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Senators Manchin (left) and Toomey (courtesy

“I would suggest the administration brought this on themselves. I think the president ran his re-election campaign in a divisive way. He divided Americans. He was using resentment of some Americans toward others to generate support for himself. That was very divisive, that has consequences, that lingers . . . I understand why people have some apprehension about this administration. I don’t agree with the conclusion as it applies to my [background checks] amendment, but I understand where the emotion comes from.” – [via]

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  1. He is right about the way Obama goes about things, but his clusterfvck of a bill is still crap and it got what it deserved.

      • Hey, I voted for this guy, not because he is great, but the alternative was 10 times worse. we don’t always get great choices in elections. I’ve had to “hold my nose” the past several elections trying to pick the person that I’m guessing will stink less than the other.

  2. So is this some corm of presumptuous back pedaling only to sheepily advance the unpercieved greatness of his proposals?

    We are not fooled!

  3. I would have a lot more respect for politicians if they simply said, “My bad, I was wrong on this,” rather than toss up the same old sorry excuses trying to cover their asses while failing to acknowledge their stupidity.

    • I would have some respect for the ant-2A crowd if they would be honest. They would prohibit all civilian ownership of firearms this afternoon if they could pull it off politically. If they would admit that, and not spout ” No one wants to take your guns” I could at least respect their honesty.

  4. When, not if, the vote comes up again let’s see how he votes. Even if he was to vote against the bill he authored I would be suspicious as to whether he gets it or not.

  5. Gonna let the freight train pass right on by you? I think not as it has your name on it, grabber. Randy

  6. I expect all of you to contribute in some small way to send this fool down the road as an example to the others. It will be a joyful occasion when he gets beat in a primary. I look forward to his whining, back-stabbing, and general poor behavior after his defeat. Sweet tears of the defeated and all that. He will be primaried, so save a couple of bucks to send to his opponent. I certainly will be doing so.

  7. I heard on the Cable News he is resurrecting his Background Check Bill, so watch for more on that. Here we go, again?

    • Yeah, he’s going to go with a bare-bones “just gun shows and online sales” background check requirement, or so he says in the soundbites.
      Funny thing is, they still seem confused on how this game works. You’re giving conservative Senators a choice between voting for another unpopular bill or doing nothing. And what are you going to hold over their heads? You better vote for this one, or Obama will go on teevee and have an even bigger tizzy fit?
      Add some good-sense pro-rights stuff to this, like continental reciprocity for CCWs, and there might still be room to talk. If you’re going to just put a new dress on the same pig, expect the same results.

      • “… or Obama will go on teevee and have an even bigger tizzy fit?”

        Maybe Biden wil put on some high heels and stomp around saying ‘I hate him, I hate him, I hate him!’ while on the (unplugged) phone with his mom.”

      • It makes no sense. The Senators from red states will feel no pressure from having voted against this the first time, so why bring it up again? What must Landrieu, Begich, and Pryor be thinking about this? Their collective gooses may be cooked anyway, this cannot help.

      • Correct me if I’m wrong, but there is no “loop hole” in on-line purchase of guns. I have purchased a number of guns from Each one shipped to an FFL dealer of my choice and had to pass background check before weapon was turned over to me.
        Only time a gun I had that changed hands is when I sold Bersa Thunder .22 pistol to my CHL card carrying sister-in-law.
        Just makes my teeth hurt every time some moron mentions “loop hole”

        • Not sure, But I believe if its an online purchase from a non-ffl dealer and it is between two persons in the same state, no background check required. Someone correct me if i am wrong here.

  8. Ummm his background checks had nothing go do with Obama being re-elected. All that gun grabbing stuff came afterwards. Or did I miss the point?

    • The way I read that is what I saw unfold for myself. Obama’s re-election and campaign pissed off a shitload of people both during and after. The silver lining for us (and what Tooney is complaining about) is that when it came time to ramrod these bills, enough people were pissed off enough to actually get up and fight this asinine legislation.

      Least, that’s what I got from it.

  9. How delightfully condescending of you Pat. You’ve concluded that like any socially productive adult I want nothing more than to be “understood” as you put it, just like any whiny teenager of any generation! Thank you so very much, can’t wait to show you my appreciation by voting against you, you know like the rebellious teenager that I stopped being a decade ago.

  10. When you’ve gotten yourself in a deep hole, stop digging. It’s a first graders myth that you can dig thru to China.

    • Maybe hes a new age Moses and is trying to lead his people to North Korea?

      To be less blasphemous, I dont mean hes on a mission from God just a simmilar circumstance.

  11. Leftists are starting to realize they let their masks slip too far. Lots of Americans got a good glimpse of the monsters underneath. And no matter how much you try to put the mask back on, we still know who’s behind it.


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