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“This is something that I find amazing. The criminals don’t drop their guns in the city of Chicago.” – Superintendent Garry McCarthy in In Chicago, ‘Criminals Don’t Drop Their Guns’ When Chased, McCarthy Laments [at]

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  1. Hey, that hi point 40s&w (or glock 40 as it is known as) cost like 150 bucks. That’s pricey for the average criminal.

        • ahhh jeeez. i went to the range the other day with my 9mm. Grabbed the rest of a box of 9 and a bag of reloads… without looking. .40 don’t chamber in a 9… I felt like a tard and had to cut my range trip short.

  2. “Chicago far eclipses New York and Los Angeles in how many illegal guns are taken from criminals, McCarthy said, blaming, in part, criminals being afraid of *** severe punishment by gang leaders *** for losing weapons.

    ‘Criminals are fearless because our gun laws, our statutes, *** don’t have that sanction *** ,’ McCarthy lamented. ‘This is something that I find amazing. The criminals don’t drop their guns in the city of Chicago.'”

    So, I guess he’s wanting for the state to have the ability to – what? – beat / torture / kill the perps who are caught with “illegal” guns?

    Interesting. I wonder if that’s the city’s official position.

  3. “Because the sanctions from the gangs for losing the gun is greater than the sanction for being caught by the police and getting put through the criminal justice system,” McCarthy said, “criminals are not held accountable.”

    Well fancy that.
    Cops and politicians need to get over themselves and come to the realization that criminals don’t give two sloppy shits about arrests or time locked up. If anything racking up arrests and spending time in prison help with their street cred and status. In a very real way all this “tough on crime” bullshit is emboldening and enabling criminals while simultaneously creating more criminals from the population that would otherwise not be criminals if it weren’t for the expanding police state. Maybe that’s what the cops and pols want?

    • He’s shocked and flabbergasted that higher authorities than himself exist on the streets. This is how empires die, not with a bang, but with the slow transfer of authority from the old powers to the new ones.

  4. “Because the sanctions from the gangs for losing the gun is greater than the sanction for being caught by the police and getting put through the criminal justice system,” McCarthy said, “criminals are not held accountable.”

    Ummm… what does one have to do with the other? Oh, double jeopardy! If they’re punished by one criminal element, then they can’t be punished by the other… Now I get it…

  5. “Because the sanctions from the gangs for losing the gun is greater than the sanction for being caught by the police and getting put through the criminal justice system,” McCarthy said, “criminals are not held accountable.”

    What the hell does that even mean? This guy is bonkers. Anyway, if they’d simply replace the word “gun” with “gang” anytime him or Rahm Emanuel open their mouths, they’ll find their solution. They have a “gang violence” problem, not a “gun violence” problem. They need to change their “gang laws”, not their “gun laws.” He’s talking about how gang bangers get worse sentencing from their gangs for losing a gun than they get from the criminal justice system, and so intead of changing the “gang laws” that target the gang bangers and change that scenario, he wants to change the gun laws that don’t affect the gangs but affect everybody else instead.

    • I was thinking the same thing, but a gang is just group of people hanging out. Associations should not be made illegal. Illegal acts should be prosecuted, but first lets get rid of the unconstitutional drug wars, then on the employment killing minimum wage laws, then the self defense free zones of public transportation in places like Chicago. Prosecute the people for the violence they commit. But some of these “thugs” are quite enterprising. I heard a puff piece on a convicted drug dealer who went to work in his family’s small market after he got out, with in a year it went from 1000 square feet to 4000 square feet. He was a great business man, probably not so good with school. At the time he thought his only option was selling drugs, but luckily he had a chance to use his talents to make many lives better instead of destroying lives. The threshold to business should be low, but with government on all levels backing the big boys of business by booting the little guys down, we all suffer. Plunder is easier than true profit.

      • There is that drug law meme again. Gangs exist in the Ghetto because of social breakdown. The ghetto is virtually an ungoverned area with a veneer of governing authority. The gangs enforce their own rules and social norms. What do you it means when you hear that the individual gangbanger is more afraid of his gang boss than a cop? The steep rise in inner city violence correlate not with enforcement of drug laws but with the rise in the percentage of children born out of wedlock. Do you thing drugs are more illegaler now than in the 1950s?

        There is the middle class myth that your average gangbanger is pulling in a couple of hundred large a year selling drugs when in reality they would be more money working 40 hous a week at Micky D’s.

        • Hey, as long as they all “keep it real for their dogs in the hood”, and live the “thug life”, then it’s all good. That’s how they “get back at whitey, the man, who’s keeping them down” and all that other left-wing bullmanure they’re constantly fed by the Democrat Party and the mass media. The Democrat Party, which controls the City of Chicago, uses gangs and crime as a tool to extract money and to exert control over the city. The people are being played for suckers, and yet they just go right along.

    • Come on, guys – of course it doesn’t make sense – you have to start with the unuttered premise that Chicago PD can’t catch cold in a freezing rain, and add that stopping to look for a pitched Glock is a lot easier than chasing a scrawny 20-something who runs like the wind, and isn’t carrying 40 pounds of lard around his waist. Take all that into account and it makes perfect sense.

  6. McCarthy is laughable. What he’s seeing is what would happen if guns were banned in America. They wouldn’t disappear. Criminals would have them, and would protect them fiercely. Kind of like, I don’t know, Mexico?

  7. Give that guy (another) drink! He’s a thinker!

    TTAG, please start contrasting places like Detroit vs Shitcago…in terms of what political or police leaders say and do. The results and words speak for themself.

  8. What I find amazing is that this clown expects that criminals will follow the law. Why is he the superintendent?

  9. There’s more to that statement: GMath first states that it’s way too easy to get a gun on the streets and then follows up with the apparent “no tossing” rule. However, if it’s so easy to get a piece, why not toss the you have since there are plenty more where the first, second, twentieth came from?

    Illustrating Chicago Crime, Murder and Mayhem at

    • Love that site. The stats are pathetically sad but true (queue Metallica). I’ve paid attention for a few years and have noticed how quickly the clock for “A person is shot in Chicago every:” drops in time. Plus the “Shot in the ass-o-meter” is downright funny.

    • ^ this. If guns are so readily available, there would be zero incentive to keep the guns and face addtional charges. This = total BS.

  10. Illinois must drop the off places (where are the can carry places exept car ?) and passed open carry then chicago got safer !

  11. “When police finally apprehended the shooters, they found four people with extensive criminal backgrounds. The four had collectively been arrested a total of 60 times, McCarthy said, including for deadly shooting incidents.”

    AN AVERAGE of15 times apiece…and yet they are still on the streets…

    “We absolutely need help,” McCarthy said. “I know we have problems with other things like pensions, problems like taxes. The number one problem in Chicago needs to be gun violence.”

    No, the number one problem in Chicago is a lack of leadership.

    • Reminds me of the old joke about the little kid who upon seeing the poster in the Post Office of the FBI’s “Most Wanted” criminals and their pictures asked “Well, if they’re such bad people, then why didn’t they hold into them when they were taking their picture?”

      Indeed. Then, or during any of the 14 subsequent times on average they were each arrested, I’d like to know.

      Why must a revolving door on the criminal justice system result in the door being slammed on non-criminals’ firearms rights?

  12. Wow the dumb is strong in this one. Why would he expect them to drop their gun? Do cops drop their guns when getting chased by their enemies? Do soldiers? Does anyone?

  13. Little Garry must be lots of fun at parties. Dangling car keys and laser pointers must seem like pure magic to him.

  14. This reflects the basic problem with the city police chiefs being appointed by the Mayor. If they don’t parrot the party line they gen canned. Then the Mayor finds someone else that will repeat the party propaganda. This guy can’t tell the truth, even if he wanted to, or he would get fired. The difference between these guys and the sheriffs that get elected is striking. At least some of the sheriffs are pro-gun and pro self defense. Virtually none of the big city police chiefs are.

    • That structure is certainly part of the problem, but not all if it. After all, the Cook County sheriff is directly elected, but Sheriff Tom Dart isn’t exactly a friend of the 2A.

      He’s even partnered with a for-profit outfit called Liberty United to take guns seized during serving of eviction notices, and melting them down into jewelry and cufflinks for sale.

      • Yea, but the imbecile Tom Dart was elected by the same morons who elected Rahm Emmanuel, Richie Daly, Luis Gutierrez, Dick Durban, etc.

  15. He is the Chief so why does he need help ? And why can’t he put together a couple of sentences that make sense ? “The number one problem needs to be gun violence” ? Come on, what does that even mean ? Besides the fact that if you unwind it to try to force it to make sense the logic is still not there. More gun laws are not the solution. And the whole idea that he can’t understand why a criminal or gang member does not drop his gun when chased makes him not qualified for his job. Logic is obviously not his strong suit. I wonder what is ? Relative to the Mayor perhaps ?

  16. This is something that I find amazing: this stupid idiot is the chief of police of a major US city! So after he failed in Newark, that sea of tranquility, he got promoted to police a city that’s even worse. It must be great to be friends with the right people. Doesn’t matter how big of a failure you are, you can count on a cushy job with a nice pension and benefits.

    • Not bad for a guy apparrently without a college degree, who has a history of getting drunk and fighting with on duty police in both NY and NJ, and who abuses his power by impeding investigations (and the actual police vehicle) of officers who cited his teenage daughter.

      Somewhere along the way, the then-55 year old Chicago Police Superintendent managed to wed a beautiful blonde 35 year old Chicago personal injury lawyer.

      Who says crime doesn’t pay?

  17. Has this 4 star political appointee ever spent any time working a beat? It would appear that he hasn’t realized that the gangbangers consider the police a rival gang and jail time as nothing more than an occupational hazard.

  18. If they dropped the gun it might get lost, if the cops get it directly then it only costs a $50 friendly finder fee to get it back. This Chicago after all.

  19. So a car of four suspects has 60 prior arrests between them, and the police can’t figure out how to stop the violence?

  20. Is there some kind of award for “dumbest cop in America”? Because it really seems like McCarthy is trying super hard to win.

  21. He’s not dumb he’s trying to throw the problem over the fence. Between the police and the prosecutors if you have 4 people with 60+ felonies between them and they’re out on the street, what are they doing wrong and where is the accountability?

  22. BTW, a steep learning curve means the learning happens rapidly (lotsa learning over short period of time). however, culture dumbed the term down to mean “really hard to do”, regardless of the time required.

    jes sayin’

  23. Just a wee bit less mustache on either side and he’d be able to pull off a great Hitler. Where my photoshoppers at?

  24. “Gun seizures and arrests are up because of smart police practices of putting more officers in the right areas targeting the right people, McCarthy said.”

    Possible translations:

    The Chicago police recently discovered a science called “statistics”.

    The Chicago police recently acquired a list of registered Democrats complete with addresses

  25. What can those thugs be thinking? I can not imagine anyone having such blatant disregard for the laws of the land and public safety.

  26. Maybe the thugs realize that the gat they drop today will become some Chicago cop’s drop piece tomorrow? Might as well hold onto it and make them work for the cover-up.

  27. “When police finally apprehended the shooters, they found four people with extensive criminal backgrounds. The four had collectively been arrested a total of 60 times, McCarthy said, including for deadly shooting incidents.”

    Why are people with extensive criminal records, collectively arrested a total of 60 times wandering the streets?

  28. The state’s attorney’s office is well known for not charging unless it’s a slam dunk. It’s much easier to get the thugs to cop to a lesser charge. Thug gets out quickly, prosecution gets a sure thing. It’s a win all the way around, except for the community that gets the thug back with street cred.

  29. THIS is the shite I see almost daily on the boob tube(McCarthy tube?). The tiny dancer was PO’d yesterday after a pregnant woman was murdered, 11 month old shot and his gramma murdered(not to mention the 2year old shot). And actually really for realz Rahm stated “ya’ can’t arrest your way out of this”. Yeah you CAN- when 90% of shootings are gang scum just round up “the usual suspects”. BTW in the city ALL the perps somehow have gunz-justification for the many PO-leece shootings(do they drop their gat in New Yuck when the fat-azz cops chase ’em)? Oh yeah Chiraq leads new yuck in “stop & frisk” now…

  30. Criminals not obeying the law, then proceeding to not obey the law some more, followed by, yet again, not obeying the law?


    It’s almost like there’s a pattern to it or something…

  31. NRA contract lobbyist for IL Todd Vandermyde constantly insults McCarthy, but after the U.S. Federal Court in Chicago struck down IL’s UUW weapons law in Dec. 2012, Vandermyde put Duty to Inform w/ criminal penalties of 6 MONTHS or 1 YEAR in jail in Rep. Brandon Phelps “NRA backed” carry bill, because the Chiefs of Police wanted it.

    With no requirement that the “officer” be in uniform or on duty, DTI allows police criminals and police impersonators to harass, set up, and kill armed citizens with legal cover. McCarthy and NRA rat Vandermyde are both on the same side.

    Vandermyde learned some great lobbying techniques when he worked for William Dugan at the Intl. Union of Operating Engineers local 150 in Countryside, IL, before Dugan was convicted by U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald in 2010. Do Chris Cox and Chuck Cunningham at NRA-ILA pay Vandermyde to sell out their membership?

  32. Revolving door prison system.Have to keep the dirtbag dead beat fathers in jail, Drunks and all of the other NON violent offenders of the mighty man to keep them afraid.

    No double standards put the DC politicians on Obamacare and SS.Thanks for your support and vote.Pass the word.

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