14. Out of all those guns I do believe you have about $300 worth of Saturday night specials there. Out of all of those guns you might find two or three that actually Fire Without blowing up What a freaking joke!

  15. Yet another theater action of heavy anti-gun progressive influence in the area. How about old mattress drop areas? I as many believe these will be ripped from their anchors like an ATM. It’s a stupid idea and the kind the local progressives salivate over, placing belief over common sense.

  16. Or if you wanted a fun video set up a fake box that lets the gun fall through right by their feet with a cam set up to record it. Homie pops a cap on the competition and goes to drop the gat in the evidence destruction locker and it falls out the bottom. Homie shoves it back in and red flashing light comes on and your choice of recording starts playing, something like “crime gun not accepted!” or “Box is full, please take your gun to another evidence disposal box!” Think of the fun putting that up on Youtube! Watch Shannon Watts spin around on her eyebrows!

  17. I love this idea that I found about this on another site:

    “A trip to the dollar store for a box of plastic squirt guns and a can of black spray paint may be in order…. “….after nothing for weeks, the officers opened the drop box and an avalanche of guns fell out….”

  18. After the hoods steal the box , they could cut a hole in the side, then sell “Grab a gun chance” tickets for say $50 a pop.
    Idea is, for every ticket you get 10 seconds to reach in the hole (while blindfolded) and grab a gun! You might get a rusted Raven, or you might get lucky and get a Colt Python.
    $50 a chance, come one, come all!

  19. Hey guys used Hipoints are a pretty EZ sale at the local(Gary,Indiana) pawn shop. And the brothers buy a boatload of new Hipoints at Westforth guns in Unincorporated Gary. Sadly the lunatic shooter in the Louisiana theater had no problem murdering people with a Hi-point…and yeah I see smash and grab robberies(1 in my town recently) and an industrious lowlife would steal this in a “Tacoma” moment…

      • A mobile car detailer I know actually has “BUFFle bag” written on duct tape on his bag of car polishing goodies. He makes quite a bit of $$$ hitting the weekend parking lot car shows and detailing for people on the spot.

        I wonder if you could make any money setting up a hot dog cart to detail strip and clean EDCs during lunch break downtown???…lol.


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