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“With just 40 days before a federal court-ordered deadline to enact a law allowing public possession of firearms, Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn is holding fast to the notion that decisions about who may carry guns — and where — should be made at city hall, not by a statewide standard,” the AP reports. In other words, the crooks in Cook County want a carve-out. Yeah, well, screw you. Or, as NRA lobbyist Todd Vandermyde puts it (more diplomatically than I ever could) “How do you sit there and take this fundamental right and decide that it’s meted out by bureaucrats and then you have a different standard depending on what town you live in or travel through?” I think that was a rhetorical question. The real question: can Land of Lincoln gun rights advocates hold off any “compromise” bill that lets the Chicago machine continue to deny residents their Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Watch this space.

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  1. Let rahm, quinn and madigan have a circle jerk. On June 9th, it is wide open. Screw them and just don’t pass anything.

    • Exactly. Screw Tiny Dancer and his fellow statist jagoffs. If the all these gangbanging dirtbags can freely carry wherever and whenever, then so should the average joe.

      Illustrating Chicago’s Murders, Homicides, Violence and Idiocy at

    • But then they will have their wet dream of local regulations to pass in each city. You think they are just going to let June 9th come around and take constitutional carry? I don’t think so.

    • Yes, as Todd keeps saying “they need a bill, we don’t”

      Meaning if there is nothing passed by June 8th, IL will be Constitutional Carry.

      No bill will pass that the 2A Supporters don’t want – unless the grabbers do something ~really~ sneaky to get one past us (doubtful.)

      Todd V is a Godsend. Love him. Keep giving it to ’em hard and fast like they seem to like it, Todd!!

  2. We hold all the cards. I expect Chicago wants to go over the cliff and make the issue as complex as they can. It will be an interesting 40 days.

    • If it wasn’t for the impact of their actions on so many others, these weeds don’t even deserve the time of day.

    • Guns Save Life checking in.

      Chuck is spot on.

      We have, according to Todd, the votes to stop the “carve out” proposal, so long as our people don’t give up hope and cave to a “Chicago exemption”.

      Quinn’s idea of “local control” received only 31 of 60 votes needed for passage a couple of weeks ago in the IL House. It was a bitter and humiliating defeat for him.

      Our proposal received 64 of 71 votes needed (the extra 11 are needed because of a rule that says any bill with pre-emption in it needs a supermajority to pass).

      Who is closer?

      It’s not rocket science to see the dark forces who want to keep Illinois residents in the Dark Ages of gun control have a tenuous grip at keeping us there.

      And the clock is quickly running down on them.


      • I’ve only lived in Illinois for 10 months, but as far as I have gathered, the pro-carry opinion out here in the Western Suburbs is: if there is one place where you really do want/need to carry a gun in Illinois, it’s Chicago. Creating a Chicago exemption would take way 90% of the need for IL CCW.

    • After June 9th this fight moves from the legislature to a public relations battle. Get ready to see news stories about the poor innocent children killed because it is legal to carry guns. It will be relentless, and I hope we are as prepared for the that battle as we have been so far.

  3. I agree with Dirk D. it’s clear that the Fed. Ct. won’t abide by a “cutout ” for Chicago since that cutout will amount to a denial of the right to carry. So tell the antis either they pass a constitutional bill, or they’ll be held in contempt and lose in court to SAF&NRA. “Pay us now or pay us later.”
    Hang tough, Illinois patriots!

    • “Pay us now or pay us later.”

      Too bad when it comes to suing the government it will be the tax payers picking up the check.

      On second thought, it might shut up the antis who vote for anti politicians

      • Any bill that passes will not be judged by the Court of Appeal–it will have to be challenged from scratch, meaning it will hold up for a year or two any way. If Chicago does not pass its own law (which knowing how the City operates is very unlikely), then it will be constitutional carry until it does, because the federal court injunction will prohibit enforcement of the current carry ban law.

        • Not so sure on your first point. While a new challenge is likely to be required, there is precedent for a court maintaining oversight in the civil rights context for precisely the reason you suggest: the high price of delay.

        • 7th circuit still has jurisdiction . . . I am sure the SAF and NRA are ready to march in and ask for injunctive relief for any ordinance blocking constitutional carry. Moreover, I am sure the 7th circuit won’t take kindly to being ignored by tiny dancer and his minions and will gladly place them in contempt.

    • The one upside to a cutout is the citizens of Illinois that don’t live in Chicago wouldn’t get harrassed by state cops while they’re carrying outside of Chicago while SAF fights the fight for Chicago.

      • Don’t abandon us. Especially those living outside Chicago but within the boundaries of Cook County. The cutout plan has no votes. It garnered about 1/3 of the votes in the Illinois house last week. The NRA plan came up 7 votes shy of a supermajority. It’s state-wide shall issue or the State of Illinois is facing Constitutional carry and a very ticked off Judge Posner.

      • Give an inch, and they’ll take a yard.

        We have no reason to give anything.

        They can, As Ted Nugent says, “Suck on my machine gun”


  4. It never fails that the places where a law-abiding citizen needs to exercise the right the most, the politicians in charge work the hardest to prevent it.

    • I’d like to carve it out of the planet. Take off, nuke the site from orbit. Just to be sure.

      • If PA could do that with Philly, and New York could do that with NYC, etc., we might actually have a hope of restoring legal government. We can dream.

    • The only way you could carve Chicago out of Illinois would be to make it the 51st state. There is no other state it touches (or comes close to touching) that wants it.

  5. Quick question: How many pro-gun YouTube videos have comments and ratings disabled?

    Another quick question: How many anti-gun YouTube videos have comments and ratings disabled?

    If anyone ever tries to claim that the pro-gun side isn’t open to debate, I’ll just point them in the direction of these videos and see if they view closing down the forums as an invitation to hear opposing viewpoints.

    • There have been a few in the past that didn’t allow comments. However I just went to the NRA YouTube channel and none of the latest vids disabled comments or ratings.

      Contrast that with the Brady campaign or MAIG which allow no comments or ratings.

      Ironically the latest video of the Bradies is titled ” your voice matters”. I nearly choked on my drink.

  6. Nice to see all thirty people, from one church, show up for this important speech. Quinn is a moron, and speaks like he’s talking to dummies. It’s amazing the people who get elected in Illinois.

      • Dead people tend toward the impressionable and Ill-informed.

        That’s why Cook County politicians tend to court the vote of that demographic.

  7. Just wanted to say that the headline is misleading. Makes it look like the bill’s been passed, and it has a carve out, not that a carve out is holding up the process.

  8. NYC has been doing this for decades. When it comes to carry permits, a NYC permit (impossible to get unless you’re ‘connected’) is good anywhere in the state but a regular ol’ NY permit is NO good in the city. NYC, which basically drags the state around, has decided it gets to say how gun are regulated within the city. That said, “home rule” is thrown out when the city and its gun-grabbing mayor decide the state should have tighter restrictions… then all of up-state NY (very pro-gun rights) gets screwed.

    • I think that Gov. Mussolini figured that long as he was throwing out the Constitution, he might as well chuck Home Rule too.

  9. I live in Illinois, I have my whole life and I am dick and tired of IL, NY, CT, MD, CO, CA, MA, NJ AND EVERY OTHER NEW WORLD ORDER HUB. I WILL NOT BE LIVING HERE MUCH LONGER BUT BEFORE I GO.

    In case you didn’t hear me

    FU** YOU

    • Tenessee is nice, we get a lot of Illinois transplants here. Im a Connecticut transplant myself. Dont waste your time with Memphis though

      • So’s Des Moines. Some may think that Iowa is boring, but the lack of crazy more than makes up for it.

  10. No Chicago Compromise. As an Illinoisan I can hold out longer for a good bill, or constitutional carry. The only Chicago carve out I will accept is carving it off of Illinois all together.

  11. Go ahead carve it out, let them all kill each other then. If it is carved I will never step foot in cook county again. I think every gun owner should stick together and do the same, if we do, they will over turn it due to greed.

  12. Newtown voted against a levy that would have paid for armed guards in schools.
    I think that says EVERYTHING about the Leftist Agenda.
    From now on I worry about where my next Bx of 22 Rim Fire comes from.
    That’s right, I said it, The unspeakable truth; there is a deep manufactured schisim in America; somebody had to say it and I stepped foward.
    Line in sand and all that noise

  13. I like the sign “no more Newtown’s”. The trajedy carried out by CC holders according to the one critical thinker./// I’ll bet they are shaking in their shoes, what happens when crime drops with CC & the corrupt machine is no longer needed for its “protection”. big al would have wept, Randy

  14. Its funny that he says he is listening to the people, but when we held IGOLD that douchetard ran and hid.

    There were a lot more of us that day than whats standing behind him in that vid.

    The problem with constitutional carry is that any town with home rule will be able to make up a law and enforce it. Making us have to deal with a mishmash of laws that may change just because you crossed the street.

    I’m hoping that they can all be defeated but each one will have to be struck down by the courts, one at a time. It could go on for years.

    I hate this place but am stuck here for the duration.

    • Home rule itself will need to be challenged. Wisconsin realized CC here would be unworkable if every one horse town had it’s say. We have uniform enforcement here that prempts every 2bit asswipe with a cause, Randy

  15. Illinois needs to pass concealed carry or at least honor reciprocity so I don’t have to disarm on the way to a state I can actually stand.

  16. Personally I hope that a bill doesnt get passed for the chance at defacto constitutional carry if that would actually be what happens. I’d love to have a chance to open carry my rifle in downtown Chicago. I’d wait outside city hall just to get a photo op with Rham, maybe I could find when McCarthy is doing a public appearance and get one with him too.

    • June 9th will be good for all in Illinois we must acknowledge those that do not trust its people and include us among the thugs we must vote them out

  17. I say lets drop of Quinn in a gang infested area of Chicago, with out body guards, on a warm clear weather weekend night and then see how he feels about CCW. And if he suddenly changes his mind in favor of CCW make sure he only has 7 rounds in his magazine.

    • You have this weird assumption that these guys don’t know each other. Gangs are an integral part of the political process in Chicagoland. They fill politicians with money and manpower, the politicians look out for their “business” needs.

      Dropping Quinn in south side, would be like dropping brother rabbit in the briar patch.

      • Chicago elected official are connected to the gangs why is the gun control laws are aimed at law abiding tax payers instead of the gangs

  18. How much of a fine does the State of Ilinois pay for violating a Supreme Court order to instate a concealed weapons system. Make the politicians pay for the fee! I bet they get it done!

  19. What everyone is forgeting is that all the democrats in Springfeild are under the thumb of Mike Madigan. He tells what to do. If they don’t do as he says they will not get any funding for their re-election. This tells me that all the democrats can’t think for themselves because they fear Mike Madigan. There are 23 days and counting. What everone should be aware of at the last minuted there will be some kind of bill that will make more restrictive for Illinois to have a conceal carry law even though the 7th circut court of appeals says that people of Illinois can protect themselves. Even though Mike Madigan and Gov. Quinn don’t think so. The both of them feel the decision made by the 7th circut court of appeals does not apply for Illinos.

    What all the democrats in Springfield should do is tell Mike Madigan is take a hike and say you don’t tell me how to vote. The more Mike Madigan controls the state of Illinois the more he keeps everything under his thumb. Gov. Quinn is his “lap dog” he can make a move or go to the bath room without asking Mike Madigan. I’m sure there are a lot of gun owners in Mike Madigan’s district who don’t vote for him. There a saying “You have to tear down the castle to beat the king”. As long as Mike Madigan has complete control of the state of Illinois, Illinois will be the ” Nazi Germany of Illinois”

    The politicians don’t want the people of Illinois don’t the people of Illinois to have the right to protect themselves all they want is to tax the people of Illinois more and more and laugh about it. The politician saying in Springfield is “we will just tax them more and we spend more. Who cares if the state of Illinois can’t pay it’s bills we are going to take care of ourselves forget about the tax payer they’ll keep voting for us. And we do.

    The politicians in Springfield don’t care if all the criminals and gangs in Chicago can carry a gun, the politicians in Springfield think it’s there right to shoot people, rob people and do what ever they want. But as for the law bidding citizen that’s a differnt story. According to the politicians in Springfield the ciriminal and gangs have there 2nd Amendment rights to keep and bear arms, but not the law bidding citizen.

    Like I have always said liberal politicians love criminals and gangs. The bigger the crime they comitt the more they like them. I think the liberal politicians in Illinois have it backwards. Oh one more thing criminals and gangs don’t pay taxes they just buy politicians.

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