Quote of the Day: Run On Rick Perry Edition

“I wish my son and my daughter were here with us today. They would truly enjoy this, but from my perspective that’s part of America is walking across that hillside with one of your children hunting whatever it might be, being able to teach the safety, being able to teach the use of firearms, respect them and obviously the ability to protect yourself and your family if that’s required and to know those skills and that very important part of protecting America and defending the second amendment.” – Presidential candidate Rick Perry on hunting whatever it might be, gun safety, personal self-defense, national defense and armed insurrection.


  1. avatar RKflorida says:

    That is definitely a plus statement for Perry.

  2. avatar garynyer says:

    Sure he’s good on the 2nd amendment, but everything else makes him sound like every other candidate

  3. avatar mmasse says:

    Except for the fact he supports illegal immigrants going to school on my dime. Nope, no thank you, come back when you are not a RHINO.

    1. avatar ihatetrees says:

      Every GOP candidate has flaws. Is there a non-RHINO you prefer?

      Don’t get me wrong. I don’t particularly like any of them, but I will vote and contribute to the GOP nominee.

  4. avatar Danny McBee says:

    After his stunt with the vaccines I want nothing to do with Rick Perry. I think he plays the Constitutionalist when it’s convenient but he show support of things like the Patriot Act that violate the Constitution up and down.

  5. avatar Sean says:

    Plus he is dumb as shit. I think America deserves better than a C- college GPA.

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were both dropouts.

      1. avatar Nate says:

        The difference is that Steve Jobs was and Bill Gates is intelligent. The impression you get from Perry is that he was lucky to get a C- and has no real critical thinking skills of his own.

        If you can’t comprehend evolution by natural/sexual selection, and you can’t comprehend the CO2 cycle, you shouldn’t be President. Period.

        Obama should be very easy for the Republicans to knock off, very easy. They’re making it hard on themselves. It’s odd, but it’s early. Other than Paul there isn’t a single one of those candidates that I’d vote for.

    2. avatar ihatetrees says:

      What was Obama’s GPA?
      Oh, wait, never mind. He never released them. But he’s a genius…

  6. avatar mikeb302000 says:

    I think Rick Perry is so bad that even the one-issue gun-rights voters will stay away.

    The whole thing is rigged anyway, to give Obama a second term, don’t you see that? What else could account for the characters fighting for the GOP nod. One’s worse than the other.

    1. avatar Sean says:

      I think that has to be the case. Rigged so that the Republicans can lose, and blame everything on Obama. Of course, Obama is in charge as much as Ronald McDonald is at the burger joint.

    2. avatar ihatetrees says:

      I have no foil hat, so I can’t agree on things being rigged. But Obama has strengths: Fundraising, an ankle-grabbing catamite media, and incumbency.

      That said, his record isn’t stellar and the electoral math looks tough. Florida could be key. Obama cutouts (like Soros) need to start a FL ad / media campaign with seniors resorting to Dog Food under a GOP president.

  7. avatar Ian says:

    Definitely rigged

  8. avatar Garrett says:

    If you don’t support Ron Paul, you don’t support Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry…or the Constitution for that matter.

    1. avatar Tessa says:

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