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“You aren’t going to get 200 million guns off the street. A lot of liberals say, ‘No guns, no guns, no guns.’ You do understand the mindset that, in many cases, gun control — I’m saying this as a guy that supports background checks… — but in many respects, if you’re an advocate for gun control like a lot of people in New York state are, chances are good you’re only making sure that criminals have them.” – Joe Scarborough

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    • But watch the clip and listen to the rest of it. In the same sentence he says that only 3% of gun purchases are through legal channels, but background checks will work to keep guns from criminals.

  1. One again that should read ” like a lot of people in New York CITY are” .

    Over 80% of New York counties passed resolutions against the S.A.F.E. Act .

    • +1 As a former upstate (and I don’t mean Westchester) NY resident, I can vouch for your point. True upstaters think more like Texans than NYCers.

      • -1 for you Hank, since Texas gun laws are akin to those of New York City. Texas is trying to get back to the freedoms and belief in personal liberty that they were known for once. Texans at least are still independent in citizens ability to handle evil violent criminal even if running away, and by saving tax dollars through fast tracking the death of violent felons, instead of killing their economy like congress is trying at the moment. Liberalism is not a disease that is locally contained in NYC, unfortunately.

        • Sorry, I can’t agree with your claim that TX gun laws are in any way like those of NYC.

          After sitting a class for a Sunday, getting my prints taken the following Thursday, and providing my application by mail, I had a TX Non-Resident CHL in the span of a month. That extra 2.5-3 weeks was my fault, I had forgotten to provide a copy of my NY DL. I’ve heard tell that the all-electronic application for the TX CHL can have a turnaround time of as few as 9 days.

          For an NYC handgun permit… let’s see… Four people who know you for several years have to vouch for your character and receive letters in the mail allowing them to verify that they signed your application, you have to find a person to agree to accept your firearms that are REGISTERED to your permit in the event that you die or become incapacitated, you have to be approved by the first pee-pee themselves, you have to prove that you have a justifiable reason, which usually involves carrying large sums of cash around and on your person, it doesn’t help if you make a “generous” contribution to the police widows’ and orphans’ fund, and can take over a year to approve on the first application… Need I go on?

  2. Liberals are very similar to communists in that they believe their ideas are sound, but the failures of their policies has been due to “problems in the implementation.”

    • Their ideas aren’t sound, because their ideas require that they control all variables for those ideas to work. Since it is impossible to even identify all the variables, much less understand how outside variables can have an impact (the so-called butterfly effect), much less actually control said variables, their ideas always end up in less liberty and failure.

      • Ah but being a leftist means never having to apologize. And the answer to failure is always more more more.

        If they only had more gun control. See how that works. Pick an issue, add the word more. That’s the progressive position.

    • That reminds me of an interview with a young woman (for a sales job- the irony!) who turns out was a devout Communist. When I politely queried her as to its shortcomings, she said, and I quote, “oh, that’s because it just hasn’t been done right yet”. I was speechless. I bet those under Mao, Stalin etc would beg to differ. She’ll never hear their voices.

      • Should’ve pushed her off a building…

        When you’re questioned as to why you pushed off a building, just inform everyone she didn’t fall to her death becuase you pushed her, she fell on her death becuase of the improper implementation of flight.

        If it hasn’t worked by now, it’s probably because it doesn’t work.

        • The smarter marxists have figured out it can only work if people aren’t involved, so they are working on molding people to fit.

          If the people become destructive of its ends, it is the government’s right to alter or abolish them.

          (Jefferson stood on his head.)

        • America has seen dozens, maybe hundreds of attempts under the best possible circumstances, that being all-volunteer, full time, live in true believers dedicated to the “common good” or whatever, and all of them eventually failed. But they would have been successful if only the entire country was forced to participate at gunpoint? I don’t know how their minds work.

      • I’ve heard that line before, usually from people with lots of degrees. It’s an amazing example of how people can ignore reality in favor of theory- when it fits with their ideology.

  3. So, what he’s really saying is that he supports background checks, even though he recognizes that they are completely ineffective. Refreshing honesty, that.

    • He also said he supports 10 round magazines so we all know he is a shill for the Gun Grabbers. He is trying to say he is with us while doing the opposite. He says he agrees but supports restrictive measures that do nothing for safety and move further away from the 2nd Amendment.

      • Thanks for point this out. You saved me the trouble. This guy is the personification of I’m-really-closer-to-a-liberal kind of east coast Republicans that Rush contemptuously called RINOS. He didn’t support the SAFE act. Whoopee. But limiting the size of magazines solves exactly what problem? And this guy is proud that he did it? Enough said.

    • Right. Sounds like one of the old, “I support the 2nd Amendment, but…” people.

      No viable GOP front runner is worthwhile IMHO. They are just less bad than the Demmies.

  4. It is diffficult for the citizens of the other 49 states and 16 territories to understand how corrupt, distorted and anti-Constitutional the NY Republican party machine is. Anything that comes out of his mouth is to be treated as either a lie or a bio-toxin.

  5. Has anybody ever heard of the “black market”? It’s been around since the beginnings of human civilization and it develops whenever a governing authority attempts to regulate a good or service beyond any tolerable degree. No amount of oppression or tyranny can quell it. Black markets exist in prisons.

    • That was my thought too:

      “Stop the Illegal trafficking!”

      Ok, sure thing – HOW?

    • “Tolerable” being a subjective word. Remember, human trafficking is still part of the black market.

      • There are reasonable government regulations that most people will accept. But when it gets intolerable, otherwise law-abiding citizens will step outside the law. Would you relinquish your guns in an outright ban?

  6. As an ex NYer. Toss NYC and Long Island out of the picture and NY is a very RED state. Unfortunately for the rest of the state that’s where the Libitards live and outnumber the rest of the state. Anyone calling themselves a Republican in NYC is full of crap and lucky he/she got elected to begin with. Giuliani is a perfect example.

    • The population of the 8 downstate counties (NYC, Westchester and Long Island) exceeds the entire population of the other 54 counties combined. And it will never get better. Upstate is full of industrial ghost towns that died 40-50 years ago and have no economic future in a state that remains hostile toward businesses.

      • I threw up in my mouth a little when I saw commercials telling businesses to move to NY state! I wouldn’t do it! They sweeten the pot with tax breaks but just watch when they end. I still have no idea why Kimberly moved from Oregon to NY. That was about the stupidest move I’ve ever seen. I could see moving south, but anti business NY?

        • The big push to bring new business to NY is reportedly a big failure. Millions spent and very few jobs created. Texas, on the other hand, is beginning to run out of houses for all the new people moving here. Cuomo hates it, but Rick Perry took his “move to NY” ad campaign made him eat it.

        • Those ads crack me up. Someone recognizes that tax breaks will attract businesses, so arrange for them to happen, but only for 10 years. Like no one will figure out how screwed they will be 11 years later. If that’s what will bring business, why does it have an end date?

          And Garrison, all over Texas, homes have been under construction as fast as they can be built for 20-30 years now, I moved into my current home in 1994, and I’m sure that within 2 miles of me, more than 10,000 homes have been built since then, and hundreds of supporting businesses.

  7. So Pataki’s pretty proud that he only limited mags to 10 rounds instead of seven. Wow, there’s a standout difference. You could have a milsurp Makarov along with your 1911! Break out the champagne, gun guys! Whatta pantload…

  8. +1 for Hank’s remark above. I live in Utah now, and many places before, but I am from “upstate NY” and have also lived in NYC. The political atmosphere of NYC (which one should consider is everywhere that its commuters live) is exclusive to NYC. The rest of the nation needs to look at a map and understand that NYC is a dot on the geography of NY. NY is huge and it is mostly mountains, lakes, and forests (also known as ‘the country’, ‘the sticks’, and ‘the boonies’). A lot of us outside of this metropolitan area and mind set are pro gun, so we think it appropriate that NY would call itself the empire state considering its draconian gun laws.

    *Upstate to a NYer (city proper) is everywhere the subway does not reach

    PS: Hillary is carpetbagger.

    • I was under the impression Hitlary was originally from Ill-i-noise. Another state suffering from a similar syndrome of one big liberal city shitting on the rest of the state with abandon. And Colorado. And California.

  9. They need to stop saying “WE NEED BACKGWAND CWECKS ON THE EVIL GUN OWNERS BCAUSE THAT STWAPS CWIME” As no law can or will stop evil.

  10. A split between New York City’s metro area and the rest of the state is geographically realistic and amenable.

    It should be seriously considered.

    I would also think that any state government from New York state should be compelled to move to the new, smaller, New York state and conduct their business there. It would be better for the new large state of the north and west to elect a new governmental body or join with another state like PA or VT.

  11. AP News / Drudge reporting NY gov. Cuomo ( Nobody needs 10 boolits…) is facing corruption questions ( shocking I know ) relating to real estate developer kickbacks.
    — A Perfect chance to recall the slimy turd .

  12. I’m a New York refugee… disappointed by Pataki’s defense of being for magazine limits of 10 rounds while gov. Will be interesting to see if this evolves out of that position on the campaign trail. Personally a nice guy and an outdoorsman who did actually cut spending in his first year but in his next 7 acquiesced far too much to NY’s public worker unions.

  13. Pataki is just another New York liberal. Don’t let the “R” fool you.

    Even here, he says background checks and “clip” size limits are good. His big rationalization is that those are good for New York, but wouldn’t be nationally. Piffle!

    He’s just lying through his teeth to give people, weak minded people, some morsel of comforting delusion to sink their own teeth into.

  14. I’ll never understand how a human brain can be so staggeringly, ridiculously stupid as to think guns are a source of violence. Do they think violence was invented with gunpowder? Do they think swords were made for cutting wildflowers?

    Funny how a brain capable of such advanced thought is also able of defying common sense that comes naturally to a hamster.

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