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“Guns by themselves do not make us safer. Having a gun only makes us feel safer, but laws on the other hand makes us not only feel safer, but actually safer.” – Bill Thompson, LETTER: Don’t be duped by gun-rights propaganda [via]

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  1. I don’t think “safe” means what you think it means. In fact, everyone witnessing this has just become dumber.

    • It is dumb. If laws made us safer there would be no crime in the United states. There would be no stealing, no raping, and no corruption.

      • The comment isn’t dumb per se, it is a Große Lüge.

        The premise and conclusion are false, but the comment is part of a strategy to legitimize a political viewpoint of disarmament of civilians.

        We know as a fact that responsible gun ownership makes us safer by discouraging criminals from preying on people for fear of being shot. Not only is that intuitively valid it is backed by studies including surveys of criminals actually saying that they would avoid crimes is they thought that their intended victim was armed.

    • I’ll be sure to relay that message to Zina Haughton since she got the piece of paper telling her estranged husband, Radcliffe, to stay away from her. The same type of paper the laws are written on.

      Wait what? Radcliffe didn’t respect the paper actually making Zina safer and killed her in a Gun Free Zone!

      Damn, off to the florist, then the cemetery.

    • Off and on, I wonder how many of them actually believe what they are saying. I am sure many of them do, especially the ones who still believe that everything they read in newspapers or see on TV is true, the ones who haven’t bother to look at the actual data for themselves.

    • And the last thought that this sort of person will have as they’re lined up in front of a ditch and shot by a government goon is, “but, but, this can’t be happening – this is against the law…”

      • “And the last thought that this sort of person will have as they’re lined up in front of a ditch and shot by a government goon is, “but, but, this can’t be happening – this is against the law…”

        It’s against the law, until it ain’t against the law.

        • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, people will follow any laws no matter how stupid or horrible. Remember all the jees and others who willing went along with the abuse during Nazi Germany. “Oh you want is to abandon our homes and possessions and get aboard this windowless train to heck knows where?”

          They should have been fighting hard long before the death camps. No guns? They should have been swarming cops and soldiers in the streets, killing them and taking their weapons. Remember, the Bastille was stormed during the French revolution because of its gunpowder stores. But these days people have virtually absolute faith in the government.

          • “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, people will follow any laws no matter how stupid or horrible.” Ah, no, only subhumans crawl on their knees. Real humans do not. See the difference there, sweety? There are reams and piles of “laws” I don’t obey, simply because I am A. a real human being, and 2. an American. If you exist simply to be a slave, a non-human, then you need to keep that sh*t to yourself. Or share it with the Pig God, Allah. Otherwise just shut the f*ck up.

      • In truth that will only be the second last thing going through their head; the last thing will be a FEMA bullet.

        (kidding about the FEMA part, would probably be DHS or the Obamajahideen)

      • Dingdingdingding!!!!!!!! And there it is. How many “law abiding” Jews, Pols, Roma, Czechs, Dutch, French etc etc had that going through their minds as the Nazis murdered them. As the Communists murdered them. As the Fascists murdered them. The political left IS the ideology of genocide, slavery, rape and sodomy, torture and subjugation and death worship. It always has been and always will be.

  2. “I have never uttered a word against owning a gun legally. I do have a problem though with legally or illegally owning assault weapons…”

    “To advocate making background checks universal is not being against gun ownership. It’s being against any and everybody owning a gun illegally.”

    Calling Dr. Freud…

    • I was about to comment on those same sections. We often see these dopes contradict themselves repeatedly, but it rarely occurs within the same sentence. That takes a special level of dumb.

      Does he really think the “assault weapons” he is uttering a word against, right here, are not guns?

  3. They should just make it illegal to commit crime. Then nobody would do it and we’d all be even safer than this guy is proposing!

    • He probably doesn’t even know who Orwell was. If you asked him, he’d probably say “Who? The popcorn guy?”

  4. The next time sombody sticks a gun in my face, I’ll just ask him-her for their address so I can send them a letter that includes the law that instructs them to cease and desist!

  5. Guns don’t make us safer, but laws do?

    Principal Oblaski wishes to weigh in: …what you’ve just said… is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  6. Per Mr. Thompson:

    “People that have had past documented problems dealing with others, or a past practice of violence, hate, gangs, criminal, bigotry, or the mentally challenged should not legally purchase firearms. In North Carolina anyone can purchase and walk around caring a loaded handgun. This and no other reason is why three young promising college students were killed execution style in Chapel Hill recently.”

    I do not personally know Mr. Thompson, but his writing leads me to believe that he lacks discernment or integrity. Moreover, he is ignorant of firearms regulations in North Carolina.

    • He sure is.

      Just here on this very site a couple of days ago, folks were BLASTING NC’s pistol purchase permit program for the opposite reason.

      The anti-gunners LIE. It’s what they do. He’s lying about laws making people safe and he’s lying about how “easy” it is to (legally) purchase a firearm in NC. What is astonishing about these lies is not they they make them in the first place, but that they make them assuming no one will call them on it.

      It’s an assumption that everyone reading/listening is either (a) too stupid to know the difference, (b) willing to just “do what we’re told” or (c) both.

      I think there’s a psychopathology that describes the obsessive use of that assumption somewhere described. As such, maybe an NC Sheriff denied his permit and he’s just lashing out in jealousy at those that got them?

      • problem is even when we beat them with the truth, the antis claim we are still making the shit up as they believe mda/bloomy
        I argued the pistol purchase permit to death at work, and still ‘lost’ in their minds as I didn’t justify that I can effectively pre qualify

        hell, I am arguing with one on WNCN’s FB page how she is more scared of good guys with guns than ISIS as I pulled ‘random figures out my butt’ on the 2-4k defensive gun uses per day and 3 times more likely to be shot by a cop than the good guy with a gun
        posted the link to the NCJRS article on the study for the DGU, I figure she will say I am cherry picking data or something

        • Antis routinely pull misrepresentative anecdotes and incomplete or blatantly false stats out of their ass-hats to justify their mystical false rhetoric about guns and law abiding gun owners.

          Then they think everyone else is just like them.

          It’s called projection.

        • Art, you have my sympathies…and respect for trying.

          Here’s how I imagine that conversation is essentially going:

  7. “…laws on the other hand make…us actually safer.”
    Mr Thompson,
    Tell that to the victim of every murder ever committed.

  8. So wait a minute. Merely having a gun doesn’t make you safer. I actually agree with that; you need to actually have it with you and be willing to use it if the necessity arises. (But something tells me that’s not what he was trying to say. 😀 )

    By the same token though, a gun simply lying on a table doesn’t put you in danger, either. It doesn’t emit magic waves of safety OR danger.

    The stupid is strong in this one.

  9. That sounds like a third rate high schooler in debate class. I’m surprised only by the immense inanity of that individual’s argument. How does a law make anyone safer? It’s a piece of paper filed away in a far off register.

    No one follows laws but those who are already inclined to live peacefully within civilized society, and require only codification of the particulars. Modern barbarians, on the other hand, reject by their actions the very premise of civilization, which is peaceful coexistence predicated upon respect for individual rights.

    Only the actual protection provided by arms preserves those rights, while slow/non-moving legal apparatuses make a pretense to elevance.

    Really, his characterization of distrust of government as “paranoia”, but his complete silence on the delusion that is his view of government as panacea, is telling. Once he compared firearms to WMDs, the show was over.

    • Verrrrry third-rate. The kind of tortured “logic” that our letter writer used would be pounced on and destroyed by any mid-level HS participant in the forensic arts.

  10. “Laws and not guns make us safe because I said so. Look at the obviously not logically flawed evidence I will now make up that is substantiated by the fact I know better because I said so.”

    I was slightly surprised to see someone actually insist the Chapel Hill case was motivated solely by the evil mind control through an inanimate object. Makes me wonder what inanimate object is controlling the author, it’s probably green.

  11. “…but laws on the other hand makes us not only feel safer, but actually safer.”

    FINALLY! A voice of reason! Now if only we had a law against murder and rape….wait.

  12. So clearly we need to put signs up everywhere that say “Crime Free Zone,” that will remind the criminals not to commit any crimes.

  13. My goodness that is a whole new depth of stupid. But let’s humor the poor soul. How about the NYPD turns all its guns in and issues a holstered copy of the NY state penal code, and let’s see if crime in NYC goes up or down.

  14. Perhaps he should tell this to the million or so folks each year who actually use their guns defensively to prevent crimes from happening to them. you know, folks who were demonstrably safer because they had a gun.

  15. Robert? Why do you keep posting the same letter from this “Bill Thompson” jacka$$? Slow news day? We have already smacked this retard around, move on to a new one, there are plenty out there.

    • In fairness to RF, it’s not the same letter–well, technically not the same, anyway. It’s a follow-up. But I personally do think we’ve heard enough from Mr. Thompson now.

      • Ah, no. It is the same “letter”, it is just ineptly cut&pasted into a different order. That is why so many parts of it seem contradictory sentence to sentence in this iteration. Look at it in the last post here about “Bill Thompson” and his anti-American sh*t spew. I don’t believe there is a “Bill Thompson”, it is simply a persona, or avatar, leftards use to spew their anti-American sh*t in op-eds around the country, dropping in random names as it suits them.

  16. This is solid gold!

    From the same author –

    “Road rage (anger and hate) caused some random person with a gun to take the life of a mom in her own driveway with her daughter watching, after returning home from giving her daughter driving lessons. Everybody having guns will never solve our problems; in fact, it exponentially increases our insecurity.”

    Nothing like spin it till ya win it. How this guy is not employed by our federal government amazes me. “Senator Bill Thompson” has a nice ring to it………………

  17. “… laws … makes us … actually safer.” – Bill Thompson

    Like murder laws? Please share this with the surviving family and friends of murder victims … I am confident your sage words of wisdom will be very comforting to them.

  18. Well Mr. Thompson, put your money where your mouth is. Let us see you spend the evening at a moderately busy street corner in Camden or Newark. Make sure you hold up a big sign that says

    I am not armed.
    I have $1000 in my pocket.
    The Law will protect me.

    You can tell us all about it the next day — if you aren’t dead or in the hospital.

    • Excellent!

      Reminds me of the video where the folks went around to reporters / media folks that had supported civilian disarmament and asked them if they’d be willing to put “no gun here” signs in their yards.

      It’s all part of the “you, peasant…this rule applies to YOU. Not me” syndrome.

  19. All points on target regarding Bill Thompson’s statement and how devoid it is of historical and current day reality.

    I continue to be amazed with listening to people who, seemingly are smart, make such statements. I think that they must be: 1.) Delusional based on ideological fervor and devoid of the reality of human nature; or 2.) They are not very smart as they claim (making decisions based on logic and real data); or 3.) They have a political agenda to support tyranny and control the masses; or 4.) All three.

    I am astounded that anyone with any degree of intelligence and knowledge of history and are following what is going on in our own country could argue that there is historical basis to support that tyrants (from thugs in the parking lot to dictators) adhere to the law? That’s ludicrous.

    Look at what is playing out right before our very eyes with the current administration; they are the most lawless, as I see it since the Nixon administration. Witness this morning the off the cuff exemption to pay taxes owed if one filed with the erroneous data provided by the Fed Gov themselves. Wait a minute. Where’s Congress? Or, supporting or not supporting the laws on the books regarding immigration.

    Hey, I get that democracy is messy but I don’t recall ever observing in my life time, where the Executive branch and the Judiciary have been so rogue to our constitution and our founding principles. On the meter of being a nation of laws vs a nation of men (women as well), we are moving away from being a nation of laws. Its all about what feels good at the moment for the individual; laws be damned. That is scary stuff. And we brought it on ourselves by continually growing the body of law to the point that it is incomprehensible and supports an elite class (lawyers) to deal with; in short a faceless kind of legal tyranny that enables or is beginning to enable large scale tyranny.

    So leaning on the law for our safety; in particular in our current political state in this country as well as the rest of the world is absolutely insane and devoid of observable reality. It just does not and is not happening.

    So we must continue to hold firm to the “principle” (and it is a very important and dearly held principle) that the gun in the hands of a majority of citizens who are well trained in its use and committed to freedom and liberty for the individual is the ONLY way to preserve our freedom and keep tyrants a bay. And the irony is that we know in our hearts that such a approach to governance (real power in the hands of the masses – guns) actually preserves peace and ultimately saves countless lives lost in bloody revolutions that occur when tyrants rule and “laws” become arbitrary and life becomes so miserable for so many. That’s real power to the people. Period. End of story.

    • If the number of laws on the books were an effective deterent against criminals, we be the safest nation in the universe!

      • To wit: How many laws against drunk driving are there?

        I don’t recall the exact number, but I do remember that it is MORE than the number of states. Heard this discussed in detail in a radio interview with a MADD bigwig and … you guessed it … she was campaigning for MORE LAWS.

        Two points:

        (1) The laws did not stop drunk driving.

        (2) The answer to that was, “we need more laws.”

        How these people think is truly insane – as in, detached from observable reality.

    • 4. Misinformed by the media, friends and relatives. I suspect this covers a lot more people than most of us realize. If you don’t “know” guns yourself or have someone close to you who does, it’s not surprising that you’d be misinformed.

      • Okay, fair enough, but is that population the one that is aggressively blogging and writing editorials in favor of civilian disarmament?

        I suspect that most of the group you describe can be swayed by a presentation of facts and logical arguments. Or, at least one can check their fervent belief via cognitive dissonance regarding the world around them enough that they say, “huh?” once in a while.

        Dudes like the one that wrote the letter…he has not only drunk the Kool Aid, but it has become part of who he is: he’s a true believer.

  20. Hey! I figured it out! The antis are spouting this nonstop nonsense not because they believe it, but purely to drive us insane.

    Once we’re declared insane, poof! They take our guns.

    I feel so much better now that it all makes sense. Funny–I don’t feel any safer, though….

  21. It takes real effort to write something that long in which every sentence contradicts every sentence before and after it. Quite impressive, really.

  22. So if I carry around a pocket constitution I’m good to go? Or is that too low caliber and I should step up to something like an Affordable Care Act, although I’m worried about something like that printing.

    • To carry around a copy of the OCA, you’d need a vehicle the size of a garbage truck.
      Come to think of it, that’s not a bad choice.

      • Well, the Constitution is not a list of laws. It is a list of rights that are supposed to be immune to laws. Funny how that doesn’t work.
        Now the Supreme Court is about to protect gay marriage on Constitutional grounds. Why can’t the homos get in line behind gun owners?

        Ooh, just realized what I said. Watch your six.

  23. We’ve heard from this same guy on this board before–I actually recognize the name. Confused the First and Second Amendments, confused the BOR with the Articles, babbled in the same vein about laws and feeling safe. Still getting facts wrong (specifically re the now-deconstructed “innocent mom shot by road rage guy” story). I’m guessing he’s one of those folks who spend their leisure time–and perhaps what should otherwise be their productive time–writing letters to the editor. I used to be one myself, for a short time. This one’s pet cause just happens to be anti-gun idiocy. I for one am not going to bother if I see his name attached to another Quote of the Day.

    • There is no “same guy” as far as I can find, just a poorly written and badly rearranged form letter used repeatedly across the country. Typical leftarded sh*t.

  24. I don’t know who he thinks he is writing for , but in his own comment section he takes a nice beating.

  25. “Having a gun only makes us feel safer, but laws on the other hand makes us not only feel safer, but actually safer”

    I think that is the dumbest, most ignorant comment I have ever seen. Ever. The stupid is so strong in this one, in burns.

    • Most of the non-policy making antis have consumed humongous quantities of their leadership’s Kool-Aid and consequentially their collective utopian heads are firmly ensconced inside the cheeky gates of la-la land.

  26. So I am attacked by a person trying to kill me.

    The law prohibiting it somehow keeps me safe, while a weapon to effectively counter the attack purportedly only makes me feel safe?

  27. Laws make you feel safer, huh Billy?

    Which laws, what about a law making it illegal to be black, would that make you feel safe?

    You must be a racist? You’re a racist extremist, Bill. And you hate black babies and puppies, you puppy hating bigot!

    See, I can argue like a liberal too.

  28. “Stop raping that woman…it is against the law!!”, Totally effective.
    Shooting a rapist, not so much. Or is it vice-versa

  29. A person must investigate deep to find a dumb quite as special as this. Guns in themselves Do make my Family and me Safer as long as it’s within hand reach and atleast 3 levels are right now. The sad part I feel is one day when SHF me or mine may end up helping a neighbor in this type of comma toast state but then in MT, it’s normally hard to find anything or one this far to the left unless perhaps one finds themselves in Missoula and the MSU indoctrinated mindset!!! Good luck to those of you that see this as the norm on a daily basis though!!!

  30. What he meant to say:
    Guns by themselves don’t make you safer unless you own one. And since I’m too lazy/afraid to learn how to shoot, the only other thing that can make me safer must be a new law!

  31. So much fail….

    “…even in the Wild West there were prohibitions.”

    No, no there wasn’t – not universally anyway. That’s pretty much the definition of “Wild West”. Towns MAY have attempted to enact prohibitions but State and Federal government didn’t exist in the “Wild West” territories and territorial rule was scetchy at best. That’s why they called it the “Wild West”.

    “In North Carolina anyone can purchase and walk around [carrying] a loaded handgun. This and no other reason is why three young promising college students were killed execution style in Chapel Hill recently.”

    Wrong again. The fact that the killer legally owned a firearm did not cause him to kill his victims. His volatile and violent nature caused him to take lives. Given what I’ve heard about this guy, if he didn’t legally own a firearm he would have likely illegally possessed one or would have found another way to take out his rage. Furthermore There ARE restrictions in NC as to who can purchase firearms so “anyone” is incorrect.

    “Road rage (anger and hate) caused some random person with a gun to take the life of a mom in her own driveway with her daughter watching, after returning home from giving her daughter driving lessons.”

    If MR Thomson is speaking of the Tammy Myers shooting, still wrong. Current information suggests that the shooting had nothing to do with road rage – and the ‘person’ (Suspected to be Erich Milton Nowsch Jr.) wasn’t random.

    Bill’s comments on Government (he used the big G) were a little askew as well. He makes it sound like government is more important than the people. I think Joe R. said it best (see his post to “Anti-Gunners Know It: Words Matter”) when he said “…it should be clear that the rights of citizens are completely separate and distinct from the longevity of America [which] cannot curtail them….” The people and protecting the peoples’ rights are paramount and should be the primary function of government (small g) not the curtailment of liberty.

    Lastly Bill says people shouldn’t be allowed to own “Assault Rifles”. Well I don’t own an assault rifle. I own a semi-automatic rifle – that happens to be black – in .223 caliber with a removable magazine. I don’t intend to “assault” anyone with it. I just get to the range when I can and send some less than precious metals down range at a high rate of velocity – occasionally assaulting the center of a paper target (or steel – I like shooting steel).

    On the point of “Weapons of Mass Destruction” I do agree; chemical weapons, high explosives and nuclear bombs (etc.) are not suitable for average home use.

    • Progressives, Collectivists, Authoritarians do not recognize the Constitution. They really don’t even recognize our laws that disallow activity. They base their beliefs on a system that outlaws everything not specifically allowed by the State. It is a “rights are granted by man” outlook.
      You can’t have guns…unless we allow you to own them.

  32. laws on the other hand makes us not only feel safer, but actually safer

    Hahahahahah! That’s the funniest thing I’ve read this month. This year. Maybe ever!

    Right now, every professional comedian in America is ready to retire, knowing that they will never say anything as funny as that written in haste by an amateur comic.

  33. Good thinking, bud; Murder has been against the laws of man since sometime after the Stone Age, and as we all know, nobody has ever, ever been murdered since then.

    The real dilemma about these guys is that it’s hard to tell if they’re serious. Once they sink below a certain depth of retardation, they sound exactly like one of us would sound when making fun of them.

    • No, it is the same “letter”, just rearranged. A typical tactic of leftards. No original thought, just sh*t spew.

  34. How many “law abiding” Jews, Pols, Roma, Czechs, Dutch, French etc etc had that going through their minds as the Nazis murdered them. As the Communists murdered them. As the Fascists murdered them. The political left IS the ideology of genocide, slavery, rape and sodomy, torture and subjugation and death worship. It always has been and always will be.

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