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“There’s definitely a feeling among people that they need some kind of self-protection. Often that means a firearm.” – Susan Morrel-Samuels in Youths At Risk Of Violence Say They Need Guns For Protection [at]

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  1. The final Chiraq tally was 72 shot and 12 dead for the 4th of July weekend!

    Yes Virginia, they need some kind of self-protection. Often that means a firearm

    • I pee on myself when attacked.

      But I do that all the time anyway, so I guess it’s not exactly a ‘defensive’ response.

  2. Now let me get this straight. The bulk of the shootings happened when criminals participated in criminal activity and ran afoul other criminals in the same occupation…
    Sounds like Darwinism to me.

    • They really don’t seem to be highlighting the finding that 83% of the guns are not obtained legally. In the burbs of Flint I don’t thing kids are tooled up to the Flint level… yet.

  3. If I lived in a run-down urban area — like millions of youths in our country — I would be terrified to walk the streets unarmed as well. There are lots of threats — whether from other armed youths or even unarmed gangs.

    Sadly, arming our youths is only a stopgap measure. We need strong families to raise responsible children to prevent the violence in the first place.

    • +1

      Unless we deal the root causes of violence – broken down families, inadequate education, poverty, lack of mentors for young men – banning guns does NOTHING. The NPR article points out that many of these young people have no problem obtaining guns, either from friends or family members.

  4. “But the prevalence of guns means confrontations like the ones that landed these young people in the hospital can escalate, with deadly results. Often the ultimate victims are not parties to the confrontation, but bystanders.”

    I’m so sick and tired of “journalists” slinging this kind of crap without ANY PROOF WHATSOEVER.

    • Correlation without causation…

      But the prevalence of “cars” means “street racing accidents” like the ones that landed these “teenaged adult” people in the hospital can escalate, with deadly results. Often the ultimate victims are not parties to the “street racing accidents”, but bystanders.

      … that is, until they all start riding motorcycles…

  5. Duh. Government schools emphasize using condoms and other forms of birth control for defense against pregnancy and STDs. The USG emphasizes that it needs a huge military budget for national defense and prioritizes the military over schools, health care, and safe healthy food for Americans. USG, state, and local governments are highly armed and their buildings and installations protected.

    Now what is it they want the common person to do when it comes to being responsible for their own defense? Does the political elite want all the sheeple err citizens to voluntarily be unarmed? Are we to stick with caring a cell phone and a call to 911?

    • So they can trace the cell phone signal to either find your body or your murderer.

  6. Golly. You’d think in NPR’s “pay it forward” world, a general mien of niceness would suffice.

    I mean, fer gawd’s sake…a GUN!!??!! What in the world would anyone surrounded by wanton violence and continuous threats to their well-being do with one of those? [/S]

    It’s like they’re unaware of how unaware they are.

  7. Don’t put any credence in anything NPR has to say,one of the most liberal MSM around!A lot of the problems go back to a break down of the family,and of values,freebies from the guvment,and the BS the liberals spew about gun control.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  8. This should’ve been the quote of the day:

    Addressing youths’ feeling that they need to be armed to be safe, and that it’s OK to retaliate with violence, is something that should be addressed in order to reduce the risk of injury and death in the community, the authors say.

    Translation. We can’t be having young people wanting to defend themselves and actually thinking its OK to NOT just call 911 and cower in the corner waiting to be killed, raped or beaten.

  9. I may show a wide yellow stripe with this post, but I frankly wouldn’t go to any of these inner city neighborhoods without my armor, side arm, rifle, and at least a few select friends similarly armed, equipped and trained. Even then I’m thinking it’s full on combat adrenalin until you get off the ‘battle field’. With casualty counts like Chicago the only reason I can think of to leave the house would be to exfiltrate the affected area. It troubles me for the people who live in these areas but seriously, with that level of violence at some point you have to either take the sort of offensive action that neutralizes the enemy (problematic in many ways obviously) or retreat to safety. That is, you either become a soldier or a refugee. It seems to me for there to be that much violence, many have made the choice to militarize already. What’s troublesome is that there is no mass exodus of refuges from the area.

  10. One think that the urban violence handwringers often fail to mention is that in these neighborhoods the cops behave like an occupying army. Nobody trusts the cops, and with good reason. I’d like to see more organized self-policing in poor, disenfranchised communities. I can’t imagine it would be any worse than the current state of affairs.

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