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“The Arabs have absolutely no fear from our army .…but when I started carrying our gun, I realized that they do have fear from the civilian response. As they say, it’s better to visit you in jail than at the graveyard.” – Aviva Yisraeli in ‘Glocker mom,’ other Israeli settlers carry guns amid Palestinian violence [at]

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  1. 26 Palestinians to 5 Isrealis. 1-5 ratio.

    Guns for Isrealis if you live near Palestinians…to defend yourself…

    ?Only if the government says you can.

    • I’m not sure of your point? What’s an acceptable ratio to you of terrorists to victims? And yes, the Israelis are the victims here despite what the mainstream brainwashers would have you believe

      • I am a supporter of israel, but i wont white wash their crimes. Not that everything the palis and progressives say are actually crimes. The settlers, for instance, really mistreat their arab neighbors. And when any type of scuffle breaks out, it usually is the palis that get the brunt of the reaction and the settlers get a slap on the wrist.

        • There’s ample bad blood with good cause on all sides, I think, and this is one reason it’s proven so hard to find resolutions at least somewhat acceptable to all sides.

      • Yes and no. They’re victims in the cycle of violence, but then so are the Palestinians. But, also like the Palestinians, they are perpetrators of that cycle as long as they are willing to kill and die over a piece of “holy” dirt.

        I feel bad for everyone over there but I don’t think it’s in our interest to keep putting a finger on the scale between two sides that do such egregious things to each other.

        • There are some one million Arabs who are citizens of Israel and enjoy immense freedom and opportunity because of it. Some are members of the Knesset. At least one has been a Minister. They have it much better than their brethen in the muslim dictatorship countries, including in the so-called Palestinian Authority.

          Israel has also made lasting peace with former enemies Egypt and Jordan, for example. They offered Arafat 95% of what he claimed he wanted. Israel has repeatedly proven that they don’t want this violence. The muslims have proven that their mission in life is to murder Jews.

          While there are always atrocities on every side someone can point to in a major conflict spanning generations, taken as a whole, the Arab-Israeli conflct is about as morally unambiguous as you get. The Israelis are the good guys.

  2. I believe progressives support the “Palestinians”( there were no Palestinians historically) and the Muslims statement of intent of genocide against the nation of Isreal because of what Isreal represents. They are also the only real example oF a representative democracy surrounded by nothing but tyrants, dictators and autocrats.

    They are the example of Western belief and work ethic. The Isreals took a waste land with a scattering of tribal villages and nomadic herders and turned it into a garden in the middle of a desert.

    The progressives HATE that. They loath the fact that it has been western thought and enlightenment that has pulled the rest of the world into a semblance of scientific, engineering anf humanitarian advancement.

    So Isreal represents a everything they despise about western belief and culture and they want it destroyed, as they want Isreal and all of it’s people destroyed and the land and all of it’s civilized improvement turned back inot a desert waste land. .

    Progressivism is a death cult, and they want everything that the west represents wiped from the face of the earth.

    • Historically, the pre-1948 jews in the area called themselves palestinians. The arabs called themselves arabs. Yasser Arafat is the one who changed that to steal the (recent) history of the jews by claiming that he was palestinian even though he was actually egyptian.

    • I read just this week that an exploration firm (of which Dick Cheney is reportedly an investor) may have discovered some substantial oil reserves in Israel. That could be a game changer. Good for Israel, I say.

    • Having walked around East Jerusalem and traveled throughout the West Bank, generally in the company of a Palestinian Christian friend, I can say that the Israelis just want to live in peace in the land they sweat and bled to build up from nothing to a modern democratic state. The “Palestinians” want to take Israel away from the Jews because they aren’t welcome anywhere else by the Arab world. I’ve spent even more time in Jordan, and they are treated much worse there than in Israel being seen as second class citizens in a country run my a king.

      It was nothing in Israel to see Jews having to be dressed in a combat vest and carrying a rifle to escort their children to the bus stop for school. They would then return to their homes which were often encircled in razor wire to discourage gangs of Palestinian youths from vandalizing them. The Palestinians are not the poor downtrodden and peace loving people the Liberals try to make them out to be. The areas where they have their own convergence like the West Bank and Gaza are bot exactly paragons of societal success and prosperity.

  3. From the article:

    “After she posted a Facebook photo showing a BUL Cherokee — an Israeli version of a Glock…”

    But is it an Israeli version of a Glock Fo-tay?

    The ignorance on display at USA Today is at least comforting in its consistency.

    • Just a reminder, there are people who want to murder her and millions of others, just because of her ancestry.

      I always find it refreshing when I encounter a Jew who understands the best way to prevent this, retail and/or wholesale.

  4. I have said it before and I will say it again. It is against the law in the Jewish state of Israel for civilians to own guns. That is why the Arabs use knife attacks so much. Remember gun beats knife as long as it’s over 21 feet in distance.

    • Some professionals, some retired officers, residents of the West Bank and some frontier regions can acquire and carry handguns.

  5. Are we supposed to envy Israel or something? They have all of the hardcore gun control laws that all of their dual-citizen countrymen here in the US want to push on us.

    Speaking of which, why are there so many Israeli citizens holding office in the US?

  6. In the immortal words of my father, violent aggressive people only understand one language — violent force.

    You cannot negotiate with nor appease a violent, aggressive person. You can only meet force with force to secure your rights. No other course of action will secure your rights, including your life.

  7. I don’t believe Muzlims or Erabs aren’t afraid of American soldiers or military might , they are just aware of the leaderships politically correctness and ineptitude and the fact that the man at the helm is a iceberg lover . If you were a ISIL fighter you may be a little worried about Putin however , he isn’t a Sunni supporter and the iceberg lover seems to have no power over him right now . Maybe old Vladimir will kill all those Christian killers for us , praise be to ALie .


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