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“I’m pretty sure no one’s going to leave their door open anymore” – Cal Poly Pomona University freshman Mauricio Martinez quoted in Student bound in dorm room in second [armed] robbery this week [via] [h/t Don]

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  1. I guess it depends on the campus. I went to Davidson, a small college outside Charlotte NC, and they really held to the honor system and code of conduct there. Almost nobody locked their doors, and there were virtually 0 crimes. Course, I was an uneducated college student then. Had I the knowledge then that I do now, everything would have been locked all the time…and I would have studied more…and ate better…and exercised more…etc etc.

    I’m surprised we don’t hear more about college crime. Between entertainment equipment, smart phones, computers, ipads, and whatnot, a dorm room with multiple residents has a lot more potential for a thief then it did when I went to school.

  2. The building in the picture is a dorm? Dang. My college’s idea of a dorm was a Soviet colonial block of concrete with a wonky fire alarm system.

    • Same here, hot as hell in the summer and we damn near froze in the winter. plus one bathroom and shower for the whole floor.

  3. I went to a VERY large school, some years the largest in the US, and I cannot begin to tell you, the length the school went to “cover-up” crimes that occurred on campus.

    As an example, there were quite a few armed robberies on campus. When they were reported, they were not listed as being ON campus. Just at the address that way it wouldn’t “count” as a campus crime.

    • Just like when PDs “reclassify” crimes into more innocuous categories. Rape? In her house? That was a B&E….

      Look, if you are being “graded” on numbers, and you are the one that creates the numbers, it sets up an inevitable feed-back loop. We saw it coming with the big push towards “metric policing” 25 years ago, and now we have departments that just run on numbers autopilot.

      Nothing insulates you from doing the wrong thing quite like “I was just following procedure”.

  4. I’m still waiting for military intelligence, oh wait, wrong post. Oh waiting for the cops to figure something out is like watching moss grow on a rolling stone. It’s not their fault, they’re overworked, understaffed, under budget, behind in tech, and in most cases under educated and have lost most of their grip on reality. As my grandfather use to say; the only difference between a police officer and a crook is one has a badge and get’s paid by the government to wear that badge…

  5. Thievery is one thing–it was certainly common enough when I was in college many long years ago–but armed robbery is another.Just recently, a couple od Chinese foreign exchange students were shot to death by some gangbanger sitting in their car just a few blocks off campus in SoCal (don’t remeber is if it was USC or UCLA) and the school is being sued by the parents because the school advertised itself as “dafe.”

  6. *Sigh* I really hate how stupid some college students are. A local big name university (which I attended for a couple of years before switching to a better one in the same region) has the same shit EVERY SINGLE YEAR after Spring Break. There’s a ton of break ins over spring break and then everyone comes back and is on the news “Well, I guess maybe I should lock my doors / close the windows when I go away for a week” – NO SHIT!

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